How much oil to put in gasoline for a chainsaw

How to dilute the components of the mixture

As mentioned above, gasoline and oil should be diluted in a specially prepared container. Don’t do it in the gas tank. The latter technique will cause some of the oil to get into the carburetor. As a result, you will have to disassemble the engine and wash it.

Standard dilution proportions 50:1 and 40:1. The mix will not interfere with the combustion of gasoline in the gas tank, and will improve lubrication of the mechanism’s rubbing parts. When running in a new tool, it is advisable to add twenty percent more lubricant. It is recommended to dilute with more oil in high temperature areas.

Many owners will be interested in information about how to dilute gasoline with oil, if there is no measuring container. A 20cc medicine syringe is good for this purpose. Most gasoline-powered saws come with measuring pails, though.

Before you dilute the fuel, clean and degrease the neck of the gas tank. You should fill it up through a filter. Any rag can be used as a filter

After use, you should pour out the remaining mixture and discard it. Remember, it’s better to overfill than underfill. What will happen if you do not take into account the recommendations, read below.

If you do not act according to the instructions, you can cause the tool to malfunction. For example, if you do not dilute the fuel, soot will be formed more often, the necessary lubrication of pistons will not happen, resulting in a rise in engine temperature. And this will lead to the fact that the pistons will break. Or the saw’s owner will inhale toxic fumes in large quantities during all work. By doing so, he will earn health problems, will break the tool.

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Filling a STIHL chainsaw with fuel and chain oil

If the lubricant and fuel are of low quality, they can also lead to engine failure. It is not recommended to dilute engine oil made for cars. You must buy fuel with a high octane rating.

How to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil: types of oils, choice of gasoline, proportions and mixing procedure

All sorts of chainsaws are purchased by owners of country houses. Miracle equipment is indispensable for cutting firewood and building outbuildings. Those who have been using this tool for a long time, know all the subtleties of its maintenance. But beginners should definitely learn how to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw. This is what the article will talk about.

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How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw

Let’s consider how the mixture for a chainsaw is prepared. It is necessary to calculate a correct gasoline to oil ratio for a chainsaw. For a chainsaw take fuel with a high octane rating: AI-92 or AI-95.

In order to prepare the fuel mixture, it’s necessary to add 30 grams of oil to 1 liter of gasoline, which corresponds to the saw’s design. The resulting fuel liquid is poured into the fuel compartment. Before diluting gasoline, you should get advice from specialists of the service, which specializes in the repair of chainsaws.

In order for the saw to have a long life, you need to properly prepare a gasoline-oil mixture, for which you can only use brands AI-92 and AI-95. Fuel must not be leaded, otherwise the ICE can break. Do not use an old product that has expired, because over time the fuel may change the octane number. The proportion of lubricant and fuel is strictly observed.

You should not save when choosing oil for chain saws of Husqvarna brand and others. The proportions need to be respected because excess oil can lead to increased fouling of chainsaw components. Too much gasoline can cause damage to the piston and damage to the engine. So, 1 liter of fuel is mixed with 20-50 ml of oil. Husqvarna recommends adding 100 ml of oil to 4 liters of gasoline. This proportion is suitable for saws with power up to 1.5 kW.

For designs with more than 1.5 kW use an oil ratio of 1:50. In other words, you should dilute gasoline as follows: add 5 liters of gasoline to 100 ml of gasoline for a chainsaw. Partner recommends the following thinning ratio when fueling a chainsaw: Add 100 ml of lubricant per 3.3 liters of fuel.

When using supersynthetic oils, the ratios are 1:100. That is, a fuel mixture for a chainsaw must be prepared according to the recipe: add 100 ml of lubricant to 1 liter of fuel. When selecting components, use the information that is given in the instruction manual of any modification of the saw.

Consider in which container you can mix fuel. In stores, there are canisters with measuring divisions that have 2 holes: for fuel and for grease. Using such a canister, pour both ingredients, tighten the caps and mix the substances by tilting the canister in different directions.

Often plastic bottles and other containers are used to mix ingredients. Be careful with plastic and glass. Static electricity can build up when you mix ingredients. Make sure no pebbles, sand, or water drops get into the fuel mixture. The fuel mixture must be mixed well. Prepared fuel mixture must not be stored for more than one month, because oxidation of materials may occur and the composition of the mixture may change.

Engine breakage caused by expired fuel is considered by the service department as non-warranty. In this case, the cost of repair can reach 80% of the price of a new construction.

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After all work with the use of the chainsaw has been completed, it is necessary to use up the remaining fuel, turn off the motor, remove the remains of the mixture.

For the best operation of the device, it is necessary to make a mixture that will ensure the smooth operation of the motor, complete combustion of the gasoline-oil mixture without causing fouling, smoke or damage.

Each chainsaw has different technical data and can do different jobs.

Powerful saws are suitable for cutting down centuries-old trees, small chainsaws are more suitable for various jobs in the household:

Standard chainsaw blocks:

  • Power pack.
  • Clutch clutch.
  • Ignition unit.
  • Carburetor.
  • Fuel block (oil and fuel tank).
  • Filters to clean incoming air.
  • Starter.
  • Chain.
  • Tire.
  • Chain brake.
  • The tensioning mechanism.
  • Element for chain lubrication.

Each chainsaw requires high-quality fuel and lubricants to keep it running productively for long periods of time. What gasoline to pour for a chainsaw, in what proportions?

For domestic chainsaws are suitable for simple oils, foreign chainsaws need more complex fuel mixtures that have been thoroughly cleaned.

Recommendations for preparation

Most drivers know that a two-stroke engine runs on gasoline and oil. For this reason it is advisable to observe the proportions given in the product data sheet.

Of course, some experienced vehicle owners create the proportion by eye. However, each time such a mixture will have a different ratio. This will adversely affect the performance of the motor. That is why you should read the instructions on the package.

Recommended requirements for the operation of the mixture:

  • You should not reduce the amount of oil component when mixing it with fuel. You should stick to the ratio of 1:50. This is how much oil? Know the exact amount before pouring mixture into the crankcase. Oil is not cheap, so it is not uncommon to try to save money. But it can contribute to very high heating of the system. Therefore, the proportions of oil should be observed. Also due to an insufficient amount of this component, scuffing can occur, which significantly reduces the life of the motor.
  • You should also avoid using too much oil. Too much of it is bad for engine operation. This leads to rapid wear and tear of the motor, an increase in fouling.
  • It is not recommended to store the prepared fuel mixture for more than 30 days. Otherwise it loses the necessary properties, and its use will significantly reduce the life of the engine.
  • It is required to follow that there is no dust, dirt in the composition, as it will also negatively affect the operation of the motor.

Proportion of oil and gasoline for chainsaws: how to dilute

All modern chainsaws are equipped with a two-stroke engine. Its long and trouble-free functioning depends directly on whether the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw is correct. The variety of tool brands and features of each are the reason that this procedure is not easy for most novice users of chainsaws.

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STIHL chain saw: which gasoline oil to use?

A number of manufacturers producing equipment also produce their consumables, which are adapted to the work of a particular engine. STIHL also produces oil exclusively for its machines. It is provided with special additives, which can compensate the fuel quality, improving the lubrication and purification of the fuel mixture. It should be noted that Husqvarna HP oil is universal and can be used for any chainsaw. It can be used at a temperature not lower than.10 degrees.

Also for two-stroke engines use the following brands: Sadko, Kraissmann, Oleo-mac Prosint. When using a STIHL chain saw, how much oil to use per liter of gasoline? The ratio will be 25 ml of additive per liter of fuel. Remember that there are oils for chains and motors. They are not made for the same purpose and are not interchangeable. Use of chain oil to make a fuel and lubricating mixture leads to tool breakage.

Petrol to oil ratio for chain saws

Household and professional chainsaws are powered by two-stroke internal combustion engines that run on a dosed mixture of gasoline and engine oil adapted to the harsh operating conditions. Correct proportions of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is one of the important conditions for stable traction characteristics of the engine and low-cost development of its designated resource.

The need for a sufficiently high output from a small power unit means that the chainsaw engine has to operate at high rpm, and as a result there are higher requirements for the quality of both components in the fuel mix.

Criteria for self-selection

You should only use fuel for your STIHL chain saw and other models if you follow the following general recommendations. These may include:

  • If you will use fuel that has been stored for a long period, it will have a negative impact on the traction characteristics of the internal combustion engine. In addition, such exploitation causes small detonations, as well as the appearance of carbon deposits.
  • All users of chainsaws should not pay attention to low-octane mixtures, because they are characterized by low quality.
  • In some cases you can use leaded fuel. It can significantly extend the life of the device.

Two-stroke oil for chainsaws and grass cutters

Experience shows that saving on fuel leads to a longer lifespan of the machine. Besides that, it’s a big drop in performance.