How a Mechanical Lawnmower Works Video

Every gardener wants to have a beautiful, well-kept lawn. It is very easy to do. A mechanical lawnmower can help you with this. It has certain advantages and disadvantages. Using it is very simple. But consider in more detail.

Device device

How a Mechanical Lawnmower Works

The design of the presented product is very simple. The mechanical mower has 2 large wheels, between which a fixed knife is fixed. Above it is a drum with steel blades. It is he who rotates.

During the movement of the apparatus, the wheels begin to move. Blades rotate with them, cutting grass. In doing so, you can adjust the cutting height.

Advantages of the device

Now you should consider the advantages that a mechanical mower has:

1. A mechanical lawn mower can mow strips 30-45 cm wide.

2. The device provides an even cut.

3. Environmental safety.

4. Practicality in use.

5. Easy to use and repair.

6. Low cost and profitability. That is, you do not have to buy gasoline or waste electricity. Repair parts are not so expensive.

7. A possibility of application in any weather conditions.

8. No noise, which allows you to work even in the early morning in a densely populated area.

Device disadvantages

The mechanical lawn mower also has some disadvantages:

As you can see, the flaws of the device are not so significant. However, for some they may become an obstacle.

Features of choice

1. First of all, you should pay attention to the width and height of mowing the grass. The performance of the device depends on the first parameter. The wider the knife, the larger the area you can process. Cutting height can be adjusted in the range from 1 to 5 cm.

2. Look carefully at the material of the product. Plastic is lighter, but it tends to break faster. The metal is more durable, but it can rust. But if you treat the mower with care, then it will last a long time.

3. Carefully inspect all parts of the machine. The knife must be sharp and durable. A deep deck provides you with maximum grass capture.

5. During the selection, the width of the wheels must also be taken into account. If your grass is tall and thick, then they should be wide and large.

Product Features

If you use the device according to the instructions, then it will serve you for a long time. Observe certain safety rules during operation. First of all, be careful with the cutting elements. They are very sharp and can seriously injure you if you misuse.

Before starting work, check that all parts are fixed firmly and securely. The site also needs to be cleaned of excess objects, toys and garbage. In addition, you should wear clothing that will protect you from injury. For example, solid tight pants, closed boots, gloves, goggles. The last accessory is not necessary, because a manual lawn mower does not provide a high speed of knife rotation.

You need to move strictly forward. You should not go very fast. Periodically clean the grass collection tank. After completion of work, it is recommended to hide the device in a utility room, in which there is no access for children.

How to service the device?

Caring for the equipment ensures its long service life. After work, the knives and deck must be cleaned of grass residues. To do this, use a regular brush. The handle and other external surfaces can be wiped with a regular cloth.

Inspect knives periodically. If they become dull or teeth appear on them, then these elements must be undermined. If they are badly damaged, replace the cutting elements. Sharpening can be done independently using an angle grinder with an abrasive wheel. But it will be more reliable if you use the help of special service centers.

It is necessary to store the product in a dry place protected from moisture: shed, garage. If the device breaks during operation, then if possible the malfunction should be corrected immediately.