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Proper operation of a trimmer for grass for grass

In every summer village, village, suburb and in the city itself you can see these devices: they work tirelessly, aligning the lawn grass, cleansing the space of squares and parks, gardens and gardens from thickets of burdock, wormwood and weeds. The noise and crackle from the trimmers are heard from the beginning of summer to autumn, until the growth of the grass is so much so that it will no longer need to trim it. Automatic braid for grass deserved its popularity for the simplicity of the device and operation. It is easy for her to use, it is easy to care for, and in case of breakdown it is not possible to easily fix it without difficulty. The article will just tell you how to use a trimmer for grass correctly.

As with any other technique, in working with the trimmer there are rules. First you need to make sure that the main nodes and assemblies: screw, rods, handles and motor. If the device has not yet been assembled, then it should be correctly assembled according to the instructions.

Gasoline unit

In the case of a gasoline trimmer, it is necessary to check the gearbox for lubrication. Also, do not forget to add lubricants to the fuel tank, if the instruction manual is evidenced. As a rule, gas and oil are mixed in a ratio of 45 to 1, but these indicators may vary depending on the model and manufacturer, so you should carefully study all the technical requirements for the device. The fuel container must be filled on the very neck. If all technical fluids are flooded, then you can try to start the device. But it’s not worth mowing right away, it will be better to let the trimmer work without load so that the engine works to the flooded fuel. A few minutes will be enough, after which you can give the motorcycle full load.


With an electric trimmer, everything is much easier. Having made sure that the gearbox has the required amount of lithol, you can start work. No additional measures are required. Unless it is necessary to make sure that the carrying does not run on the path of mowing in order to avoid possible damage.

When the device itself is ready to work, you should make sure that there is nothing around that could interfere with the work. If possible, the estimated mowing area should be cleaned of snags, glass, stones and other solid objects that can damage a knife or fishing line for a trimmer.

It is better if other people do not approach the trimmer while working. Usually the recommended distance is at least 10-15 meters in order to avoid small debris (mulch) in the eye and on the face.

Depending on the upcoming work, you need to choose a nozzle for a trimmer for the grass: a screw-knife for weeds and hay, a fishing line for a trimmer for lawn grass or a disk saw for shrubs. Mowing should be in the opposite direction from people, if possible, moving away from buildings and buildings. You should not get too close to the fence and other designs, since the fishing line for a trimmer can catch on sharp edges, and the screw-knife will bend if it accidentally offends it a hard object.

The preparation of the device itself will not take much time, all modern models of devices are designed to facilitate and simplify their operation, starting to work in the shortest possible time.

We run up a gasoline trimmer for grass

Most often, the is used in a motorcycle (trimmer for gasoline grass). The is the operation of the engine at low speeds, without loads. To run, it is necessary to start a motorcycle and let it work at idle. It is best to produce the first mowing with a fishing line, since when mowing lawn grass is a less high load on the engine than when working with hay or shrubs.

The load must be increased gradually, in stages increasing engine speed. If you start operating with high speeds, the engine can be poorly developed, which will affect the entire further operation of motorcycles.

Do not produce the entire temporary resource during the first engine start. It will be best after working at idle by idle for 10-15 minutes to mow, then drown out the device and let it cool a little. Use a motorcycle system carefully, without sudden movements, in order to avoid collisions with solid objects (stones). The stab on the stone can poorly affect the work of the unfortunate nodes. In some cases, backlash, noise and hum during operation appear. This can be easily avoided if the trimmer for the grass is correctly running.

What time can I use the equipment on your site? What law is regulated?

Good day! In the article on your site, I read the information that “you can use the lawn mowers and straw cutters from 7 in the morning to 19 pm, and only on weekdays”. Please inform the norm of the law (article, name of the law), which you can refer to a complaint about intractable neighbors. And where to complain? Thank you in advance.

You, Natalia, need to operate with knowledge of the 2 “Sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population”. It includes a section on silence, in which the permissible level of noise day and night and time boundaries is amazingly clearly and clearly limited. Of course, like your case, the most common anxiety causes violation of the law at night, when the gardener usually rests before the next shock day. The noise level should not exceed from 23-00 to 7-00-30 dB. To understand how much you interfere with your neighbors, I report that typical lawnies work in the region of 95 dB.

Oleg, Natalya, judging by the question, wants to complain about the neighbors who mow grass on their sites on weekends. And if people in the city work on weekdays? Well, they will stop mowing. Their areas will overgrow. Then she will complain about them that they do not contain their areas in proper form, and their weeds fly to her site. The vicious circle will turn out. Exit. it is better to agree on the world

Lawnmower Fuel Cap Venting Test

Tatyana, I read the text of the original letter twice. You are completely right. We are talking about noisy neighbors equipped with loud technology, from which others suffer from. In this case, you need to ask the author of the article where the figure of nineteen hours came from. On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine that the kosba goes in the dark in the light of spotlights. After all, in the Nizhny darkens even on these long.long light days by 22 o’clock. I’m afraid the neighbors fit into noise norms. And the last, and I am not at all fucked here. For such cases (the work of a neighboring gardening partnership “corner grinding” or noisy in his feelings of farewell to the youth of graduates) acquired conical Berushi. It is conical, not cylindrical. Reduce the level of noise perception by about 15 dB. I say so confidently with the numbers in my hands, as I at one time conducted laboratory classes with students on the study of noise characteristics of construction machines and a portable noise meter of the production of the People’s Enterprise RFT, which had recluded in the history of the GDR, was my official tool.

Oh, yes, Berushi is great) I am authoritatively declare, since my spouse has weakness-all the power of the columns (good speakers) listen to “good old rock” Although he is “old” and “kind”. but I was not at a good night, until I bought Berushi

Thank you very much for the answers and tips. Berushi is, of course, good. But then we will have to be the whole family not to be a bright time of day on Saturday and Sunday in Berushas. Or sit in a house with closed windows. We are talking about a neighbor with whom it is impossible to agree. Information that it is possible to work on lawnmands only on weekdays, I read in the article on this site.

The noise is annoying, this is understandable. But you need to mow grass. Those who live constantly in the house can do this on any day, “summer residents” come for the weekend and need to have time much. Sow, hollow, pour, and even relax it would be nice from the work week. Natalia, you don’t mow the grass at all on your site? Or your neighbor walks with a trimmer from morning to evening? We have a plot of 22 hundred parts and my husband has two hours to put it in order. Mows once a week. And the neighbors are all the same, then on the one hand it buzzes, then on the other. Either roosters sing, then cats yell, then goats bleat))) this is normal for the village.

Irina, that’s exactly what 20 acres can be dragged in 2-3 hours. The neighbor mows the grass constantly. We are dealing with a non.standard case and a strange person. How can you mow the grass all day long, we do not understand. Therefore, I try to solve the problem using the law.

If the neighbor “fan” is kosba at the medical level, I am afraid, in which case the law is powerless. I know from my neighbor on the porch, which drops the weight between 23 and 24 hours to annoy the neighbor from below.

Choose a suitable nozzle

In addition to its product, the manufacturer usually provides several mills (usually 3).

To work with soft grass as a cutting element, a fishing line for a trimmer is used, wound on a drum. Speed ​​of 9,000 revolutions per minute allows you to quickly process even a large lawn.

For more rough grass and thickets, one of the metal knives can be used, which differ among themselves by the number of cutting teeth.

For mowing thick shoots, reeds, young shrubs, a disk with 40 or 80 teeth is designed. Corn, dry weeds with thick stems, you can mow three- and four-lobed milling.

And in order to put beveled grass in the rolls, a knife with 8 blades is used and a special crest is attached to the braid itself.

And now more about how to install a cutter. The place of fastening of the cutter is called a gearbox. On it, first you need to fix the figure washer using a hexagonal key.

Then put on a knife, combining the holes in it with a protrusion of the puck. After that, you need to install the upper figure washer on the shaft and tighten everything with a nut.

Here you should pay attention to the fact that the thread on the shaft is left, so you need to tighten the nut (like screwing the mowing head) counterclockwise.

To squeeze the nut to the stop will help the key, which is also in the delivery kit. You can replace the cutter by doing all the operations in the reverse order.

We season with a motorcycle

To refuel the chainsaws, not pure gasoline is used, but a working mixture that needs to be prepared in certain proportions.

The combustible mixture consists of gasoline with an octane number of 95 and high.quality oil intended for two.stroke air cooled engines.

The proportions should be 25 parts of gasoline per part of the oil.

It is better to mix components in a separate container, from which, using a funnel, then pour the mixture into a fuel tank.

After refueling braids for grass, you need to wipe the entire surface dry in places with traces of spilled liquid.

Gasoline gas mowing gasoline with butter

Before mowing grass with a benzo.leggos, it is necessary to season the tool with fuel. As fuel, gasoline with butter is used. However, take into account that mixing gasoline with oil is needed only for two.stroke engines. Four.stroke engines operate on pure gasoline, since their design has a separate container. oil crankcase. There are no 2-stroke gas crankcases in the design of the 2-stroke gasolimers, so you need to pour exclusively gasoline with butter in the tank.

As gasoline, it is recommended to use AI-92 brand fuel. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often, most manufacturers recommend using the AI-92 brand fuel, and only some recommend filling AI-95.

Gasoline must be diluted with a small one in a proportion of 1 to 25. This means that 40 ml of two.stroke oil must be added per 1 liter of gasoline. However, not everything is so unambiguous here. The proportion 1 to 25 is universal, but each tool model has its own values. These values ​​are also indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. details about how to properly dilute gasoline with butter into a lawn mower is described here. After breeding gasoline with butter, pour a full tank, and start work.

It is interesting! If a four.stroke lawn mower is refuel, then pure gasoline must be poured into the tank, and engine oil is added to the oil container to the maximum level.

Instructions on how to use a gasoline trimmer learning to start a tool

Before working as a tool, it must be initially started. How to get a lawn mower, consider in detail. First, the tool should be placed on a flat surface so that the disk fixed to the shaft does not cling to anything. After that, we proceed to the launch of the engine of the lawn mower:

  • Initially, fuel should be swollen into the launch system. To do this, press 4-5 times on a primer (soft hemisphere on a carburetor)
  • Next, transfer the carburetor switch to the “OFF” mode. This switch is responsible for opening and closing the air damper. The transfer of the switch to the “OFF” mode allows you to make the fuel mixture during the launch of the enriched
  • There is a switch on the handle near the accelerator. He is responsible for turning on and disconnecting the ignition. Before starting, you need to transfer the ignition switch to the “1” mode
  • Now you can launch. To do this, you need to hold the tool with one hand, and the second sharply pull the starter handle. If the engine braid engine did not start the first time, then do not despair. Attempts to start the start until the engine starts. Typically, for this, 2-3 repetitions should be performed
  • If the engine does not start after 5 repetitions, then the fuel suction should be repeated using a primer, and start starting again
  • As soon as the motor starts, you need to transfer the air damper switch to the “ON” mode. This means that a mixture of fuel with air enters the cylinder
  • Let the tool work for 15-30 seconds at idle while the engine warms up, after which you can proceed to the span of grass

The above instructions for starting the engine and trimmers are appropriate for a cold start. If in the process of operation the tool was a pause, then when re.starting the non.surviving engine to close the throttle, there is no need. It is required to simply turn on the ignition, and pull the starter handle.

It is interesting! If the lawn mower is new, then do not forget that it is impossible to work at full power until the procedure passes. This is important to consider, otherwise the engine details will quickly be worn out and will fail.

Take breaks

After you correctly put the new garden assistant into operation, you still should not sign up for the Stakhanov team and take increased obligations. Internal combustion engines of common models of garden equipment, unlike automobile, are equipped with an air cooling system.

It is less effective than water, so after continuous operation for some time (40-60 minutes), the engine takes time to cool down. Typically, manufacturers regulate the time of continuous operation of the volume of the tank: fuel dressing is just enough for the recommended operating time at the average load.

Rest and let’s cool down the engine

After the refined fuel is over, do not rush to fill in a new tank. let the engine cool for about 10 minutes, and preferably all 20. Do not forget about yourself to your beloved. rest, otherwise the next day after the shock work you will not be able to raise your hands. And regular engine cooling will protect it from premature wear on increased loads.

Do not work in severe heat

For the same reason. a possible overheating of the engine. do not work in the sun: in strong heat, the engine overheats much faster than the fuel ends. This can lead to damage to the piston group of the engine. And for the operator, the midday heat does not benefit. work in the morning or in the evening.

Overheating of the engine leads to premature wear and breakdowns

Which company is better to buy a trimmer for grass?

Which firms are better? Among the leaders in the production of professional garden equipment are Husqvarna, Echo, Hitachi, STIHL, whose benzotrimers are reliable, high functionality and good technical characteristics.

  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. This benzotrimer is perfect for the owner of the average in size of the site.
  • Husqvarna 128 r. Choosing which braid can be called reliable, I immediately recall the Husqvarna brand.
  • Makita EM3400U.
  • Solo by al-ko Comfort 118 b.

The best inexpensive in general: Huter GGT-2500T 2 TRAMMER TRAMMER for grass for grass

Best Powerful Price/Quality: Oleo-Mac BCH 40 T

Best universal: Stihl FS 55 Reliable trimmer for grass

Best Professional: Husqvarna 143r-II gasoline trimmer for grass

Which trimmer for grass choose 2021?

The best inexpensive trimmer for grass for beard 2021 is the Philips Oneblade QP2510 model equipped with a double protection system. The block allows you to perform up to 200 movements per second. The manufacturer recommends changing nozzles in this gadget 4 times a month.

  • Echo SRM-222ES/U. Productive Japanese braid for grass with a strong bicycle handle for a reason takes the first position of the rating of household motorcycle.
  • AL-KO FRS 4125 lawn mower.
  • Grunhelm GR-3200M Professional.
  • Al-ko Comfort BC 400 B (113784)
  • Stiga SBC243D.
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25.
  • Iron Angel BC53.
  • Maruama BC263H.R.

Whether it is necessary to discard gas with a motokosa or to darken in full?

The owner of a gasoline motorcycle need to know a large number of different nuances that should be taken into account when working with such equipment. Most often, the owners of the motorcycle, especially the people who recently acquired such a device and have never worked for them before, are asked one question: whether it is necessary to discard gas during kosba or can be fully extinguished?

Motokos, according to safety requirements, is necessary on Earth to carry out the launch. Of course, some users know how to run such a tool, holding it on their hands. However, it is worth noting that such a method for launching a benzor instrument is complex and dangerous, so it should not be put in practice in practice. Before using such equipment, it is recommended to perform the correct balancing of the belt so that the mass of the tool is not on the hands, but on the user’s shoulders.

During the mowing of vegetation, it is necessary to make smooth, slow movements of the trimmer for grass on one side to the other. In this case, the device should be constantly at the same distance from the surface of the earth. During the kosba, the operator should make small movements, somewhere by half the step (adhere to the so.called duck step).

Spitting And Sputtering Issue Solved

Is it necessary to discard gas during mowing grass with a trimmer or it is better to work at the same speed (to the fullest)? Some users, and especially beginners who recently purchased a gasoline trimmer for grass, often face the problem of maintaining the revolutions of such a device during mowing. It is worth noting that with a kosba engine speed, it is recommended to change, taking into account the density of mowing vegetation. For mowing young, soft, thin grass, it is not at all necessary to work as a trimmer at high speeds and turn it on all power.

When working with such an instrument, the mowing, first of all, should feel and monitor his work. If the lawn mower does not cope with the mowing of vegetation, then the speed can be increased. However, most experts and experienced users argue that it is impossible to constantly work such equipment at full speed.

This is due to the fact that if the gas is not discouraged, and work at the same power (at high speeds), then the consumption of the fuel used significantly increases. In addition, this mode of operation leads to accelerated wear of parts and components. Therefore, during the reverse traffic during the mowing of grass, it is recommended to discard gas. This will allow the internal combustion engine to cool slightly, and the details at the same time, due to the closure of the throttle, will be lubricated.

When working, motorcycles at the same revolutions, when the operator does not drop the gas, but constantly gases, fuel consumption increases significantly. In addition, such a manner of mowing, at constant high speeds, can lead to overheating of the engine of a trimmer for grass and, as a result, provoke its breakdown.

It is worth noting that during the discharge of gas, the grass is evenly mowed and carefully laid in the so.called rolls. Simply put, when the device moves in one direction, the vegetation mowing occurs, and when it moves back to the original position, the so.called roll.

much, work, stopping, clogging

At high speeds

When a braid for grass stalls at high speeds, this is due to the following problems:

  • clogging or clutching a valve located on the gas tank lid;
  • The carburetor was diluted under the influence of vibrations arising during the operation of the mechanism;
  • problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • atmospheric air
  • The hose intended for fuel fuel cracked or slightly connected.
much, work, stopping, clogging

The carburetor is regulated by relying on the operational instruction to the trimmer. For configuration, it is often enough to weaken the tightening of its body. If there are problematic issues with the circulation of the fuel mixture, then it can gradually enter the carburetor. After its production, the engine stalls at high speeds.

At idle

At single speeds, the common reasons for stopping a trimmer for grass are as follows:

  • reducing the speed of the gearbox when heating it, which is a consequence of the use of inappropriate fuel mixture;
  • clogging of the throttle;

If a carburetor is a problem place, then the technique will stop at the “cold” and with a “hot” launch.

The trimmer for the grass is not started due to the malfunction of the carburetor

One of the most difficult reasons for the impossibility of launching a lawn mower is a carburetor. This mechanism is responsible for the preparation and good supply of the fuel-air mixture to the cylinder. If the carburetor is clogged or adjusted incorrectly, then the lawn mower may not start or work unstable. Detailed instructions on how to adjust the carburetor on a benzocosa is described in this material.

much, work, stopping, clogging

If the adjustment does not help restore the stable operation of the tool engine, or the trimmer for the grass does not start at all, then the carburetor should be removed and repair it. The entire repair of the carburetor is that you need to disassemble it, clean all channels and constituent elements. If necessary, replace the failed details. membranes, filters, etc.P.

If the suspicions fell on the carburetor, then you should pay attention to the following types of malfunctions:

  • Canals and nozzles clogged. special liquids can be used for cleaning, however, it is best to disassemble the mechanism with its thorough flushing. The reason for the clogging of the channels and jackets of the carburetor is the storage of a tool with fuel in the tank
  • Wear of the carburetor gaskets. rubber seals contribute to the fact that the tightness of the mechanism is disturbed, as a result of which the serviceability of the functioning is violated
  • Memory of carburetor membranes. they are responsible for downloading fuel to the device

To make sure the CPG malfunction, you should check the compression, which is described above.

How to store a lawn mower and exclude problems with its launch

Its launch depends on the correct approach to storing a trimmer for the grass. over, this applies not only to winter long.term storage. How to store a trimmer for gasoline grass in order to warn yourself against problems with the difficulty of starting it, it is necessary to take into account a number of the following recommendations:

  • Before you remove the tool in zipun for winter storage, you should drain the fuel from the tank. In addition, the remaining fuel is also required to remove, and this can be done by starting the engine, letting it work for a while until it stalls
  • Store the tool preferably in a dry room
  • Before starting the engine after a long pause for more than 2-3 months, you must first examine the candle electrodes, as well as check the main nodes-air filter, high-voltage wire, etc
  • When operating the tool, it must be borne in mind that overheating of the motor negatively affects the operational resource, so you need to take breaks when working, especially if a trimmer for grass with a two.stroke engine is used to work. Units with four.stroke engines are not only more powerful, but also more hardy
  • After winter, the first thing you need to do the following. pour a little oil into the candle hole, having previously moved the piston to the extreme dead point. This is necessary in order to lubricate the parts of the CPG when starting the engine, thereby excluding their quick wear

Only with the right approach to finding the reasons why the trimmer for grass does not start, you can independently find and eliminate the breakdown. over, for this you do not need to be a specialist at all, and to understand thoroughly in the design of gasoline units. Act in order in the sequence, which is presented in the material, and restore the performance of the lawn mower will be easier.