Honda Lawn Mower 330 Fuel Level Adjustment

Honda Lawn Mower 330 Fuel Level Adjustment


1 Area and Range

2 LAWN MOWERS First lawn mower “Honda” Saw the light more than 20 years ago. Since then, we have consistently taken a leading position, constantly improving the technologies used in our lawn mowers. We have something to offer customers. Continuous innovation is Honda’s motto. Honda is improving its products, making them more reliable and quieter to make you enjoy and easier to work with. Honda’s goal is to be the first among the best. Honda uses the latest technology at all stages of product development. Innovative technology, reliable equipment, environmentally friendly materials, and compliance with safety regulations are Honda’s manufacturing priorities. Offering a wide range of lawn mowers to care for your lawn, Honda guarantees the highest levels of performance, quality, reliability and environmental standards. Let your lawn be your pride! How to choose the right mower model for your lawn? Small lawn (up to 325 m 2) HRX426C SX HRX476C SX HRG415C2 PDE Medium lawn (325 to 650 m 2) HRX476C SX HRX537C1 VYE HRG465C2 РDE HRG465C2 SDE Large lawn (from 650 m 2) HRX537C1 VYE26 HR526F23636 HR526F2 HR362636

3 HRX MOWER LAWNERS FOR THE REQUIRING LOVER The most important component of the mower is the selection housing. Why? Because this part is the most prone to shock. Therefore, Honda has developed and patented a new and exclusive Honda Polystrong selection housing. This case is made of a new, very durable material with an inner frame reinforced to achieve exceptional wear resistance and longer service life. Because the shape of the hull determines the quality of grass collection. The body of the new HRX range of mowers is designed to take grass away to the grass catcher as much as possible, guaranteeing you flawless handling of even tall grass. Because the noise from the mower is created mainly by air flows in the housing, and not by the engine. That’s why Honda’s research department has developed a design that reduces turbulence, resulting in a very low noise level. Ergonomic handle with Roto-stop system Allows you to stop the rotation of the knife with the engine running. Easy-to-install set for mulching. Obturator and blade (optional). Once installed, the mulching blade can remain in place in grass collection mode. Thus, depending on the conditions, you can safely alternate the collection and mulching. Powerful 4-stroke Honda engine. Grass catcher with metal frame. Quick-locking handle. 7 cutting height positions. Large diameter wheels. Reliability and ease of movement on uneven surfaces. Rear wheels mounted on bearings. New and exclusive Honda Polystrong matching body What is mulching? Honda lawn mowers not only cut grass, but also look after your lawn. For all models of the HRX series, an additional option for mulching is provided. Mulching is a new technology for cutting grass, in which the cut grass is ground before being thrown out onto the ground. Small particles of grass are an excellent fertilizer for the lawn. This site maintenance technology is available on all HRX Series lawnmowers through the installation of a Honda mulching system, which consists of a set of knives and an ejection duct shutter on the cutter body. 3

4 HRX426C SXE Self-propelled lawn mower with robust polymer body Spacious grass catcher 60 l Mulching system available as an option Power, hp 5.5 Mowing width, cm 42 Cutting height, mm of positions Dry weight, kg 36 Self-propelled lawn mower with a robust polymer body Capacious grass catcher 73 l Mulching system available as an option HRX476C SXE Power, hp 5.5 Mowing width, cm 47 Cutting height, mm of positions Dry weight, kg 38.5 HRX537C VYE Self-propelled lawn mower with a robust polymer body Spacious grass catcher 88 l Mulching system Power, hp 6.5 Mowing width, cm 53 Cutting height, mm of positions Dry weight, kg 42 4

5 CUT THE LAWN SIMPLY SIMPLE With the launch of the IZY series, Honda has created a new standard for lawn mowers. It is easy to live and work with such a technique. The cut area extends beyond the wheels, so cutting the grass around the bushes is no longer a problem. For transportation and storage, we made a handle that folds easily. Izy Lawn Mowers have many benefits to make your life easier. Lawn mowers of the IZY series are easy to start, just pull the starter cable on the control handle, they are easily controlled, the controls do not require any effort during operation and are painted in a noticeable light green color, the grass catcher is easily removed and easily released from the grass. A powerful engine with low fuel consumption and low vibrations is easy to operate with the IZY Series lawn mower; 6 cutting height positions are easily set. The IZY Series lawn mowers are easy to maintain. The housing is easy to clean, oil and air filter can be replaced without using tools. The IZY Series lawn mowers meet the most stringent global exhaust standards. One-piece ergonomic design of the control handle The safety lever that stops the knife is easy to hold in hand The trigger cable on the control handle Foldable control handle Powerful 4-stroke Honda engine Large capacity catcher Durable and lightweight Cutting height shift knob Easy to adjust, 6 positions are set independently One-piece axle wheels 5

6 HRG415C2 PDE Power, hp 4.5 Mowing width, cm 41 Cutting height, position mm Dry weight, kg 29.5 Manual lawn mower with a strong steel body ideal for small lawns The special shape of the body makes it easy to cut grass around bushes and trees Capacious grass catcher 50 l HRG465C2 РDE Power, l.With. 4.5 Hand-held lawn mower with durable Mowing width, 46 cm steel body; ideal for medium-sized lawns; Cutting height, mm; Special body shape 6 positions makes it easy to cut grass; Dry weight; 30.5 kg around bushes and trees; Large grass catcher 60 l 6

7 HRG465C2 SDE Power, hp 4.5 Mowing width, cm 46 Cutting height, mm of positions Dry weight, kg 32.5 Self-propelled lawn mower with a strong steel body is ideal for medium-sized lawns. The special shape of the body makes it easy to cut grass around bushes and trees. Large grass catcher 60 l HRG536C4 SDE Power, h.P. 5.5 Self-propelled lawn mower with a mowing width of 53 cm with a robust steel casing is ideal for large lawns Cutting height, mm in size 6 positions The special shape of the casing makes it easy to cut grass Dry weight, 36.2 kg around bushes and trees Large grass catcher 61 l 7

8 lawn mowers For decades, constantly implemented innovative solutions and improvements have won for technology “Honda” A well-deserved reputation for the highest quality products designed using superior design solutions. Lawn mowers “Honda” designed with the same attention to detail and with the same precision that is inherent in every product “Honda”. Having bought a lawn mower “Honda”, You can fully appreciate the indisputable advantages of powerful and compact four-stroke engines “Honda”. Smooth operation, profitability, low noise and environmental friendliness. Due to the reduced vibration, the lawn mower is more convenient to hold in your hand. Work will become less tiring. Ergonomic multi-function handle The ergonomic handle is coated with a pleasant to the touch material that absorbs vibration and makes long work less tiring. It is convenient to hold the handle in a hand at any operating mode. Honda engine The 4-stroke Honda GX 35 engine is revolutionary compact and light. Honda’s special lubrication system allows it to be used in any position. Lawn mount for mounting. Universal protective cover. Protective cover for any cutting device. Rigid shaft guided by 7 bearings: more strength, less vibration. Cutting tools Cutting tools are easy to replace, and thanks to a wide range of accessories using the lawn mowers Honda can cut grass and cut branches. Key BENEFITS of HONDA lawn mowers: Extremely easy start-up Fast and clear set of revolutions Increased power and torque Low noise thanks to the presence of a 4-stroke engine Low consumption of gasoline and oil Already today meets the toughest tomorrow’s standards for exhaust gases Low vibration Starts up and runs in any position (360) 8

9 lawn mowers UMK425EUE Power, hp 1.1 Total length, m 1.88 Dry weight, kg 6.7 Convenient and light lawn mowing with 4-stroke engine Handle of bicycle type UMK 435EUE Power, hp 1.8 Total length, m 1.88 Dry weight, kg 6.7 Convenient and light lawn mowing with a 4-stroke engine Bicycle-type handle ADDITIONAL KNIVES ARE AVAILABLE AS AN OPTION a three-toothed knife a multi-toothed knife a four-toothed knife 9

10 SELF-PROPELLED LAWN MOWERS If you intend to mow lawns the size of a tennis court or a large football stadium, we recommend that you pay attention to self-propelled lawn mowers “Honda”. Comfort and convenience. The two most obvious reasons why people choose our technology. The third. This is a large mowing width, which can significantly save time, and its compactness combined with excellent maneuverability makes it easy to mow any lawn. At the same time, each component of self-propelled lawnmowers bears the seal of traditional quality “Honda”. All components are ideally selected to ensure smooth operation and long life of your self-propelled lawn mower. Hf2620hte Very comfortable ergonomic seat with side lever adjustment. Honda seats provide lateral support, which means optimal comfort. Extra safety: as soon as the driver gets out of the seat, the engine and knives stop Automatic headlights on with a photocell Intelligent dashboard Built-in voltmeter and time counter Electric grass discharge system from the grass catcher with sensitive controls Interactive enhanced safety system Electromagnetic drive This electric drive allows the user to turn on the knives effortless Optimum protection Front and rear bumpers Wide tires Profiled tires from soft rubber guarantees excellent grip and increased comfort and does not damage the lawn at all. Non-dirty floor covering: Honda exclusive design. Large-capacity grass catcher. Wide grass-collection hole. The grass catcher has a capacity of 350 liters. Unloading grass from the rear grass catcher is easy. As soon as it is filled, an audible signal is heard Power, hp 20 Mowing width, cm 122 Cutting height, mm of positions Grass catcher, l

11 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE LAW MOWER HRX 426C SXE HRX 476C SXE HRX 537C VYE HRG 415C2 PDE HRG 465C2 РDE HRG 465C2 SDE HRG 536C4 SDE Power, hp 5.5 5.5 6.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 5.5 Mowing width, cm Drive type automatic automatic automatic automatic manual automatic automatic Type of emergency shutdown system “Rotostop »“ Rotostop ”“ Rotostop ”Shutdown Shutdown Shutdown Shutdown / Drive the knife / Drive the knife / Drive the knife of the engine motor of the engine motor Housing material Honda Polystrong Honda Polystrong Xenoy Steel Steel Steel Steel Cutting height, mm 7 positions 7 positions 6 positions 6 positions 6 positions 6 positions 6 positions Grass catcher capacity, l Features Mulching and deflector as an option. Mulching as an option, folding control handle Folding control handle Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda GCV160-OHC GCV160-OHC GCV190-OHC GCV135-OHC GCV135-OHC GCV135-OHC GCV160-OHC Noise level, db Starter release cable Release cable Trigger cable Trigger cable Trigger cable Trigger cable Grass bag fabric Cloth bag with dust filter Cloth Cloth Cloth Dry weight, kg 36 38,, 5 30.5 32.5 36.2 lawn mowers Self-propelled lawn mower UMK 425 EUE UMK 265 EUE UMK 435 EUE UMK 435 hp 1.1 1.8 Type of transmission shaft straight shaft straight shaft Handle type bicycle bicycle Standard equipment Semi-automatic cassette with nylon fishing line, Comfort belt system, safety glasses Fuel tank capacity, l 0.55 0.65 Honda Honda GX25-OHC engine GX35-OHC Total length, m 1.88 1.88 Dry weight, kg 6.7 6.7 Power, hp 20 Mowing width, cm 122 Type of cutting mechanism 2 knives / rear discharge Cutting height, mm of positions Capacity of grass catcher, l 350 Discharge of grass from grass catcher Electric Transmission type Hydrostatic Housing material Steel, anti-corrosion cataphoresis cutting Cutting mechanism functions Collection, mulching, discharge Type of knife drive Electromagnetic Features Security system with interactive elements, a charger is included Engine Two-cylinder V-shaped Honda GXV620 Fuel tank capacity 6 l Bumpers Front and Lights adny additional equipment, fuel level gauge Dimensions (L x W x H), mm Dry Weight kg h1260h

12 Product Information Since Honda’s policy is to continuously improve product quality, we reserve the right to change or modify the design or specifications of any product described in this catalog at any time and without notice or acceptance of additional obligations. Tov Honda Ukraine 01033, Kiev Vladimirskaya 101, building 2 tel. Fax