How can you cut a barbed wire. How to make a fence made of hump

barbed, wire, make, fence, made

Prickly wire.How to implement?

There was a problem: drunks live in the neighborhood and carry scrap metal.This did not concern me before, but now I found out that they climbed up to the neighbor yesterday and stood some metal.Now I am afraid that they can get to me (I have a whole warehouse of motorzapes, frames, gas tanks, etc.).There is a hefty skein of barbed wire in stock.I want to let it go by fence and connect the nap to the fence, but I don’t know how to implement it (not to connect 220 to it).Who will advise what?

If they are killed by electric shock, then there is a chance to get to jail.

So I ask what to do to shake hard, but not killed

Make a stretch and rope on Kalash, scare to the tree next to look at the entrance to the garage.

If the fence is not metal, then you can stretch the wire right along it. If metal, then make racks of small heights (centimov is 5-7 above the level, if only the wire fence does not touch), stretch the wire along these racks and serve, a kind of volt 130-140. Put a fuse in the case in the case of avoiding deaths. Small current fuse. on 0.3 amperes will be enough, you can even less.

But my IMHO just stretch the wire at the racks, the row is three, while not pulling much. If the thorns are ordinary, then you can make a spiral from it.

It’s dangerous with the ground, you can thunder yourself.

The fence is wooden.I think that wire without a crude is not a barrier

If you make a spiral out of it, then a very barrier. This is how, for example, here. http: //

Wire, wire. And you didn’t think that the fence will be drank?

Plant an evil dog. But they can poison it: (unfortunately, the problem. From the category of difficult to decide. You can even bury a mine (find a similar. If you want. It is quite possible, the benefit is that there is still an “echo war”), or hang an explosive package on a stretch. But that.either a guaranteed article in the case of self.mutilation (and this contingent is unlikely to be called “healthy”, if something from fright is even from), or there is a “there is a chance” yourself. And so. Evil-trained dog for alcohol-dependent. DOG.

I would advise “agree” on which “turnkey” and under the supervision of the place of work of myself or friends-related. You can almost always find that the right. Need to attach some. efforts.

If something happens to any of them, you have a risk of sitting. Think a little with your head.

Do not forget the signs warning about electricity 😉

And ideally, so that they put signatures on the plate with the dog that they have no complaints before climbing))))

Signal mines on stretch marks. Noise, fireworks. But everyone is alive. Well, the mobut is crap. And the wire under the current is an article.

Come to them and warn that in case of loss they will be cruel from. ENS, including knee fire.

Judging by the fact that electricity is there to buy traffic sensors with lamps and connect in parallel to the lamp what thread Seren.When triggered, bright light with a roar of Serena is scared away by enemy scouts)))))))))

Nobody has canceled the private property law. You have the right to shoot at least from a gun on them if they climb to your site

Anton, don’t talk about what you have no idea. He will shoot and kill, then he will sit for eight years, and everything according to your advice.

It’s only if you are a chock. Then the province will fit you and everything will be fine. Otherwise Turma.

Prison 100%. Take all the junk into the barracks and close the key.

Trite the spotlight with the motion sensor.

0.1 amperes are enough to stop the heart and fatal outcome, and if a person has health problems, then. Prickly wire for a fence. Well, plus you think of the alarm, you can on the motion sensors, with the inclusion of a siren, lighting and other whistles and frauds. You can even lay a small pyrotechnic charge)))

Connecting to a barbed or other security wire voltage of 220-380 volts, this is of course dangerous for humans and animals, and liability entails the responsibility in criminal. But I can offer another method and also related to electricity, but less voltage, but very effective and has been used for a long time. We are talking about the type “Electro Pass”. The design is simple, but very effective. The large bull does not dare to go again to the thin wire after the current discharge, even if it is excited and there is a chick behind the wire. I want to notify these critics that at one time I myself received such a discharge from the current “electric gear” and I know that I say.Until now I remember the power of the discharge and the second time to get his desire. It resembles a discharge by a stamper shker. This scheme is powered by a car battery. To increase the discharge force, you can increase the battery voltage. The protection of any object using this device can be carried out in combination with other signaling devices. Eli interested you and other colleagues, I can still give explanations to this parts.

IMHO, EGOZE spiral will fall off the drunk to climb through the fence.

How everything is running. And you can like this: you take the board 30-40-ko, break it off with a guitan and dig it behind the fence on your part. In if the enemy jumps over the fence, he stands on cloves with his knees, and if he is not yogi, he will quickly understand that he hurts him and wants to go to the hospital. Boards in principle of Mona and get more.

And you will be responsible in criminal order by all the severity of the law for intentional infliction of bodily defeat. The article will depend on the severity of the damage caused. In addition, there will be responsibility in a civilian manner, which means you will contain the villain to his death, paying him a pension. The villains are only waiting.

And that before storing the boards you need to get out of them nails? There is a link to a normative act? Otherwise, a heap (without current) can be regarded as a potential threat to health and stretched on the fence.

Read carefully advice. A person offers to dig boards with nails, and not to sweeten. This is already a trap.

The most dangerous plants in the world, from which it is better to stay away⁠ ⁠

There are many plants in the world that look safe and even sweet. But be careful with the fact that you can touch or taste. there are plants that can kill in a matter of hours or from only contact with them to cause a terrible, unbearable pain that can last a very long time. Before you are the most dangerous plants in the world, from which it is better to stay away in the literal sense of the word.

P.With. Who is too lazy to read. Here’s a video, who is too lazy to watch. The text below.

Mancinell tree is considered the most poisonous tree in the world and not without reason.

This is a sprawling tree with toxic fruits similar to small apples, you can find on the sea coasts of the Caribbean, South and Central America, the Mexican Gulf, as well as in the Galapagos Islands.

The fruits of this tree have a sweet alluring smell, but you should not even touch them, at one time they took more than one hundred lives of Spanish conquistadors, pirates and ordinary European sailors who tried to quench hunger with pleasantly smelling fruits.

But the fruits are not the most important danger of this tree. All parts of this plant: leaves, bark, flowers, fruits contain very poisonous milky juice, which, when contacting the skin, is able to cause serious and painful burns, accompanied by the appearance of blisters and inflammation. It is believed that the juice is so toxic that it can burn thin cotton tissue and even paint on a car. And what happens if the juice falls into the eye or even scary to imagine inside the body.

Even just standing under this tree is mortally dangerous, especially in rainy weather. drops of rain and dew, flowing from the leaves of mancinell, become as toxic as its juice. The English doctor and naturalist Erasmus Darwin (Grandfather Charles Darwin) once wrote about this tree: “ the dews falling from him are so poisonous that they burn the skin; Therefore, many found their death, sleeping in his shadow “.

If these trees are so dangerous, then why are they still not destroyed, you ask. At different times, attempts were made, but it was not easy to destroy Mancinell. When trying to chop trees, poisonous juice sprayed in different directions, falling on the skin and into the eyes and leading to serious injuries and even blindness. Burning trees also turned out to be dangerous for health. smoke caused problems with eyes and lungs. The only way to safely cut off this tree is to cover the tree with fires and dry it in the root, after which you can start a roll.

In places where Mancinella grows, you can often find signs that warn tourists so that they do not stop to rest under these trees and do not touch its fruits.

The Australian plant of the Himpi-gimp is distant relatives, but burns hundreds of times stronger. The hairs of this plant contain a dangerous neurotoxin, causing very painful burns when touching. People who had to deal with gimpi himpies say that it is simultaneously similar to a burn from fire, acid and electricity blow. The pain can last from several days to several months.

The problem is that the most burning plant in the world is not very striking. It looks like a shrub with spreading leaves, such as harmless burdock. There is a story how one officer from the squad Sirila Bromli took Gimpi-gimpi for the burdock and took advantage of it, as a result, the officer could not stand it with hellish pain and shot himself.

But the danger of this plant is not only in touch. hairs are able to break away from the leaves and soak in the air, causing throat burns and bleeding from the nose.

So, if you suddenly get to Australia. be there more likely.

I think everyone is familiar with this plant, they like to plant it in flower beds and gardens because of its beauty. But few people know that the seeds of this plant contain a fatal icin poison, which, due to exceptional toxicity, was even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The consequences of this poison in the body can be very deplorable. a deadly dehydration will begin, blood pressure will critically decrease, and all this will be accompanied by unbearable abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

And the worst thing is that the antidote could not be created, this poison is invincible.

So it is worth thinking several times before planting a tick.shaped on her site.

I think to many people are familiar with a plant like a hogweed by Sosnovsky. This is a fairly common plant, including in our latitudes.

When the skin enters the skin, the juice of this plant causes increased sensitivity to the sun’s rays, which leads to strong and for a long time without healing burns, which do not always pass without a trace, and when caught in the eye, complete blindness may occur.

barbed, wire, make, fence, made

If you have not been lucky and the juice has fallen on your skin, it needs to be isolated from the action of light as soon as possible, and then thoroughly rinse with soap and soap in a dark place and exclude the effects of sunlight for at least 2 days.

The pollen of this plant can also be dangerous. with a large concentration, it can lead to the edema of the upper respiratory tract and the upper parts of the esophagus.

Cerberus Odollamskaya is another terrible plant that can bring death to a person. You can meet it in India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Slow.moving is a perfect organism or error of nature?⁠ ⁠

What would you do if this, practically “not killed” creature lived near your house? No measures to destroy these animals would bring the necessary success.

Of course, you could try to crush them, try to cook them in boiling water, send them into space; However, this small organism will be able to survive everything. Maybe at this moment, there is not one next to you, but several of these creatures and you can not even notice their approaches to you.

Tikhoka or Water Bear, so scientists call this small, surprisingly hardy microscopic creature. The short.proof is admiration for the fact that her body is not amenable to destruction and is able to withstand extreme conditions. These creations have inhabit the Earth for 520 million years; They saw the arrival and departure of dinosaurs.

Many scientists believe that a low.proof is able to survive apocalyptic disasters, for example, a nuclear war. They are also able to return from the dead!

But how does the short.moving manpool manipulate their body to survive in these extreme conditions? Where are these extreme places in which they can live? How their survival abilities can help people in survival?

The body size of the low-proof is from 0.1-1.5 mm in length, it is the miniature dimensions that allowed these creatures to go unnoticed until the 18th century. As soon as these creatures began to be studied through a microscope, then their superpowers were under the sight of scientists.

A person tries to make his stay more comfortable, therefore, to search for places for life, we try to avoid areas that will be either too hot or too cold for us. Tikhokhiki may not worry about it.

The habitat of these amazing creatures is extremely diverse, including the most extreme conditions in the world: cold mountain peaks, hot springs, deep.sea oceans! Some short.ides are able to survive even at ultra.low temperatures reaching.271 ° C, which is approximately three times lower than the cold temperature recorded ever on our planet.

In September 2007, short.moving people went on a space journey in order to “tell” people how to survive in outdoor space. These creatures traveled on the outside of the ship.

In total, 2 types of quietchings traveled 60 quiet.winds of each species, a space trip lasted ten days. During the flight in outdoor space, almost all types of animals were dried, however, upon returning to the ship, many of them returned to a normal state and were even able to give healthy offspring.

So how, tiny, unpretentious organisms are able to survive in conditions that can kill all living things on earth? The thing is that they have the ability called cryptobiosis.

In order to withstand extreme environmental conditions, short.ides are able to lose up to 97% of the water contained in them. Further, they pull the head and legs and form the form, the so.called “barrel”. In a state of anabiosis, they are able to be on the border between life and death for a long time.

Their genes produce a unique type of protein, which forms a vitreous structure to preserve dehydrated cells.

Tikhokhikovs are able to be in a “suspended” state for tens of years, in contact with water, short.ides are able to return to life in a few minutes or hours.

Scientists from the University of North Carolina believe that this protein. Tregalose, which allows you to do all this possible, is able to help in the future in the preservation of crops that are vulnerable to drought, or to preserve perishable medications.

For this reason, these small living organisms can have a tremendous effect on our lives, and for this reason, they can be safely called. crazy creatures!

Installation options

Installation options are several types. Consider in more detail.

By fence

On top of the existing enclosing structures, you can pull the barbed wire without any problems. There should be no difficulties when installing it at the level of an existing fence, in addition to it. It is such a solution that is most often used when it is necessary to ensure a reliable cover of private dwellings. But wire barriers also roll out on fences near industrial facilities, warehouses, ports, television centers, military facilities and so on.

To install a thorny barrier with your own hands, you need to use a variety of mounts and steel brackets. The choice of accessories depends on the specifics of the fence. So, if the support pillars are used there, most often the supporting elements are welded or screwed with self.tapping screws. Straight brackets allow you to fix the wire in several rows and put spiral barriers. They can be replaced by the upper parts of the support pillars. The main thing is that they toward the fence.

With the help of brackets in the form of the letter G, you can put several strips of prickly tapes at once. The fastening of the working element with a wire stretched over it is made with a slope inward or out. Mr-shaped support block also allows you to suspend volumetric tapes in the shape of a spiral. On the bracket in the form of the letter Y, also mount a voluminous spiral and rows. The difference between them is only in the convenience of using a specific form of the product. With semicircular brackets, everything is no more complicated: they are placed directly or at a certain angle, mainly with the aim of creating spiral fortifications.

When the brackets are delivered, the wire itself used as a support is mounted between them. If this is not done, the main protective barrier will inevitably sag. Important: the broach is pulled more tightly, using winches and other mechanisms. It is very difficult to pull this element correctly and it doesn’t always work out at all. The number of lanes of the installed wire (1-3) is determined by the diameter of the spiral.

stretch the SBB (as neatly as possible, making sure that the required number of turns that has the required number of turns);

Check the result visually and in terms of tension.

On the ground

When arranging a ground fence, it is better to attach large diameter spirals, and in 2 or 3 rows. It is believed that the safest barrier is when the skeins are laid out in the manner of the pyramid. The initial stage of work does not differ from installing a simple fence. First of all, they put the pillars with a step between the installation points from 2.5 to 3 m (it is not recommended to deviate from this corridor). Many experts consider ordinary metal pipes ideal pillars.

The cross section of the pipes used is not too fundamental. You can take the smallest pipe. The extending of the wire occurs taking into account the chosen method of installing the obstacle. When this is done, “Egoza” is mounted on the original wire. It is advised to fix it with brackets.

How to make a fence?

The arrangement of fence entirely made of barbed wire is a very reasonable option for those who want maximum security. This solution is sometimes used by the owners of cottages, where there is something to steal. However, in warehouses, in industry and agriculture, he is met much more often. In any case, a continuous wire fence will definitely require the use of pillars. They are made of heterogeneous materials, mainly metal or durable wood species.

Attention: using a tree less practical.

Even the best breeds, thoroughly protected by chemical compounds, cannot boast of sedimentation resistance. Metal in this regard is better, however, it is necessary to select a stainless steel of high class. Whether to make a flat or voluminous fence. you need to solve it yourself. You will have to work as accurately as possible, because barbed wire sometimes provokes serious injuries.

Information: in some cases, pillars are made of concrete. Regardless of the specific material, it is advisable to concrete supporting structures. This is much more durable. The diameter of the well’s mouth for concreting should be 0.15-0.2 m exceed the support cross section. A pillar is punched in this place, and then poured it with concrete with the necessary fillers.

As already mentioned, the classic barbed wire can be put on your own. But experimenting with AKL and other advanced designs is not recommended. Only professionals will be able to create high.quality perimeter fence.

Important: no matter how good the barbed wire is, it can be overcome or bypassed. Therefore, at the most important and critical objects will have to be used in conjunction with other means of protection.

It is advisable to take care of at least surveillance and/or alarms on a private house.

Laws allow free use of any kind of wire fences. This right applies to individuals. There are no restrictions either to height, nor on the width of the strip, material, type of spikes, or other technical details. However, it is advisable to put a wire barrier with an internal, not from the external border of the fence.

Otherwise, there is a great risk of injury to random Compensation for wounds. legal right with any accidental damage. But those who receive the wound, trying to climb over the fence or climb it, will be deprived of such a right. Experts believe that from the inside of the fence to ordinary people it is enough to lay a couple of rows of prickly barrier. It is unlikely that someone who can overcome such protection without consequences will be interested in a private house.

If there are serious fears about their safety, they use spirally twisted thorny fences with core of hardened metal. It is also advisable to use piercing-cutting mutual spikes with galvanizing. Когда такая защита поставлена ​​на заборе, даже опытнейший грабитель или диверсант без специальных инструментов не проникнет внутрь. Such barbed wire is excellent spring and practically does not destroy. But the subtleties of the construction of wire barriers do not end there.

Important: to pass the current through barbed wire to a private person and even an organization cannot. Only a few state structures have such a right, and even they are not at all their objects.

To prescribe to remove the fence or de.energize it no one has the right. However, in the case of serious electrical injuries, especially the death of the affected fence, the responsibility is inevitable. Placing inscriptions and conventional signs cannot cancel this responsibility.

The punishment will also follow if it is even possible to confirm the criminal intentions and actions of the victims or victims. It is best not to count on the electrification of the fence, but to use proven structures from reliable material. And, of course, to entrust the installation of qualified performers. The mounting of the brackets is advised to be carried out on anchor bolts. For information: reinforced wire more stable galvanized, but may be less durable.

Here are a few more recommendations for those who decide to work on their own:

All elements and stretching is better to do right away right, without sagging;

Initially, the uniformity of the protective barrier should be achieved;

It should be worked in mittens and strong overalls;

You should not bring the supporting pillars more than 2 m without emergency;

To simplify the stretch and fixation of barbed wire on the poles, the installation of the “eye” with a step of at least 0.1 m helps;

The attachment of wire to the eyes is achieved using metal brackets.

In the next video you will learn how to install barbed wire yourself.

How to weave an unusual wire fence to protect the site

As a rule, a summer cottage is protected by a typical fence and from wire products it is a mesh-wrap. Nevertheless, sometimes I want something original and interesting and the ability to make your own wire fence. Weaving options can be different, the process is not the fastest, but it makes it possible to get really such a fence that will distinguish your space from the rest.

  • Install an egrandomaterialamic lightweight sustainer. A cub, you must be a specialist. it is necessary for you to need to, who is able to build a fence;
  • The wire collection is a wire.wire.node of the study of the study;
  • The nesting of the open.grows, this permissions are used to the junction of the age of the

How to make a slate fence

Like many other roofing materials, the slate is suitable for fencing. However, because of a plain type, such a fence is often put from the side of the street, but in the back of the site. As a rule, old sheets are used that remain after the repair of the roof or bought for symbolic money. The disadvantages of such a fence are only in fragility and not very aesthetic appearance.

How to Climb EVERY Fence! | Parkour Tutorial (easy)

What will be needed

  • Slate;
  • pipes;
  • wooden beam;
  • nails;
  • cement;
  • sand;
  • crushed stone;
  • drill or shovel;
  • a hammer;
  • cord;
  • pegs;
  • roulette;
  • level.

How to make a fence

  • Pull the stakes on the edges of the future fence and pull the cord on them, according to which the pillars will be aligned later.
  • Measure the distance and evenly distribute the supports along the entire length (they should be placed at least every 2.5 meters). Find the pegs in the right places.
  • Pull the tags alternately and make a pile of pillars using a drill or shovels. The depth depends on the soil, but usually it reaches the depth of freezing to avoid frosty soil fluid. On average it is 1 m. The diameter of the pit should be a little more than the thickness of the supports.
  • Put the pillars so that they touch the stretched cord, and set them in level. With stones or broken brick, crush the support and compact the spraying with a suitable bar or the handle of the shovel. Fill the pit in parts, 20–25 cm at a time.
  • Prepare concrete. The ratio should be as follows: one part of the cement, three parts of the sand and five parts of crushed stone. Pour it with each layer of compacted pushing. Let the mixture harden, wait at least a day.
  • Install two belts of longitudinal lag from the beam so that they are at an altitude of 30–40 cm from the top and the bottom of the slate. Attach the bars to the columns with clamps or using bolts.
  • Fix the slate on the lags, nailed it with nails with a hat into the upper wave in the corners. Sheets can be covered on bricks or, conversely, get a little into the ground. Each subsequent sheet apply one wave on the previous one and beat two pieces at once.

The operation of an automatic machine for sample radii on threads and couplings G1/2 “, G3/4” ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

For the manufacture of heating and water supply collectors, it is necessary to weld threads and couplings (we call them “bounces”) to the body of the collector, a pipe of a larger radius. There are two approaches to ensure automated welding. cut a hole in the body of the collector, and insert a thread or a coupling to the desired depth.

This entails increased resistance in the pipe when water flows through it.The second approach. This is to choose a pipe radius with a milling or grinding tape to ensure installation on the pipe close.

We decided to follow the second path for ourselves, and bought a grinding machine Fein Grit GX75

The result that we received us arranged for quality. but did not suit labor productivity. Therefore, we set ourselves the task. make a grinding module equipment, so that it works automatically.

We set ourselves the task as it should be possible:

We made such a snap, and her work is shown in the video. Controller. Arduino. Moving along two axes. Steping engines. Pneumatics for the mechanism of changing parts. Camozzi.

New gigapress!⁠ ⁠

Tesla was posted in their video of the new aluminum casting machine under pressure from IDRA Group production:

Наши огромные литейные машины позволяют нам изготавливать полноразмерные автомобили так же, как делают игрушечные машинки.

These are the largest such machines in the industry weighing 430 tons and with a closure force of up to 6,200 tons. So large that Tesla could not have shove her into the building of the Cyclopsic Freemont Gigatrobe and put it simply in a parking lot under a canopy. joke. In fact, this gigafabrick was simply erected before everyone else and, unlike the subsequent ones, was not immediately built for these Makhins, which is why it needs re-equipment.

It is planned to put from gigatrobes from three to eight similar installations. And they need such dimensions and efforts for a simple reason: in one cycle, in only 80-90 seconds they should melt one whole, large piece of body of an electric vehicle. And for these one and a half minutes, in their foundry form, located under a vacuum, at a speed of 10m/s, a drop of molten aluminum weighing 80 kilograms and a temperature of 850 degrees manages to fly in a speed and freeze in an almost completely ready.made casting with a temperature of 185 ° C.

Specifically on the video, the back of the body is obtained.

How it is done understandable, and now why such troubles with solid plows:

Thanks to such large castings. instead of a designer of two or three dozen stamped parts. You can easily reduce the number of robots for welding body by 70% and reduce the body of the body by about three times. The body from such parts is easier, cheaper and has better stiffness and lower noise and vibration level.

Plus, all this will theoretically reduce the cost of the base Model Y to 25k.

SBB “EGOZA” Spiral Barrier of Security

SBB EGOZA is a spiral bonded from AKL or from ASKL. The neighboring turns of the spirals will be fastened with brackets, at five (or more) equidist points around the circumference, thus the protective properties of the spiral increase. SBB EGOZa cannot be eaten, pressed, overcome.

The figure shows SBB EGZA-900 in the working (stretched) position. The turns of the SBB are fastened with brackets at five equivalent points around the circumference, the distance between neighboring brackets is 400 mm, in one miter meter of SBB contains 5 turns. This installation scheme is most optimal in terms of reasonable consumption of materials.

Please note that the fastening of turns with a wire of less than 3 mm significantly reduces the protective properties of the EGOZA, Small wire bracket is easier to eat or straighten with bare hands. A bracket of 1.5 mm tape from a wire with a diameter of 3 mm

A bracket of 1.5 mm tape from a wire with a diameter of 3 mm

Basket wire: wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm spring GOST 9389 (brand 65g) or galvanized GOST 7372-79.

Shop blades: galvanized tape GOST 3559-75 or GOST 14918-80. The thickness is 0.5-0.55 mm.

Brackets: wire with a diameter of 3.0 mm, galvanized or tape 1.5 mm thick, 10 mm wide, galvanized.

An example of a symbol of SBB when ordering

Spiral diameter length number number wire-barrier of the coil-600 mm bay-15 m of the turns into the bracket.The basis of the safety of one mounting reinforced with shoulder stitches on a prickly meter of circumference of the product-3 pcs. Galled GOST 7372-79

barbed, wire, make, fence, made

Thus, the SBB EGOZA-600/15/5/3 AKL OC means: a spiral barrier of safety (SBB) with an eight with a turn diameter-600 mm; One bay contains 15 linear meters of SBB; One shoulder strap of SBB contains 5 turns; The number of points of fasteners of neighboring turns. 3 pcs.; SBB is made of AKL tape; All materials are galvanized.

LLC “Egoza” produces a thorny wire of various diameters.

SBB EGOZ-500/15/5/3 AKL OC SBB EGOZA-600/15/5/3 AKL OC SBB EGZA-900/15/5 AKL OTS SBB BARS-1700/12.5/11 ASKL CC

At the request of the customer, our company will produce SBB of any diameter, density (number of turns in 1 p/m) and the length of the bay.

General nomenclature of spiral safety barriers

The conditional name of PCU The diameter of the winding of the bay, mm The length of the bay in working condition, p.m The number of turns in one p.m. Number of joints around the circumference of the turns, pcs The diameter of the wire base, mm Number of Vitkov in Bay, pcs The height of the product in the working position, mm
SBB EGOZA-400/15/5/3 400 fifteen 5 3 2.5 75 390
SBB EGOZA-400/15/6/3 400 fifteen 6 3 2.5 90 390
SBB EGOZA-400/15/7/5 400 fifteen 7 5 2.5 105 395
SBB EGOZA-450/15/5/3 450 fifteen 5 3 2.5 75 440
SBB EGOZA-450/15/6/3 450 fifteen 6 3 2.5 90 444
SBB EGOZA-400/15/7/5 450 fifteen 7 5 2.5 105 448
SBB EGOZA-500/15/5/3 500 fifteen 5 3 2.5 75 480
SBB EGOZA-500/15/6/3 500 fifteen 6 3 2.5 90 485
SBB EGOZA-500/15/7/5 500 fifteen 7 5 2.5 105 490
SBB EGOZA-550/15/5/3 550 fifteen 5 3 2.5 75 520
SBB EGOZ-550/15/6/3 550 fifteen 6 3 2.5 90 525
SBB EGOZA-400/15/7/5 550 fifteen 7 5 2.5 105 530
SBB EGOZA-600/15/4/3 600 fifteen four 3 2.5 60 540
SBB EGOZA-600/15/5/3 600 fifteen 5 3 2.5 75 550
SBB EGOZA-600/15/6/5 600 fifteen 6 5 2.5 90 556
SBB EGOZA-600/15/7/5 600 fifteen 7 5 2.5 105 562
SBB EGOZA-600/25/5/3 600 25 5 3 2.5 126 550
SBB EGOZA-650/15/4/3 650 fifteen four 3 2.5 60 600
SBB EGOZA-650/15/5/3 650 fifteen 5 3 2.5 75 605
SBB EGOZA-650/15/6/5 650 fifteen 6 5 2.5 90 612
SBB EGOZA-650/15/7/5 650 fifteen 7 5 2.5 105 618
SBB EGOZA-750/25/4/3 750 25 four 3 2.5 100 690
SBB EGOZA-750/15/5/5 750 fifteen 5 5 2.5 75 700
SBB EGOZA-750/25/5/5 750 25 5 5 2.5 126 700
SBB EGOZA-900/25/3/3 900 25 3 3 2.5 75 820
SBB EGOZA-900/15/4/3 900 fifteen four 3 2.5 60 835
SBB EGOZA-900/15/5/5 900 fifteen 5 5 2.5 75 850
SBB EGOZA-900/25/5/5 900 25 5 5 2.5 126 850
SBB EGOZA-950/25/3/3 950 25 3 3 2.5 75 890
SBB EGOZA-950/15/4/3 950 fifteen four 3 2.5 60 900
SBB EGOZA-950/15/5/5 950 fifteen 5 5 2.5 75 900
SBB EGOZA-950/25/5/5 950 25 5 5 2.5 126 900

The advantages and disadvantages of the installation of “Egoza” for the fence

Installation of “Egoza” on a fence is a great way to protect the territory from attackers. Dismantling correctly and securely fixed “thorns” requires serious time.

In addition, the following advantages of installing the barrier structure for the fence are distinguished.

  • The ability to make a fence under voltage. This will significantly increase security.
  • Reliability. “Egoza” is resistant to corrosion. The service life of a “thorns” made according to GOST is more than 25 years.
  • Availability. Everyone can afford to buy a spiral or flat security barrier.
  • Simplicity of installation. The installation of “Egoza” on the fence is quickly.
  • A large number of installation options and the goals of application. For example, for additional protection of the territory and fencing from animals and attackers, you can stretch the “Evza” on the ground on one or both sides of the fence.

The disadvantages of the installation of “Egza” include only a deterioration in the appearance of fences.

What is barbed wire?

The well.known “spike” is made of metal threads or narrow stripes, on which sharp elements are fixed through certain gaps. Such a fence does not look quite presentable, but it does not allow painlessly penetrating into a closed area. Often these fences are used on farms, to protect remote cottages, fields, gardens, industrial facilities.

  • The prickly wire serves up to 20 years;
  • excellent light permeability;
  • reliability;
  • simple installation;
  • relative cheapness;
  • Universality.

Who came up with a barbed wire?

Back in the 1860s, the French inventor of Louis Francois Janin is patented by a double wicker wire with rhomboid teeth. In parallel with him, a similar invention was developed in America, where developing animal husbandry required the manufacture of effective but cheap fences for livestock. In 1874, Henry Rose will patent a variety of barbed wire, which used planks with pointed elements.

A more advanced wire with spikes is invented by the American Joseph F. Glidden. In his version, thorny spikes were wound from metal threads. The studded elements were firmly fixed on the main wire and did not shift during installation. Relatively quickly unusual in appearance, products gained fame, in a quarter century by 1900 its production increased to 1,50,000 tons/year.

The design of barbed wire

In the traditional performance, this product is a long section with a cross-section of mainly 2.5-2.8 mm, around which sharp elements are wound through certain intervals. Cheap wire with spines of simple steel is short.lived, it rusts relatively quickly in the air. The main thread is mainly made of two veins intertwined into a pigtail with a galvanized coating. The thorns themselves are made from several segments of the wire or obtained by stamping.

Types of barbed wire

A relatively simple product was gradually improved in order to strengthen the protective characteristics. Instead of black iron, galvanized barbed wire began to be used, twisted spikes began to replace with pointed hooks made of sheet steel. There are the following varieties of such fences:

To arrange an impassable fence in a summer cottage, you can weave several meters of “bites” of the hedge yourself. The expensive barbed wire “Egoza” requires the use of blanks from the strip, but you can do with a cheaper option in which the spikes are wound from pieces of wire. Instructions for the manufacture of such a fence are extremely simple:

  • As a basis, a strong one-core wire with a diameter of up to 2.5-3 mm is used as a basis.
  • Two veins of the desired length are twisted with each other to obtain the base in the form of a thick pigtail.
  • Chisel rabbits with a chisel of workpieces for spikes up to 15 cm long.
  • Find a section of the corner with shelves from 20 mm.
  • We drill a hole in one shelf with a diameter more than two diameters of the wire used.
  • Clound the corner in a vice.
  • We fold two blanks for spikes together, shifting them a little along the length.
  • Put the blanks in the hole and with the help of the tube we wind them on the main core.
  • At the end of the spikes, they should stick out on the barbed wire out of both sides.
  • We continue to wind the spikes on the base at equal intervals.

Installation of barbed wire

A spiked hedge can be fixed on top of the main or used independently in the form of a spiral fence right on the ground. Even having solved the question of how to eat barbed wire with powerful ticks or scissors, attackers will need to cut it in several places at once to form a safe passage. For installation of the fence, brackets of the following varieties are used:

How to pull a barbed wire?

Installation is carried out extremely neatly and necessarily in strong protective clothing. A spitting wire fence in the form of a spiral barrier is installed according to the following technology:

  • We fasten the brackets to the main fence with welding or bolts.
  • We pull with a winch a broach of a powerful wire to prevent sagging “thorns”.
  • We fasten a spiral barrier with a step of at least 5-6 turns per linear meter.
  • The prickly wire on the fence is fixed with ticks and brackets to the brackets and length.

Concrete paint allows you to extend the service life of the surface, protect it from exposure to aggressive environmental factors and give a more decorative look. There are different modifications that differ in price and operational characteristics.

It is important to use insulation for pipes in the process of laying communication systems, thus, protection is created from the external influence of the environment. Thermal insulation materials presented on the market do this perfectly.

Granite paving stones. products that are used for paving pedestrian paths and roads for a long time. The naturalness of the material and density allow, using it once, to enjoy the result of several generations.

Rust paint saves time and effort when decorating metal surfaces. It blocks the spread of corrosion, protects against moisture and temperature changes. There are several varieties that differ in the composition and method of application.

Review of species

Called “Egoza” today produces several types of products. All of them have different external data and characteristics. The easiest type is wire or threaded, looks like a steel cord. It can be homogeneous, with an inextricable plexus of elements in the bay and pointed spikes directed to the sides. The corrugated wire of this type is woven in the form of a “pigtail”, which increases its strength characteristics, the number of spikes and lived doubled.

In composition

Thorny wire is not only rounded. it can be performed in the form of a tape. Such “ears” has a flat structure, the spikes are located along its edge. Since the strip wire is made of a galvanized metal strip, it is quite easily cut with special tools. This greatly limits its independent application.

The most popular combined products in which the protective properties of wire (round section) and strip elements are connected.

They are divided into 2 categories.

  • Askl. Reinforced tape twisted and entwined around wire reinforcement. This type is quite popular, but not too reliable. it is easy to dismantle it, freeing the passage. The number of spikes in this case increases, outwardly the fence looks pretty impressive.
  • AKL. The prickly reinforced tape in this performance turns and is covered in a longitudinal direction on a flexible core basis. The design is resistant to mechanical damage, strong and durable. Standard tape thickness 0.55 mm, the profile is equipped with mutual and symmetrical spikes.

It is worth considering that according to the standard of the Enges type wire should be made exclusively from galvanized wire and tape of installed samples. The diameter of the core is installed in the amount of 2.5 mm. The thickness of the tape in combined products varies in the range from 0.5 to 0.55 mm.

By the degree of stiffness

Given this characteristic of barbed wire, you can distinguish 2 main categories.

  • Elastic. It provides a high level of strength and stiffness of the material. This variety is designed to create long.span fences.
  • Soft. Annealed wire is used for its manufacture. It is very flexible, easily takes the right direction. It is convenient to work with such material when installing complex in shape, short sections of the fence. Soft wire “Egoza” is easy to use in everyday life.

Rigidity. an important parameter that affects the stability of the wire structure to damage. That is why its indicators should not be ignored.

Voluminous and flat

The prickly wire “Egoza” AKL and ASKL has a strip type of structure. But under this brand, volumetric and flat fences are also produced. They allow you to quickly deploy the design on the ground, block significant areas on any type of terrain. Here are the most popular options.

  • SBB (spiral barrier). The volumetric structure is made of AKL or ASKL wire by hanging with brackets connecting in a checkerboard pattern in 3-5 rows. The finished fence is springy, elastic, voluminous and difficult to overcome. It is almost impossible to extend or eat it with tools.
  • PBB (flat safety barrier). This type of product has a spiral structure, flattened, with turns fastened with each other brackets. The flat structure is easily mounted on pillars of 2-3 rows, without going beyond the total limits of the fence, looks more neutral, better suitable for installation in public places.
  • PKLZ. A flat type of strip fencing, in which the wire is laid diagonally in rows, similarly to the cells. The peaks of rhombuses formed from AKL are fastened with steel brackets with galvanized coating. The canvas is produced in pieces of 2000 × 4000 mm. The finished fence is reliable, resistant to force.

This classification helps easily and quickly decide on the type of product that is most complied by certain safety requirements.

Chips on the choice

When choosing the appropriate barbed wire of “Egoza”, it is important to understand which requirements are imposed on the fence. The products made in accordance with GOST 285-69 are a classic version with the main wire of a round section and spikes sticking outward. It is pulled exclusively in a horizontal plane, easily snacks with ordinary tools. This type can be considered exclusively as a temporary fence.

barbed, wire, make, fence, made

Akl and ASCL tape are more reliable and more reliable options for damage. When tensioning, such fences are also obtained only horizontal, more often used in everyday life or installed along the perimeter of the roofs, in the upper part of concrete or metal fences.

At objects requiring an increased level of protection, they install spiral or flat barriers.

Barbed Wire Fence Repair Tips and Tricks Stretching and Splicing

They fully live up to the assigned expectations, look neutral, ensure maximum safety.

When using volumetric SBB, the level of protection increases, it is almost impossible to get out of this design when it enters it, which is important for regime objects.

Where it is installed?

The prickly wire can often be seen on top of the fences around the cottages, a country or even a city house. But it is still actively used for fences around pastures, corns. And also the thorny wire is mounted:

  • around prisons;
  • at military facilities;
  • at stations and stations;
  • at airports;
  • at service airfields;
  • in warehouses;
  • at retail facilities;
  • at industrial enterprises;
  • In the ports.

Installation rules

The fastening of vertical supports dug into the ground is carried out with no more than 3 m steps. These supports are enough to install the wire itself, nothing else will be required. But an increase in the degree of security is possible only with additional tension of the wire in the transverse plane in relation to the main lane. The prickly thread can be used in addition to the already created protective structures. In this case, it is mounted on top of the fences and gate.

The reinforced tape is mounted much more complicated. You will need to install it:

  • scissors for cutting metal reinforcement;
  • Grinder;
  • some other tools depends on the method of attaching the wire at the reference points.

Installation of the Eskoza wire will be simplified when using special brackets. For flat and spiral models, the same type of brackets can be used. Mount them permissible in a variety of places. Now they sell crochet different formats:

Independently prepare a fence with a step between brackets of not more than 2.5-3 m. You need to work not only in protective gloves, but also in tight clothes. Sometimes it makes sense to even wear goggles. The shape of the bracket is selected taking into account the convenience of installation. Prior to the start of work, the territory should be marked.

The reference points are fixed using bolts or welding method. Then the spiral is mounted on crochet on top using special brackets. The next step is to pull the double string along the entire length of the spiral. The spiral itself is aligned, and fix it using twisting a special sample.

At the end, certain parts of the wire fence are connected using mounting brackets. If the fence is energized, this must be warned by hanging special signs around the perimeter with a clear preventive text.