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How Much Horsepower Is Husqvarna Lawnmower

Lawnmower Husqvarna R152sv engine manual

under warranty!

It has a capacity designed for large lawns and three mowing systems, with them you can make a first-class lawn by collecting grass in a box, or chopping it with a bioclip system, or throwing grass on the lawn for subsequent cleaning. Self-propelled lawn mower. Movement speed varies by smoothly pressing a special lever on the handles. At the same time, the speed of movement of the knives is unchanged and the quality of cutting the grass remains at a high level.

Pictured is a Gasoline Lawn Mower Husqvarna R 152SV:


husqvarna r152sv lawn mower engine manual:

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    Lawn mower husqvarna r152sv engine manual

    Read the instructions carefully. You must

    get acquainted with the governing bodies and have an idea

    about proper use of equipment.

    Never let children or anyone unfamiliar

    with instructions, use a lawn mower. Local

    legislative regulations may limit

    Keep children and pets away from working.

    Remember that the operator or user carries

    liability for harm or damage caused by a third

    persons or their property.

    When working with a lawn mower, always wear sturdy shoes and

    long pants. Do not use barefoot equipment

    or in open sandals.

    Carefully check the work area and remove all

    items that can be discarded by the machine on

    CAUTION. Gasoline is a highly flammable liquid.

    Do not smoke when refueling.

    Do not remove the fuel tank cap and

    fill fuel while running or when hot

    remove the machine from the spill and avoid

    the formation of any ignition sources before

    until gas vapors dissipate.

    Replace faulty mufflers.
    Each time before use, carry out a visual

    inspection for damage or wear of blades, bolts

    fastening blades and knife block. Replace worn

    or damaged cutting blades and bolts in pairs in

    in order to maintain balance.

    For multi-blade machines, be careful

    because rotation of one blade may cause rotation

    Do not turn on the engine indoors, where

    Accumulation of dangerous carbon monoxide is possible.

    Mow only in daylight or in good

    If possible, avoid mowing with wet grass.
    On slopes, always find solid foot support.
    Move at the pace of a step, never run.
    In the case of rotary machines on wheels, mow along

    slope surfaces, never up and down.

    Be especially careful if you change direction.

    hillside traffic.

    Do not mow on steep slopes.
    Use extreme caution when turning the mower.

    or push her towards you.

    Stop the blades if the mower is tilted to

    transportation on the site without grass or

    moving to mowed areas and back.

    Never operate a mower with malfunctioning

    protective devices or removed protective

    devices, for example, without a deflector and / or

    Do not change the motor settings or

    exceed permissible engine speed.

    Engine speed too high

    increases the risk of injury.

    Before starting the engine, output

    all blades and drive couplings from the clutch.

    Start the engine or turn on the engine observing

    caution and in accordance with instructions given

    making sure your legs are away from

    Do not tilt the mower when starting the engine or

    when the motor is turned on, unless

    the mower must be tilted to start.

    In the latter case, do not tilt it more than

    necessary and pick up only the part that

    away from the operator.

    Do not start the engine while standing in front of the unloading

    Do not place hands or feet near or under rotating

    parts. The discharge opening must always be

    Never lift or transport the mower.

    with the engine running.

    Stop the engine and disconnect the cable plug

    spark plug:
    – when removing obstructions or cleaning the gutter;
    – before checking, cleaning or servicing

    mower for damage and swipe

    repair before turning on and operating

    When turning off the engine, reduce

    throttle adjustment and, if the engine is equipped with a shut-off

    valve, turn off the fuel at the end

    When using the rear seat, move

    IV. Maintenance and storage

    All nuts, bolts and screws must be tightened securely.

    to ensure safe working conditions of the equipment.

    Do not store equipment with gas in the tank

    in a room where gases can reach an open flame

    Wait for the engine to cool before placing it.

    for storage in any enclosed space.

    To prevent fire, keep the engine

    silencer, battery compartment and gasoline storage

    free of grass, leaves or excess

    Periodically inspect the grass catcher for wear.

    For safety reasons, replace

    Worn or damaged parts.

    If it is necessary to drain the fuel from the fuel tank,

    perform this operation outdoors.

    Safety Precautions for the Operation of a Self-Propelled Rotary Lawn Mower

    IMPORTANT: The cutting mechanisms of this machine can lead to amputation of the upper or lower extremities, as well as cause

    throwing objects at a distance. Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in

    severe bodily harm and death.

    Powerful, versatile lawnmower Husqvarna R152 SV with high productivity. Equipped with a wide, durable stainless steel cutting deck. Equipped with Briggs engine & Stratton with high dynamic performance and easy start. Advantages, equipment: convenient handle with easily accessible controls; wheels with two bearings. ensure smooth operation and minimal play even after many years of operation; variable speed of movement. Ease of adjusting the speed of movement in accordance with your needs and the condition of the lawn; three cutting systems combined in one garden equipment. Choose from three modes. picking grass, BioClip or throwing the grass to the side; Easy-to-start, powerful, smoothly running DOV engine with ReadyStart function, eliminating the need to manually start or stop the engine.


    ICE power max

    Grass catcher discharge

    Briggs & Stratton, USA

    B&S, 750 series DOV

    Fuel tank capacity

    Video: How Much Horsepower Is Husqvarna Lawnmower

    Front wheels, diameter

    Rear wheels, diameter

    Consumables Lawnmower Husqvarna R152 SV: For Husqvarna R152 SV Lawn Mower

    fuel canister 5 l. red oregon

    fuel canister 5l. green oregon

    For Husqvarna R152 SV Lawn Mower

    Husqvarna hat winter

    transparent mask Husqvarna with headphones

    mask with mesh and headphones Husqvarna

    Husqvarna fluorescent mask

    Gardena garden gloves, XS (6)

    Gardena garden gloves, S (7)

    Gardena garden gloves, M (8)

    Gardena garden gloves for working with soil, L (9)

    Gardena Work Gloves, XL (10)

    Gardena Shrub Care Gloves, S (7)

    mask with headphones Husqvarna Functional fluorescent

    mask with Husqvarna Functional headphones orange

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Classic light, XS (6)

    gloves HUSQVARNA Classic light, S (7)

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Classic light, M (8)

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Classic light, L (9)

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Classic light, XL (10)

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Technical, L (9)

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Technical, XL (10)

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Technical, XXXL (12)

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Functional, M (8)

    Gloves HUSQVARNA Functional, XL (10)

    HUSQVARNA Functional Gloves, XXXL (12)

    HUSQVARNA Classic gloves

    HUSQVARNA Functional gloves with chainsaw protection, M (8)

    HUSQVARNA Functional gloves with chainsaw cut protection, L (9)

    HUSQVARNA Functional gloves with chainsaw protection, XL (10)

    HUSQVARNA Functional gloves with chainsaw protection, XXXL (12)

    mask with mesh and headphones Husqvarna Classic

    Husqvarna Technical gloves with chainsaw protection, L (9)

    Husqvarna Technical gloves with chainsaw protection, XL (10)

    Husqvarna Functional Winter Gloves, XL (10)

    Husqvarna Functional Winter Gloves, XXL (12)

    Gloves Husqvarna Technical Light, XL (10)

    Gloves Husqvarna Technical Light, L (9)

    Husqvarna ear muffs

    Husqvarna ear muffs

    mask with mesh and mcculloch headphones

    Husqvarna anti-fog mask

    Gardena garden gloves for working with soil, M (8)

    Gardena Shrub Care Gloves, L (9)

    Consumables for the Husqvarna R152 SV Lawn Mower

    What is pre-sale preparation?

    Presale preparation provides the buyer with technically sound and ready-to-use landscape gardening equipment. Carrying out pre-sale preparation is determined by the need to refuel with oil and oil, as well as checking the health of garden equipment.

    Presale preparation cost

    What is included in pre-sale preparation:

    Who conducts pre-sales training

    How to organize pre-sale preparation

    When ordering a pre-sale preparation service, you get ready-to-work equipment and confidence in its full serviceability.

    It is important to know about preparing for the season and storing garden equipment:

    1. Before operating the mower, read the operating instructions in detail. Pay particular attention to safety.

    2. Engine refueling is carried out only with specialized oil. Do not use automobile oils, especially synthetic ones. Garden cars make their first oil refueling for free.

    3. If mowing is done for the first time or grass is not lawn, it is recommended to check the working surface for stones, sticks and similar items. If necessary, remove them to avoid damage to the knife and engine damage.

    4. After completion of work, before storing the mower, the deck body must be cleaned from the inside so that adhering grass does not dry out to it.

    5. During long-term storage, it is necessary to drain or develop fuel, as well as to develop residues from the carburetor so that the carburetor does not become clogged. Fuel is stored for no more than two months.

    6. At the end of the season, it is recommended to undergo maintenance at the service center. The warranty is not affected.

    Lawn mower husqvarna r152sv engine manual

    The Husqvarna R 152 SV 9614101-34 petrol self-propelled lawnmower is equipped with a four-stroke B engine&S DOV 750 Series with lightweight starting and 161 cc displacement The mower moves independently, while the speed is adjustable within 0-5 km / h. The drive is launched on the rear wheels. Wide wheels with two ball bearings also contribute to easy movement. The width of the mowed strip is 53 cm. Two-point mowing height adjustment is provided. 7 steps. The lawn mower operates in three modes: collecting grass in a soft grass catcher, lateral grass discharge or mulching. The mower is equipped with a convenient folding handle with integrated control levers. The deck of the lawn mower is made of durable stainless steel.


    • Soft grass catcher;
    • Plug for mulching;
    • Side deflector;
    • Knife.
    • quality and speed of cutting

      the machine is excellent in everything, although without reverse it is sometimes difficult. I made the nozzle for lateral ejection 2 times shorter, now it sticks out 1 cm further than the wheels, this simplified mowing around trees, it became easier to mow tall and wet grass due to its faster ejection, and the grass now lays out not in a strip, but spreads onto 2. 3 meters to the side, but with a side wind, it happens, flies in the face. Of course, it is advisable to collect grass, but I have a plot of 38 acres and not so much time. During maintenance, while draining the oil, use the plug under the engine, do not drain the oil through the filler neck, so as not to fill the cushion with any rubbish. if the mower is on its side. do not twist the knife so as not to fill the air filter. The mower suffered 2 winters and now the 3rd summer is working, there are no complaints, even a 12-year-old son copes with it. it does not need a perfectly flat landscape, it takes pits and bumps (within reason) normally. a knife made of good steel. shrubs bushes shreds two times))

      1. Reliability, we have been using it with our neighbor constantly for 4 years, the total mowing area is more than 35 acres, and half is ordinary grass with burdocks. During all this time, only the knife was changed 2 times. 2. Power and profitability, the tank lasts for 15 acres.

      The most important flaw. it doesn’t collect grass in a bag, the pipe becomes clogged. It is difficult to collect only dry grass when mowing no more than 3 cm, but for this you need to mow 2 times a week. Therefore, only mowing with mulch grass is ejected, but it’s bad for a lawn. Collect rake finely chopped grass is hard.

      The mower was taken mainly by brand. I do not advise buying this lawn mower, the product with the name does not always work well. Unlike "short-handed" I honestly say that the car is good and has been working for the 4th season, but does not collect grass. I already changed 2 knives (non-original), there were minor breakages: a break in the starting cord, loosened handles, now the holes are fixed in which the height is fixed in the most running 2m position (I shook it with wire. I couldn’t drill the hardened steel))) PS The car died, it crashed and bent the flywheel at the junction point with a key. It is not advisable to repair it, especially since it has worn out thoroughly. I bought a Honda, this is a mower.

      Powerful, self-propelled, mulch cuts and mows everything in a row

      the oil and gas tank covers are unscrewed when driving over bumps. I personally have 2 times.

      I have 15 acres with bumps, anthills and weeds under a meter high. For a very long time I was tormented with a trimmer, I wound up changing and editing the fishing line. spat and took this miracle monster, although in the boutiques they tried to give me a self-propelled trimmer with a mega 4 thick fishing line. The first time he mowed at level 7 in height, then at 5, now at 4. but this is low and it still hurts the anthills. Tall grass for 2 runs back and forth forward. The wife says that it looks very cool from the side as I fly behind the mower. Separately, I bought a 5 liter plastic canister, it is convenient to fill it in a tank with a nozzle. I recommend it to everyone.

      Starts with half a turn. He mowed wet grass and the caps of the anthills came into contact with the ground, the pipe clogged, but as I understand it, you can not bother too much, although it is clogged, but the grass is still pushed into the grass catcher. There is no grass on the lawn. Burned a little more than one tank of gasoline.

      Previously, I killed almost two days of the weekend in this business, in order to mow 20 acres with a trimmer. Huskvarna brought in the evening for three hours, mowed the same volume. My joy knew no bounds. )))

      Husqvarna R 152SV gasoline mower


      General characteristics :
      Type: Wheel Lawn Mower
      Engine: gasoline
      Power output: 3.8 hp
      Cutting Width: 53 cm
      Grass catcher capacity: 75 L
      Type of mowing: picking, grass ejection, mulching
      Engine displacement: 161 cm3
      Min Cutting Height: 33 mm
      Max. Cutting height: 108 mm
      Noise Level: 98 dB

      Functional Features :
      Self-propelled: yes
      Mulching: is
      Possibility of mulching: is

      Design :
      Engine Model: Briggs&Stratton 750e DOV Series
      Wheel Material: Plastic
      Deck Material: Steel
      Grass catcher: soft
      Number of wheels: 4
      Fuel tank capacity: 1.5 L

      Dimensions and weight :
      Weight: 42 kg

      Equipment :
      Options: user manual, wheels, gearbox, grass catcher, mulching knife

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      Rating of gas mowers: top 5 best models

      The range of lawn mowers presented on the modern specialized market is able to impress even the most sophisticated gardener: manual and self-propelled, gasoline and electric, at a wide variety of prices, with many additional features and capabilities.

      Such diversity is both an advantage and a disadvantage. An advantage, because the user is given complete freedom of choice, and a disadvantage for the simple reason that not everyone can take advantage of this freedom in the absence of proper knowledge and experience.

      To correct the situation, the following rating of gasoline lawn mowers was compiled for reliability and popularity among buyers. After reading the information below, you will find out which petrol lawn mower is the best, and you can make the right choice.

      For more information, the rating includes models from different manufacturers, presented in different price categories.

      Husqvarna R 152SV

      High-power production unit for a wide range of tasks. The model is equipped with a wide, durable cutting deck made of high quality stainless steel.

      The Briggs engine, excellent in technical and operational characteristics, is at your service. & Stratton. Among its additional positive features can be noted ease of launch and excellent dynamic performance.

      To further enhance the efficiency and comfort of use, the Husqvarna Lawnmower is equipped with a speed change function.

      The mower is equipped with a 1.5 liter fuel tank and rear wheel drive. The maximum speed that this model is capable of developing is 5 km / h. There are 2 options for cutting height.

      On the video, the technical specifications of this mower.

      The average price of a self-propelled gasoline mower Husqvarna R 152SV is 15-20 thousand rubles.

      Stiga Turbo Excel 50 SB

      A great representative of the category of self-propelled gas mowers. During the production of the unit, all the highest European standards of quality and environmental safety were applied using the most modern technologies.

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      • Changing the Lawnmower OilA lawn mower is a very necessary thing for those who need repeated mowing of grass on lawns and other earthen plots. But with the acquisition of this tool, one should not forget that he, like any other mechanism, asks for repeated service. One such point...

      The unit is equipped with a four-stroke engine from one of the leaders in this market segment. Briggs & Stratton. You can control the engine speed using the appropriate lever located on the handle of the gas mower, which is very convenient.

      The body is made of 2 mm galvanized high impact steel. Such a solution provides reliable protection of the “insides” of the mower from external damage, guaranteeing the longest possible service life.

      Gas mower from the company Stiga is equipped with a 4 in 1 system, significantly expanding the functionality of the unit. The mower can not only collect grass cut from the lawn, but also has a mulching function. Side and rear dump options are available.

      Many would like to know how to cut a tree with a chainsaw, and if you are also interested in this issue, then click here.

      Among the additional useful functions, it is necessary to note the presence of a cutting mechanism brake, which eliminates the risk of damage to the blades in contact with third-party solid objects.

      The lawn mower is equipped with large ball-bearing wheels (diameter 30 cm). Pre-installed anti-vibration system, which helps to increase the service life of the structure.

      Key specifications are as follows:

      • maximum effective area of ​​the cultivated area. 2000 m2;
      • cutting height. up to 95 mm (6 positions are available);
      • bevel width. 480 mm;
      • production material and grass catcher capacity. combined (fabric-plastic), 75 l;
      • additional useful features are a lift mechanism for flushing.

      Take a look at the video features of this lawn mower.

      Despite the impressive technical and operational characteristics and the presence of a large number of additional functions, the lawn mower is sold in the average price range. about 20-25 thousand rubles. You can find out about other units of this manufacturer on the official website of the Stig lawnmowers.

      Makita PLM4618

      The four-wheeled unit with a capacity of about 3 “horses” is equipped with a soft 60-liter grass catcher. The bevel height is adjusted using a single central lever, which is very convenient. Mulching attachment option available. However, if you are still wondering: “Mulching in a lawn mower. what is it?” Then click here.

      The key feature of the lawn mower, especially considering its cost (about 20-25 thousand), is the highest build quality.

      Gas mower Makita is easy to start and easy to manage. Large wheels help ensure superior maneuverability and improved cross-country ability. Learn more about lawn mowers on wheels here.

      Among the shortcomings can be noted except that the lack of motor protection. The drawback is very significant: if the lawnmower hits a solid third-party object, the knife and crankshaft may deteriorate.

      Thus, this unit is best suited for regular maintenance of smooth lawns with low grass. In turn, this article will provide you with information about other Makita self-propelled gas mowers.

      AL-KO Highline 525 VS

      An excellent self-propelled gasoline mower from a well-known brand with a worldwide reputation. Rear-wheel drive allows you to adjust the speed of the unit in accordance with the user’s step. Among the additional advantages is the possibility of using a lawn mower to care for grass in spacious areas with an inclined and uneven surface.

      The increased dimensions of the housing allow for a more intensive air supply. The model is equipped with a 70-liter combined removable grass catcher. to remove and reverse fix it is enough to change the position of one latch.

      An added convenience is presence of an indicator of filling the tank with grass. If desired, you can work without a bag: there are functions of mulching and ejection of mowed grass sideways / back.

      The power of the pre-installed motor is 3.4 "horses". The model is suitable for cutting grass up to 80 mm high. Bevel width. 510 mm. Self-propelled gasoline mower AL-KO is sold at a price of about 35-40 thousand rubles.

      Hyundai L 4300

      The rating is completed by a powerful lawn mower (4 horses) from Hyundai. The model has the following key features and functions:

      • upper valve position;
      • noise and vibration suppression;
      • shock protection;
      • system to reduce the load on the motor;
      • high-impact shockproof knife (4 blades);
      • capacious 60-liter grass catcher (production material. synthetic thread);
      • cutting height. up to 7.5 cm (adjustment is possible);
      • weight. about 30 kg.

      The lawn mower belongs to the budget category (average cost. 12-15 thousand rubles).

      However, if your finances do not allow you to purchase an aggregate at such a price, we suggest that you assemble the lawnmower from a washing machine with your own hands. and believe me, it will work just as well.

      Advantages of the Hyundai lawn mower in the video.

      You have familiarized yourself with the most high-quality, reliable and popular models of self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers from various brands represented in various price categories among users. Choose the most suitable option for you, purchase and use.

      Good luck with your purchase!

      Husqvarna R 152SV gasoline mower

      Husqvarna R152SV gasoline mower (9614101-34)

      Husqvarna R 152SV gasoline mower (9614101-34)

      Husqvarna R 152SV gasoline mower. This is a Swedish modern model that is distinguished by its lightweight construction and powerful engine. Such an aggregate perfectly copes with all the tasks assigned to it and can continuously mow grass for several hours in a row. Therefore, the car is often used for work in large areas, such as squares, parks, sports fields and football fields. Husqvarna R 152SV gasoline mower has a strong and reliable deck made of stainless steel. Another definite plus of such a machine is the modern high-performance Briggs engine & Stratton, which runs almost in an instant. It is cost effective, powerful and dynamic.

      The gas mower also has large rear wheels that allow you to stand stably on any surface. Another plus is the bearings, which increase stability and maneuverability. Also, the operator can always set the speed of the machine, which is extremely important in cases where the territory on which the machine operates has a different level of grass height. Thanks to convenient speed adjustment Husqvarna R 152SV gasoline mower It copes not only with grass, which is regularly trimmed, but also in quite neglected territories. The lawn mower has three modes of mowing grass: collecting large volumes into the grass catcher, throwing the grass to the side, and mulching. Each of the modes is suitable for certain areas. The operator can always quickly select the most suitable and turn it on without slowing down the operation of the lawn mower.

      The ergonomic handle with soft and comfortable pads greatly facilitates the work of the operator. All buttons and control levers of the unit are assembled in one place, so the operator does not have to spend too much time switching modes and speeds. Husqvarna R 152SV gasoline mower maintains its high efficiency and performance even after many years of constant operation. The engine power of this unit is 6.5 horsepower. The engine has a special ReadyStart function, which automatically turns off and turns on the engine, so the operator does not have to do these operations manually. The engine runs very smoothly. The weight of a gas mower is 40.1 kilograms.

      download instruction / 1.37 Mb