How Many Times Can You Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain

How Many Times Can You Sharpen A Chainsaw Chain

Sharpening the chain of the chainsaw is not much different from other types of sharpening, today there are enough various accessories and various grinding equipment. The chain saw chain is not of simple construction, the upper and side edges are located at a specially designed angle, so sharpening the chain of the chainsaw is quite difficult.

The chainsaw chain can be sharpened up to 10 times with the right sharpening equipment.

A competent and proper use of a chainsaw has a significant degree to the performance of a chainsaw, a sharp and previously well-sharpened chain is required for high-quality sawing, because a properly sharpened chain is much more important than a powerful motor and you need to sharpen the chains as they become blunt.

Sharpening chains for chainsaws is done on professional equipment. On machines for sharpening chains.

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Chainsaw chain sharpening cost. 250 rubles

A large load on a chainsaw quickly dulls the chain, it happens that in one day the chain has to be sharpened more than once. Another factor of rapid blunting is the contact of the chain with the ground, even several times hooking the ground with a tire, you can immediately send the chain to the sharpening, it will simply stop cutting wood qualitatively.

When chainsaw sharpening is required

Sharpening chains for chainsaws is often done at the wrong time, some users simply do not pay attention to signs of blunting, as a result, the chain becomes dull and this significantly affects the quality of wood cutting. The engine load is colossal, as a result, fuel consumption increases significantly, the drive sprocket and the chainsaw tire are destroyed. As a result, the wear of all components of the saw increases and work productivity decreases, and also leads to the complete failure of expensive equipment.

Tooth sizes when sharpening chainsaw chains

The cutting chain link is a tooth blade, the base of the link and a depth stop, and the tooth blade is an end blade located vertically and an upper blade located horizontally.Achieving the highest cutting qualities, it is necessary to sharpen the teeth blades at a certain angle, and the tooth blade is narrowed back, thus preparing a chain for side cutting chips that flies out from under the saw.

The angle of sharpening the chain of the chainsaw can vary, it depends on the type of application of the saw. The most important thing in this business is the higher the sharpening angle, the higher the saw productivity when it is necessary to cut soft, not frozen wood. And if you need to saw hard frozen wood, you need to reduce the angle of sharpening, this will reduce vibration and will contribute to the smooth operation of the chainsaw. However, it must be remembered that it is important to set the angle not higher than 35 degrees and not lower than 25, this rule does not apply only to those chains that are designed for longitudinal sawing, for them the angle of inclination is 10 degrees.

This indicator affects the level of cutting into the tree with the upper blade and affects the size of the chips, and therefore affects productivity. The norm for the correct step in the chain is about 0.5-0.8 millimeters, usually this figure fluctuates around 0.6 mm.

Chainsaw chains are sharpened on special machines.

The angle of sharpening the chain of chainsaws is strictly observed when sharpening on such machines.

To correctly sharpen the chain of the chainsaw, you need to strictly follow some recommendations and pay close attention to the existing blunt chains. The height of the limiter and the sharpness of the angle of the cutting link must be brought to the necessary criteria established by the manufacturer. It is especially important that the tooth sizes are approximately the same in all links of the entire chain. Otherwise, the performance of the saw will be greatly reduced, and the vibration and load on the motor will be significantly increased. As a result of such hard work, the circuit may break. And this is fraught with injuries and injuries.