How do you drive a lawnmower?. How to start the machine?

How do you drive a lawnmower?

You will hardly meet anyone with a traditional lawn trimmer on modern suburban plots, but this attribute of a bygone era. Nowadays mowers based on petrol or electronic draught mowers are used more often. But such devices are uncomfortable, the work with them requires time, and such equipment requires maintenance. You can use the trimmer for grass, if you are not afraid that half of the mowing will be on your clothes. Lawn mower boots have no similar flaws. They are able to do all the tedious work for you, to give you the opportunity to devote your weekends to rest.

The devices neatly bypass the lawn provided at their disposal on the perimeter, while carefully cutting the upper part of the dry grass to a programmed height. This parameter can be changed in some models. Such an option can “boast” a robotic lawnmower (the Internet contains many positive reviews about this model). Mowed grass stays in place and turns into a quality fertilizer as it dries. No need for bulky containers.

drive, lawnmower, start, machine

The “advanced” models have “their own” base from which they leave for mowing and where they return to recharge their batteries. For the successful operation of most robotic lawnmowers it is necessary to install a special regulator in the form of a wire around the perimeter of the lawn. As an alternative, the grass sensors are used. Devices equipped with them do not require a base to recharge. All machines have their knives in the bottom in a special pit (for protection against stones).

Self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers made by their own hands. 6 photos

Good day to all! Here again, your unsurpassed Oleg Astafiev! Well, ending greetings and happy clapping hands. Explaining the situation. I was at a friend’s in Vitebsk, he showed me his farm, chickens, pigs. And the area is three hectares, in theory overgrown at least something should be, but nothing like this. A field as clean as a golf course. I’m a curious man. I found out that he made a self-propelled gasoline lawnmower with his own hands and thought, and I’m worse?

It’s amazing how well made the model is. I have to admit I would have peeled the stickers off or not glued them at all.

Lawn mower, bought in a store will cost from 18 to 500 thousand. Maybe it is better to make your own?

Lawnmower from an old chainsaw “Ural”. The author said it’s the second version. Tested on tall weeds. passed.

Rotary mower, that’s a machine!

Two kinds of lawn mowers: electric and gasoline. The first type is not autonomous and will be suitable for small areas. The second type is completely self-contained and is good for cleaning large areas.

Well, that’s the end of today, I hope you enjoyed it and you learned something new for yourself. Why pay a lot of money when you can do the same thing yourself?? Even if your hands are not in the right place, follow the instructions and the Internet and try it! You can’t make any progress if you stagnate! Good luck to all of you!

How to mow with a trimmer

The grass trimmer should rest well in your hand. Many people prefer a fairly light tool that can work “on the weight”. Otherwise, it should be well-balanced, on a comfortable belt or backpack suspension, as it will not be possible to mow properly with a trimmer without it. It is very convenient to hold a tool with a ‘bike handle’ that makes it easy to hold the mowing head at a constant height and the tip of the cutting tool at the right distance from the ground. To make the trimmer line last longer, it is undesirable to bring it close to fences, curbs, brickwork and other hard objects. over, you should not touch the ground unnecessarily.

How to choose a grass trimmer for dacha? Which is better: gasoline or electric?? Find out here.

General principles of grass trimmer operation

As a rule the cutting attachment rotates counterclockwise, so you may work with the trimmer in the same way as with the mowing head, making 1-2 sweeps from right to left, gradually moving forward 15-30 cm. Then the grass cuttings are left on the surface to be trimmed. As a line for a trimmer is best of all cut with its tip, the speed and the grip are chosen empirically. If you drive fast, the entire length of the cutting attachment is used for cutting, which overloads the engine and causes the grass to wind up on the head more often.

A flat lawn

If the area is big and level, and the grass is soft enough, it’s easier to mow in imaginary squares, dividing the whole area mentally into them. Having mowed the grass around the perimeter of the first one beforehand, continue working in a clockwise, tapering square spiral until the whole area is mowed. Then proceed to the next square. The cuttings are always left on the left-hand side of the surface, when using this method. In order to mow vegetation at the root, it is necessary to hold the cutting plane at an angle of 30°, with the tip of the fishing line almost touching the ground.

Of course, it is better to mow flat lawns with a lawnmower-cart, which allows you to make a more even cut and collects the cut grass in a special grass catcher box. How to choose such a lawnmower is explained in this article.


High grass

In this case it is more convenient to cut both sides. The first pass is from left to right, cutting the grass tops, then lower the tool to the desired height and cut the lower part the opposite way. The cuttings also remain on the lawn on the left-hand side. If the thickets of weeds are too high, in order to reduce the likelihood of grass winding on the drum, you have to mow several times from top to bottom, but this is fraught with increased consumption of the line.

Mowing slopes

You also work the slope in a “grass cut to the left” pattern, choosing the direction so that the grass head is to the right. Reaching the end of the mowing area you go back to the starting point, go up to the stroke width and mow the next strip.

Trees and bushes

On a site where there are many such obstacles, the grass trimmer is simply indispensable, as to mow the grass with an ordinary mower is not enough scope, and the lawnmower is too big. A trimmer line is best for this. Every tree or bush needs to be trimmed on all sides before you start work on the lawn. To avoid damaging them, keep the grass trimmer with the blade guard almost close to them, tilting the head slightly to the ground and going left to right.


Trimming flowerbeds, lawns and paths on the edges is convenient to do electric trimmer with a bottom engine, as its cutting plane can be put vertically. For even greater effect, it’s useful to dig a groove about 4×4 cm along the trim line. Then a line for a trimmer will cut the grass below the ground without touching its surface. The result is a very clean, unblemished vertical mowing.

Grass trimmer, or lawn mower, the lightest and most budget-friendly lawn mower that not only allows you to take care of the lawn, but also to mow grass on difficult terrain. Such a device is quite capable of coping with tall weeds. lawn mower works on a rotary type. It can be equipped with steel blades, which effectively cut thick stems. This mower is practically the same shape as an ordinary hand-held grasshopper, but with a rotating blade, which changes the technique of the job.

The use of such a mower is accompanied by the maximum load, but still such devices have good passability in places where more oversized machines simply will not pass. The main disadvantage of such equipment is that all mowed grass will remain on the lawn, and it will have to be collected by a rake or blown away by a garden vacuum cleaner.

Grass trimmers can be battery-powered, electric, or equipped with a gasoline engine. To care for a large area with such a device is very difficult, because it creates strain on the hands, shoulders and back. Without experience and skill you can get muscle strain or cramp on the second day after mowing.

Lawn mower on wheels

These machines are more productive. They are equipped with wheels, which significantly reduces the load when using such equipment. The machine can work on the principle of the rotor, cylindrical knives or segments. Almost all of these machines have a collection bag where the grass clippings are piled up. That’s why the lawn stays clean after the job is done. Wheeled machines are equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. They come in the form of a frame with motor and rotor, which must be pushed, or are equipped with a self-propelled mechanism. In the latter case, the work is easiest. It is enough to guide the machine, and it will move on its own.

The wheeled mowers are the most popular. They are used to service home lawns, as well as fairly large areas. This equipment is different maneuverability, although of course inferior to the trimmer on this criterion. It is more economical in terms of fuel consumption to use machines on a wheeled frame, but if the area is large or has a slope, it is better to use a self-propelled machine.


This type of mower is used for big grounds. They are self-propelled machines with a seat and full-fledged steering wheel. It allows a person to ride on it, not to walk behind. Riders are equipped with gasoline engines and allow the maintenance of very large areas, measured in hectares. These mowers are always made of steel. They have a long service life. They use a rotor as the mowing mechanism. The cost of riders is an order of magnitude higher than previous types of mowers, so they are not used for home lawn care. This equipment requires a full parking space in the garage, which does not speak in its favor.


It is an enlarged rider, which provides a mechanism for removing the rotor or the ability to lift it to be able to move normally on difficult surfaces. This is a more versatile machine that allows you to attach a small trailer for transporting grass, as well as gardening equipment. It is a workhorse that helps to bring fertilizer, soil and other things required for lawn care. Often the mini-tractor can be equipped with brushes for sweeping garden paths. Sometimes there are minitractors with cylindrical knives. There are also machines with a segmented mower that is attached at the back on the side and connected to the PTO. The tractor can be equipped with either a gasoline or diesel engine. The diesel version is more powerful and economical.

Lawn mower on the air cushion

It is equipped with special blades, which additionally act as a propeller. As a consequence, as a result of their rotation machine lifts up, pulling away from the ground. These devices are remarkable for their maneuverability, they are not equipped with wheels, so they can easily negotiate obstacles. They are almost always gasoline-powered devices, but there are also electric ones. With these machines it is impossible to set the height of mowing. Air cushion mower is the most convenient for mowing on slopes and hills, where wheeled vehicles can hardly advance. The only disadvantage of its use is that under the influence of the air traction, the mowed grass is scattered all over the lawn.


The robotic mower is the most interesting and at the same time the most convenient device, because it cuts the grass by itself. It works on the same principle as a vacuum cleaner. The operation of such machines is well thought out in detail. Before you start the device, you must manually lay a special cable that will limit the boundaries of the site. It doesn’t overpass set boundaries. It remembers the places where it has already been, so it does not use up its resources. These are electric devices, which independently get to the place of their recharge. They are equipped with a rain sensor, as well as cameras. So when you start the mower, you can be sure that the robot will mow inside the given perimeter. Unfortunately, robotic lawnmowers are very expensive, so they are still rare.

What an electric lawnmower consists of

Of course, the most important part of it, including homemade lawn mower electric, is the motor. Motors can convert energy into mechanical energy of any other kind.

They are divided into primary, which converts energy resources into mechanical energy, and secondary, which converts energy that is produced by other sources:

  • chemical energy of fuel. internal combustion engine;
  • fuel, t.е. fuel combustion. a piston motor;
  • igniting the compressed air mixture in the cylinders. gasoline;
  • working due to the ignition of fuel under pressure. diesel, which is distinguished by its cheapness and the possibility of prolonged operation;
  • gas, which functions by heat input (at constant volume);
  • electric.

when choosing a motor, you need to know that the shearing quality depends on the engine rpm: the higher it is, the better the quality. That is, it depends on the linear speed, which is in direct correlation with the speed of cutters: the higher it is, the more gripping.

From practice, it is known that the best is the option of homemade electric design with the following characteristics:

  • motor power of 1 kW;
  • number of revolutions. 1.5 thousand rpm;
  • grip. 50 cm. A less powerful motor, 500 kW (1500 rpm), will also cut weeds. But it will do it worse. At the same time, low-powered motors blunt blades faster.

The electric mower has a convenient handle and knives. Since the self-made construction is powered from the network, you need a long cord. To work comfortably, you can’t do without the wheels, which are attached to the lower part of the frame, which holds all the parts together.

For convenience, a protective cover is used.

How to repair the mower with their own hands?

Those who have land plots are very familiar with what is the fight against weeds.

Especially when it rains often and the grass grows not by the day but by the hour. Earlier, and sometimes nowadays, this question was solved with the help of good old-fashioned mower for grass.

But technology is not standing still and now in this business to help such assistants as electric and gasoline lawnmowers.

The gasoline mower has several important advantages over the electric mower, such as mobility and no danger of electric shock. But there are also many disadvantages, such as: high price, a lot of noise, expensive fuel and considerable weight.

Electric mowers are cheaper, lighter, operate on inexpensive energy, and are not difficult to maintain and repair. These advantages are the main reason of their great popularity among buyers of this kind of equipment.

But despite the pretty good quality, improper operation and heavy load, can put the machine out of operation. In such cases, do not immediately carry the machine to a repair shop, but try to find and fix the cause of the breakage yourself. Especially, as mentioned above, electric lawn mowers do not have as many parts and components as gasoline mowers.

The main thing is to have some tools and faith in yourself. In this article I will just show you how I did the repair of lawn mower with my own hands.

As an example is taken AL-KO lawnmower, which had serious problems in operation, namely, stopping the engine without load and its strong overheating. The motor stops, hums and starts again, only pressing the “START” button again helps. I have to restart the button almost every 30 seconds, and more often afterwards.

Of course, it can work like that, but this is really annoying and gives the feeling that there is a problem somewhere. So I wanted to find out where?

After running the mower for an hour, the temperature of the motor was measured. You can’t touch it with your finger. It was just radiating heat. If you keep ignoring it and keep working with such a mower, it is inevitable that the motor will break down.

The cause of motor overheating needs to be determined. To do this, you need to remove the top cover of the housing, under which the motor and its power supply circuit.

The cover is held on by six Phillips head screws.

So we unscrew these screws and take the cover off, upwards.

After taking it off you can see the impeller, the condenser, the two connectors and the motor itself.

At first sight does not see any special problems. The temperature has darkened the motor winding a bit, but that’s not critical yet.

To inspect the condenser more closely, you need to unscrew the mount and pull it out.

drive, lawnmower, start, machine

The capacitor does not show any external damage.

To check it, disconnect the capacitor and briefly turn on the power to the motor. If it does not start and starts humming, then the capacitor is intact, because the motor started with it. Disconnect the power and connect the capacitor connector back to the motor circuit.

Next, try to spin the impeller. It is mounted on the rotor axle and rotates rather tightly.

And the reason for such a heavy rotation, is a mechanical brake, which for safety, stops the rotation of the motor when you turn off the power.

It looks like a sleeve that moves freely from top to bottom, along the axis of the rotor.

When the motor is not energized, this sleeve is pressed by the top against the cover, which has two rubber strips glued on it. Thus, there is a braking of the knife, attached to the rotor shaft.

When power is applied, the brake sleeve is magnetically retracted to the center of the rotor and allows free movement.

During the close inspection of this hub with a brake, it was noticed that at the moment of switching on the motor, the brake retracts and gives a free rotation of the shaft, but after 2-3 seconds it is released again and starts to brake the motor. It should not be like that. Hence the stopping of the blade during operation and overheating of the motor.

To find out the cause of this movement, the motor must be disassembled and stripped.

To do this, disconnect the connectors and put the machine on its side to get to the clamping screws. Access is blocked by a knife with fastening elements.

To remove it, first of all unscrew the blade fixing bolt (see Fig. Picture below).

The direction of rotation is like a normal bolt, not left-hand threaded. That is, unscrew it counterclockwise and screw it in clockwise.

The bolt has a plastic head, and it needs to be set well with a spanner so as not to “chew off” the edges.

After removing the bolt remove the blade and its plastic disc.

Underneath is the height bushing. With its help it is possible to slightly lower the blade.

Adjustment is made with washers placed under the hub (see sketch below). pictures below).

Everything is removed, only the motor shaft and the hexagonal screws fixing it are left.

The spanner for these bolts has a face distance of 6mm. Unscrew them counterclockwise. removing the last screw, hold the motor with one hand.

Next we put the mower on its wheels, and, putting our arms around the engine, lift it up.

To disassemble the motor you need to loosen the stud bolts. Unscrew them all.

Remove the impeller with two screwdrivers.

Let’s go to removing the back cover. A block of wood and a hammer will help.

But first you need to mark the position of the caps in relation to the motor housing with something sharp.

We put the engine on its side and hit the back shaft with a hammer, through a wooden spacer.

How to Operate an MTD Yard Machine Lawn Tractor | Riding Mower Instructional Video | Model 760 770

Another person has to hold the motor at this point.

Knock until the axle is fully withdrawn from the bearing.

How the bases of different lawnmowers are set up

Most lawn mowers move on wheels. rubber or plastic.

The most common are non-self-propelled wheeled devices, which must be pushed by hand. It requires some effort, but the mowing speed can be adjusted independently.

Self-propelled mowers use the engine power not only to turn the blades, but also to drive the machine forward. Just start the engine and the lawnmower will go on by itself. The operator just has to follow the machine and steer the direction of travel.

Riders and garden tractors stand apart. It’s already a full-fledged four-wheeled vehicle, with the driver in a normal seat behind the wheel, not weaving behind the mower like a LANDER behind a plow. In addition, the PTO shaft of the garden tractor can be connected not only to the mower, but also other agricultural equipment. For a large lawn. that’s the best, but in a modest yard with such a beast is nothing to do.

The exact opposite of riders. grass trimmers. They have no wheels at all, they are just hand-held electric or brush cutters. To handle a trimmer skillfully, you need a certain skill. But they cost relatively little, and in terms of universality they are superior to any analogues. After all, trimmers can cut any weeds, mow bushes and even trim the crowns of trees.

Exotic variant. hover mowers. These machines have blades that work even as propellers that keep the device in the air. Quite handy and easy to maneuver, but very rare devices.

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the robotic mowers. These are automatic devices that work similarly to robot vacuum cleaners. Modern robotic mowers are able to bypass obstacles and generally take care of the lawn completely independently. Convenient, but expensive and not yet perfect technology.

My version of a lawn mower with my own hands.

All those who have money for the factory lawnmower please pass by! It is for those who are sorry for the money on the mower and for those who like to make things. Here’s my version of a lawn mower from a washing machine.

So. There is a yard covered with not tiles, not paving stones and grass and in the summer it grows and becomes unsightly. I took a trimmer for grass and cut the grass, but whether I do not know how to mow or something else, but not that. On the Internet saw a lawn mower with their own hands out of the motor from the washing machine. cheap and cheaper! For me, it’s perfect. After collecting this marvel of scrap metal means came to a delight, all works and mows smoothly, here is the result I wanted. And the main thing is not killable. Here is my first version, to try it out, so to speak.

Motor from a washing machine, the pulley on the heating fitting polypropylene put and drilled through the hole wanted to put a bolt, but it is so strong came out, there is a groove on the pulley and the plastic and there came to stop. The knife is made of a simple iron 3-4 cm wide and 35 cm in diameter. Knife from the floor at a height of 4.5 cm. The engine is enough for normal grass, on a very dense grass it stops. But after the first time, the second time has not once braked anywhere. The engine gets warm. After mowing a 70 square meter area the engine needs to cool down so it does not burn out. I mowed once a week. When I mow, the grass breaks up and turns out as mulch, I don’t even have to clean it. And yes, about the rocks on the site no, so it’s okay.And now it’s time to improve it all and make a normal mower, because all the wooden wheels on the wooden one shook loose. Assembling all the parts on the metal reception. the motor from the washing machine, the starter button, the wheels of the wheelchair, circular saw 47050 mm, the cover of an iron barrel and strip of iron and from available profiles of 2020 mm and a piece of pipe dia. 16 mm built the following miracle.

At the pulley also put on a soldering iron heating polypropylene fitting and put on the pulley, drilled through the hole with a bolt to lock it, because the drive like a flywheel turns like hell. The disk saw is put on through the spacer on 50 mm. The diameter is almost no runout, but the top-down was a difference of 7 mm, but not critical, no lathe. I left the height of grass cut also 4,5 cm. Passage has increased, and weight too. 16-17 kg. Due to the circular saw, it works like a flywheel, even with dense grass the disk brakes but does not stop due to its inertia. With this motor went through all the 180 m2 and not much heat. you can go without a break.

The bottom line is this, I am satisfied, because the money is spent well over 500 It works without problems and copes with the tasks assigned it for good. To break something just is not real.

21.06.2017When working with a lawnmower I didn’t realize why it didn’t turn out as beautiful as my old mower. In the end I thought to try to make a blade like on the old. Made from a wood hacksaw blade. After mowing I was pleased with the result, but I do not understand why the saw blade does not give such a result. As a result, I now use the blade as in the picture and the result is great, it untwists in a fraction of a second, but in heavy grass still stops, because there is no inertia as on the disc.


The main difference between battery-powered models and their gasoline and electric counterparts is that the amount of power required to operate is limited by the battery capacity, and the power consumption depends directly on the thickness and height of the grass.

That is why battery operated mowers are good for mowing well-maintained lawns, because this work does not require high engine power, which means that the charge will be consumed as economically as possible and will be enough to mow a large area.

These mowers can also be used to cut well-maintained lawn grass, but only at a low height.

In this mode the energy consumption will be higher, but with one or two extra batteries it is possible to mow several hectares of lawn (one hectare is 100 m2). The higher the voltage of the battery and the greater its capacity, the more area the device will be able to treat with one charge of energy source.

Mowers of this type may be used even for cutting relatively high grass (10-15 cm), but the power consumption in this case will be ten times higher than in mowing, so even a few sets of batteries will be enough to cut only a small area.

Therefore, if there is no possibility to mow such grass with a gasoline or electric lawnmower, you can use a battery model, but the area of treatment will directly depend on the number of charged sources of energy.

After all, if you can recharge them on the spot, even the smallest and weakest electric mower will be much more efficient.