How high the grass takes a lawn mower. Wheel trimmers for grass

Lawn mowing: description, rules and regulations

Lawn mowing is the basic procedure for forming a grass cover of optimum density. The first time it should be carried out when a little time has passed after planting, because if you miss the moment, some of the grass will lie down, and the other. will outgrow.

All gardeners want to have a nice, beautiful lawn, but not everyone knows how often to cut the grass. During the summer, mowing should be done once every 5-8 days if the weather is nice and sunny. then the lawn grows intensively.

If the weather is continuously overcast, you can reduce the frequency of mowing to about once every two weeks. If it is raining heavily outside, it is best to postpone mowing. wet grass gets tangled and crumpled which in turn leads to an uneven lawn surface.

What features a mower for uneven terrain should have?

These are the main qualities that a lawnmower designed for mowing uneven areas should have:

  • self-propelled;
  • enlarged rear wheels;
  • ball bearings;
  • rear or all-wheel drive;
  • central adjustment of the mowing height;
  • three-wheel chassis;
  • swivel wheels.


You have to move the non-self-propelled devices at the expense of your own physical strength, which is not difficult if the surface is flat, without pits or hills. However, on uneven terrain, the machine often has to be pushed as hard as it can, which is very tiring and unsafe.

In addition, non-propelled devices are much more likely to roll down a sloping surface, so they have to be constantly guided and pushed to the higher side of the slope, which greatly increases the strain on the body.

If there are pits or depressions in the area, only a large and strong person can pull or push the non-self-propelled machine out of them.

Self-propelled models are devoid of these disadvantages, so they do not have to be pushed, except in cases where the drive wheels can not pull the mower out of a difficult area. But even then, it takes many times less effort than a non-propelled model.

Due to the fact that the drive wheels rotate at the same speed, self-propelled lawnmowers are more stable on slopes, so you only need to turn them slightly in the direction of the top, so they will move down the slope without sliding.

Enlarged rear wheels

The larger the diameter of the rear wheels, the easier it is for the mower to get out of the hole or ditch it might hit when mowing uneven ground.

This is due to the fact that the larger the diameter of the wheel, the more distance it needs to travel to lift to the same height, which means that the wheel to some extent plays the role of a lever, the long arm of which helps the operator to pull the mower out of the pit.

However, the larger the diameter of the wheel, the greater the motor power must be, so that the wheel can effectively cope with the role of a lever.

Ball bearings

Not all lawnmower models are equipped with wheels with ball bearings, some models are equipped with plastic or bronze slide bearings, that is, bushes. If used with care and serviced at least once a week, plain bearings are almost as good as roller bearings, i.e. ball bearings, but work on uneven ground implies a higher level of contamination.

Lawn Mower Cut Quality: Bagging

This causes the slide bearings to quickly become clogged with dust and creates an additional drag factor that prevents the machine from moving. This increases the load on the engine and also forces the operator to help the mower more by pushing it forward with his or her own muscle power.

Rear or all-wheel drive

Lawn mowers with leading front wheels are more maneuverable when driving on level ground, but on uneven terrain this turns into a disadvantage, because often to turn the front axle off the ground, which means that the unit will lose the course and it will have to be pushed.

Rear-drive models do not have this drawback, but on more or less flat terrains, they are inferior to front-drive models in terms of controllability.

All-wheel drive models combine the advantages of both, but are noticeably more expensive, so not everyone can afford to buy such equipment.

Central cutting height adjustment

Some lawnmower models are equipped with separate regulators that change position of each wheel separately. This is justified when working on even slopes, where it is enough to set the height of mowing in relation to each wheel.

However, on uneven terrain the cutting height has to be changed frequently, so that the cutting deck follows the ground more closely and the cutting height is always the same.

Models with central adjustment are therefore better suited to work on uneven terrain, as the operator can adjust the height of the grass cut in one movement to suit the changing conditions.

Three-wheeled chassis

When mowing uneven terrain, it’s easy for the machine to become unstable and fail to maintain the same mowing height. Because stability depends on the number of bearing points and height differences. the more bearing points and the higher the height differences between them, the less stable the mower will be.

A three-wheeled setup is more stable on different bumps than a four-wheeled one because it requires fewer support points and therefore will be more stable.

But the three-wheeled chassis has a significant disadvantage. the line for the trimmer mowing such devices is less consistent with the terrain than four-wheeled. This is due to the fact that the four-wheeled chassis always hits an obstacle with the front wheel, due to which the position of the blades relative to the horizon line begins to change.

The steeper the obstacle, the quicker and stronger is the blade’s deviation from the horizon. Therefore, the three-wheeled chassis scheme was not very widespread.

Swivel castors

Regardless of the chassis type, the front swivel wheels make it much easier to use the mower on uneven terrain, because you no longer have to lift the front of the machine to turn, in order to reduce the resistance of the wheels to sideways movement.

Advantage should be given to those models with the upper edge of the wheel even slightly below or outside the lower edge of the frame, since this design allows the front wheels to turn freely 360 degrees.


Characteristics Pros of Disadvantages
Cutting width. 46 cm, the grass catcher box. a hard volume of 26 liters, cutting height. 20-60 mm, the adjustment. the central, the engine power. 1070 W, the material of the deck, the body. plastic, weight. 6.5 kg. Lightweight, easy to operate, easy to shake out the grass, inexpensive. Small grass catcher box, low power, best for small areas.

DAEWOO Power Products DLM 1600E Price: 6990 p.

DAEWOO Power Products DLM 1600E

Features Pros Disadvantages
Cutting width. 34 cm, the grass catcher box. hard volume of 40 liters, cutting height. 25-65 mm, adjustment. the central with 5 levels, engine power. 1600 watts, deck material, the body. plastic, the number of wheels. 4, weight. 10.5 kg. Good passability, reasonable price, good for mowing, lightweight. Small grass box.


Gasoline lawn mowers for uneven terrain are powerful and self-contained, but noisy. Popular models: Huter GLM-5.0 S Price: 14951 р.

Huter GLM-5.0 S

Characteristics Pros Disadvantages
Cutting width. 46 cm, the grass catcher. a rigid volume of 60 liters, the rotation of the blade. up to 2850 rpm./minute., cutting height. 20-85 mm, center regulation. 5 levels, engine. four-stroke, power. 5 L. с., Deck and body material. steel, weight. 40 kg. Good value for money, powerful. Heavy, short belt.

Caiman Xplorer 60S

Features Pros of Cons:
Cutting width. 51 cm, mowing area. 10000 m 2. Mowing height 60-120 mm, centre-adjustable on 4 levels, four-stroke engine, 190 cm3 volume. 6 litres of power. с., 0,85 l tank, deck and body made of steel, 3 wheels, front wheel diameter 20 cm, rear wheel diameter 42 cm, weight 54 kg. Powerful, efficient, suitable for large areas, large mowing width. High cost, no grass catcher bag, heavy.


Can be manoeuvred effortlessly by the operator. Good for large uneven areas with high grass and other foliage. These lawn mowers are powerful but heavy. Popular models: VIKING MB 6.2 RH Price: 92690 p.

high, grass, lawn, mower

VIKING MB 6 lawn mower.2 RH

Features Pros of Disadvantages
Cutting width. 53 cm, cutting height. 55-150 mm, adjustment. central with 6 levels, drive. rear, engine. gasoline four-stroke, power. 6 l. с., 190 cm3 working volume. body material. steel, number of wheels. 3, front diameter. 25 cm, rear. 42 cm, weight. 67 kg. mulching nozzle attachment, ideal for large areas (up to 25 acres), zero turning radius, high maneuverability. No grass catcher box, expensive, heavy.

IKRA mogatec BRM 1446 S

Features Pros of Cons
Cutting width. 46 cm, the grass catcher box. soft volume of 50 liters, cutting height. 25-75 mm, adjustment. central with 6 levels, drive. rear, engine. petrol four-stroke, capacity. 3 liters. с., Working volume. 140 cm3. Body material. steel, number of wheels. 4, front diameter. 18 cm, rear. 20 cm, weight. 30 kg. Efficiency, reasonable cost. small diameter of wheels.

Among the variety of brands and types of lawnmowers, you can select units that have proven themselves in the work in difficult conditions.

Electric models

  • AL-KO Classic 3.82 se. Made in Germany. Electric model, stands out with a powerful motor. 1.4 kW, durability, endurance. Perfect for small areas with uneven ground.
  • Hyundai LE4200. Korean model, known for its high productivity and power. Including mulching function, central cutting height adjustment. Due to its good maneuverability, it is the best lawn mower for women for uneven terrain.

Electric lawnmower Hyundai LE4200

Cordless models

  • STIGA SLM4048AE. Swedish brand. Deserved respect for the powerful battery, the charge of which is enough for the processing of 5 acres. The model is not self-propelled, but it is light and mobile. Central control for cutting height, ejection on the side, mulching.
  • AL-KO MOWEO 38.5LI. Relatively inexpensive mower with great features: powerful battery, unique knife, wide wheels, sleek shape. The excellent lawn mower for uneven terrain.

AL-KO MOWEO 38 cordless mower.5LI

Gasoline models

  • Hyundai L 5100S. One of the best lawnmowers, practically without faults. Economical and quiet powerful 5-litre engine.с. Can mow up to 15 acres in a short amount of time. Speed and cutting height adjustment. During operation there is a “vacuum effect”. grass is sucked under the blade. Best lawn mower for tall grass.
  • STIGA Combi 48. Smart and robust mower with a powerful 4L engine.с. Rear wheels larger than front wheels for better manoeuvrability. Robust steel housing. Does a good job on a 5-10 acre plot. Important advantage is the affordable price in comparison with similar models.

STIGA Combi 48 petrol lawnmower

Lawn mower. irreplaceable assistant in the household. There are models that do an excellent job even on sites with uneven terrain and high grass. The right choice of a lawn mower for such demanding conditions can only be made by examining the important aspects and features that the technique must meet.

Handheld electric grass trimmers

Makita UR3000

Distinguished from others by the fact that the user carries the device in his or her hand. Grass trimmer includes a rod with a motor and a cutting head in the form of a metal leg or fishing line. For convenience, it comes with a shoulder strap. Selection Criteria:

  • Engine power is an important parameter. Depends on how long and how often you plan to mow and the size of the area. It is impractical to buy a powerful model with 1 kW, if the technique will be used a couple of times a month.
  • Corded or cordless option. The first is more powerful, the second is more maneuverable, does not depend on a power source.
  • cutting element. It is better to use the trimmer line on a site with rocks, and the metal blade. on a flat lawn without additional plantings.
  • Type of bar. A distinction is made between curved and straight. The second option is more practical and reliable, as you can see by the cost of the grass trimmer.
  • Handle shape. The “T” shape handle is optimal for open and flat surfaces. The semicircular counterpart is good for hard-to-reach places.
  • Size and weight. If the work is minor, then pick the most compact and lightweight grass trimmer, which will ease the load on the hands. If the device is heavy, it’s a good idea to include a special shoulder strap.

The lawn mower chosen for tall grass must match price and quality. Compare popular models:

Factors influencing the choice

The following factors should be considered when choosing a mower:

  • the size of the area;
  • type of terrain
  • grass characteristics;
  • Physical condition of the operator;
  • frequency of grass mowing;
  • purchase budget.

Size of the area

The larger the size of the area, the longer it will have to mow, so it is very important to select the correct width of cut (often this parameter is called the width of the capture) and engine power.

After all, the greater the mowing width, the faster the lawnmower will cope with its task, and the higher the engine power, the easier it will mow the grass. This is especially important if you’re likely to use the mower to deal with tall, tough grass like weeds or weeds.

Some manufacturers specify in the description of the machine the maximum or recommended size of the area that the mower can handle without reducing the engine life, but this value is rather relative, because much depends on the density of vegetation and other factors.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to take this parameter into account, because if you exceed it by 2 times or more, the device will constantly work on wear and tear, and thus it will serve for a short time without repair.

In addition, the larger the size of the area, the more convenient to mow it with a self-propelled machine, because non-self-propelled mower operator has to push forward due to their physical strength, and the larger the area, the more power he will have to spend to mow the grass.

Terrain type

For mowing grass on level ground, either four-wheeled petrol mowers with medium or small wheels and rear or front wheel drive are better suited.

If the plot is uneven, then the type of mower chassis must be chosen according to the type of its roughness, that is, for:

  • On rough terrain, that is, covered with potholes and bumps, any chassis with large wheels and rear or all-wheel drive is better suited;
  • work in the hollows and ridges of hills or other elevations are better suited small four-wheel mowers with large wheels and rear or all-wheel drive;
  • Any four-wheeled machine with four-wheel drive is best for working on slopes;
  • Plots where there are trees or other obstacles that interfere with mowing the grass, three-wheeled machines with rear-wheel drive are better suited.

Grass characteristics

Most lawn mowers are designed to mow young, short grass, but there are models that can be used to mow tall grass as well.

They cannot compete with manual or even wheel trimmers or hay mowing machines, but they can handle grass up to 40-60 cm high if necessary.

Such devices are characterized by excessive engine power for their width of mowing. Especially effective are machines with forward-facing swivel wheels, because they are less likely to crush the grass, and therefore cut even long vegetation more effectively.

Mowing frequency

If you plan to mow lawns and lawns regularly, not waiting for the grass to grow too much, it is desirable to choose machines with minimal ratio of power to mowing width.

Low price is the main advantage of such models, because the engine is one of the most expensive parts of the mower, second only to the hydrostatic transmission.

Giving preference to devices with a minimum ratio of power and mowing width, you will be able to find a model with some additional advantages within the allocated budget for the purchase, for example:

  • larger wheels;
  • A more reliable motor;
  • electric start;
  • The front swivel wheels;
  • A larger grass catcher box.

The physical condition of the operator

When choosing a lawn mower, it is very important to consider the physical abilities of those who will use it. After all, even the lightest machines weigh more than 15 kg, and the average weight of lawn mowers is 40 kg.

The heavier the mower, the harder it is to push, because more effort is needed to push it. To some extent, self-propelled models are devoid of this disadvantage, but even in some situations you have to move them yourself.

Therefore, for sturdy adult men are better suited powerful heavy models, which have a huge capacity, and for women or the elderly is better to choose albeit low-power, but lightweight models.

In addition, the weight of the device is one of the most important factors if the mower must first be transported by car, because it often has to be loaded and unloaded manually, which means that the heavier it is, the more difficult it is to do it alone.

The size of the budget to buy a lawn mower

Often the size of budget is the most important factor, especially when used properly, even a relatively cheap Chinese or Russian machines will serve for many years without repair.

However, the more expensive the machine, the more reliable and productive it is, so choosing cheap equipment, you should not expect the same reliability that is inherent in the higher price range models.

For more information about the division of models into cost ranges, you can read here:

In addition, we suggest you read user reviews on forums, which will help you choose the right model for you:

Where to choose and buy lawn mowers?

Alexander Stetsyuk, the chief specialist of the “Garden mechanisms” company, says:

“Today, many people prefer to shop at online stores. It is really convenient: you can use filters and product comparison function, choose convenient payment and delivery option. But the standard store has its advantages, and the main advantage is the possibility to get a detailed face-to-face consultation.

So, for example, the company “Garden mechanisms” gives extensive advice to its customers no matter what option they choose: purchase in the online store or our Moscow showroom in Medvedkovo. On the site you can order a call-back, in the store. to communicate with an employee directly. We also provide after-sales support to customers. This includes consultations, service in the service center, and shipment of spare parts to customers from other cities. Our company will help you find the best lawn mower for your budget and goals, made by well-known manufacturers: Oleo-Mac, Champion, Worx, Bosch, Honda, MTD, Monferme, Gardena, Huter, AL-KO, PATRIOT, Makita, Stiga, GREENWORKS, DDE, WOLF-Garten, DAEWOO, Mega, Hyundai, BLACKDECKER, Husqvarna. Most diverse models are available: cordless and electric, petrol, mechanical and even robotic lawnmowers. The are available, there are discounts and actions.

P. S. When buying a petrol lawnmower in the Garden Mechanics stores the client receives oil as a gift.

are not a public offer and are current as of April 2019.

Twist Wire Wheel Trimmer Head Brush Grass

Top 10 ranking by KP

Bosch ARM 37

Budget model of a well-known brand opens our ranking. It is an electric lawn mower, which limits its use to long distances from electrical outlets. However, it allows you not to worry about the availability of gasoline or the completeness of the charge.Durable plastic body, cutting height adjustment, 40-liter grass collection container make this lawn mower one of the best options for the care of small areas around the house.


Light and compact lawn mower is ideal for a small area. One of the main advantages can be called maneuverability, will be able to effectively mow any shape of lawn. This model is battery operated, which means it doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time.The mulching function is an added advantage: Grass cuttings can be immediately chopped up inside the machine and distributed over the lawn as a natural fertilizer. Edge combs allow you to grab grass from the edges of the lawn and mow it efficiently.


Champion petrol lawn mower with wide clamping system. Powerful and efficient option for cutting grass in medium-sized areas. It doesn’t need access to electricity.Thanks to its power, this lawnmower mows rough grass and uneven surfaces effectively. Can get an ant hill out of the way and won’t break when it hits the ground and rocks. The mulching feature helps you process grass into a natural fertilizer and spread it over the area. However, there is no additional container for the grass clippings.

The features

Handy cordless lawnmower for small spaces. Large areas of use may not use enough battery power. the claimed cutting area is 250 square meters, but in practice it depends on the length of the grass, its succulence, and the battery status at a given time.Very lightweight model with a hard grass catcher box, a good choice for a small area. Easy battery swap and inexpensive batteries let you swap them out as needed while mowing.


This model is ideal for uneven terrain. Self-propelled, with a powerful enough motor and wheels, it can effortlessly traverse any terrain. But you may have some problems with operation on soft ground: because of its weight it can leave wheel marks on the grass.

This model is easy to assemble and start, the initial assembly does not take more than 20 minutes. However, it is difficult to maneuver because of its weight, which means that it is not suitable for owners of complex shaped plots.


Domestic manufacturer model costs less than many of its analogues, but copes well with grass mowing. Might have some problems with thick grass or uneven terrain, but it is an excellent choice for small, flat lawns.

AC cord power allows you not to worry about recharging the battery, but it does not allow you to take the unit far from the power source. In addition, the cable must be constantly monitored to ensure that it does not get under the blade of lawnmower.

The characteristics

Stylish-looking mains-powered model. It has a large and rigid collecting tank for the cuttings, and it comes with mulching inserts.

It is a manoeuvrable machine that can be handled by anyone, but it is heavy to use on a bumpy surface. the blade can be blunted very quickly if stones or hard branches hit it, elements of plastic body can be cracked.


Another Champion in our selection. It is a self-propelled model with a soft grass catcher box. The lawnmower is easy to operate and requires little effort to roll it forward. However, it is less manoeuvrable than other models, making it ideal for difficult lawns.

Handles thick grass and weeds. Two ways to throw grass: to the side or into the grass catcher box. The self-wash function is a real advantage, just attach a hose and switch it on for a few minutes, after that it is clean and ready for storage.


Petrol lawnmower has a metal housing. It mows uneven terrain, its big wheels let it go over almost any bump on the lawn. Although it is difficult to push on a bumpy surface due to its heavy weight. Makita PLM4626N is a good option for medium-sized plots. The brand is renowned for its reliability and low malfunctions.


Self-propelled mower allows you to mow a medium-sized area without much effort. Heavy weight pays off by the fact that you don’t have to push it yourself, just control the direction of movement. Large wheels allow you to easily overcome obstacles and uneven terrain.No mulching mowing head included, but it can be bought and installed separately. Multiple ejection options let you choose the one you want for each application.

The strength and stiffness of tall grass is many times higher than ornamental or even simply manicured grass, so lawn mowing equipment is ineffective in areas overgrown with weeds or wild grass.

The most popular tool for clearing such areas is a petrol grass trimmer, but if you need to get the job done quickly and with maximum comfort, use tractor and power tiller attachments.

From the article you learned, benzotrimmer with what nozzle it is better to mow tall grass. with a fishing line or a disc, as well as how to do it correctly to avoid breaking the gasoline mower and what exactly perform this work on a large plot.