Hitachi Cg22eas Trimmer Does Not Start

Hitachi Cg22eas Trimmer Does Not Start

This model of lawn mowers is equipped with a 0.83 hp gasoline two-stroke engine. The Hitachi CG22EAS trimmer shows itself perfectly when mowing various vegetation: small and hard grass, dead wood and large weeds. A distinctive feature of these machines is the ability to cope with coarse plants on lawns and medium-sized flower beds.

Basic equipment

The factory delivery kit for Hitachi CG22EAS gas lawn mowers includes the machine itself, a bicycle handle, a trimmer head and a knife, a container for preparing the fuel mixture and an instruction manual.


Application features

Before working on the Hitachi CG22EAS lawn mowers, operators should familiarize themselves with the instructions for use in order to use the trimmer safely.

During operation of the Hitachi CG22EAS lawn mowers, operators must wear special protective clothing: protective overalls, closed shoes, gloves and goggles.

The Hitachi cg22eas lawnmower can handle knife and fishing line. The choice of cutting tool should be based on the type of workpiece. If you have to carry out work exclusively with grass cover, then you can use the fishing line. The knife is used to cut shrubs and shoots of trees with a diameter of up to 3 cm.


  • The Hitachi cg22eas lawn mow is equipped with a new type of Walbro carburetor.
  • A bicycle type handle will be convenient for both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • The large Hitachi CG22EAS trimmer start button is convenient to press even when wearing gloves.
  • Thanks to the installed S-Start system, the start of the mower engine is as smooth and precise as possible.
  • The NEW PureFuel system not only reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, but also saves the fuel used by 30%.

User’s manual

The user manual contains information regarding the assembly of the trimmer, maintenance and correction of major malfunctions. When buying used models, ask the operating instructions from the previous owner.

If it is lost, then the electronic version of this document is presented here:


Hitachi CG22EAS trimmers work on the fuel mixture. For its preparation, it is necessary to mix gasoline grade AI-92 and motor oil for two-stroke engines. The fuel mixture is 1:50.

When working on the Hitachi CG22EAS lawn mow with fishing line, it tends to break off periodically due to wear. In order to get the fishing line from the spool, it is easy enough to hit the ground.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hitachi CG22EAS lawn mowers

The following are the positive and negative points that the owners of Hitachi cg22eas gas lawn mowers note:


  • Light weight;
  • Ease of starting;
  • High power;
  • Excellent quality components.


  • Fast motor overheating;
  • The gas tank plug wears out quickly.


The review shows the principle of operation of the Hitachi cg22eas trimmer:

Here’s what Hitachi CG22EAS gas trimmer owners post on special forums:


“I bought this model at the beginning of last year. It was in operation throughout the summer. The engine runs flawlessly, starts from a half turn, without any tension. My wife tried to work, she copes without problems. This lawnmower uses high-quality Japanese parts, which is confirmed by the factory warranty for two years.

Pros: Lightweight and reliable

Cons: than 10 acres will not master “