How much oil to add to gasoline for a brushcutter

Gasoline to oil ratio for grass trimmer table. The first launch and running-in of the lawnmower

Hello! Bought a Prorab 8406 1 grass trimmer. How to dilute petrol with oil correctly and in what proportion? I could not find the original Prorab oil, so I bought Hungsvarna HP oil. In the manual to the trimmer it is written from the third party oils can be used SAE MIF\4, API TC-TB. In case you use other oil, the proportion of fuel mixture is the same. Standard mix ratio is 1:25. But in a specialized store “specialist” who sold me the oil Hungsvarna HP strongly advised to dilute the 1:50 (as written on the oil). The actual question: if the instruction manual says dilute oil to 1:25, but the oil is recommended 1:50, then in what proportion dilute? And 1:25 is how much? 40 ml? I will not block the engine if I run it at 1:50? 2. How to Properly Run-in the Engine? Nothing is written in the manual other than startup and shutdown. Maybe I don’t need a running-in period? I read that there are grass trimmers that you can work with right after you buy them.

Do I have to grease the gearbox before work or is there factory grease already in it?? Hope to hear from you, thanks!

1) Gasoline is ALWAYS diluted with oil in the proportion indicated on the can of that oil! With two-stroke products (gasoline trimmers, chain saws, etc.).) you can use any 2-stroke oil except for boat 2-strokes. It is advisable to use oil from a normal store, where you are unlikely to buy fake oil. Better to use Husqvarna or STIHL oil. STIHL oil must have a sealed neck. Beware of fakes. There is a risk to screw up the piston right away. 2) Do not run-in on two-stroke products! REMEMBER THIS PLEASE! All two-stroke products are high-speed and like to run exclusively on full throttle! No half gases allowed! This leads to incomplete exhaust and clogs the walls of the piston with oil deposits. Piston scuffing as a consequence. So full throttle and every 25-30 seconds do a 1-2 second throttle dump to give the product a break and return to normal temperature. 3) Gearboxes on direct driveshaft brushcutters must be relubricated every 20 hours. The oil comes out of there naturally during operation. This is done to keep dirt, dust, etc. out of the gearbox along with the lubricant. д. So, if you don’t want to risk replacing the reducer, you should fill it with a special reducer grease every 20 hours. It is not complicated and the whole operation takes no more than 3 minutes. Tube with grease sold in every garden equipment store and cost from 100 to 300. 1 tube is enough for 3 years- The concept of running-in tools is limited to running under load during the first two or three tanks of fuel. For example, when mowing not dense, low grass or sawing dry, not large wood. Never run the tool in idle for burning a few tanks of fuel. The result of this running-in is carbon deposits on the cylinder windows, pistons, and muffler which adversely affects the life of the engine.

Grass trimmer, or lawnmower. a tool you cannot do without in the household. At the same time its reliability, efficiency and long lifetime depend on many factors.

For example, the quality of fuel. This means that you need to correctly select the oil for the grass trimmer, observe the proportions when adding it to gasoline and the rules of filling the device.

Choosing a gasoline for trimmers

Select a brand of gasoline for trimmers should be based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you do not comply with them, then the motor will soon break down. Often unleaded fuel with an octane number of 92 or 95 is used to fill the gas tank of the grass trimmer.

Gasoline for the fuel mixture

Filling the trimmer for grass with gasoline AI-80 can lead to device failures due to its low technical characteristics. Keep in mind that the fuel after purchase can be stored for no more than 60 days, and it is better to reduce this period.

Do not use polyethylene cans for storage, t. к. There will be static electricity when in contact with the internal walls. An accidental spark will cause an explosion. Although, there are special plastic canisters marked “flame”.

How to dilute gasoline and oil for a grass trimmer for refueling

Two-stroke engines of the tool work due to the gasoline-oil mixture, which is prepared in the proportions that are specified in the technical certificate of the device. If you ignore the rules of mixing, the garden tool can quickly break down.

Two-stroke engines function differently from four-stroke engines: the lubrication of friction surfaces in the crankshaft and other parts of the tool is not carried out from the crankcase, but through oil that has been previously diluted with gasoline. For two-stroke engines, the general rule for the preparation of the combustible mixture applies. gasoline is diluted with a certain volume of oil intended for this purpose.

How to dilute petrol and grass trimmer oil. step by step instruction

The fuel mixture is mixed in special proportions.

If you dilute the fuel mixture with an insufficient amount of lubricant, this will lead to rapid wear of the lawnmower parts

Check the trimmer’s manual for the optimum oil to gasoline ratio. As a rule, it is equal to 1:50, 1:40 or 1:25.

much, gasoline, brushcutter

Dilute the gasoline with the lubricant component will have to be first in a suitable container: doing it immediately in the fuel tank is forbidden. If you ignore this rule, the operation of the motor can be inconsistent, as a result of which the tool will quickly fail. To dilute the fuel mixture, you should not use plastic canisters or bottles, because gasoline can dissolve this synthetic material. The order of mixing the fuel:

  • Pour a liter of gasoline into a container (ideally a metal canister).
  • Add half of the required oil proportion.
  • Mix liquids thoroughly, away from open flames.
  • Pour the rest of the lubricant into the tank and mix the mixture again.
  • Pour the fuel into the fuel tank of the grass trimmer.

Work with a respirator and rubber gloves. You may use a watering can for easy pouring. The ready mixture should not be kept longer than 3 months, it is better to dilute exactly as much fuel as you need for the planned work in the nearest future. Oil for mixing with gasoline be sure to choose a quality oil, it is better to buy it at proven gas stations.

Proportions of oils and fuel

Calculation of the ratio of ingredients for preparing dressing for grass trimmer should take into account the recommendations on the oil package. Standard ratio is 1:50. You can use any quality oil for two-stroke engines.

How to mix oil with gasoline for a two-stroke engine

The engine oil is enclosed in the oil tank of a 2-stroke engine. Each filling requires the fuel mixture to be prepared in proportions before operating the equipment. How to do it right? From our article you will learn how to dilute gasoline for chainsaws, grass trimmers and other garden tools.

For the operation of garden equipment is recommended to buy unleaded gasoline. Otherwise there is a risk of engine failure. Manufacturers advise fuel with an octane number not lower than AI-90, better AI-92 or AI-95. See manual for specific recommendations for your tool. Fill the canister with the quantity of fuel needed at the filling station. It is desirable to take a metal: in such a container does not arise static electricity from friction, which increases the safety of use.

Always buy brand name two-stroke engine oils, preferably API-TB or API-TC. The manufacturer should indicate the recommended brands in the manual to the tool. Also take into account their composition. Mineral oils are suitable for use in warm weather. Synthetics are better, they are less viscous and can be used even in freezing temperatures. Semi-synthetics are mineral oils with improved qualities, versatile for any season. You should check the temperature rating on the package. Also pay attention to the volume. What matters is not the proportion of gasoline and chain saw oil, but how much fuel mixture you will need for one filling and how often you will work with the tool. If you own a grass trimmer or chain saw and use one or the other several times a week, it makes sense to buy a large 3 to 5 liter canister of oil. For several mowing operations in a country season, a 1 liter bottle is enough.

Mixing oil with gasoline

At the beginning of work with the tool there is always a question, how much oil to add to gasoline for chainsaw or grass trimmer. It is important to remember that for two-stroke engines the ratio is 1:50, t.е. 100 ml of oil for every 5 litres of fuel. Why it is important to follow the ratios? Excess oil causes carbon deposits on pistons and spark plugs, and lack of oil reduces the lubricating power of the fuel mixture, which leads to scuffing of the piston group and increases the risk of engine damage.

The easiest way to follow the proportions of gasoline and oil for a chainsaw is to use measuring containers. They have a scale with marks on them, which is easy to navigate. Before filling up with gasoline and oil, make sure the container is clean. Do not get any water or dirt in it as this could affect the quality of the fuel mixture. First fill petrol to the proper level, then add oil. also to the proper level. To mix them, tilt the container several times. The liquids will quickly mix and the composition will take on a uniform color, such as green or red (depending on the composition of the oil).

Important to Know! Never use plastic drink bottles for storing and mixing fuel mixture. Gasoline corrodes plastics. Even if the bottle walls do not seem to be broken, harmful components still get into the fuel mixture and into the engine. It is very bad for the carburetor.

It is recommended that you wear gloves to protect your hands from gasoline and oil. Also remember the basic rules of fire safety. Mix the gasoline outdoors so that gasoline fumes do not build up indoors. Do not smoke while working and exclude other factors that can cause ignition of fuel and lubricants.

Pour the prepared fuel mixture into the fuel tank and close the cap tightly. If you have made more mixture than you can use at one time, pour it into a separate canister for storage or leave it in the mixing tank. Close the lid tightly. that’s the main thing. The ready mix can be stored for two weeks and used for refueling without risk to the engine. The only condition is that you do not leave it in the fuel tank. If the tool will not be used for a long time. use up the leftovers completely or drain.

Now you know how to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw so as not to harm the engine. Try it yourself. After you have prepared the fuel mixture several times, it will be clear what amount of components will be needed, so that there is no excess mixture. You can buy everything you need in our online store. With branded oils your tool will last a long time.

Grass trimmer oil: gasoline ratio, two-stroke engines, proportion, how to dilute

Lawn trimmer or lawn mower. a household essential tool. At the same time, its reliability, efficiency and long service life depend on many factors. For example, the quality of fuel. This means that you need to choose the right oil for the grass trimmer, observe the proportions when adding it to gasoline and the rules for filling the device.

What oil to choose

For the effective operation of the grass trimmer, it is necessary to select oil for two-stroke engines. This is due to the lack of an oil sump in such a unit. Depending on the chemical composition of the oil, the following classification is distinguished

  • Mineral. based on petroleum distillate, suitable for low power and air-cooled machinery, but requires frequent replacement and can only be used in good weather in the warm season;
  • semi-synthetic. suitable for garden equipment with air and liquid type of cooling;
  • synthetic. in the basis have complex esters, do not require frequent replacement and can be used at any time of year.

Oil for 2-stroke engines is characterized by good solubility and the feature of complete combustion. For grass trimmer it is recommended to use a lubricant that is suitable for devices with air cooling system. The labels on the packaging usually say that the oil is intended for garden equipment, and are labelled TA, TV or TC. The last of them is the most preferable.

Often manufacturers of chain saws produce a suitable oil, so you can make the choice easier by selecting a liquid of the appropriate brand.

What gasoline to fill up

Gasoline for grass trimmer should be chosen unleaded with the tact number 92 or 95. Experience has shown that gasoline AI-80 can cause damage to the device, which is a questionable economy.

Fuel must be fresh, that is, after purchase it can be stored no more than 60 days.

See ” STIHL chain saws for petrol and electric garden trimmers

Other factors also affect the quality of the fuel, such as using a special lubricant for the lawnmower and diluting it in a separate container. It is also recommended to use special canisters designed for storing gasoline.

much, gasoline, brushcutter

How to dilute petrol and oil for grass trimmer

Dilute gasoline for grass trimmer must be in the correct proportion. Not enough oil can lead to poor lubrication of the lawn trimmer elements, which contributes to rapid wear and tear.

The correct ratio can be found in the trimmer manual. Most often it is 1:25, 1:40, 1:50. In order to obtain such proportions, 40 ml, 25 ml and 20 ml of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline, respectively.

It is unacceptable to dilute petrol with lubricant directly in the fuel tank, moreover the proportion of oil and petrol must be strictly observed. If you ignore this rule, the work of the grass trimmer engine can be unstable, due to which it will quickly fail.

It is not recommended to use plastic bottles or canisters for this purpose. Due to the fact that gasoline tends to dissolve plastic, which means that some plastic can get into the fuel tank, which can lead to carburetor failure. Although there are special plastic canisters marked “flame”.

  • gasoline;
  • oil suitable for two-stroke engines with air cooling system;
  • A canister, preferably made of metal;
  • A container for mixing, also better a metal one;
  • gloves;
  • respirator.

Make the mixture of gasoline and oil as follows:

  • pour 1 liter of gasoline into the canister, add half of the desired oil portion. Stir thoroughly, do so with extreme care away from sources of open flame.
  • Add the rest of the oil to the grass trimmer gasoline and mix thoroughly again. Now the fuel can be poured into the fuel tank of the grass trimmer.

The mixture can be stored for a maximum of three months, so it is better to dilute the gasoline in such a quantity that it is enough for several uses.

For dilution you can use only quality oil, and it is recommended to buy it only in proven stores, such as specialized hypermarkets.

How and how much to refuel

It is easy to fill the fuel tank of the grass trimmer. To do this, place the tank in such a way that the lid is on top. The amount of fuel depends on the model of grass trimmer. This information is listed in the manual, also directly on the tank there is a marking.

It is strictly forbidden to overfill the tank.

much, gasoline, brushcutter

Doing so can cause fuel to overflow into the intake manifold and fuel filter, which can cause engine damage or fuel ignition.

When filling the grass trimmer, safety precautions must be followed:

  • Try to pour the liquid so that it does not spill, you can use a watering can for this purpose;
  • If gasoline does spill, it must be wiped up immediately;
  • start the grass trimmer after the fuel tank has been put away in a safe and secure place, better at a distance of more than 10 meters;
  • If you don’t use it for a long time, you need to drain the remaining fuel.

The correct proportion and observance of the mixing and fueling technology will help extend the life of the grass trimmer. It is recommended to choose only a quality product of the respective brand.

What gasoline is needed for the grass trimmer?

The brand of gasoline suitable for a particular model of tool is usually specified in the instruction manual. If you ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations and fill the tank with fuel with the wrong octane number, over time the device can simply fail. Grass trimmers are available with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Their refueling and maintenance are quite different.

Gasoline grass trimmers with two-stroke engine

Mototrimmers equipped with a two-stroke engine do not have a separate oil supply system for lubricating the rubbing parts. You should therefore not fill them with pure gasoline but with a mixture of gasoline and motor oil. Remember that oil should be a special oil designed for two-stroke engines. Use of automobile engine oil can damage the tool.

Trimmers for grass with a two-stroke motor should be filled with gasoline AI-92. Of course, it can also work with gasoline that has a higher octane rating. But with AI-95 gasoline, the engine will overheat and run rough.

The oil and gasoline have to be mixed in the right proportions. If the grease is too little, on the surface of the piston and cylinder walls will appear scuffing, then destroy the piston ring, and the engine will jam. Too much oil is not so critical, but will also lead to unpleasant consequences. Fouling of the piston will occur and the piston ring will stick to the piston ring which will lead to a loss of performance.

Gasoline and oil proportions are usually found in the tool’s instruction manual. Many manufacturers prescribe a 50:1 ratio. one part oil for 50 parts of fuel. Consequently, 20 ml of oil per liter of fuel. If, however, the engine is worn out or the tool is used heavily, you can adjust the lubrication level to 25:1 by adding 40 ml per liter of gasoline.

Gasoline grass trimmers with a four-stroke engine

Grass trimmers powered by a four-stroke engine have a more complicated design. Gasoline and oil are poured into different containers, from where they are then fed into the engine. Lubricant intended for two-stroke engines cannot be used in these models.Gasoline for grass trimmer with such a motor must be brand AI-92 or AI-95. Using fuel with a lower octane rating is not recommended: it makes the engine unstable.

Many trimmer manufacturers strongly advise to use fuels and lubricants produced under their own logo. They often cost more than their counterparts sold under other names.

Is it worth overpaying for a brand oil??Companies that make gasoline tools, do not produce fuels and lubricants. They buy these products from companies engaged in the production of oils, and then packed lubricants in containers with their logo.

Therefore, you can safely buy a suitable oil from any manufacturer. The main thing is that it corresponds to the parameters of the engine.

For those people who have a cottage or a country house, very often there are difficulties with overgrown grass on the site. As a rule, several times a season it is necessary to mow and get rid of overgrowth.

Currently there is a wide range of equipment for the garden and vegetable garden on the market. One such helper can be attributed to the lawnmower, in other words. the trimmer for the grass.

For effective and long-term operation of such equipment, you need to fill it with high-quality fuel or properly prepared fuel mixtures.

How to Mix (Dilute) Gasoline and Oil for 2T Engines.

To summarize the above. Use for your brand-name equipment the oil designed by or recommended by the manufacturer of that equipment. For example, STIHL FS 55 brushcutter use STIHL HP oil (see STIHL Instruction Manual for more details). Figure 1a) or STIHL HP SUPER, for the Husqvarna 128R brushcutter use Husqvarna HP oil (Figure 1b) or Husqvarna LS. For 2.Do not use 4-stroke engine oil. such as 10W30, SAE 30, etc.д.

Figure 1 a-Husqvarna oil (left), b-STIHL oil (right)

Top tip

Never use 2-stroke oil intended for water-cooled engines, as these oils are designed to operate at lower temperatures.

Observe the proportions of oil and gasoline in the fuel mix specified in the instruction manual. Chinese manufacturers most often say 1 part oil to 25 parts gasoline, STIHL and Husqvarna 1/50.When preparing a small volume of mixture (up to 1 liter), it is very important to carefully measure the amount of oil in the mixture. A slight miscalculation in the amount of oil can cause serious inconsistencies in the mixture. In these cases a medicine syringe can be used for precise dosing.The fuel mixture must be prepared in a clean, specially designed container. (see. Figure 2)

Useful tip

I do not recommend to use improvised plastic bottles and jerrycans, as petrol can dissolve plastics and all this “slurry” gets into the fuel tank and causes failure of carburettor.

much, gasoline, brushcutter

Plastic canisters designed for gasoline are always marked with a “flame” sign. It is very convenient to use a canister with a no-fill system (see Hopper Safety Data Sheet, page 13). Figure 3). The spill-free fueling system has a valve that prevents fuel from spilling when the tank is full.

Figure 3. No-Spill Refueling System

What’s the Best Oil to Choose for Boat Engines.

Also note that if these oils cannot be used in the gasoline blend for boat engines. In 2T model motors it is necessary to fill in a mix made of gasoline with octane number not less than 89 and extra clean oil with detergent additives of NMMATC-W3 marking in proportion of 1:50 for working mode, and. 1:25 for break-in period (first 5-10 hours). Choosing the right oil.the basis of engine operation, that is why each manufacturer recommends to fill up the equipment with certain oil brands, thereby guaranteeing the longest service life of the product. For boat motors (both 2t and 4t) tohatus service center recommends to use german motul or american quicksilver oils. For mercury boat engines it is necessary to use only quicksilver motor oil. For Honda outboard motors the preferred brands are motul and statoil.

Useful tip

It is not recommended to use the fuel mixture if more than two months have passed since preparation.

How much oil to add to petrol for grass trimmer

How to Dilute Gasoline and Grass Trimmer Oil?

Grass trimmer specifications contain references to recommended fuels and lubricants. How to dilute gasoline with oil for lawnmower, what gasoline for grass trimmer?

in all this, the octane number of gasoline is specified, but when it comes to oils, there is a broad explanation of the need to use a certain oil from a certain manufacturer.

For reassurance, it is pointed out that only when these tips are followed, the company extends the warranty. What is this: an advertising ploy or oils from other manufacturers do not meet the requirements? The answer is in the true article.

Why mix grass trimmer oil with gasoline

The two-stroke engine has an ordinary and at the same time very efficient design:

  • The piston stroke is done every 2nd stroke;
  • the cylinder is lubricated by oil dissolved in petrol;
  • The exhaust of the combustion products is achieved by compression, without a special mechanism.

All this led to the creation of a family of small engines, successfully adapted for domestic and professional equipment:

Due to the peculiarities of design it was only possible to achieve the desired fuel consumption on small engines with a capacity in the range of 15. 20 liters.forces. How do I mix petrol and oil correctly for my petrol mower if I don’t mix petrol with. This looks especially good in the 1 to 5 liter range.с. The low weight and the size of the engine are appropriate for the gas consumption.

With increasing size the area of the intake and exhaust ports increases. The gas removal and fuel supply process is sharply improved. This required a shift to a more fuel-efficient combustion system that anticipates the need for forced maintenance of the engine.

Four-stroke models with this intercepted the palm of primacy among power units of the highest power. Combining them into multi-cylinder designs allowed the creation of special systems related to the formation of the composition of fuel consistency, lubrication and the rest, which had a favorable effect on gasoline consumption.

The video shows how to make a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines. Answers to the question how to correctly dilute petrol with oil for lawnmowers, what kind of petrol is needed? In the column Science and Technology on to properly degrease. Filling up a mower, chainsaw and

How to dilute gasoline (AI 92) for grass trimmer and lawn mower.

The lubrication of friction parts of the piston and cylinder of a two-stroke motor is done with oil, which is in a certain proportion in the fuel. Gasoline burns and oil settles on the surface of the cylinder, reducing friction of rubbing parts.

Lack of lubrication damages the cylinder and can even lead to seizure. In the case of overdilution, under the influence of high temperatures, there is a deposition of thermally modified product in the ring grooves.

Compression drops, and with it, so does power.

How to mix oil with petrol

Motor oils are used to add to gasoline for grass trimmer. How to dilute petrol with oil correctly before filling up the lawnmower. You have to mix it in a certain proportion. Manufacturers have a different volume ratio: from 1 to 50 to 1 to 20.

Practical tips on how to dilute gasoline with oil for properly. But how. There is a reference to this in the specifications. How to Dilute Gasoline with Grass Trimmer Oil? You should be careful with a small proportion of oils.

A slight inaccuracy leads to oil starvation of the engine, reducing its service life.

There are products, which specify a proportion of 1 to 20-40. Practical hints on how to dilute petrol with grass trimmer oil. It is possible to assign which. It is better to refuse to use such lubricant. A wide range of mixtures testifies to the low quality of the product. Piston ring fouling is practically guaranteed in the event of constant use of these grades.

Motor oils, such as M-8, are added in proportions of 1-20. Not desirable in high-speed engines. The cycle between feed mixes is so short that it causes over-lubrication in the cylinder.

Grass trimmers have small revolutions, so they allow the use of low-grade grease. Peculiarities of fuel for two-stroke engines and classification of oils. Practical tips on how to dilute gasoline with oil for grass trimmer.

Low life expectancy from the start means it is easy to get stuck in the rings. Before there is complete wear and tear on the equipment.

The use of recommended oils or oils from other producers is not fundamental. The main thing is to dilute petrol with oil for grass trimmer in proportions according to the characteristics of the product. It is illegal for a service shop to deny a warranty solely on the basis of using a different brand of grease, but with permissible parameters.

How much oil to put in gasoline for the grass trimmer?

Answers to the question What gasoline is needed for the trimmer for grass and how much oil to pour? In the column Pets and plants on the portal

92 gasoline. And the proportion of oil is written on the container with the oil and is based on its viscosity. In most cases, it is 1 to 50 (20 grams of oil per liter of gasoline).

I’m not very good at such things, just know that the brand of gasoline is depending on the type of trimmer for grass (in other words, in the annotation specifies a brand of gasoline needed and how much oil), but I found a site and a forum where you have the right data.

We have a grass trimmer. He usually takes a dural canister and goes to get 92 gasoline. How much oil to use should be written in the trimmer’s manual or on the trimmer itself. Look closely at the grass trimmer you have. There should be numbers 1:50, 1:40,1:20. That’s the ratio of oil to gasoline.

You need 92 gasoline for your grass trimmer, but AI-95 is better. You can read more about it in the manual. If there is no such a thing, then somewhere on the tank should be an indication of the proportion of oil to pour. There is a rule of thumb that it is better to overfill than underfill. There is a rule of thumb that it is better to overfill than underfill. 1:20 is sometimes written in some places, but other trimmers have 1:40. Take a close look at your own grass trimmer.

For each brand grass trimmer You need a mixture of gasoline and motor oil in a certain proportion. The annotation usually says what ratio will be good. Some manufacturers, like STIHL, have a ready-to-use fuel mix for their products.

Fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

Video shows how to make a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines. Gasoline for grass trimmers, chain saws and

How to dilute gasoline (AI 92) for grass trimmer

How to dilute petrol (AI 92) for grass trimmer and lawn mower.

Grass trimmer requires 92 gasoline usually, I have not heard of the other, to be honest. Here’s how much? Look closely at your weed trimmer, it should say the oil to gasoline ratio, it may look like 1:50 or 1:20.

Gasoline should be of the brand that is specified in the instruction manual trimmer for grass. Gasoline is usually AI 92. AI 95. You need to fill a special oil for two-stroke engines in the proportion of one liter of gasoline 50 ml. oils

You can fill either 92 or 95 gasoline. But how much oil to pour you need to look in the manual to your trimmer or look for the inscription on the body of the “bull”. If you can’t find it, dilute it in the ratio of 1:40. It’s better to overdo it than underdo it.

For a grass trimmer, gasoline is usually used in either ninety-second or ninety-fifth. I can not say about the proportion. you should read the information-instruction on the package, because it (proportion) depends on many factors.

There are different mowers, I fill my mower with 92 gasoline. The proportion for five liters of gasoline is 200 milliliters of oil. And you can pour this mixture as much as you can fit into the tank. But don’t be stingy with the oil.

The engine in a trimmer and a regular chainsaw are almost the same. All pour 92 gasoline (check yours with the manufacturer, but other types of fuel I have not yet encountered). And how much oil. it already depends on the oil (read the label). I usually dilute 100 grams of oil in 5 liters of gasoline. that’s enough gasoline to mow a 9 hectare lot. And remember, gasoline diluted with oil should not be stored for a long time.

Standard proportions

It is not unusual to have problems with the proportions of oil and fuel for the reliable operation of the brushcutter. The reason for everything. completely different information in the sources. You may encounter a difference in the ratio data by a dozen units, and sometimes. by half. So you can’t help wondering how much oil you need for 1 liter of gasoline: 20 ml or all 40. But for this there is a technical passport for the product that you buy in the store. There should be a description of the device, the instruction on its operation and instructions on the rules of preparation of the fuel mixture.

The information recommended by the manufacturer should be taken into account first, because if your brushcutter breaks down, you can file a claim with the manufacturer and not with any independent source. If there is no instruction manual, and even more so if the passport is missing, it is recommended to look for another grass trimmer model from a more reliable seller.

For all other cases, when you have a lawnmower model in your hands and there is no way to know its technical features, there are standard proportions of the most likely components of the fuel mixture for a two-stroke engine. Generally, these units use AI-92 gasoline and a special synthetic oil, which contains a solvent for better mixing with fuel. Such oil evaporates slowly and has the ability to burn completely in the cylinder without leaving a residue.

The standard ratio of synthetic oil to gasoline is 1:50. That means 100 ml of oil for 5 liters of petrol, giving an oil consumption of 20 ml per 1 liter of petrol. Knowing the amount of oil required to dilute 1 liter of fuel, you can easily calculate any rates when preparing fuel for the grass trimmer. When using mineral oils, a ratio of 1: 40 is most often standard. Thus, it requires 25 ml for 1 litre of fuel, and 125 ml for a 5-litre canister.

If your lawn mower is running, it is not difficult for someone with a little experience in this type of machine to determine and correct the correct amount of oil for the model in question. You should only pay attention to the exhaust gases (their color, toxicity of odor), stability of cycles, engine heating and developed power. details on what consequences from wrong proportions of petrol and oil mixing you can expect in another section of the article. There are versions of brushcutters working on gasoline AI-95. You also have to take it into account.

If the manufacturer recommends such octane rating, you should follow the requirements in order not to reduce the service life of the equipment.

Particulars of brushcutter refuelling

Depending on the engine device trimmers are subdivided into two-stroke and four-stroke. In the first case, the internal combustion engine piston makes 2 strokes per work cycle, and in the second case. 4 strokes. Differences in the working principle of the engine cause different approaches to filling the trimmer for grass.

Filling up brushcutters with two-stroke engine

Normal brushcutter models for household use usually have a two-stroke engine. The lawnmower does not need a lot of power or speed, so it is quite suitable for the task at hand. It is also a much cheaper and simpler engine, but it is filled with a fuel mix of oil and gasoline. This fuel is filled into the carburetor and discharged into the cylinder as an oil-and-gasoline mist. The oil thus lubricates all the necessary parts and the engine combusts with the petrol when in operation. But this mixture burns and emits a pungent smell and smoke, increasing the toxicity of the exhaust.

Important! You need to use special oil for two-stroke engines for these brushcutters, which burn completely without burning and have low volatility. To mix it with petrol it contains 20% of solvent.

Fueling your brushcutter with a four-stroke engine

Four-stroke engines are used in professional brushcutter models. They are powerful and can work for long periods without stopping or refuelling. They also use gasoline and oil as fuels, but are filled in different tanks. That means that no oil is present in the combustion process, which means that the exhaust fumes are less toxic.

Side note! In addition to better environmental performance and less heat, four-stroke brushcutter engines are also more economical. They use much less fuel. savings of up to 50% on gasoline and up to 80% on oil.

The ready-to-use gasoline-oil mixture can be stored for up to 3 months (pure gasoline is stored for less). Only use enough fuel for a few trimmer applications. In general, prepare:

What is the right way to put the fuel in a two-stroke motor

Many people do not follow some important recommendations for pouring fuel into the gas tank of a grass trimmer or lawn mower, which eventually leads to unpleasant consequences. Let’s consider important recommendations on how to properly pour diluted fuel from gasoline and oil into the gas tank of a brushcutter:

  • Prepare a funnel or watering can. Despite the large diameter of the gas tank opening, very often when you try to get into it, some of the fuel will spill and end up on the tool body. Fuel that has been spilled on the tool can be a fire hazard as it heats up, so it is very important to use a funnel or spout
  • Before unscrewing the cap, you need to clean the surface of the tank thoroughly, because dirt can get inside, which will cause a quick clogging of the gasoline filter
  • Work on filling fuel must be done in windless weather or in a secluded place to avoid the possibility of dust and small grains of sand in the tank
  • Do not leave the gas tank hatch open for a long time, because it can get not only small grains of sand and dust, but also insects
  • When filling, do not inhale petrol fumes, as they are harmful to humans. When working with a trimmer, the master must use protective goggles, headphones and a respirator
  • Fill the fuel tank to the mark. If you fill up a full tank, when you screw in the cap, some of it will spill out. not an economical use of fuel. In this case it is better to underfill than overfill

With these tips you can significantly extend the life of the gasoline tool in question.

Tips for Storing Ready-to-Use Grass Trimmer Fuel Mix

After filling up the grass trimmer, many people save the remaining mixture in the bottle until next time. Sometimes this next time does not come soon, and stretches to the next year. Do not store the ready-to-use mixture for such a long time, because the oil will decompose. After the mixture is ready, use it up within 1-2 weeks. In addition, you should also not store the tool for a long time with the fuel mixture poured into the tank, because the effect will be similar. To prevent unforeseen circumstances, it is advisable to consider the following recommendations for storing a ready mix of gasoline and oil:

  • Prepare the fuel mixture in the amount that will be used. If you do not know how much fuel you are using, then it is better to prepare less
  • If there is fuel mixture left in the tank of the grass trimmer (when the tool is hidden until the next season), then it must be completely used up or drained
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly before pouring it into the tank
  • Store the ready mixture in a tightly screwed container and in a place restricted to sunlight

If you follow all the recommendations, the service life of the grass trimmer will be at least as long as specified in the instructions. The use of quality consumables paired with adherence to the recommendations for the grass trimmer mix will result in a long and efficient service of the gasoline tool.