How much oil to put in the engine of the walking tractor?

Classification of engine oils

The most important parameters for engine oil are the viscosity and the temperature range at which it can be used. The number before the letter W in the marking indicates the temperature at which the fluid thickens. The number after the letter represents the maximum temperature at which the fluid permits trouble-free engine operation. These values must correspond to those given in the operator’s manual of your garden tiller. note also that you must use different high-viscosity lubricants in winter and summer. Fuels like SAE 30 and SAE 40 are designed for summertime use and low-viscosity fuels like 5W30 for wintertime use. The low viscosity oil will evaporate quickly at high temperatures and will not be able to provide complete lubrication of the mechanisms. Too thick fluid will be a hindrance in starting the engine at low air temperatures.

The chemical composition of the lubricant basis is also important, as it affects the properties of the product and determines its effects.

Mineral engine oil:

  • Provides reduced friction force;
  • reduces formation of deposits and carbon deposits;
  • reduces the wear of the working parts;
  • Does not produce harmful emissions and does not pollute the air.

synthetics contain additives that prevent the formation of carbon deposits and protect the power unit against wear. Semi-synthetics are manufactured by mixing mineral and synthetic bases with special additives.

The advantages of synthetic and semi-synthetic motor fluids

For 4-stroke engines of motor blocks, cultivators and other garden equipment oil with SAE-30 marking, having high viscosity and intended for summer use, is perfectly suitable. They can be mineral or synthetic based and contain various additives. The fluid with this marking reliably protects friction surfaces from corrosion and fast wear. This oil is distinguished by the fact that it prolongs the life of the engine.

Analogue of summer oil SAE-30 can be any multigrade oil, in which the second digit stands for 30. For example, the fluid marked 5W-30 has similar characteristics when used in summer, but it can also be used in winter, when the air temperature is not lower.35 o C. 10W-30 grease also has similar SAE-30 properties when used in warm seasons. But its operating range is limited by temperature.25 o C.

Below are described the most popular brands of summer oils labeled SAE-30, as well as oils? Designed for all-season use.


Mineral summer grease (made in Russia), containing various additives with dispersant, antioxidant, anticorrosive properties. It forms a strong oil film that stays on the surface of the parts for a long time. Provides reliable protection from engine wear and increases its resistance to high mechanical loads.

Motul Garden 4T SAE30

Motul mineral lubricant with antiwear, detergent and dispersant properties. High temperature stability, no foaming. Used in four-stroke gasoline engines and diesels. Compatible with unleaded and leaded gasoline, diesel fuel.

Husqvarna SAE30

This petroleum product manufactured by a Swedish company contains additives that provide anti-rust, antiwear and anti-corrosion properties. Provides consistent parts lubrication, thus helping to increase engine life. Works effectively in the plus temperature range of 5-30 ° C.

Patriot Supreme HD SAE30

High-quality American-made engine oil with mineral basis. Suitable for summer applications. Contains anti-wear, anti-corrosion additives and provides maximum engine protection under severe operating conditions. Used for lubrication of power tillers, mini-tractors, brush cutters and other farm equipment.

Premium Zubr 10W-30

All-season semisynthetic liquid of the Russian brand, designed for lubrication of four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines. Increased resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, has a viscosity corresponding to the SAE 10W-30. Can be effectively used in the temperature range.25 oC 50 oC.

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Premium Inforce 11-04-03

Multigrade oil (made in Russia) on semi-synthetic base with multifunctional additives, providing corrosion protection, extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. Prevents formation of soot, reduces engine noise, effectively protects its moving parts from wear. Can be used at temperatures from.20o C to 30o C.

G-MOTION 4T 10W-30

Lubricant for all-season use, made in Germany, designed for four-stroke engines of power tillers, cultivators, snow blowers, mini-tractors and other small equipment. The oil has thermal-oxidative stability, provides good lubrication of friction parts, lowers technical wear, prevents formation of corrosion and harmful deposits. Provides efficient operation of the power plant under all operating conditions.

SKOUT 10W40 engine oil

Semi-synthetic oil SKOUT 10W40 is one of the most popular lubricants for power tillers, mini-tractors and other small tools. It is produced on the basis of mineral, synthetic oil products and is detergent, i.e. containing detergent and dispersant additives. Therefore it meets technical requirements fully. This kind of grease is all-season and can be used at temperatures from.25 o C to 40 o C without losing its properties.

As a rule, in the instruction to motor vehicles manufacturer specifies the brand and amount of machine oil to use. If there are no such recommendations, the product should be chosen according to the following characteristics:

The SAE parameter indicates the viscosity grade of the substance and is composed of an alphanumeric abbreviation, where the letter W indicates the possibility of use at low temperatures. The number before the dash indicates the viscosity at negative thermometer values, and the number after the dash indicates the viscosity at positive values. These numbers indicate how easily the fluid will flow through the system, and how quickly it will reach the surfaces of rubbing parts without causing dry friction.

The API parameter divides the lubricant into C and S categories according to its performance. Category C refers to products designed for four-stroke diesel engines that are air-cooled, to category S for gasoline engines. Therefore, when choosing a fluid, you should always pay attention to this marking, as for diesel and carburetor engines it has different composition.

The ACEA parameter classifies the oil according to HT (viscosity at elevated temperatures)/HS (shear rate), which shows how energy-efficient the oil is. The higher the value, the better it protects engine components from wear and tear. We recommend that a substance with a high mPas value be used in a tractor, mini-tractor, as well as heavy motor blocks Neva designed for heavy loads.

Below are the types of machine grease, which by their characteristics are the most optimal for the cultivator or power tiller. Of course, they can be used if there are no special recommendations from the equipment manufacturer, and in accordance with the S and C marks. So, these are oils:

  • 5w30, 5w40 all-season, which can be filled into the motor vehicles at ambient temperatures at least.25 oC;
  • 10w30, 10w40 with anticorrosive properties;
  • 15w40, 20w40 designed for pouring into the engine at a temperature of 45 o C or higher;
  • 0w30, 0w40 designed for winter application;
  • MIL-L are designed for military vehicles and can be used on motor blocks with diesel engines (with the code number 2104) and carburetor engines (with the code number 46152) type.

Double-labelled (SG/CD, SF/CC) lubricants can be used for all engines: they are universal and equally good for diesel engines and petrol engines (such as Texas rotary cultivators). Among the variety of lubricant products, the most popular is the means produced under the brands Mobil, Castrol, ZIC, Shell Helix. For action improvement and quality improvement Oil Additiv, BIZOL, Cera Tec and other additives are added. They can be used at ambient temperatures of.25 O C to 25 O C.

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What oil to fill in the engine of power tillers

That the single-axle tractor would work flawlessly for a long time, it needs to be properly maintained and operated. Oil is a key factor for engine performance. What oil to fill in the engine of power tillers let’s try to understand on this page.

The most correct recommendation on the selection of oil will be the engine manufacturer’s recommendation for the power tiller. That is why let us study user manuals of major engine manufacturers for power tillers and give some extracts from manuals.

The choice of engine oil, as well as any other type of oil, depends on two basic parameters. the operating category and viscosity grade.

engine, walking, tractor

API Performance Grade Classification (American Petroleum Institute). Read more here

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) classification for viscosity grades. Read more here

Winter. with the letter W (Winter). oils meeting these categories are low viscosity and used in winter. SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W

Summer. no lettering. Oils meeting these classifications are high-viscosity and for summertime use. SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.

All-season. at the moment the most common are universal oils, which are used in winter and summer.

These oils are denoted by a combination of winter and summer grades: 5W-30, 10W-40

Use an oil with a lower SAE number in the winter (less viscosity) and a higher SAE number in the summer (more viscous).

Oil with multiple viscosity grades has comprehensive stability in the face of seasonal and temperature changes. For example, SAE 10W-30 is suitable for use as an all-season oil. At low temperatures, it has the viscosity equivalent to SAE 10W oil and the same lubricating properties as SAE 30 during operation.

Engine oil for power tillers, recommended by engine makers.

Engine brand of your power tiller Manufacturer’s Recommended Engine Oil
summer winter performance class
Robin Subaru SAE 10W-30. in moderate climates SAE 5W-30. in cold regions automotive engine oil; grade SE or higher (SG,SH or SJ recommended)
Honda SAE 10W-30 oil is recommended at all temperatures. If you want to use seasonal oil, choose an oil with a suitable viscosity grade based on average temperatures in your area SG, SF.
Lifan SAE-30 SAE 10W-30. multigrade
Briggs Stratton Briggs Stratton recommends synthetic oil when operating at temperatures below 0°C. If you do not have synthetic oil, you can use non-synthetic Briggs Stratton 10W-30 part number 998208 Note: Synthetic oil that meets ILSAC GF-2, API certification mark and API service symbol with “SJ/CF ENERGY CONSERVING” or higher can be used at all temperatures. Change synthetic oil according to normal schedule. Air-cooled engines heat up faster than conventional engines. The use of non-synthetic thickened oils (5W-30, 10W-30, etc.).д.) at temperatures above 4°C will result in high oil consumption. In case of using such oil, check oil level more frequently. SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher
DM-1-01 (JSC Kaluga engine) M63/12G1 or M53/10G1 GOST 10541-78, oil that meets the requirements of API: SF; SG; SH and SAE 10W30; 15W30
DM-1K Instruction of PJSC “Krasny Octyabr” M10G, M12G TU 38.10148-85 M63/12G1 or M53/10G1 GOST 10541-78,
Cascade MB-6 Motor oil M-5z/10G1, M-6z/12G1 GOST 10541-78 (It is allowed to use motor oils for carburetor engines according to SAE classification in accordance with recommendations for usage at different ambient temperatures. Mixing of mineral and synthetic oils is not allowed. )

What is a single axle tractor

Motor blocks (MG-tractor) are mobile compact devices, equipped with special attachments for cultivation of homestead plots. The mini-tractor is a complex unit consisting of several autonomous systems:

Power units are equipped with either gasoline or diesel engines with liquid or air cooling system. Gasoline power units are available in two- and four-stroke models; diesel engines are available only in four-stroke models.

The transmission of the MG tractor transmits the rotational forces from the engine to the drive wheels of the unit and consists of the following units:

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In other words, a single-axle tractor is the same vehicle, complete with an internal combustion engine, including all necessary systems for its successful operation. Therefore, it is subject to the same oil classes and requirements as large transport units.

A completely dry gearbox requires 2 liters of oil; a 1.5 liter oil change is required every 50 hours of operation. Recommended by the manufacturer of oil: transmission TAD-17I, TAP-15B or other GOST 23652-79, allowed to mix these oils in any proportions.

Place a container under the gearbox: at least 2 liters for MB Compact, MB1 Multi-AGRO, MB2 Multi-AGRO, MB23 Multi-AGRO; at least 3 liters for MB2 CS: GO, MB2, MB23.

You need 2 liters of oil in a completely dry gearbox, when changing the oil 1.5 liters, it is necessary to change oil in a gearbox of a walking tractor every 50 hours of work.

Motor oil M-5z/10G1, M-6z/12G1 GOST 10541-78 (It is allowed to use engine oils for carburetor engines according to SAE classification in accordance with the recommendations for usage at different ambient temperatures). Mineral and synthetic oils must not be mixed. )

How to choose an oil for your power tiller

Type of fluid used depends on viscosity grade and operating category. These are winter oil, summer oil and multigrade oil. Thickness level depends on temperature conditions, operating mode and design features. The most common are synthetic and semi-synthetic petroleum products, which are excellent for the efficient operation of the engine in power tillers.

engine, walking, tractor

The operating category defines the quality of the lubricant. To simplify the choice of engine oil in ICE on any fuel have created classification systems, the most common are API, ACEA, ILSAC.

engine, walking, tractor

There are two viscosity grades in a single system: winter grade with a letter (W) and summer grade without a letter assignment, as well as their combinations to indicate the all-season oil. If the lubricant is low viscosity, it is an option for cold seasons, high-viscosity is designed for warm seasons.

Changing engine oil on gas-powered walk-behind tractors

Universal all-season compositions are more widespread, because they are used in all weather, it is. 5W-30, 10W-40. To understand what oil to pour into a single-axle tractor, you need to be guided by the table of classification of oil grades.

On a newly purchased machine, the first change is made after 30 hours of operation, then every 180 to 200 hours. If a single-axle tractor is rarely used for work, replacement is done at least once every two years. In the Neva MB-2 unit you must fill the oil TAP-15B, instead of that you can use brand TAD-17I.

Experienced car enthusiasts know that domestic cars with engines from 1.8 to 2.5 liters consume an average of 3.5 liters of oil. And in foreign cars you should fill from 4 liters of engine oil to 4.5.

In order to change the oil in the motoblock gearbox, the following steps should be followed: Set the single-axle tractor in an upright position Place a container under the gearbox: at least 2 liters. for MB Compact, MB1 Multi-AGRO, MB2 Multi-AGRO, MB23 Multi-AGRO; not less than 3 liters. for MB2 CS: GO, MB2, MB23.

In a completely dry gearbox requires 2 liters of oil, if you change the oil 1.4.5 liters; the gearbox oil in a crawler tractor must be changed every 50 hours of operation.