How Does A Power Lawn Mower Work

Mechanical lawn mower: rating of the best models Mechanical lawn mower. Rating of the best models: device features, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. What are the rules and criteria for choosing a mechanical lawn mower for a suburban area?

Pros and cons of power lawn mowers

Of the positive sides of the unit are:

  • Quiet (practically no sounds during operation).
  • Environmental friendliness. Fuel elements do not settle on the grass cover, which is why the treated surface retains freshness and density longer.
  • Economical. No need for electricity.
  • Collecting small grass. A grass collector is installed on the new models. It collects the cut pieces into a compartment that can be opened and cleaned later.
  • Mulching. The cut grass remains on the surface as fertilizer.
  • Relatively low price compared to other types of lawn mowers.

Mechanical lawn mowers have their own disadvantages:

  • The device is not suitable for difficult, uneven and large areas.
  • Surface treatment will need to be carried out frequently, as soon as the grass grows 3-5 cm.
  • Processing of old, overgrown areas is not possible (the device cannot cope with the load).
  • It is necessary to move at a certain pace. If you walk very slowly, the device will chew the grass, if quickly, there is no time to mow it.

You need to move at a certain pace

Lawn mower types

According to the characteristics and internal structure of the device, they are classified into 2 types.

Power lawn mower model rating

When choosing a unit for your site, you should pay attention to the lawn mowers review of the best 5 companies and their models. They deserve the attention of buyers and are very popular in the market due to their characteristics.

Where is the hand lawn mower used

By type and technical characteristics, lawn mowers are classified as spindle and manual.

how does a power lawn mower work

The spindle lawn mower is applicable on a small and level lawn, ideal for a regular garden plot. The definition came from the spindle knife in design. The knife comes into operation inertly. Specifically, after the wheels are moving.

A mower of this type is divided into two types:

  1. Contact. During the mowing process, the cutting blades interact with each other, cutting off the grown lawn.
  2. Contactless. The distance between the cutting blades is calculated; in the process of cutting it is more correct to set a certain speed of movement. Simply put, you need to “get used” to this type.

The manual version of a mechanical mower is necessarily equipped with a cylinder with working knives. Controlling the speed of this cutting device is much easier. Any model has an element for adjustment.

The lawnmower is pre-set to the desired, comfortable speed so as not to pass the area twice. The optimum driving speed is 4 km / h.

How it works?

The user, having selected a flat area with growing grass, pushes the mower in front of him. From the support wheels, the movement (rotation) is transmitted to the working shaft, and a horizontal and fixed knife is installed in front of it. In the process, the grass rests on a horizontal knife, and its even cut is carried out with a blade on a spiral. If the mower is contact, then the knives, when they touch, also maintain sharpening.

At the heart of the mower design:

  • Plastic or metal housing;
  • Movable wheels mounted on slip bushings;
  • Cutting elements under the body.

Modern hand lawn mowers are classified into:

  1. Household. Light weight. The average width of the cutting blade is 34 centimeters. Ideal for processing vegetation up to 45 millimeters.
  2. Professional. Processing of large areas. The average width of the cutting blade is 40 centimeters. It handles vegetation up to 5 centimeters well.

Power lawn mowers overview

The power lawnmower is designed for leveling grass in small backyards. With this device it is easy to create an even lawn surface. It is an environmentally friendly garden tool with minimal noise levels. One of the most affordable types of garden tools for lawn care.

Engine starts but does not hold load

If the engine starts and runs at idle, but does not hold the load poorly during operation. Most likely takes place “oxygen starvation”. Such do-it-yourself lawn mower repair is performed by replacing or cleaning “blowing method” air filter.

Do-it-yourself electric and gasoline lawn mowers repair

Repair of both gasoline and electric lawn mowers may be necessary at the most unexpected moment. We will tell you about the main breakdowns of homemade and branded equipment, tell you what to look for, and by what signs you can recognize a malfunction.

The engine starts poorly and runs unstably in all modes

Most likely causes: clogged fuel jets, clogged fuel filter, clogged air filter. For elimination: jets are blown with compressed air, filters are changed or washed, depending on their design.

Bosh lawn mower engine repair