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How to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass instructions with a description

To prick grass in the country or on the field, you will need gasoline trimmers for grass. They work on gasoline, unlike electrical counterparts. How gasoline for trimmers, benzo- and motorcycle is divorced, not many masters know. instructions for preparing a fuel mixture in a trimmer for grass will be useful not only for beginners, but also to specialists who may refill the chainsaws incorrectly.

Trammers for grass and lawn mowers operate on two.stroke engines that have a simplified design. Rarely, but there are models of trimmers with 4-stroke engines that work on pure gasoline. Two.stroke.type power units do not have a compartment for pouring motor oil (oil crankcase), due to which the weight of the tool is reduced and their cost is reduced. If the rotating details of the motor are not lubricated, then in the end they will quickly fail. To prevent this, a trimmer for grass is seasoned not with clean gasoline, but a mixture with butter. What kind of oil to dilute with gasoline for a trimmer for grass?

First, remember or find out what types of oils are produced by chemical composition:

  • Mineral fluids. designed for small power technology, which has air cooling. This is the cheapest type of lubricant for motors
  • Semi.synthetic substances. they are used for technology, which has air and water cooling
  • Synthetic. suitable for all types of motors with different types of cooling. They do not require frequent replacement, and this type of lubricant is several times more expensive than mineral and semi.synthetic

From the foregoing it follows that for a trimmer for grass, oil with any composition is suitable. mineral water, synthetics and semi.synthetics. Oils with different chemical composition differs in price, so it is necessary to rely when buying on the recommendations of the tool manufacturer. The instructions indicate recommendation information about which types of oils are best used. If this is the TS-W3 standard, then it is not so important which composition should have a substance. In this case, you can dilute mineral water, semi.synthetics and synthetics with gasoline.

It is interesting! The main thing when choosing oil is not to fall on the fake, since today you can very often find different types of lubricants for two.stroke engines, which consist mainly of low.quality oil products.

The selection of oil for the lawn mower is useful recommendations from professionals

If the instructions for the tool were lost, and difficulties arise with the choice of suitable oil, then it is recommended to stop your choice on the next two options:

  • Semi.synthetic. cost cheaper than synthetics, but more expensive mineral water. Suitable for technology, both production and foreign. Have low smoke parameters, and adequately “care” about structural elements of the motor. Are made through a distillation of oil products and hydrocarbons
  • Synthetic. expensive types of lubricants that are suitable for all types of technology. If you use synthetics for your trimmer for grass, then the tool engine will work like a clock

When choosing and buying oils for breeding with gasoline, you can encounter the fact that some letter designations are indicated at the cans. These designations are the classification of the API, which will be useful to find out who wants to fill the lubricant suitable for the parameters in the tool. Consider all types of oils according to the API classification for two.stroke engines:

  • TA. intended for air.cooled devices, the volume of which is up to 50 cm3. Such equipment includes mopeds, lawn mmores, trimmers for grass and motorcycles. The optimal solution for lawn mower and trimmer for grass
  • TB. used to refuel engines such units as mopeds, chainsaws, scooters and motorcycles. The volume of engines of such equipment is from 50 to 200 cm3. This type of oil is also suitable for trimmers
  • TC. designed for dilution with gasoline and filling in motorcycles, snowmobiles and other types of land equipment
  • TD. serves to refuel boat engines, hydrrosa and boats

API classification is an American standard used in Europe. However, when choosing, there are additional designations on the canister of oils for two.stroke engines, for example, FA, FB, FC, FD and others. This is a classification of smoke emissions that is developed by the Japanese JASO standard. If there are such designations on the selected oils for trimmers and chainsaws, then it is necessary to take into account their decryption:

  • FA. are applied in states in which the law is provided by minimal emissions of smoke into the atmosphere. During work, an inconspicuous fog of smoke is distinguished
  • FB. are designed for use in countries where strict limitations for ejecting smoke into the atmosphere. Practically do not distinguish white smoke
  • FC. smoke in the atmosphere stands out transparent, and not noticeable to a person
  • FD-Begily types of oils for 2-stroke ICEs that do not emit smoke, but also have improved indicators of chemical properties. They are usually used for mixing with gasoline and refueling boats, boats and yachts

If there is a designation “Self mix” and “Pre mix” on containers with a lubricant, then they mean. independent mixing with gasoline (the first option that does not require shaking), and the need for forced dissolution (second option).

Knowing the classification of oils by their types, it will not be difficult to choose the best option for your brand of the lawn mower. On the market you can find a variety of grades of oils for two.stroke engines, but it is better to pay special attention to such firms:

  • STIHL. produce mineral and synthetic, and semi.synthetic this brand is rare
  • Shell Helix Ultra. recommended by specialists
  • Motul
  • Oleo-Mac
  • Echo
  • Hammerflex
  • Lukoil is an oil that costs 3 times cheaper than foreign analogues, but has excellent quality indicators

Product are not indicated, since their cost is changing. There are many other brands, and if you still want to find for yourself an ideal lubricant for a trimmer for grass, it is recommended to watch the test in the video below.

It can be concluded from the video that it is not always useful to buy expensive oils, since they may turn out to be unsatisfactory quality, which can be seen on a real example.

Oil selection conclusion! For motorcycles, trimmer for grass or lawn mower it is better to choose synthetic or semi.synthetic oil with TA or TB marking. At the same time, take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, since some manufacturers of high.quality equipment can recommend only synthetic lubricants.

many, liters, trimmer, fest

Patriot tr 235UES

Patriot tr 235UES is in the eleventh place. This is the most inexpensive model that is presented in our ranking, however, it has all the necessary characteristics to help you quickly and without much effort to put your lawn in order.

The product is made of durable plastic, the length of the bar can be adjusted at its discretion, reducing or vice versa, increasing its size. You can also configure the angle of its inclination. A wide handle makes it possible to reliably fix a trimmer for grass in the hand. The weight of the device is about 3.5 kg, which will control it even a fragile girl. The engine operates at a speed of 8000 rpm. The width of the herbs is small. 26 cm. The device works relatively quiet, the noise level reaches 86 dB.

The setting of the model includes a battery and a charger to it. The battery capacity is 2 ah. It is designed for 50 minutes of fruitful work. This time is enough to process a small area. About an hour will take its charge.

Huter Get-18-2LI

Huter Get-18-2LI is located in tenth place. Thanks to the engine with a capacity of 7000 rpm, with this trimmer for grass, you can easily cut off any grass, not only low, but also high. Speasing width reaches 28 cm. The design with the fishing line will allow you to get to the most inaccessible places, and the protective bracket will protect your favorite plants from the danger to be damaged or cut under the root.

many, liters, trimmer, fest

The length of the handle of a trimmer for grass can be adjusted to your height, you can also change the angle of inclination of the working area. The battery capacity is 2 Ah, which provides models for about 30 minutes of continuous operation. At the same time, no more than an hour will take to recharge.

Users highly rating Huter Get-18-2LI. It is convenient and easy to work with it, it does not require special skills to use. The low weight of the device allows you to process the site for a long time, without feeling the fatigue of the hands. In addition, the device works quietly enough. Among the minuses, buyers note the possibility of a trimmer for grass to cut only grass. Stronger plants need to mow with caution, and best of all, get rid of them manually.

Carver Promo PBC-43

In tenth place, the model with the smallest rating cost Carver Promo PBC-43. The brand specializes in the production of garden equipment, belongs to the company UraloptinSt. Among its advantages, the release of own ignition systems with a light launch and fuel saving system.

The grass trimmer is designed for cutting grass and small shrub, in private farms. Equipped with a three.lobed knife and a head with a fishing line. Speasing width with a knife standard, 25.5 cm. The device is equipped with a two.stroke air cooling engine, 1.7 liter.With., with a reliable chrome cylinder. The tank is compact, designed for 0.95 liters of fuel.

The advantages include an ergonomic structure, including a convenient location of the U-shaped bicycle handle. Office elements are displayed on it, for better monitoring of the tool. The shoulder belt reduces the load on the user during operation. Increased sizes of the protective casing contribute to safety. Weight Motokos average 8 kg.

According to reviews of the owners of the device, the lawn mower easily copes with long grass and up to 3 cm. Easily starts, has good performance. Fuel is consumed economically, in management the device is comfortable.

  • Cost/performance.
  • Light starting system.
  • Chrome cylinder.
  • Convenient design and control.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • An increased casing size.

Interskol KB-25/43V

The ninth place is the device of the popular brand Interskol KB-25/43V. The official name of the model of the bureau of gasoline.motral, designed for mowing grass, shrubby shoots, to care for the lawn and harvesting of hay.

The model is equipped with a two.stroke engine, more powerful than previous nominees, 2.3 liters.With. From the advantages of the motor, the semi.professional class of the cylinder (farmer, with strengthening coating), an electronic ignition system can be noted. The fuel tank capacity is 0.7 liters.

The kit includes a knife made of durable metal and a semi.automatic head with a 3 mm fishing line. The width of the spinning with a knife 25.5 cm, capture with fishing line 45 cm. Motokos weight 8 kg, to reduce the load in the process, a belt-portup is provided. The type of handle is bicycle, with control buttons on the right side. The manufacturer focuses on a non.vegetable bar, more reliable in operation.

According to users, the KB-25/43V model is reliable, compact, with efficient power. Poster well.fresh and dry grass, shrub. Convenient in the process of work, thanks to the design of the handle and belts. Simple in the assembly. There are Комментарии и мнения владельцев about the quality of the protective casing.

  • Cost/efficiency of work.
  • Power 2.3 liters.With., Electronic ignition.
  • The semi.professional cylinder.
  • Knife and head with a fishing line included.
  • Strap design and handle.
  • Simplicity of assembly and ease of work.

Features of refueling motorcycles

When the mixture is prepared and ready for use, it must be carefully poured into the fuel tank. Since gasoline is toxic fluid, when working with it, it is necessary to observe safety measures. Work must be carried out in calm weather and far from extraneous. And also to fill the fuel into the tank, you need to use a watering can or a funnel with which you previously bred a mixture. Otherwise, the mixture can be flooded, unnoticed, and when heated by the engine, ignite.

The fuel bank itself must be cleaned of external contaminants and only then unscrew its lid to season with the prepared fuel. After the fuel is flooded, the tank should not be left open, since insects or earth can get into it, as a result of which the fuel filter will occur. It is necessary to pour fuel into the tank to the indicated mark or less, and then add during work.

As noted above, you should not prepare the mixture more than necessary for work, it is better to prepare less and, if necessary, repeat the process, mixing gas with oil again. If unused fuel remains, then it must be used in 2 weeks.

During storage, the container should be tightly closed by the lid. It is necessary to store fuel in a cool room, in a place where the sun’s rays do not penetrate. It is worth remembering that with prolonged storage of the mixture, the oil lifts and loses its properties.

Whatever brand your technique is, it requires careful attitude and high.quality fuel. If you follow all the recommendations and economically use fuel, your lawn mower will last you more than one season, and the land will always be in perfect order, without weeds and dense thickets of grass.

What will happen if you confuse the type and method of using oil?

If you pour a mixture for two.stroke in a four.stroke motor, the following will happen:

  • power will fall;
  • fuel consumption will increase;
  • Candles will quickly fail;
  • With long work, it is possible to burn the gasket, valves or the piston;
  • smoke will become darker and smelly;
  • Over time, the carburetor will clog, so the motor will work poorly even on proper gasoline.

If pour the oil instead of a crankcase into fuel, then in addition to the described troubles, it will soon fasten first, and then it will jam the crankshaft bearing, because it cannot work normally without lubrication. If pure pure gasoline into a two.stroke engine, then it will soon fail, because the crankshaft bearing will lose his lubricant.

Тример з розбірною штангою McCulloch B26PS, американський бренд, відноситься до групи Husqvarna

If the fuel mixture for a two.stroke engine is mistakenly pour four.stroke oil, then:

  • The crankshaft bearing will quickly fail;
  • Over time, the work of the carburetor will be disturbed;
  • quickly burn valves, piston or gasket.

Fuel and oil ratio for two.stroke engines

Oil for such engines is delivered in various concentrations, therefore, one part of the lubricant accounts for 20-50 parts of fuel, and the correct ratio is indicated on the packaging or container with butter.

To make the correct mixture, use special containers (canists), which indicate the volume of contents at a different level.

First, the optimal proportion of both liquids is determined, then the required amount of gasoline is poured (monitored according to the marks intended for this) and the oil is added to a special abduction, and its number is also monitored by the marks.

Когда обе жидкости достигнут нужных меток, их перемешивают между собой, тщательно встряхивая канистру.

Fest BTN-1500U Benzotrimmer

The trimmer for grass gasoline Fest BTN-1500U is designed to spit green and hard grass, as well as small grassy shrubs in parks and gardens, in personal and summer cottages, roadsides and similar areas with grassy coating. This lawn mower provides sustainable operation at ambient temperatures from 5 to 35 degrees C and relative humidity of no more than 80%.

Direct bar There is
Power 1500 watts
Package Box
Type of the handle Bicycle
Engine appliance 2x stact
The thickness of the fishing line 2 mm
Speasing width 44 cm
Cutting element Trimmer fishing line/knife
Type of fuel AI-92 gasoline
Max Haster speed number 9000 rpm
Detaless bar There is
Engine volume 52 cubic

The specified information is not a public offer.

Consumables for Fest BTN-1500U Benzotrimmer

G. Alapaevsk, g. Artyomovsky, p. Art, g. Asbest, p. Ashch, s. Baikalovo, p. Beloyarsky, g. Berezovsky (once a week), g. Bogdanovich, g. Upper Pyshma, p. Verkh-Neuvinsky, g. Upper Salda, g. Upper round, g. Verchoturye. G. Zarechny, g. Irbit, g. Kamensk-Uralsky, g. Kamyshlov, g. Karpinsk, g. Kachkanar, g. Kirovgrad, g. Krasnoturinsk, g. Krasnouralsk, g. Krasnoufimsk, g. Kushva, g. Nevyansk, g. Lower Sergi, g. Nizhny Tagil, g. Lower Salda, g. Lower round, g. New Lyalya, g. Novouralsk (to the passage), g. Pervouralsk, p. Pioneer, g. Polevskaya, p. Pyshma, g. Revda, g. Dir, g. Severouralsk, g. Serov, g. Dry log, g. Sysert, g. Tavda, g. Talitsa, p. Tugululy, g. Turinsk, s. Turin Sloboda

G.Upper Ufali, g.Zlatoust, g.Kasli, s.Karabash, g.Kunashak, g.Kyshtym, g.Miass, g.Satka, g.Chebarkul, g.Chelyabinsk

People with Extraordinarily Rare Body Parts

G.Dalmatovo, p.Kargopolier, g.Kataysk, s.Bowls, g.Hype, g.Shadrinsk, g.Pike

G. Tyumen, s.Isetskoye, g.Zavodoukovsk, g.Yalutorovsk

If you have not found your settlement in the list. Consult on the possibility of delivery by phone 8 (343) 344-00-65.

You can pick up the goods on your own from the pickup points by order number. When picking up from retail stores, the price from the online store is available only by prior order on the site, by phone, ICQ or by e-mail!

How to start a lawn mower properly?

Regardless of the type of action, there is a strict order that must be observed, that is:

Inspection and verification

Any trimmer malfunction for grass can be a serious danger.

Poorly tightened bolts fixing the clutch bell to the engine can lead to rapid abrasion of clutch pads, and any leak of the fuel system often leads to ignition and burns or fire.

The weak tightening of the gearbox bolts can lead to the fact that the rush shaft bar will jump out of it and the trimmer for the grass will stop working. Weak tightening of bolts fixing the handles can lead to involuntary lowering the shaft and damage to the cutting tool.

Therefore, before any launch, you need to at least briefly inspect the device in search of defects. This is especially true for any first launch, it does not matter, after the purchase, or after storage. During the working starts, it is permissible to inspect only the fuel system for leaks.

One of the most important stages of verification before any launch is to determine the amount of lubricant in gearboxes and a drive shaft, for which you need to disassemble a trimmer for grass and remove both gearboxes from the shaft.

So you will evaluate the quantity and condition of the lubricant not only from the side of the gas station, but also in the area of ​​contact of the shaft bar with the gear of the gearbox.

Also, once every 2-3 weeks, check the amount and condition of the oil filled into the crankcase of four.stroke engines, if the device will work with a low level of oil for a long time, then the probability of jamming of the crankshaft is likely.

The gas station is fuel

This operation has to be done after purchasing and winter storage, as well as during the termination of work caused by the production of gasoline. Four-stroke engines are seasoned with pure AI-92 gasoline, and two-stroke with a mixture of fuel and special oil, which we talked about here.

Remember, if you refuel a two.stroke trimmer for grass after winter storage, be sure to drain the old fuel from it, because it has already lost the lubricant, so the crankshaft bearing and cylinder.piston group will work without lubrication.

Launching a benzotrimer

Regardless of the type of launch, there are 6 actions that have to be performed always:

  • fuel pumping;
  • the transfer of the air damper to the “Launch” position (“Closed”, “OFF”);
  • the transfer of the switch to the “inclusive” position (“VCL”, “on”);
  • pressing and fixing the gas key;
  • the jerk of the starter cable with the choice of free move;
  • transfer of the air damper to the “work” position (“open”, “on”).

The first 3 points from this list can be performed in any sequence, but you can pull the cable of the air starter only after them. Neglecting fuel pumping will lead to the fact that a hand starter’s cable will have to pull the moving piston of the motor to pump a sufficient amount of air that sucks from the carburetor fuel.

The neglect of the air damper will lead to a strong rethink of the mixture, which is good for a running engine and extremely bad for starting, because such a mixture is well ignited only inside the heated cylinder.

After the air damper is transferred to the closed position of the incoming air, it is not enough to operate the motor at idle, so click and fix the gas key (accelerator, engine speed regulator). The button for turning on/off the motor blocks the operation of the ignition system, so before starting, transfer it to the “inclusive” position.

If you do not transfer the switch to the right position, then the voltage will not come to the candle, which means there will be no spark that ignites the mixture in the cylinder.

After the engine works, transfer the air damper to an open position, because the highly re-enriched mixture is good for starting, because it is flammable even in the cold cylinder, but due to lack of air, the fuel does not burn out completely.

An attempt to mow grass with a closed air damper will lead to a sharp drop in the power of the motor and a strong heating of the valves, so the long work (tens of hours) leads to the gap of the valves or damage to the laying of the cylinder head head.

If the motor does not start or works incorrectly

The reasons that the motor does not start with a two or four jerks of the manual starter cable can be:

Most often, this is due to the incorrectly executed trimmer for the grass, when the procedure is violated or some important point is not executed, so the launch is quite correctly carried out and the motor will work. If the mower is poorly started after storage, then most likely, old gasoline is exhausted, so it is enough to change it.

If the trimmer for the grass was not served for several seasons, then the poor launch can be due to dirty air or fuel filter, so it is enough to rinse or replace it.

If all actions are performed correctly, but there is no positive result, contact the workshop or independently diagnose or repair.

What the engine power depends on?

The power that any motor can develop is influenced by 2 factors:

The first parameter also directly depends on two factors:

The volume of the combustion chamber (it is indicated in cm 3. And in the conversation they use the expression “Cuba” or “Cubes”). The two.stroke engine, due to the features of the structure, gives out 1.7–1.9 times a higher torque than a four.stroke engine.

At the same time, maximum revolutions of power units of motorcycle are 10-12 thousand rpm. Therefore, an increased power motor is always more voluminous than the unit with a lower value of this parameter.

When a potential buyer knows what the real power depends on, he primarily looks at the volume of the power unit.

For example, for low.power engines (≤2 l. With.) the volume of the chamber is 25–35 cm 3. for engines with a declared capacity of 5 liters. With. The real volume should be 50–70 cm 3.

Theoretically, you can squeeze 5 liters. With. from an engine with a volume of 40 cm 3. But this is always due to a decrease in its resource due to the too high load on the piston and a crooked-shaped mechanism.

The advantages of the parameter

In fact, the power itself is important, but the maximum torque, that is, the ability to rotate the crankshaft with a certain speed under some load.

The higher this parameter, the easier the device will cope with energy.intensive tasks, for example:

The higher this parameter, the higher the engine is designed for higher loads, which means that its service life with the same quality of manufacture and the same loads will be noticeably larger.

In addition, all trimmers for grass, the power of which exceeds 3.5 liters. With., equip only with two.stroke engines, because they have a noticeably large ratio of mass and torque, although they are less reliable. A detailed description of the work of such motors you will find here.

The consequences of a violation of the ratio

The working resource of the engine of motorcosa depends on how accurately you will observe the proportion of the oil-Benzos mixture. The fact is that the fuel mixture enters the cylinders in the form of gasoline-oil fog. And the task of the oil composition is the lubrication of moving and rubbing parts and surfaces of various details located in the cylinder. If suddenly it turns out that the oils are not enough, and somewhere it will not be enough, the details in contact with dry ones will begin to damage each other. As a result, scams, scratches and chips are formed, which will necessarily lead to complete or partial indifference of the engine (for example, it can jam it).

In the opposite case, when too many oils enter the engine, it does not have time to completely burn, settling on the walls of the cylinder and turning over time into solid particles. coke, slag and the like. As you can guess, this also leads to the failure of the engine. The most important thing is that you cannot allow. even a single violation of the proportion towards the lack of oil. It is better to pour a little oil 10 times than only 1 time do not add. It often happens that this time is quite enough to break the engine.

How to choose for lawn mower?

For two-stroke engines, motorcycles use gasoline AI-92 or AI-95 grades. Most often the first of the named. This is necessarily available in the technical passport of the product. If, for some reason, it is not known exactly what gasoline the trimmer for the grass should work, you can choose by testing both grades of gasoline in action. Global changes in the engine will not happen from this, but to determine which gasoline this or that model of the unit “loves” more, according to some factors, it is quite possible. This will be shown both developed power, acceptance, and heating the engine, as well as its stable operation at all speeds.

But with the proportions of the oil to a certain volume of gasoline, it is much more difficult to determine. In this case, at least you need to know about the manufacturer of equipment. And already for standard proportions for this manufacturer, choose a proportion for a specific model, taking into account the type of oil.

You can start selection even in the country of production.

For example, for Chinese low.power trimmers, two ratios are mainly used. 1:25 or 1:32. The first is for minerals, and the second is for synthetic oils. We have already said previously about the choice of standard proportions for the gasosos of European and American manufacturers in connection with the type of oil. In the class of oils for household trimmers, you need to use TV oil according to the API classification. For more powerful. CU class.

About what the ratio of gasoline and oil is necessary for the lawn mower, watch in the next video.