High Pressure Washer Makita Hw 130 Set

I will be brief. High pressure washer. Little experience using under cat.

I must say right away that I’m not afraid of those who start screaming that it’s not a format. I don’t care. I’m sure that at least for one person my review will be useful, but for this it’s worth writing.

Since I live in a private house, my car is always on my own. Well, almost always. There are times when either once, or came from a trip, the face of the car’s face is covered in insect debris, which will take a whole day to wash. In such cases, I go to a friend’s car wash, where in an hour — two and three hundred or four hundred rubles — the car changes.

But I’m not the son of an oligarch, therefore, it’s a little expensive to wash often at the sink. And sometimes you want to wash the car yourself. Not so much for the sake of the end result, but for the sake of the process.

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For a long time I chose, but after we had changed the warranty pump for three times at work at our Karcher washer for two years at work, I cooled down to the yellow-black brand. Although I considered it a reference. Honestly, I didn’t even know that Makita washes. Well, since I have a full house of different makita, I paid almost without hesitation.

Characteristics:Power. 2.1 kWMax pressure. 140 barWorking pressure. 130 barProductivity. 480 l / hHose length. 7.5 mCable length. 5 mMax inlet water temperature. 50 ° CDetergent tank volume. 0.5 LThe possibility of taking water from a barrel. NoPressure gauge. NoDimensions in the package. 430x790x310 mmWeight. 17 kgGross Weight. 20.4 kg

The only thing that I did not immediately catch up, dk is about the lineup. It turned out that the SET prefix in the name of my sink means that the kit includes a long hose and a reel for reeling. Honestly, I don’t know why I need such a sink without a hose. Well, still a reel, but without a hose? 0.O

High Pressure Washer Makita Hw 130 Set

The kit included two cutters, a high pressure hose, a washing gun, a shampoo cutter and a liter bottle of branded shampoo.

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Briefly about the appearance. I did not buy for beautiful eyes, but for characteristics, reliability and durability. Therefore, not fotal. I’ll just say that the quality is very good. And the assembly is not China (without prejudice), but Italy.

With a conventional milling cutter, a weekly deposit of dust and light dirt is easily removed.A mud cutter (beats like a puncher. Inside a ball that creates short-term pressure surges) wheel arches are no less easy to wash and large accumulations of dirt are beaten off (fly off with shmatkov).But the shampoo disappointed. Maybe I don’t know how or something I don’t understand, but somehow it foams weakly, and I don’t see any sense from him.By the way, Amway shampoo seemed to be better than the native one. After the native, light stains remain, but after Amway there are no stains.

And the Amway shampoo is also not a standard in terms of foam and effect. I tried almost all the shampoos that are sold in my city. It is of little use. I will be glad to advice.

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Then just a.

Shampoo (we selectively select, as little diluted shampoo remains))):

After a year of operation, I can say that the washing both worked and works. The dirt both flew away and flies away, the shampoo did not foam, it does not foam. I tried to pour Profam2000 instead of shampoo to wash the engine. The effect is amazing: D

I repeat that the review was published earlier, but was sent to drafts. Now the rules allow. And I publish.

Following will be a review of the lantern. Well, if the audience wishes, I will write about the Makita trimmer (yeah, again) which is still on the way.