How much horsepower is in a Ural chainsaw


The Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw has the following technical parameters:

  • motor. two-stroke, single-cylinder, runs on gasoline;
  • vibration speed on the control handles is 7.9×10-2 meters per second;
  • the power of the device is 3.68 kilowatts;
  • the weight of the device is 11.7 kilograms;
  • the consumption of the fuel mixture is 632 grams per kilowatt-hour;
  • dimensions. 46x88x46 centimeters;
  • the working length of the saw mechanism is 46 centimeters;
  • the cylinder diameter is 55 millimeters;
  • the consumption of the fuel mixture at maximum power does not exceed 632 grams per kilowatt-hour;
  • the volume of the fuel tank is 1.6 liters;
  • the engine power after running-in in operation for twenty-five hours is at least 3.68 kilowatts (five horsepower);
  • the volume of the lubricant container is 0.24 liters;
  • engine crankshaft speed at maximum power is 6200 ± 200 per minute.

How to break in the Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw

Before starting the constant use of the Ural chainsaw, it must be run in, that is, let it run for some time at idle speed. Typically, a break-in requires about four full tanks of fuel mixture. For this purpose, gasoline and oil are mixed at the rate of fifteen to one.

After the Ural chainsaw has been idling, the running-in must be continued when using the tool with reduced loads. The period during which the device should not be subjected to full loads is twenty-five hours. During this period, a fuel mixture is used that is made in the same proportions as during the idling run. After the completion of the running-in, the fuel mixture is prepared at the rate of twenty liters of gasoline per one liter of oil.

One of the main points after running in is setting up all interconnected systems of the Ural chainsaw. To do this, you should know the principle of operation and the device of all its nodes.

Engine performance is largely determined by the correct carburetor setting. From the factory, the device usually comes with fine tuning of the most important components, but in some cases there is a need to eliminate defects. This is not the case when adjusting the carburetor. Initially, it is tuned to a rich fuel mixture, which is used during the running-in of the new Ural chainsaw.

Chain for the Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw

The sawing apparatus of the Ural chainsaw is based on a 46 cm tire, complete with a detachable saw chain, which can be removed from the tool during periods of prolonged non-use. During operation, the chain stretches, so it has to be adjusted from time to time. The new chain stretches the hardest, so you need to keep an eye on the tension at all times. The chain needs to be sharpened after use. This task is performed using a cylindrical round file with a diameter of five to six millimeters. For best results, the chain is not removed from the bar during sharpening, but the tension is increased.

The main features of the Ural chainsaw

The Ural chainsaw appeared in 1935. Since then, it has become widespread in the USSR, and after its collapse. in the CIS countries. In the future, the manufacturer made a number of improvements to the design of this tool. The new model, made of high-strength materials, was named the Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw. It is designed for use in harsh conditions in any season of the year with extremely low and high temperatures. With the help of the Ural chainsaw, large trees are felling and sawing. It consists of the following main nodes:

  • motor;
  • clutch;
  • saw unit;
  • frame with handles;
  • engine starting system.
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The tool is mobile and standalone. Although it is equipped with a vibration damping system, there is still a lot of vibration during the operation of the chain saw. For this reason, fellers are instructed to use the Ural chainsaw no longer than one and a half hours a day. This measure prevents the development of an occupational disease caused by harmful working conditions.

In addition, this device is inferior to imported equipment in the following respects:

  • the engine of the “Ural” chainsaw operates with increased gas production, so the operator is forced to be in a gas-polluted environment for a long time;
  • experience and skill are required to service the device;
  • there is no chain brake;
  • the device uses a mixture enriched with oil twice as much as compared to foreign gas powered tools;
  • increased fuel consumption.

At the same time, the Ural chainsaw has a number of advantages that allow it to compete with imported models:

  • reliability;
  • the ability to easily carry out both longitudinal and cross cut;
  • high handles that allow you to work at full height, do not bend over;
  • low cost.

Ural Motorsaw, Russia

How to adjust the carburetor

The Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw is equipped with a KMP-100U carburetor, which includes:

  • body;
  • diffuser;
  • inlet, outlet and check valves;
  • fuel channel;
  • low and full throttle screws;
  • pump and regulator cavities;
  • button;
  • springs;
  • throttle and start valve.

Before starting the chain saw, you need to keep it with a full tank of fuel for at least four hours so that the carburetor membrane acquires the required qualities.

When switching from the tool’s running-in mode to a normal fuel mixture, the carburetor must be adjusted by changing the position of the nozzles using three screws:

  • for high speed regulation;
  • to adjust the low speed jet;
  • idle move.

Rotating these screws changes the speed of the chain’s power and also adjusts the throttle fuel / air ratio. On a rich mixture, smoke comes from the muffler, if the composition is poor, the saw screeches.

Old Russian ChainSaw Ural-2T3 / Starting after many years

Instructions for the Ural-2T-Electron chainsaw

Initially, when creating the Ural chainsaw, it was assumed that its repair would be carried out by non-specialists in the field. For this reason, a detailed step-by-step instruction was created on how to repair rather complex mechanisms on their own in very primitive conditions. The instruction for the Ural chainsaw differs from the instructions for other chainsaws in that it contains much more information required for work. It provides information on the principles of operation of the cooling system, gearbox, magneto and other units of the gasoline tool. The procedure for preparing the device for operation, the process of running in the motor, is described in great detail. In addition, the instructions provide recommendations for preparing the workplace, felling trees, bucking trees.

Description and applications of the saw Ural BP 3800

A distinctive feature of this chainsaw is its compactness and low weight. It is capable of performing a number of tasks such as harvesting logs before construction, cutting small and medium trees, and felling small trees in the forest.

Among its characteristics stand out:

much, horsepower, ural, chainsaw

  • The volume of the cylinder is 47.1 cm 3;
  • The power of the model is 3800 W or 5.03 hp. from.;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 620 ml;
  • Oil tank capacity. 255 ml;
  • The chain pitch of the model is 3/8;
  • Effective work with tires 35–45 cm long;
  • Total weight. 6.9 kg.

The complete set of this model includes a container for preparation of fuel, a chain, a tire and an instruction manual.

The main performance characteristics of the saw include:

  • The volume of the cylinder is 58.2 cm 3;
  • Motor power. 3900 watts or 4.08 liters. from.;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 545 ml;
  • Oil tank capacity. 270 ml;
  • The optimal bus length is from 35 to 45 cm;
  • The weight of the saw ready to work. 7.9 kg.
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This popular model comes with tires, chain, instruction manual and combination wrench.

Common malfunctions and repairs of the Ural chainsaw

In general, the domestic tool has shown itself to be quite reliable and easy to maintain. However, it is also susceptible to breakage, which is mainly due to improper saw operation.

Many beginners often do not know how to start a Ural chainsaw. This is quite simple to do. To do this, follow the indicated algorithm:

  • fill in fuel and oil to lubricate the chain, then press the primer several times to pump gasoline;
  • then move the throttle lever to the closed position and pull the starter rope;
  • after the appearance of a characteristic sound, switch the throttle lever to the middle position;
  • start the chainsaw again and let it run for about 15 seconds. Then move the throttle lever to the bottom and press the throttle lever to throttle. Then you can continue to work with the chainsaw;
  • if after all the procedures done, the saw heats up and stalls, then you need to press the primer several more times to pump fuel.

Next, you need to figure out how to properly run in a new Ural chainsaw? To do this, the large tank of the unit is filled with gasoline mixed with oil, and lubricant is poured into a separate oil tank. After that, the chainsaw should be started and run for at least 10 minutes. Then the motor must be turned off and the procedure repeated. Full running-in of the tool should take one full tank of fuel.

If you ignore the break-in procedure, then you will notice that your saw immediately starts and stalls after starting. the reason for this lies in the unprepared engine and carburetor. For this, the saw manufacturer advises to do a break-in.

Often the owners of the saw are faced with a problem in which a ringing knock of the engine at idle is heard. the Ural chainsaw in this case is repaired quite simply. To do this, you need to inspect the cylinder. it was probably damaged during the return impact. The fault can be eliminated by leveling the cylinder walls. If it cannot be repaired and the saw will not start, then you will have to buy a new cylinder.

Next, you need to learn how to adjust the carburetor on the Ural chainsaw? To do this, the tool needs to be wound up and turned on the screw, which is responsible for the idling of the saw. Turning the screw clockwise will increase the engine speed, and counter-clockwise will decrease it. The carburetor of the Ural chainsaw must be adjusted after every 25 used fuel tanks.

If during cleaning you notice that there is no spark, then the adjustment procedure must be performed at the time of detection of a breakdown. The next important question is how to set the ignition on the Ural chainsaw. To do this, you need to act in this order:

  • Start the engine and warm it up at low revs;
  • Make the most stable turns of the tire without moving the chain along it;
  • After that, set the minimum speed;
  • Press the throttle lever sharply. If the engine speed increased instantly, it means that the ignition is set correctly.

Chainsaw Ural. technical characteristics of models, self-repair and useful homemade products

The Ural 2T Electron chainsaw is the receiver of another, no less popular domestic tool. the Friendship saw. For several decades, this model has been popular with farmers and builders. We offer to consider the device of the Ural chainsaw, the advantages and disadvantages of this tool, as well as its technical characteristics.

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Ural Profi UBP 4500. characteristics and equipment

This modification of the domestic chainsaw is optimal for felling trees, removing old dry branches in the garden and harvesting wood. Saw performance features include:

  • Saw power. 5.1 liters. from. or 4500 W;
  • The volume of the engine cylinder is 58.2 cm 3;
  • Fuel tank volume. 555 ml;
  • Lubricant reservoir volume. 255 ml;
  • Effective work with a tire, 40–45 cm long;
  • Weight assembled for operation. 7.8 kg.

Among the distinctive features of this model, it is necessary to highlight the presence of an inertial brake, a modified starter and an automatic lubrication system for the chain and other working units.

The saw includes a tire, a chain, a container for preparing fuel, keys for maintenance and repair, as well as an instruction manual.

Model Ural BP-3650. design features of the chainsaw

In the design of this saw, its manufacturer has included everything necessary for stable operation under high loads. The model is equipped with an effective inertial brake, modified ignition, an automatic lubrication system for the chain and other saw parts.

The body of the device is made of durable plastic, and during operation the saw emits a minimum of vibration and noise. Among other characteristics of the model, it is necessary to highlight:

  • The volume of the engine cylinder is 58.2 cm 3;
  • Saw power. 3900 W or 5.4 liters. from.;
  • Fuel tank volume. 550 ml;
  • Oil tank capacity. 265 ml;
  • Possibility to work with a tire 35. 45 cm long;
  • Weight assembled for operation. 7.55 kg.

This model is in demand due to its reliability, high service life and ease of maintenance and repair with your own hands. It is indispensable for felling trees and harvesting large volumes of wood.

Description of the Ural chainsaw and its differences from the Friendship model

The “heart” of the design of the domestic instrument is a two-stroke internal combustion engine. The saw is held in the hand by the robust handles and the bar serves as the sawing element. The small dimensions of the chainsaw allow you to successfully use it in everyday life for caring for the garden, as well as at the sawmill.

Initially, the Ural model was designed as a narrow profile tool used for felling timber. For this reason, the Druzhba chainsaw is better known to domestic farmers, since it is more often used for domestic purposes. Nevertheless, the high performance of the Ural saw made it possible to provide more than 80% of domestic timber harvesting.

There are several main factors by which the Ural saw differs from the Druzhba model. These include:

  • The Ural saw has a higher power. 5 liters. from. against 4 “horses” issued by the engine of Friendship;
  • Chainsaw Ural 1.5 kg. easier than Friendship;
  • The Ural saw includes a gearbox designed to rotate the tire by 90 degrees. This element is absent in the structure of Friendship;
  • In the Ural chainsaw, the handles are located on top, which makes it possible to use it even in cases of a very thick snow layer;
  • The Ural model is improved with a hydraulic wedge, which allows to cut trees in the direction required by the operator;
  • The saw design includes a system for automatic supply of oil to the chain;
  • An important advantage is the ability to use different attachments, discs, pumps with the tool. each such device for the Ural chainsaw helps to manage the farm without buying special units for each separate type of work.

Ural chainsaw running

All these advantages made the Ural saw a reliable assistant not only in logging, but also at home, when the owner needs to prepare a large number of beams for construction or clear the garden of large dry branches.