How much you can trim with your trimmer

How the grass trimmer works and how to use it correctly: refueling and first run

The technique of working with a string trimmer and a disc has some differences. A trimmer line cuts the grass at its tip, but if you run too fast, it uses the entire length. As a result, the stems are not cut, and the grass is winded on the cord, which overloads the engine. That’s why you need to choose the best speed for your trimmer. In addition, trimmer lines are much quicker to use when mowing tall and tough grass than when cutting lawns.

There are a few simple recommendations, the implementation of which will make mowing more effective and efficient.

  • Trimmers with a bottom-mounted motor are convenient for mowing garden paths, flowerbeds and edges of lawns. The rotation plane of the reel can be perpendicular to the ground.
  • Dense thickets, large weeds, bushes should be mowed with discs or special attachments.
  • When cleaning large areas, the device should be tilted to the left, in the direction of swing.
  • To cut the grass around flower beds, bushes and other obstacles you need to turn the grass trimmer head with the blade of shade towards them. In this way you can mow the objects without damaging them.

Remember that the bobbin or disc must not touch the ground or any obstacle except grass and branches to be cut.

Grass trimmer operating rules

In addition to the mandatory adjustment and running-in before you start working, you need to observe a number of rules to make mowing comfortable, the result. the best, and the service life of the device. for a long time.

Using the belt

Before you start the grass trimmer, you need to attach the strap to the assembled and ready to work device. fasten it to the boom with a metal loop. Such a mounting can withstand heavy and prolonged strain. The belt can be put on one shoulder in some models and on both shoulders in others (backpack-type straps). When you mow a big area your arms and back get tired from the weight of the tool, but if you put the right belt on, the strain can be reduced and sore muscles and joints prevented.

Mowing the lawn

A cord is needed for this task because lawn grass is softer than normal. First make sure the area to be mowed is free of large debris, branches, wires, stumps, and bumps. The lawn must be cut evenly which means the height of the grass must be the same in all parts of the lawn. To mow properly with a line trimmer, the device should be kept level with the ground at all times, driving it from right to left, smoothly and without haste. You can divide the area into squares and trim them one after the other. It is recommended to move from one to the other in a clockwise direction.


Hay should not be too fine, so mow under the root. It is better to mow with a disc, because meadow grass is tougher than lawn grass, and a line for a trimmer can not cope with it. Lower the grass trimmer as low as possible, try to mow equal swaths of the same length. It is better to cut bushes and large weeds with strong stems in a circle to prevent damage to the disc. As with the lawn, the grass trimmer should be moved from right to left.

Mow high grass

In this case, you need to move the trimmer from side to side twice to remove the grass height, and then mow it under the root. It may take three or more strokes. it depends on the length of the stems. Use a disc to cut through tough grass at the base.

Mowing wet grass

It is dangerous to cut grass with an electric tool during or after rain! Moisture can cause a short circuit in the motor, the grass trimmer may burn out, and a person may get an electric shock. Dew is also a hazard, especially with low-mounted power tools and corded models, which require an extension cord. It’s safe to cut wet grass with a brushcutter, though low-rated gasoline units should always be protected from rain.

Speed selection

Spindle speed adjustment is only possible on petrol models. This option is used for different types of work:

  • Low revolutions are good for mowing lawns;
  • medium. for tall grass thickets and thin shrubs;
  • high. for cutting thick branches and bushes.

How long can a grass trimmer mow

The apparatus with an electric motor is able to work up to 20 minutes for one turn on. Then turn it off for the same length of time to allow the motor to cool. The battery charge should be checked periodically.

Lawn mowers can run for up to 40 minutes or even up to an hour without a break to cool the motor. Then turn it off for 10-20 minutes. How long a particular mower will work depends also on the volume of its fuel tank.

Cordless grass trimmer for mowing the lawn

  • Price
  • The manufacturer
  • Accessories
  • Weight
  • Warranty period
  • Specifications

Let’s leave aside for the moment lawn mowers, carts and robots. not every site is suitable for their use. Let’s take a closer look at the universal tool. grass trimmer. At first glance, cordless models. the right thing: low weight, easy operation, no wires to be dragged around the site But the discussion (Grass, grass at home How do you fight?) has shown that everything is not so unambiguous: there are probably as many objections to this choice as there are arguments in its favor.

Well, since I still need a trimmer for the grass, I decided to approach the matter thoroughly and figure out how to choose a successful. convenient, reliable, practical. cordless model. And yes, is it even worth it to make a choice in favor of such equipment.

Selection parameters

To choose, it is necessary to define for the beginning, on what parameters to conduct comparison that is important. and what it is possible and to be waived. This is my list.

Accu trimmer for grass: how to choose and whether it is worth choosing in general

A common opinion: battery-powered equipment is expensive. And I thought so myself, until I started looking for. In fact, it turned out that:

Yes, in general, cordless grass trimmers are more expensive than the closely matched electric, mains-powered ones. On the other hand, if you still do not have (as I have, for example) a coil with a suitable extension cord, and it should be added to the price of an electric trimmer for grass (50-meter, up to 2000 for a 30-meter), then the difference between the final amount and the cost of battery-powered analogue is not so noticeable.

There are not only expensive equipment (starting with 30,000 and up) among cordless models (as well as among others), but also quite budget options (starting with 5000 for full equipment and starting with 3500 without battery and battery charger). But you need to choose them carefully. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

If you already have any cordless technique, it is possible that its batteries and charger will be compatible with trimmers of the same manufacturer. And then you can choose a complete set at a very democratic price.

And also (thanks to Internet!) you can find a store where the price of the interested model will be optimal.


Here everything is easier and more complicated First, the equipment of famous brands, as a rule, costs more than analogues from less known producers. Secondly, unfortunately, the big name on the label does not always guarantee quality. And finally, if you look closely, it turns out that almost all trimmers for grass offered by our stores are made in China. Absolutely no matter under what brand they are sold.

The idea to be guided primarily by the brand is bursting after reading the reviews. Failed models. inconvenient, often breaking down, with maintenance problems, etc.д there are all manufacturers. Alas.

Nevertheless, the above does not negate the fact that a well-known manufacturer is likely to be more qualitative and reliable equipment. In addition, it is easier to pick up consumables and spare parts (if necessary), it is easier to repair in case of failure (products unknown Chinese craftsmen sometimes do not take for repair).

Finally, since we are talking about battery equipment, it is wise to think about the prospects: most serious manufacturers have batteries of different devices are interchangeable, so in the future, if you want to expand your arsenal, you can save.

All sorts of ratings name the leaders among manufacturers of battery trimmers companies Bossh, Makita, Patriot, STIHL. The latter, however, low-cost (up to 10,000) models I could not find on sale. But in this category is well represented by the company Greenworks, which produces, judging by customer reviews, quite decent cordless devices.

“Key to start!

Well, the preparations are complete and it’s time for the first start.

Put the grass trimmer on the ground, pressing the motor part with your knee and pulling the starter handle until resistance (hooking) appears. Make sure you don’t touch anything on the cutting part of the brushcutter at this point.

Slowly pull out the starter cord several times to re-lubricate all internal motor mechanisms.

Start the engine with the choke closed, only after the starter is engaged, pulling the cord sharply and rhythmically. When you start it, the choke opens and is usually in the middle position. Before mowing, let the trimmer run idle for about 5 minutes.

Do not start the engine indoors or in the same place where it was refueled. Exhaust gases from the combustion of fuel are highly toxic, and their high concentration can lead to very negative consequences for human health.

Avoid having an open flame in the vicinity of the fuel mixture preparation or pouring. Also smoking is strictly forbidden during these processes.

What else is important? New trimmers need a so-called running-in period. Don’t step on the gas pedal right away. Take short breaks at least for the first time. This is to ensure that all parts “rub in” and lubricate well.

Keep this in mind when working

A lawnmower is usually equipped with a restraint strap. You need to adjust it to your body height beforehand, so that you don’t have to do it after the machine has been started. Gasoline grass trimmers due to their power have a high capacity. However, not all gasoline trimmers are able to work without refueling, especially in very hot weather. It is not necessary to test the tool for durability and to work with it “on wear and tear”, because it can lead to a significant reduction in the service life of the tool. The same applies to cutting too tough vegetation, such as thick branches of bushes. Carefully read the instructions for use and the allowable loads for your grass trimmer.

If it can cut a 1.5 cm branch with a steel blade, you shouldn’t try to do it with a 2 cm branch diameter. A good tool and a good quality knife will certainly do the job, but after a couple or three such experiments there is a possibility that it may need to be repaired. And that doesn’t mean you can get it repaired under warranty.

Use your grass trimmer only for its intended purpose. It is one thing to have a factory-made hedge trimmer or snowthrower attachment, but it is quite another to try to use a homemade attachment.

Gasoline grass trimmers are often used to mow large areas of grass in hay making. Do not use a trimmer line for this purpose, otherwise you will get vegetable “mush” instead of quality straw. Use blades or saw blades. And, by the way, for such a process it is desirable to have a model with a T-shaped handle: it is most suitable for long-term operation.

Clean all debris from the tool when work is complete. Do not leave the mixture in the tank; produce it completely, or drain it and prepare a new one for the next use. Check the equipment for integrity and reliability of attachment. Check the condition of the air filter. Flush or replace the tank as needed. The same applies to the fuel, but it can only be replaced.

Popular questions about the operation of garden gasoline trimmers

In this section we’ve answered a few common questions about gasoline trimmers.

Why won’t the lawnmower start??

If the gasoline trimmer fails to start or immediately shuts down, you need to check the ignition by removing the spark plug. A dry spark plug means that the problem lies in the system responsible for the fuel supply. Wet spark plug indicates a malfunction of the ignition system. If the spark plug has soot on it, you need to clean it or replace it.

Another cause may be a clogged air filter. If it is contaminated with oil, clean, wash and dry it.

Why does the lawnmower stop??

Depending on exactly when the grass trimmer stops, the causes may be different.

When pushing on the gas

  • If the gasoline grass trimmer stalls when you step on the gas, you need to check the air damper. If it is set in the closed position, it must be set in the open position.
  • Another option is a clogged filter.
  • The gasket between the cylinder and carburetor may also be damaged.
  • A cracked fuel hose will cause air leakage.

At idle speed

It may take a while before the lawn trimmer shuts down after it is started. The causes could be:

  • The carburetor is not properly adjusted;
  • contamination of carburetor, filter or choke;
  • air in the carburetor system;
  • malfunction in the ignition system;
  • Lack of gasoline.

Why does the lawnmower heat up??

  • One of the warmest parts is the gearbox. If there is not enough lubrication in the mechanism, the gears will experience friction and get hot. This can also happen with new gearboxes where the gears have not yet had time to warm up. Gearboxes can have an operational temperature of up to 60°C.
  • Another cause of lawn mower overheating is use at maximum loads. The tool should rest regularly.
  • There may not be enough oil in the fuel mixture. this will cause oil starvation, increase friction and generate a lot of heat during operation.
  • The tool must be resting regularly to prevent the mower from starting.

lawnmower. what to replace the line for the trimmer?

If the capacity of the line is not enough to mow hard grass or shrubs, you can try to install a reinforced line for the trimmer. Another alternative is a blade disc. It is suitable even for young trees and tough growth.

Health and safety requirements in an emergency situation

4.1. Do not use the grass trimmer if you are unwell or suddenly ill. 4.2.

  • winding of grass on the rotating part of the grass trimmer due to mowing tall, dense grass;
  • malfunction of the grass trimmer due to overloading, worn parts;
  • Damage to the electric grass trimmer cable due to accidental mechanical impact or wear and tear;
  • feeling of overload due to prolonged exposure to vibration;
  • fire, smoke as a result of malfunction of the petrol grass trimmer, spillage of combustible mixture.

4.3. In the case of grass wrapped around the rotating part of the tool, stop the engine, remove the spark plug (unplugged) and remove the grass from the trimmer head. 4.4. If you see grass trimmer malfunctions stop working immediately, switch off the engine and consult your supervisor if the malfunction cannot be corrected by yourself. 4.5. If the cable of the electric grass trimmer is accidentally damaged, stop working and de-energize the lawnmower by unplugging the plug. 4.6. If your personal protective equipment is damaged, stop work and change the personal protective equipment. 4.7. If symptoms of fatigue occur as a result of prolonged exposure to vibration, stop work and seek medical attention if necessary. 4.8. If you are injured, stop work, call for help, use a first aid kit, inform your supervisor, go to a medical facility or call 03 (103) for an ambulance. 4.9. In case of injury by another employee, to take measures to prevent exposure of the injured to traumatic factors, to give him/her first aid, if necessary, to call an ambulance by phone 03 (103) or to take the injured to the nearest medical institution, to report the incident to the direct supervisor. Protect the scene of the accident before the investigation begins and if this is not possible (there is a danger to the life and health of others), record the scene in a protocol, by taking photographs or by any other method. 4.10. In the event of fire at the work place, immediately stop work, announce the fire in the voice message, get the employees out of the danger zone (if other employees are present), call the Fire Department at 01 (101, 112), and inform the line manager. If there is no danger to life and limb, first eliminate the fire with fire extinguishing equipment.

Labor safety requirements at the end of work

5.1. Before finishing your work it is necessary to switch grass trimmer (brushcutter) engine off, wait till its cutting part (trimmer head) completely stops and the heated parts of the tool cool down. 5.2. De-energize the electric grass trimmer by disconnecting the plug. 5.3. Make sure that the working area is in a fire-safe condition. 5.4. Remove the spark plug cable before cleaning the petrol grass trimmer. 5.5. Check the accessory for integrity and freedom from damage, wipe and clean. 5.6. Store and transport your petrol grass trimmer and fuel so there is no risk of sparks or open flames coming into contact with fuel leaks or fumes. 5.7. Before storing the tool for any length of time, empty the fuel tank and carry out a complete maintenance service in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical documentation. 5.8. Place grass trimmer, brushcutter (lawnmower) in the designated storage area. 5.9. Take off protective clothing and other PPE, clean it, check it for integrity and put it in storage. If necessary, to surrender special clothing for washing and repair. 5.10. Wash your face and hands with soap and water or a similar product, and apply a regenerating cream to your hands. 5.11. To inform the direct supervisor about the defects that affect labor safety, found out during work with the trimmer.

Instructions developed by: /_/

I have been made aware of these instructions” _”_202. /_/

Inspection and lubrication of the lawnmower gearbox

Check the gearbox at regular intervals before starting the petrol grass trimmer. No or little lubricant increases friction in the gear train, which works at quite high RPMs. This causes overheating and overheating of the gears. Gearbox of brushcutter fails. To prevent the occurrence of such a failure in the process of operation and helps regular inspection.

If, before starting the lawn mower, insufficient or no grease is found in the gearbox, “LITOL” is put into the housing. To do this, you need to unscrew the screw on the bend of the gear housing and pour “LITOL” in an amount of 1-2 ml.

After every 8-10 hours of work with a gasoline trimmer add oil to the boom gearbox.

Preparing the right fuel mixture

Before you start the running-in of a new lawnmower engine, you must also correctly prepare the fuel mixture. As is known for two-stroke engines, it is prepared from a special two-stroke oil and gasoline, taken in certain ratios. Always consult the instruction manual supplied with the tool or the lubricant label for the correct proportions. You can also find the recommended fuel and oil type in the manual.

Prepare fuel in small quantities, just enough for one cut of grass. Use special canisters made of plastic or separate glass or metal containers for fuel. It is best to use a medical syringe to get the oil.

When getting ready to test drive a new lawn mower, many people have trouble with the fuel mix. The reason for this is the difference between the tool manufacturer’s manual and the engine oil manufacturer’s manual. The former recommends a ratio of 1:25. The second recommends 1:50. Who to trust? What to do?

According to the specialists’ opinion, if the manufacturers write in the manual for brushcutters the ratio 1:25 or 1:30, it most probably is either a cheap tool with bad cooling or the producer doesn’t know what kind of oil the consumer will add. But here it should be understood that excessive lubricant does not affect the performance of the grass trimmer in the best way. Excess oil does not burn out completely when the engine is running. It cokes and clogs the cylinder and piston.

What to do in this situation when running in a new tool? The ideal oil is the one that the mower manufacturer recommends. In the case of running-in engines, when there is no possibility to buy the recommended oil, it is better to get a good Husqvarna two-stroke oil for the gasoline-driven tools of the same name. It is not cheap, but it lasts for a long time. Mix it in the way that it is written in the instructions on the can.

Remember, it is better to use the ratio given by the oil manufacturer. But it’s better to find out by experiment whether the proportion written on the scythe is suitable or not. If you can see that the engine is dripping with oil at the ratio recommended by the manufacturer of the grass trimmer, you need to increase the oil ratio.

Even relief

Visually divide the lawn into mowing areas. You cut the grass from the perimeter of one area, and then work in a clockwise, tapering spiral. This is how weeds are cut. Then we move on to the next area. The grass cuttings are left on top of the ground.

To remove weeds at the root, the cutting part is held at an angle of 30 degrees. The line tip almost touches the ground. It takes some skill, but the grass is cut right down to the bare ground.


This technique is needed for edging paths, lawns and flowerbeds. To achieve a perfect result, a groove up to 4 cm deep is dug along the edge of the mowing line. A trimmer line cuts the grass below the ground without touching the surface.

Tricks of the seasoned dacha owners and secrets of a good harvest you didn’t know about

If you really have to trim, it’s more cost-effective to buy a low-engine electric weed trimmer. The cutting plane is upright and the cut is clean and free of errors.

Mowing slopes

Stand so that the top of the slope is on the right, work with the grass thrown to the left. After mowing one strip, return to the starting point, pass the next strip, and so on.д.

Go around bushes and large trees

In the garden or on a plot with overgrown fruit bushes, the grass trimmer is the only convenient device for work. A mower is too big for a scythe, a lawnmower is too big. Grass trimmer with a fishing line is held tightly to the bush, slightly inclining the head of the device to the ground. Go around from left to right, mowing each bush and tree separately.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer?

The criteria for choosing this tool are as follows:

  • Lawn size. The traditional lawnmower works best on large flat areas. You should not buy a grass trimmer for their treatment, as the grass will be cut unevenly.
  • Reliability of the power grid. If there are problems with continuous operation or the current is insufficient for the specified power, it is better to choose a battery-operated device.
  • Dimensions of the grass trimmer itself. If the owner of the household plot. a fragile miniature woman, she is unlikely to cope with a powerful and cumbersome device.
  • Those who want to know what is the best trimmer for the grass electric, it is worth answering that you need to take into account the type and size of the growing plants on the site. Large and stiff stems will cut only a knife, but the line for the trimmer may not “pull” such plants.

Rating of electric trimmers

Among the most popular devices, the following brands are in greatest demand:

    BOSCH electric grass trimmer is willingly purchased by owners of their own garden plots. This firm has long established itself in the market of household appliances, supplying quality products. This grass trimmer also meets the stated requirements.

Step by step instructions on how to mow with a disc mower and save fuel

The lawnmower should be started up mostly on the ground. Some craftsmen know how to start the tool by holding it in their hands, but this is quite difficult and dangerous. After starting the tool, you can start using it. First you should wear protective clothing and an off-duty belt. Depending on the tool model, the off-duty belts may be on carabiners or ties. If a carabiner or latch is used, then after starting the engine, the tool should be secured and start working. If ties are used, the belt should be put on with the tool running.

The belt must first be balanced. This means that no matter how much total weight the tool has, there should be a minimum load on the mower’s hands. With his hands, the mower carries out only the movement of the tool, and if you do not make the balance, you will be quickly tired at work. All the weight should be on the shoulders of the worker.

When the tool is ready to use, the instructions for mowing grass with a gasoline mower are as follows:

  • Move left and right slowly, keeping the grass trimmer at the same distance from the ground
  • The mower’s movements should be unhurried (half a step at a time). Specialists call the mower’s movements duck steps
  • The biggest challenge for beginners is to maintain stable turns. The revolutions in the process of mowing should be changed, which depends on the density of the vegetation. If the grass is young you do not need to work at full throttle to cut it
  • The mower should feel the work of the tool. If the grass trimmer does not cut the material, it is necessary to increase the working speed. It is not recommended to use the tool constantly at full speed
  • Specialists have worked out such an optimal mode of grass mowing with petrol-trimmers. in one direction you have to increase revolutions above medium (almost full throttle), and when you move the mower back, the gas is released, while making a step forward. This method is useful if you want to get the grass to lie down gently in swaths

There are often arguments between chain saw mowers about how to mow with a trimmer and whether it’s better to throttle off or work in a continuous mode. Let’s understand these questions in detail.

  • There is an opinion that it is better to mow with a chain saw in one RPM mode. This opinion is wrong. Working with the same power not only increases fuel consumption, but also affects the wear of parts. Releasing the throttle during reverse travel with the tool is useful because during this period the engine is cooled and the cylinder head is lubricated. Relieving the gas causes the throttle to close, so that the fuel flows through the idling speed channel and lubricates the parts
  • The throttle trigger allows not only to mow grass, but also to lay it carefully in swaths. Moving the tool in one direction allows you to mow, and moving it in the opposite direction creates a swath
  • The disc only moves in one direction, so it just doesn’t make sense to keep the tool at a constant speed when it’s moving in the opposite direction
  • Gas release causes the cutting wheel to start rotating the crankshaft by inertia, while coasting motion is always useful

If you mow with a chain saw in one rpm mode (this is what beginners usually do), it will result in increased fuel consumption and engine overheating. For comparison, you can imagine how a chainsaw works. A chainsaw gives maximum rpm only when necessary, but when the cutting of the tree is completed, the chainsaw is running at idle speed, which cools it down.

How to mow with a chain saw and a guide bar correctly

Is there a difference between trimming with a disc and a line?? Besides safety, there is a difference in working principle. The chain saw with a fixed line on a spool enables constant cutting speeds. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • fishing line for a trimmer with a spool is 3-4 times less in weight than steel discs, so the shaft is almost under no load
  • Grass that is cut with a fishing line is not usually very tall and mostly sparse, which also rules out the possibility of high engine loads
  • A fishing line reel has no inertia due to its minimal weight, so when you drop the gas, their rotation stops almost instantly

It follows that you can mow with a chainsaw with a fishing line at a constant speed, but it is important to take into account that the speed should not be higher than the average. If the line for the trimmer does not cope with the grass, then you should increase the revolutions, but you need to mow in the mode of dropping the gas.

Now let’s consider the main factors that are important to consider when working with the tool:

  • Hold the rotating filament spool 10cm off the ground
  • If the line for the trimmer does not cope with the high grass, you can mow its top first, and then the lower part
  • Mow in the same direction as the trimmer line or disc rotates. This is especially important for steel discs
  • To make breaks, because not only the mower, but also the tool itself gets tired while working with a benzosaw

Now, when you know how to properly mow with a benzokosa or trimmer (by the way, these tools differ only in name), you can proceed to beautification of the homestead territory or dacha area. When not using the tool for a long time, drain all the fuel from the tank. After all, if the oil is stored for a long time, it is characteristic to precipitate, which will lead to negative consequences. The same situation is with the storage of ready to use gasoline diluted with oil. It is not recommended to store it diluted for more than 2 weeks.

To summarize, it is worth noting that it is not difficult to work with a gasoline trimmer, and even a woman can cope with it, which proves the following video clip. However, the work of the tool can not be treated negligently, because if you do not comply with safety precautions, you can get serious injury.