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Gasoline and oil for chain saws. how to dilute and why it is done

At the heart of chain saws of different firms laid two-stroke internal combustion engine, which drives the cutting headset of the tool. The proportions of gasoline and chain saw oil are used to power the engine. The connection of gasoline with oil is a mandatory procedure, so if you have just bought a tool, you need to understand the peculiarities of its refueling.

It is necessary to dilute petrol with oil in order to avoid failure of internal combustion engine. The reason for this is the design features of the lubrication system of two-stroke engines. In the design of such engines there is no chamber for pouring engine oil, and if you pour fuel without lubricant, then the crankshaft, piston, bearings and connecting rods will not receive lubrication. This will significantly reduce the service life of all these parts, so do not pour pure fuel.

Gasoline and chain saw oil must be poured in appropriate proportions to allow effective lubrication of the working parts. Lack of lubricant or its excess will lead to negative consequences in the form of fouling. In order for the tool to work properly it is necessary to fill it not only with quality materials from the first day of operation, but also to observe the correct proportions.

Important things to know! Gasoline with at least 92 octane rating should be used in a two-stroke engine. Many experts say that the fill Russian or Ukrainian type of fuel is only possible with an octane number not lower than 95, which is associated with its low quality.

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For the engine to work properly, it is important to fill it with clean fuel without contamination.

What oils to choose for your chainsaw engine

You do not know what oil to use for your tool, then it’s time to figure it out. Only special 2T oil should be used for the engine, and you can buy it at a special store for gasoline equipment. This is a special substance that is used as an additive to gasoline for units that are air-cooled. In terms of composition, these substances come in the following types:

It is recommended to fill the chainsaw with synthetic oil, even though it is more expensive than mineral oil. The main advantage of synthetic oil is that when it is mixed with gasoline, it does not form soot in the cylinders. The absence of carbon deposits has a positive effect on the engine’s long life. The red, green or blue color of the fluid is a special coloring agent that manufacturers add in order to determine the presence of lubricant in the gasoline.

This is interesting! Units running on synthetics have a longer service life than engines using mineral lubricants.

It is better to dilute petrol with synthetic, but if mineral was used before, you cannot switch to synthetic at the same time. Mineral oil for two-stroke engines contributes to fouling of the cylinders after 100 hours of operation. If you switch from mineral to synthetic, the soot will be diluted and spread around the engine. This causes damage to the internal parts.

Tool manufacturers give recommendations in the datasheets on what is best to use. If you pour only quality materials, the service life of parts and performance of the tool will be high. It is forbidden to pour car engine oil into a two-stroke chainsaw engine, because it has different characteristics and density.

In addition to the type of oil, you also need the right proportion of lubricant. The standard ratio of gasoline and grease is 1 to 50, or 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline required. The documentation for each tool specifies the appropriate proportion. The ratio depends on factors such as ambient temperature. If you plan to work with a chainsaw in the winter, you need to add more lubricant. For more details on the ratio of these substances for two-stroke engines, see this material.

Recommendations! Prepared fuel mixture can not be stored for a long time, so in the winter, when you do not use the tool, you need to drain the tank of gasoline. Permissible storage time of the fuel mixture with different types of oils, are indicated on the packaging, so before buying, it is recommended to read the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In what proportions to mix the liquids?

Each manufacturer of chain saws determines its own proportions for obtaining the gasoline-oil mixture, and specifies it in the data sheet that came with the tool when buying. The ratio of gasoline to oil for domestic-made chainsaws is most often recommended as 1:15 or 1:20. To find out how much oil you need per liter of gasoline, you need 1000 / 15 = 65 ml and 1000 / 20 = 50 ml. In the first case, in each liter of gasoline add 65, and in the second. 50 ml of oil. For imported machines the proportions are slightly different.

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For a Husgvarna chainsaw with 2 kW engine power, the manufacturer advises using a 1:50 ratio, t. ะต. for every liter of gasoline they add 20 ml of oil. For Chinese-made saws it is necessary to pour 40 ml of oil per liter of gasoline at a ratio of 1:25. Remember that too much oil in gasoline increases fouling, clogging the cylinder, damaging piston rings and reducing compression. If there is not enough oil, the engine overheats and the output of the tool decreases sharply. When documentation is lost and you do not know how to mix gasoline and oil for a chainsaw, you can contact a service center for the necessary information.

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What kind of gasoline is suitable for the tool

There are different opinions among sawyers about the use of appropriate gasoline. Some recommend to fill in the fuel brand AI-92, others argue that should use fuel with the octane number AI-95.

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Now it is time to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. All chainsaws operate on gasoline with octane number from 90 to 95. However, it is recommended to give preference to AI-92 grade fuel. The exception is when the manufacturer gives a recommendation about the best gasoline to use.

It is interesting to know! To obtain gasoline AI-95, most manufacturers use additives mixed with AI-92.

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The most important requirement when using fuel is that it must be clean and free of dirt.

Alternative fuel option

As an alternative many people suggest to fill up the gasoline of mark AI95, but the question remains controversial. In theory the characteristics of such fuel are better, but in practice it is better not to take the risk and fill up the chainsaw with ordinary, Soviet Ai-92.

The main nuance is that in A95 additives are added which are individually selected by a fuel producer. In some cases, such additives may adversely affect the operation of a two-stroke engine.

Other lubricants

There are two other well-known chainsaw manufacturers, whose products take a large share of the market in this Makita and Patriot. Chainsaw engine oil from these manufacturers is also available under their own brands.

What oil to use for a Makita chainsaw? Ideally, of course, the original from the same manufacturer. Makita brand lubricants have a balanced set of features and are relatively inexpensive compared to similar branded products.

What oil to use for your Patriot chain saw? There is also branded lubricant. It is best to use them. And these oils are available in several variants.

In the line of branded products there are also lubricants for chains. Lubricants for chainsaws brand Patriot well proven. And today it is often used as an alternative in other machinery.

Of the domestic products “Lukoil” 2-stroke oil stands out brightly. At a low cost, this product has really impressive properties.

After its use, in most cases there is no carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. Lukoil oils are well blended and have good lubricating and protective properties.

It is also worth noting and such a timeless option, as an ordinary motor oil M8. Despite the great abundance of specialized lubricants, many chainsaw owners use it the old-fashioned way.

This option is only useful in the short run and only for lighter applications. But you must be prepared for heavy deposits if you use engine lubricants on a permanent basis.

In the industrial sector they should not be used: it will strongly affect the life of the saw. It is more reliable to use specialized lubricants.

Cooking tips

Most drivers know that a two-stroke engine runs on gasoline and oil. It is therefore recommended to observe the proportions specified in the product data sheet.

Of course, some vehicle owners with a lot of experience create the proportion “by eye”. However, each time such a mass will have a different ratio. This will adversely affect the performance of the engine. It is therefore necessary to read the instructions on the packaging.

Recommended requirements for the operation of the mixture:

  • The amount of oil component should not be reduced when mixed with fuel. Adhere to 1:50 ratio. That’s how much oil? It is necessary to know the exact amount before pouring the mixture into the crankcase. Oil is not a cheap component, so people often try to save money on it. But it can contribute to very high heating of the system. That is why it is important to observe the oil proportions. Also due to an insufficient amount of this component, scuffing may occur, which significantly reduces the life of the motor.
  • It is also not advisable to use large quantities of oil. Exceeding its volume is a negative factor for the operation of the engine. This causes engine wear and tear, and soot deposits build up quickly.
  • It is not recommended to store the prepared fuel mixture for more than 30 days. Otherwise it loses the necessary properties, and its use will significantly reduce the life of the engine.
  • It is required to ensure that there is no dust, dirt in the composition, as this will also have a negative effect on the operation of the engine.

What happens if you don’t follow the manufacturer’s recommendations??

STIHL STIHL 180 chain saws have the following problems if you do not mix correctly and do not mix in the correct proportions when adding oil to gasoline:

  • Increased friction increases wear on the running surfaces of the parts.
  • Insufficient lubricant will cause the bearings to break down.
  • Impaired full functioning of mechanical units due to premature wear of parts, significantly reduces their service life.
  • Use of lower-grade gasoline and oils reduces the performance of the machine and can lead to damage to important components.

Readjust the fuel prior to starting the fuel filler saw and avoid unnecessary contact with oxygen. After completing the work, the remaining mixture must be drained.

What happens if you fill in spent fuel

Use of used automotive oil for a chainsaw is strictly forbidden. After such an abuse the engine breaks down fast.

Used oil is waste oil that has already used up. It is not able to ensure quality sliding of the parts in the future. It is a consumable from a four-stroke motor, which is already bad and will be full of metal shavings removed from the pistons and cylinders during the previous use. Particles of steel impede the movement of mechanisms, scratch them and leave scoring. Even mixing a couple of grams of waste oil to a suitable oil will shorten the life of the saw and the two-stroke engine tool.

Please note: there is no such thing as a clean sludge. If you see no debris or chips, that does not mean they are absent in the oil.

Only properly mixed fuel with high-quality materials ensures that the power tool performs its intended function.