Homemade drift trike with my own hands from a chainsaw

Drawings of the Drift Truck

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Homemade Drift Truck: drawings with dimensions for making it with your own hands.

Drift Truck is a newfangled vehicle for riding, in particular for drifting. In this article we will learn how to make a drift bike.

So, the first thing you need is a front fork with a wheel and a part of the frame from a bicycle.

For making the frame I used two types of pipes with rectangular cross section. 50mm x 25mm and 25mm x 25mm.

Drift Truck Blueprints, Frame and Steering Cage.

Axle, sprockets, hubs under disks, keys for hubs, disks, rubber and kart seat, you can buy in specialized stores or on a karting track. You can buy wiped out rubber without any nicks.

You can find the chain, handlebars and throttle cable at the bike market, these parts are used on mopeds.

You also need to buy a pair of housing bearings under the axle 30 mm, the bearing is shown on the

The axle is mounted on housing bearings.

The design is not complicated, you can make your own hands.

Another important point! Kart rubber is viscous, so you need to put a plastic tube on it to drift.

Owners reviews

“I bought my old Druzhba saw as scrap metal. I changed the ignition, oil seals, rings, carburetor, and reassembled the engine. The wheels for the bike I got from an old scooter and I rewelded the bike frame a bit. Decided not to put belts, but chain drive. The sprockets have 9 and 41 teeth. I didn’t make any drawings, so everything just happened by eye. I put a gas tank from an old moped. The wheels are small in diameter, so the fit is low, but it pulls fine.

Disadvantages: not very powerful, low landing.

“It will be useful to install a light and lights on a homemade moped, because the speed is decent. On a regular bicycle light, I made a curtain, so it does not blind oncoming traffic and more light the way.

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Mopeds, like bicycles, are an economical and comfortable means of transportation. This vehicle rides faster thanks to the drive. The dream of every cyclist. to move quickly, without exerting effort. The dream come true: just need to equip the bike with an engine.

Let’s see how to properly construct a moped from a chainsaw out of improvised means and parts.

Construction of a drift bike: for fans of extreme sports

This is the name of the extreme riding a bicycle with three wheels. Hobby dangerous enough, and a suitable bike is sometimes difficult to find. And if the model is made by a famous company with high quality, it costs quite a lot. However, it is possible to make a tool with your own hands, if you carefully study all the features of such a bike.

Drift trike by your own hands: step by step instructions

Design Features

The drift bicycle (controlled drifting) has three wheels. The front of the model is put a wheel of medium size, usually. 20-inch. The rear wheels have a small size, and are also equipped with a special coating for better slip.

Drift bikes have an understated rider’s seating position. This is due not only to aerodynamic requirements, but also to the need for safety while riding. The seat is installed almost level with the road which contributes to greater stability of the trike on the road when maneuvers are performed. In homemade models, the most common version of the seat is an ordinary car tire placed on the side.

This type of bike cannot be called a bicycle. They are only suitable for riding downhill and are towed. Some models have a motor. But it is still difficult to use them for ordinary trail riding. Models are highly specialized. Even professional athletes rarely have a trike with an engine. The scope of such a bike involves riding on a special track in the environment of like-minded people. Abroad, it is closed mountain sections of the highway, securely fenced off from cars.

The rear wheels of a trike are usually six times smaller than the front wheel. They do not have rubber tires: instead, a smooth, homemade surface is installed, which is replaced by a new one when worn.

Pedals in the usual sense are absent on almost all models. Instead, a footrest is installed, located near the fork of the front wheel, reminiscent of BMX counterparts. The support helps in steering the bike while performing corners.

Drifting is usually done in mountainous areas, with the bike traveling uphill either in tow or in the trunk of an accompanying car. Some trackers still install pedals on their inventions, but even with them on such a vehicle is still very few people can accelerate more than 20 km / h. To perform stunts requires automobile speeds, about 60 km/h.

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The ideal would be a special track for drifting, but it does not exist in all countries.

Ready-made models

Drift bikes are still quite rare. Demand is low, so bike manufacturers find it more profitable to supply conventional models for traditional disciplines.

Ready drift bikes are expensive. The feasibility of buying such vehicles is an open question. There are not many people who drift so seriously and have such good conditions for drifting that they need a professional model.

Big Wheel Drift Trike, which is the most popular among fans of extreme riding, is made by American brand SFD Industries. The company specializes in the production of bicycle parts.

The average parameters of a typical purchased tray are:

  • A gasoline engine with about 6.5 liters of power.с.
  • Front wheel of 20 or 26-inch size.
  • Smaller rear wheels about 3.5 inches in diameter.

The average cost of a ready-made bike is about 2,000. There is an additional payment of about 200 more, you can buy a model with a motor with increased capacity. If you pay about 200 more, the unit will have a completely rebuilt throttle system.

The law on trikes

Many people are concerned about the legality of travel on trikes in terms of roads. It should be noted that the rules of the road do not distinguish between two-wheeled bikes and models on three wheels.

The vehicle without a motor is not subject to registration and can move along the road, according to the traffic rules, that is, without creating dangerous situations and not interfering with the flow of cars. By the way, it is quite dangerous to choose standard roads for training. Better to ride on trails in remote areas. It is necessary to have an accompanying car as a safety precaution.

There is no license to drive a trike. The only non-specified, but reasonable rule is not to create problems neither for yourself, nor for other traffic participants. In spite of the fact that there is no prohibition on trikes, you should not neglect reasonable precautions and go out on roads with strong traffic or other dangerous sites. Professional sportsmen train on specially equipped slopes and closed tracks. In the absence of the latter, you should choose your route with greater care and responsibility.

Remember that drifting is very dangerous driving. You should never go out for training without equipment and a full-face motorcycle helmet.

A self-made drifting trike without an engine

If you want to try drifting, the easiest solution is to make your own drifting bike. Make it pretty easy, especially given the large number of instructions on the Internet with drawings.

To assemble the model you need an old bike, for example, a child’s tricycle or a BMX model. Before you begin, carefully plan the model and draw drawings with dimensions. It is also necessary to prepare all materials and tools, take care of protective equipment for work.

  • Hammer.
  • Pipe bender.
  • angle grinder or hacksaw.
  • Welding machine.
  • Protective equipment (clothes for work, gloves, goggles).

Step-by-step instructions for making a drift bike:

  • The first step is to prepare the base of the future bike. A trike is often made from an old bicycle model. Usually choose bikes with 20-inch wheels. For work, you need only the front part of the frame, fork, handlebar and wheel.
  • The seatpost and the rear feathers are sawn off. The lower feathers must be left in place.
  • A board or strong plywood should be installed on the bottom feathers. Choose materials that are resistant to heavy loads.
  • Next, fabricate the frame. This should be done with a welder. It is better to use for work ready-made pipes with diameter of 16 or 30 mm.
  • Once the frame is ready, you need to test its strength. Make sure that the joints of the welds are made without deformations. Try to stand with your feet on the frame and see if it bends under load.
  • The next step is to install the rear wheels of the trike. The best option is to use prefabricated wheels, for example from shopping carts or baby carriages. Buy such parts you can easily on online message boards, such as Avito. Rear castors should be about 2.5 inches wide.
  • At the ready rear wheels should be fixed layer for drifting. The material for such a cover can be an ordinary piece of PVC pipe. Wheels with this coating will slide well and provide spectacular skidding. You should pay attention to the integrity of the coating and change it in time before going out on the track. A minor crack can lead to complete ejection of a self-made tire while riding and cause an accident. The controllability of the model with one rear tire is almost zero.
  • Next, the footrests should be made. For the feet feet choose metal pipes of suitable diameter. They are fixed on the fork bushings by welding.
  • The last step of the job is to install the seat. As we mentioned above, you can use an old car tire or the top of a wooden chair. It is also possible to buy inexpensively b.у. bus seat or any other suitable seating.
  • An additional step, if desired, is to paint and decorate the bike. It is necessary to choose for it normal spray paints and varnishes. You can find the paint scheme on the internet. It is exactly the same as the instructions for working with an ordinary bicycle frame.
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How To Make A Drift Trike From Chainsaw Engine

If you need a bike like this, make it yourself. It takes a little time and a little money, but it is a solid bicycle that will last a long time.

For the manufacture use simple children’s models with three wheels or BMX-bikes, designed for cyclocross. First draw the blueprints. On it in detail outline each element of the design, specify the dimensions.

Instructions for making a bicycle

When the drawing is ready, you can assemble it. The algorithm is as follows:

  • the base for the entire bicycle structure is prepared. As already mentioned, any old bicycle with three wheels will do. From it will need part of the frame with the front wheel, fork, steering wheel. The seat tube and rear feathers are sawed off completely, the lower ones should not be touched;
  • on them install a board or ordinary plywood, which can withstand heavy loads;
  • the frame is made out of pipes of size 1.6 and 3 cm in diameter;
  • Once the frame part is prepared, the rear wheel set is made. To do it, they use small cart wheels or cut discs from wood themselves. Diameter and width size should be 2 each.5 inch, it is recommended to put pieces of PVC pipe on the rollers;
  • As a support for the legs are welded to the forked feathers pieces of pipe;
  • a plastic stool or car tire becomes the seating place.

Of the tools needed are a hammer, metal hacksaw, pipe bender, welding machine.

Where to buy parts for a drift bike

You don’t need anything special if you decide to assemble such a bicycle by your own efforts. As a rule, everyone can find suitable elements in the garage. You have to buy wheels, lumber and a tube for the frame at the store.

Drift-trike with own hands.

About two weeks ago, I had to visit an acquaintance. This fellow, in addition to a large collection of baseball caps, also likes BMX-bike, and by the hard. with jumps on ramps and the like. So during our conversation he told us about such attraction as drift-trek. a cart on three wheels with or without engine, with bicycles front part like BMX, and back part is up to a rider. Hmmm, the idea to build something like that didn’t last long in my head, the next day I was already looking for tutorials on construction and materials. However, there were problems with both. To begin with I had to find some blueprints (note that I immediately decided to build a trike with an internal combustion engine), but googling and Yandexing found nothing useful. I wrote a letter to a guy who has built several trailers and he answered but said that he does everything by eye without any drawings Well, okay, we’ll draw it ourselves. At that moment I knew for sure, that the engine to be used was Honda GX-series, which is used more often in karting. That’s why I went to the karting track. A friend, the owner of the go-kart club, gave me the car, and I, armed with a tape measure, measured all sorts of distances, wrote it down, well, and purchased a plate to mount the engine. In the evening I took all data and photos of bourgeois drift-trucks and made the following drawing.

It’s time to look for iron. As a matter of fact, to build machines like this, you need to use round steel pipes of a certain state standard. However, in Krasnodar, it is unreal to find them in retail. There is wholesale starting from one ton and to order I had to take what I had. profile pipe of two different cross-sections. That day I ordered all necessary karting components from the Internet and then I started to look for a BMX for cutting. The victim was found quickly and promptly brought to a special location.

As already mentioned above, we needed only the front part of the whole BMX, so, without thinking too much, everything that was further from the seat tube was thrown in the trash. The rest, I disassembled, rebuilt all bearings, lubricated and reassembled. The process of welding the frame I decided to outsource, because the necessary skills for this I do not possess. It took him a few hours to assemble a half-finished product:

After that the process had to suspend for a couple of days, as needed for further assembly hardware is not yet up. However, I had no time to waste, during the break I went back to my good friend at the karting track and bought the missing parts, which do not need to be new. And then, a call from the shipping company! Continuing to assemble!

In less than 24 hours, the freshly assembled structure was already able to be driven standing

In general, the problems of engine-transmission part did not touch me, but there was a problem in the area of the fifth point. I had a place to land it, but how to attach it to the frame, my mind had not yet understood. And the thing is that a go-cart seat, and it was this one, has a very sly profile in the bottom part. To return to welding works I did not want to, therefore having taken a day “to think”, I have thought up the original scheme of its fastening to the frame. It took studs, tubes, nuts, blackjack, and sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-shut.

Well, all that was left was to bolt on the pedals, put the front brake and connect the gas pedal cable. Well, and a chain to put on! All of this was done today, followed by the first launch and test drive in a straight line! Why in a straight line? Solid rear axle on sticky karting rubber very much limits the ability to maneuver using one narrow wheel in front, the plastic is already lying for the rear wheels, but I’m waiting for a wheel smaller in diameter, because the tube is 250mm does not fit on the current. I hope to have everything tomorrow. And after that there will be real tests and videos! For SIM goodbye for now and thank you for your attention! Don’t forget to press the buttons, write Комментарии и мнения владельцев and send questions in person )))

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PS. I almost forgot about the list of things that were used )))NEWMotorBelt for mounting the engine on the frameRear axleRear wheel hubs and keys for themRail chainHeelHousing bearings for the rear axleMetal, of courseGrips (one of them gas pedal handle)Accelerator cable, its shroudLegsRim brake kitRear tiresA lot of fasteners

Rear axle wheels and tiresDriven and trailing sprockets

How to make a drift bike with your own hands

It’s really a spectacular sport, drifting videos get hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

As a rule, drifting on a bicycle is produced during descent from the hill, to climb backwards more often used car. This bike resembles a child’s tricycle, but its main difference is the lowered seat. Also, the following features stand out:

  • A small front wheel and 6 times smaller than its rear wheels;
  • There are no rubber tires on the rear wheels;
  • There is a drift-trike with an engine.

The pedals of such a bike is practically not used, because with their help you will accelerate to a maximum of 25 km / h, and to perform tricks need to go at least 60 km / h. You do not need to turn and reverse.

A drift trike with a motor is an expensive treat, its price reaches 2 thousand dollars. The engine, as a rule, has a capacity of 6.5 liters.с. You can not save money because it will affect the quality of the model. The only way out is to assemble the bike by yourself.

The legislation does not demand to register a trike as a vehicle, because it is still a bicycle.

In order to assemble a drift trike with your own hands you need an old tricycle which you can easily disassemble. The first thing to do is to prepare drawings. Be careful, it depends on them, how safe will be for you drifting on a bicycle.


It is possible to make a three-wheel drift trike by yourself. You will need the following materials and tools:

  • An ordinary bicycle, you can take an old tricycle or BMX;
  • Profile pipe (you will need a length of about 8 meters in total);
  • centrifugal coupling, chain with sprocket with 12 teeth;
  • adapter for the sprocket;
  • A shaft with a slot;
  • wheels and fasteners;
  • welding machine;
  • engine (for example, from Honda Predator 212 or LIFAN with 8 liters of power).с. with centrifugal clutch, reduction gear);
  • Drill, wrenches, solvent, paint for the frame;
  • compressor, paint sprayer.

For clarity, you can follow the step-by-step assembly instructions:

  • It is necessary to remove the wheels, seat, pedals, cut a section of the frame from the bike. Only the front part of it with the fork, steering wheel, and the lower tube of the front triangle will come in handy.
  • Everything below the seat tube should be cut.
  • To weld a new frame from a pipe with a place for a seat, to connect two parts of a trike. Great for this is a pipe with a diameter of 16 or 30 mm. To build the geometry of the frame you can use small steel bars.
  • Replace rods with tubes as they are welded. Having checked the geometry, it is necessary to compare it with your dimensional parameters (so that the frame with regard to all attachments and the engine can support the weight of the driver).
  • Make holes for the bearing pads and for fixing the motor, and then weld the footrests to the frame, and paint it. You must always wait for the product to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.
  • Install the motor, sprocket, shaft, then. wheels, seat. For the back row, you can use the wheels from an old cart or an ordinary cart, or cut them out yourself. On them you need to put a piece of PVC pipe for sliding.
  • Install the throttle cable, throttle grip and brakes, then you can put the chain. The drift bike is ready to use. It is better to put the brake handles, throttle on either side of the handlebars to avoid accidental pushing the two levers at the same time while drifting.

If desired, you can add bumpers to the drift bike, similar to those used on karts. It is also recommended to adjust the front wheel, which will depend on the ability to control the angle just before making a U-turn.

No need for pedals

Few people have seen a real tricycle on the road, so most don’t know what it looks like. Pedals are absolutely unnecessary for this vehicle. Drivers get all the fun of drifting down a hill. Whereas it is reasonable to use a car to climb uphill. Like how the daredevils from American Township got hooked on their van.

Spinning the pedals on the. You can accelerate at very low speeds. not more than 25 km/h. Whereas the most exciting tricks on a trike are performed at speeds over 60 km/h. Extremes on the highway with heavy traffic rotate like a yooller, roll on their side, dashingly draw a snake on the roadway.