How a segment mower for a walk -behind tractor works.

Segment mower for a walk.behind tractor

The rotary mower to the walk.behind tractor is a type of attachment equipment, the function of which is to mow weeds and bushes in meadows and fields. This device successfully copes with the removal of grass in large areas, the soil of which is not treated with herbicides.

Often, the rotary mower is also called disk. this is due to the principle of its operation and constructive features. Depending on the method of connection with the walk.behind tractor, such a mower can be half.waist, hinged or trailed. Also hinged equipment of this type is classified by the location of the cutting elements in relation to the used motoblock. Therefore, the factors distinguish rotary mowers with the front, rear and lateral arrangement of cutting knives.

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During operation on the site, the rotary mower is set in motion through the transmission and wheel of a motor block. The design of such attached equipment is extremely simple. one or more cutting discs along with the support wheel are fixed on the frame. As soon as the support wheel begins to move, the discs that make the mowing of vegetation begin to rotate with it.

Areas the use of rotary mowing is quite extensive. it can be used in pastures, meadows and large gardens. At the same time, the more discs are included in the design of the equipment, the greater the processed area can be.

What is a segment model of a mowing?

A segment mowing can be used for mowing soft and solid grass and stern. She easily copes with mowing both on a flat area, and repeats the complex relief of the fields. The cutting elements evenly cut the grass, even in the most dense and overgrown areas.

Segment mowel Neva KN-

The design of the segment mowing

The design of the segmented mower is not complicated, so it breaks less often and does not require special knowledge from the operator. A segmented mower of the frame and cutting elements, segmented knives that are fixed between two bars consists. When making progressive movements from the motor.block drive, the knives cut the grass like scissors. One segment of mowing with cutting fingers is in constant motion. left and right, the second is motionless. When the grass gets between the fingers, its stems are evenly cut off.

Thanks to the streamlined device, cut grass is evenly distributed in two directions from the walk.behind tractor. Uniform shafts are obtained, which are easily removed using rake and forks.

The entire structure is located on wheels and is attached to the walk.behind tractor or MTZ mini.submarine. From the edges of the structure there are special slopes that make it possible to adjust the height of the mowing. Of course, such a baby cannot cope with big lands, but to stock up hay for the winter of livestock in a private courtyard.

The design of the segment mowing

The main difference between a segmented mower and a rotary is its working organ (fingers). Due to its design, a segmented mower can work on areas with the most difficult relief. Deviation of the knife part of the mowing in relation to the walk.behind tractor can reach 20%. Among the various models of the segmented mowing, models for the Neva, Salute and Cascade motor blocks, MTZ, Dofan mini.tractors are distinguished. Popular include KNS 0.8, KN- 1.1, km- 0.5, which are produced by Automash in the city where motoblocks and MTZ ministers are gathering.

Device and principle of work of haymaking

For dense or thick grass, a hayfield is used, which is included in the mounting equipment for walk.behind engines. The choice of mower depends on the following factors:

segment, mower, walk, tractor
  • terrain, including its relief;
  • the nature of the grass stand;
  • financial opportunities;
  • Features of the walk.behind tractor and its characteristics;
  • The power of the technique.

Important! To work with a mower, you need a powerful unoic tractor that can give performance for attaching equipment. For most units in the market, their mowers are sold from the manufacturer. For part of the walk.behind shoes, for example, Neva, you can install any options for mowers, including homemade.

Hayfields are used for begging grass and weed cleaning. A conventional device includes a mowing mechanism, which depends on the type of mower, the adapter, if necessary, a coupling, and fasteners. It is worth considering that the oil supplies to the twisting fragments should be carried out.

In this video, we consider which mower it is best to choose for a single tractor:

Drawings, schemes

The overall design of the rotary mower is presented in the following drawing:

When collecting a mower, it is necessary to be guided by the relevant rules and operating instructions. There is a certain sequence of collecting the unit in working condition. The connection diagram of the rotary mower with the walk.behind tractor looks as follows:

The general view of the segment mechanism is presented in the following drawing:

Segment mowing

The device of the segment mower includes the following elements:


Two modifications are presented on the market: Dawn and Zarya-1 mower. The first option is divided into a KR model.05.000 (designed for operation with motor blocks of production LLC) and Kyrgyz Republic.05.000-03 (variation is intended for equipment from other manufacturers).

The considered attachment equipment is aggregated with most domestic motoblocks. The principle of operation of the mechanism is to cut the grass by means of a pair of knives placed on the disks. The elements are fixed freely on Shplints, under the influence of centrifugal force during the rotation, they protrude beyond the edges of the disk, taking the working position.

It is worth noting that to connect the adaptation to motoblocks of different designs there are several variations of mowers that differ in pulley drives and tensioner size. The main interaction is carried out through a node with a belt. Zarya-1 braid is designed to aggregate with output shaft of “Ugra” type technique. Interaction is carried out through a standard or additional gearbox. The modification has low weight, which facilitates its connection to the walk.behind tractor. In addition, there is an option for adjusting the height of mowing grass.

The parameters of the technical plan

Below are the characteristics that the rotary mower “Dawn of the Kr.05.000 “. The parameters for the KR are indicated in the brackets.05.000-03 and Zari-1:

  • Motoboblock power. 5 (7/6) horsepower.
  • Capture in width. for all models it is 80 cm.
  • Working rate maximum. 4 (4/3) km/h.
  • The maximum height of the cut is 7 (7/10) cm.
  • The height of the processed grass to the maximum. all modifications of 1 m for all modifications.
  • Performance. 0.2 (0.15/0.2) ha/hour.
  • Resource. 2400 (2400/2635) of rotations per minute.
  • Length. 80 (81/49.2) cm.
  • Width. 93 (93/84) cm.
  • Height. 54 (78/43) cm.
  • Mass. 31 (33/28) kg.

The principle of operation and scope

Rotor braids grind plants, mowing and laid in even shafts or evenly across the field, which significantly facilitates the transportation of hay. In many models there is a fuse that removes knives in a collision with any obstacle. Also, in some versions of mowers, knives can deviate to 45 °, which will provide better cleanliness of the cut.

Modifications of this device differ among themselves by the number of cutting parts, the method of fastening and the processing area. Many models can be used to harvest feed, as weeds are equipped with a chopper. The work of the device occurs using the chipping shaft using conical, cardan or other transmission.

Rotor.type mowing devices are great for:

The unit has sufficient maneuverability and ease of operation. Its width must be selected taking into account the volume of work and the size of the processed area.

LocalTech: Two-Wheeled Walk-Behind Tractors (Kampong Thma, Cambodia)

Cutting canvas in a segment-paltate mowing consists of two metal parts: moving and motionless. According to the principle of operation, the mechanism of the device resembles scissors. The cutting details have the appearance of triangles with sharp edges, which are called segments or fingers. The grass is cut off, getting between the edges of the knives, laid in rows and is easy to collect it. The two.legged Bespaltsevo mower is distinguished by two mobile parts that move mutually opposite. Such a device cuts it cleaner, does not clog with garbage.

For reference. During operation, protection measures must be observed. The segment mower easily copes with plants 10 mm thick and 3 mm wire.

The device of the braid

According to the principle of operation, the mowing mechanism resembles ordinary scissors. Cutting tools in it are triangles with sharp edges of rather large sizes (the so.called segments or fingers). By the name of the knives, the segment mower itself was called the name.

On one of the two metal bars, which consists of cutting canvas are stationary segments. The second, mobile bar, connecting with the motionless, presses and cuts the grass that has fallen between them.

In the cutting canvas are the heads of a knife, shoes, friction plate and clipping.

The canvas moves above the ground, capturing the plants at the same time by the width of more than two meters. The grass lies in a dump. The performance of the segment mowing is very high.

The cutting mechanism by means of a traction rod is associated with a frame, which is attached to the canal of the tractor. By the method of fastening to the tractor, devices are distinguished:

Should You Use a Tractor or a BCS?

Advantages and disadvantages

The following factors must be attributed to the advantages of rotary braids:

  • excellent level of performance;
  • simplicity of the design;
  • comfort in use;
  • high degree of security;
  • excellent reliability of mechanisms;
  • long period of operation;
  • acceptable cost.
segment, mower, walk, tractor

The units and negative points did not bypass these units. These include shortcomings such as low speed, unstable operation at low engine modes and weak protection of the device from stones hit.


Комментарии и мнения владельцев left by mowing users abound with the following excerpts:

  • There is at the disposal of a braid for the grass for the Neva Motoboblock “KN 1”. The unit is fast and powerful, there are no problems with spare parts, in general, I am satisfied with the machine. Before that, there was a Chinese analogue that had to constantly twist and repair. In the end, its working details were shaken, and the main mechanical parts were destroyed. And “KN 1” does not cease to delight so far. Its feature is the ability to work effectively on uneven and bumpy areas. During movement, the braid repeats the uneven relief and makes the mowing of the grass quite clean.
  • I am the owner of a rotary hinged braid to the motor block “KR 05”. The unit is well adapted to the span of dense vegetation and dryness. I use it mainly to clean the field from corn and sunflower residues. If you pass twice in the same area, then the bevel is almost perfect. A aggregate mower with a walk.behind tractor is quite simple, for this you will need to connect the drive with the working elements and fix the device in the front of the structure. Use the mowing is comfortable and just. In order for the unit to serve for more than one year, it is necessary to carry out proper care and systematic maintenance.

Disadvantages of mowers for motor blocks

A few words about the shortcomings that are in any technique. The rotational mower works due to rotation with high speed, so you need to carefully look if a pebble can get that can fly off. Segmented mowers also require attention, especially when servicing and adjusting before work. In addition, they weigh a little more than a number of rotary and are more expensive.

Sharpening of knives is a common thing in any technique. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to precisely the quality of the cutting elements or find out the reviews of those who have already acquired the model you have chosen. Not all braids can work on rough terrain, so here you need to carefully read the instructions. As for productivity, you should not have illusions here, hectares can not be processed through such units.

Braids their purpose, device.

Mowers are divided by the number of cutting devices and purpose.

In terms of the number of cutting devices, mowers are single-blown, two-bringed, three-branded and five-time.

According to the purpose, the mowers are divided: into mowing for mowing herbs, for mowers and ppus and mowing shredding.

A hinged rotational mowel KRN-2.1A is used when mating high-yielding natural and seeded herbs. A aggregate mower with MTZ-80 and MTZ-82 tractors is aggregated.

The braid includes a weighing frame of a rotational cutting device, a balancing mechanism, a subframe, hydraulic equipment, a traction fuse, a drive mechanism and a field divider.

The workflow is as follows. Plant stalks are cut off with plate knives mounted articulated on rotors. Knives rotate to meet one another at a speed of 65 m/s. Cut the plant knives according to the principle of a horsing cut, capture them and remove them from the cutting zone, then move over the cutting apparatus. This cut mass, meeting with a shield of the field divider, changes the trajectory of movement, falls into the wrap, freeing up the passage of the tractor wheels with a second arrival.

In the transport position, the balancing mechanism is fixed by transport traction, pounced on the pin of the bracket 2 (rice. 24

) and telescopic locking device installed in the transport position. Hydro equipment provides the operation of a balancing mechanism. The includes: a hydraulic cylinder, a slow valve, a sapun, sleeves

field divider; 2. bracket; 3. cutting device; 4. balancing mechanism; 5. subframe; 6. stand; 7. hydraulic equipment; 8. frame frame; 9. traction fuse; 10. drive mechanism; 11. toe.

high pressure and a device that prevents the flow of oil from the hydraulic system during the dismemberment of CE with the tractor.

Roting KPRN-PPRN PPREC is used to mow high-yielding seeded herbs with simultaneous tolling of the stems and laying the mass in a roll or disloding. The machine can operate in margins with confused and light grass in the aggregate with MTZ-80, MTZ-82, YUMZ-6AL tractors. The drive of the working bodies of the mower from the tractor.

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The manufacturer recommends using this nozzle for mowing high vegetation. Models with fingers differ from a wider working width of the rotor and have a smooth adjustment of the height height. The disadvantages of this tool can be clogged with a cutting blade of grass, which leads to its frequent cleaning with a stop of the working process.

The installation under consideration is not inferior to its productive competitors. During work, carefully observe stones or other solid elements and periodically move back to avoid clogging the working element with grass.

Principle of operation

In this particular case, we take into account mowers designed to aggregate with the Neva motornote, which is extremely popular with many farmers. This is due, first of all, by the fact that the model of this brand shows very decent characteristics of its work for more than one year and in any weather conditions.

If we talk about the principle of the operation of this device, then everything is quite simple. the mowing mechanism starts immediately as soon as the running part of the walk.behind. Thus, a craving for a mower is served and it begins its systematic work.

The design of the mower includes a support wheel and several disks with cutting elements. As soon as this support wheel begins its movement, the knives on the disks come into action.

In general, the entire design of the mowers for walk.behind tractors does not look very attractive, which does not at all indicate the insufficient efficiency of working with them. As a rule, depending on the configuration, the mower is equipped with one wheel, several metal brings connected to the supporting frame and the cutting system that downloads the grass.

When choosing an unit, it is worth paying attention to several of its characteristics:

  • the height of the mowing herbal surface;
  • Processed area, t.e. the number of hectares that the mower can be mowed in a certain period, for example, per day;
  • Disks’ rotation frequency.

In addition to these characteristic data, mowers are divided into rotary and segment, which differ among themselves not only by appearance and design, but also by technological characteristics.

Rotor mower

This type of design of a mowing for a walk.behind tractor Nev is a supporting frame and several discs, usually two or three. Such a mower is attached in front of the walk.behind tractor and cuts off a different grass surface, including thick and sprouted grass with weeds.

Neva’s rotary mower for the walk.behind tractor has rightfully gained considerable popularity among farmers, because it copes with a large volume of work, and it calmly tolerates various irregularities on the surface, without damage to her performance.

It is very simple in operation, you do not need any special technical knowledge to work with it. This circumstance also affects the simplicity of the repair of the released unit. in this configuration it is significantly simplified than in the segment.

But dry descriptions are clearly not enough and it is necessary to consider specific examples on specific models of rotary mowers for the Neva walk.behind tractor.

One of the most popular and common options is the rotary mower of the dawn for the Neva walk.behind tractor, but there are other models of this type, such as a rotary Polish mower. At the moment, the dawn mowel is produced in and China. In our country, the Kaluga Engine plant is responsible for the production of this model, which has long been engaged in the production and subsequent implementation of agricultural machinery.

The quality of the Chinese and the assembly is slightly different, but, in general, both options have the right to life. The only thing to note is that the Chinese model must be disassembled before operation and carefully grease the gearbox. Judging by the reviews, the oil in it is not enough for the correct operation of the unit.

Technical characteristics of the rotary mowing dawn:

  • weight. 32 kg;
  • total speed. from 2 to 4 km/h;
  • The area of ​​the processed surface is 0.2 ha/h;
  • The width of the mowing surface is 80 cm;
  • Disc rotation speed. from 2000 to 2400 revolutions per minute;
  • The height of the bevel of herbal surface. up to 1 meter.

However, if you decide to save money, we advise you to follow the link and get acquainted with the option of a home.made rotor mower for the Neva.

Features of the KS: GO-F-2

She works in even and clean territories. It is unacceptable to get into the mechanism of stones and other hard garbage, which lead to breakdown of cutting segments.

Such mowers have many positive qualities:

  • high performance, large width of the processed strip;
  • the ability to work on compact tractors due to the small weight of the installation;
  • small energy consumption that allow you to maintain the cost of products at the same level with small volumes of blanks;
  • Ease of controls. One tractor driver is enough for her, without additional assistants;
  • High quality work on injection of herbs and a long service life. At the end of the field work on the device, you just need to replace the cutting canvas.

For them, the most suitable tractors of YUMZ, MTZ 80 and MTZ 82, more compact tractors T 25 and T 40.

This brand of mowers successfully works on huge fields of collective farms and among farmers. High demand is due to the variety of modifications, among which:

  • Bespaltsevaya;
  • with a cut called “Schumacher”, German production;
  • with the presence of a hydraulic cylinder in the lifting mechanism;
  • Other execution options.

The most popular of them is a type of model B4, characterized by a more reliable frame, a cutting tool for a tag, increased reliability of a safety device. It is easier to draw the necessary slope of the cutting canvas on it.

Such a class B model is easier, differs in the presence of a mechanized lifting using a hydraulic cylinder, but she needs a more powerful tractor.

Characteristics and prices

It is important for each person who has decided to buy a segmented mower for a tractor, it is important to know the main models, their technical characteristics and approximate prices. Consider several of the most popular models among buyers.


The segmented mower of the KSF-2.1 is an excellent solution for farms and individual villagers. Due to its design, it allows you to harvest hay in unlimited quantities, without spending a lot of time and resources on it.

  • weight. 190 kg;
  • Dimensions (d/sh/c). 50cm/180cm/255.5 cm;
  • The width of the mowing surface is 2.1 m;
  • The area of ​​the processed surface is 1.7 ha/h;
  • speed. 9 km/h;
  • power. 7500 watts;
  • The height of the mowing grass (min). 4 cm;
  • The height of mowing grass (max). 6 cm.
segment, mower, walk, tractor

If you want a cheaper model, then follow here and read a review of a home.made segment mowing for the Neva motornote, which can be collected literally from improvised materials that will be found in every house.


The KPO-2.1 segmented mower is designed for tractors T-40, T-25 and YUMZ-6. The grass mowed by this unit fits into the spread. The competition of this model can be a homemade rotary mowing for the T-25, which has a different principle of operation, but will cope with the task no worse.

The design is equipped with special protective devices that prevent the cut of the cutting parts of the mowing.

  • weight. 250 kg;
  • speed. approximately 10 km/h;
  • The width of the mowing surface is 2.1 m;
  • The area of ​​the processed surface is 2.5 ha/h;
  • The height of mowing grass (min). 5 cm.

CP-F-6 segmented mower is designed to work on huge space space. This is a very profitable option for agricultural enterprises, because one.time coverage of mowing grass is very high in this model. But, if you select an assistant for a small section, we suggest you familiarize yourself with this article, which gives useful tips on the topic of which lawmaker to choose.

The braid is compatible with tractors whose thrust will vary from 0.9 to 1.4.

  • weight. 1100 kg;
  • Type. trailer, consisting of three beams;
  • Dimensions (d/sh/c). 605cm/762cm/247cm;
  • The height of the mowing grass (min)-6-8 cm;
  • speed. 9 km/h;
  • The width of the mowing surface is 6 m;
  • The number of cutting knives is 3.

As can be seen from the characteristics, there are a huge number of varieties and modifications of segmented mowers for the tractor. There are more expensive models that can download the strip up to 7.8 meters in one pass, there are more compact models that are ideal for personal, not industrial use. They also vary in price

expensive mowers are made in Europe, where they constantly support high quality standards, which the whole world relies on. Domestic models are also very successfully made, they are especially favorably combined with a relatively small price and acceptable quality.