How the electric trimmer works for Huter grass. Reviews about the trimmer of the brand GGT-1900T

Trimmers for Huter grass (Huter)

Electric and gasoline braids for Huter’s grass successfully combine high efficiency on the site and minimum fuel consumption. When developing each trimmer for grass, the manufacturer uses branded innovative technologies aimed at increasing endurance and comfort during operation of equipment. This makes Huter garden tools one of the most in the market, and makes it possible to successfully use them in almost any working conditions.

The German enterprise Huter is one of the most famous world brands involved in the production of high.quality household and garden equipment. The history of the brand begins in 1979. It was then that the first plant of the enterprise began to function in the German city of Nordhausen.

Since the launch of its production, the company has headed for the active development and gradual implementation of its own technologies. As a result, by the 90s of the XX century, the brand managed to enter the number of the most popular world manufacturers of electrical equipment, as well as high-quality equipment for household and economic operation.

Today, Huter is largely known for its electric and gasoline trimmers. Garden instruments of this brand are characterized by high performance, low fuel consumption and electricity, as well as ergonomics and pleasant modern design. Simplicity in operation and maintenance makes it possible to begin the use of Huter trimmers not only quite experienced, but also to beginner gardeners.

trimmer for grass gasoline Huter GGT-2500S-model parameters

This professional Huter lawn mower is included in the list of the most powerful garden tools from the German manufacturer. The model successfully combines high assembly quality, maximum endurance, which, with a relatively modest consumption of fuel, makes it possible to operate it to care for large garden areas.

The basis of the motorcycle is the gasoline 1-cylinder ICE, the volume of the cylinder of which is 51.7 cm3. An increased stroke of the standard forged piston significantly increases the supply of torque, which makes a trimmer for the grass a reliable assistant in the fight against numerous large weeds.

The factory parameters of this professional mower include:

  • The power of the engine is 3.3 liters. With. at 9500 rpm;
  • fuel tank. 0.7 l;
  • Possible coverage when mowing with a cord/knife. 43/25.5 cm;
  • maximum sound effect. 96 dB;
  • Weight. 7 kg.

The basic equipment of the trimmer for the grass includes a detachable bar, which can be folded for more convenient transportation or storage.

Huter grass gasoline trimmers

German technique Huter appeared on the market more than 30 years ago. The company has been delivering its products since 2004. Under the German brand, electric generators, snowball players, cultivators, lawn mowers and trimmers for grass are produced. All products are distinguished by exceptional reliability and high quality. Below are the best gasoline trimmers for grass from a German manufacturer.


This unit will help to ennoble the personal plot or garden lawn of a small area. Two.stroke engine with 1.1 liter.With. will cope not only with young grass, but also with weeds. A 3-lobed knife is used as a cutting element. The rubberized T-shaped handle is convenient for long-term operation. The tool has a system of extinguishing vibration.

The width of the mowing strip is 25.5 cm. Fuel tank with a capacity of 0.7 l is made of translucent plastic, which facilitates control over the consumption of fuel. The electronic type of ignition provides the simplicity of starting the device. The casing protects the operator’s eyes from mowed grass.


A portable trimmer for grass Huter GGT-800T can easily replace a wheelbanger for a lawn on a small personal plot. Benzine two.stroke power plant with a capacity of 1.1 liters.With. Equipped with an air cooling system. For the convenience of the operator, all control of the device is put on the handle. The width of the bead of grass is 25.5 cm.

The kit includes a shoulder belt, which evenly distributes the weight of the trimmer for the grass over the body of the operator. The engine is located on top, which allows you to safely cut even wet grass. The bicycle handle has a collapsible design and is conveniently folded. The anti.vibration system protects the operator’s hands from overload.


A gasoline two.stroke engine of its own production with a capacity of 1.3 liters is installed on the device.With. Air cooling system protects the engine from overload. The cutting element is a three.lobed knife that will cope even with the thickest stems. The mower processes a strip 25.5 cm wide.

The configuration includes a shoulder belt, a trimmer head and a set of keys. Translucent fuel tank holds 0.7 liters of gasoline. It is convenient to store a trimmer for grass in the trunk of a car, because the bar easily folds. All control devices are located on the handle. The eye of the grass is protected by a protective casing from the grass.


The model is equipped with a powerful engine (1.34 liters.c) that is spent up to 7500 rpm. The bicycle handle consists of 2 parts and is easily installed in the position of the right position to the operator. Deck and case are made of shockproof plastic. Additionally, the manufacturer provided for the possibility of installing a bush toss or brushbruste.

The kit includes a knife, a fishing line for a trimmer and a shoulder belt. The motor is on top, so you can work even after rain. It is equipped with an electronic ignition and air cooling system. The width of the mowing strip reaches 26 cm. In a liter tank, gasoline with an octane number of at least 92 is poured. The anti.vibration system protects the operator’s hands from overload.


A two.stroke engine of 1.7 liters is installed on the model.With. working volume of 43 cm³. Thanks to the upper location of the power plant, it is possible to mow the wet grass. The bicycle handle has an ergonomic T-shaped shape, and its height is regulated by the operator. The folding structure of the bar makes convenient transportation and storage of a mowing.

As a cutting element, a fishing line for a trimmer or a knife is used. At the request of the user, you can install a bush. There is no mulching functions. Buck from translucent material holds 0.7 kg. The vibration dumping system protects the operator’s hands. Model weight. 7 kg. The noise level during work reaches 96 dB.


This portable trimmer for grass is equipped with a powerful gasoline engine (1.74 liters.With.) with a volume of 42.7 cm³. Unlike previous models, the design provides a hard drive shaft. A knife, disk or fishing line for a trimmer can be used as a cutting element. The case and the deck are made of durable anti.jacket plastic.

Обзор бензинового триммера Huter GGT-1900S

A comfortable bicycle handle has a rubberized surface that extinguishes vibration. The device is controlled from the handle. The height of the handle is set by the user depending on the relief of the site. The protective casing protects the eyes of the operator from mowed grass. The weight of the mower is 7 kg.


This portable trimmer for grass has a “native” two.stroke engine with a capacity of 2 liters.With. The motor is conveniently located in the upper part of the structure and has an electronic ignition. The manufacturer has provided the possibility of installing additional nozzles: a bush cutter or a wech cutter. The device is made of high quality plastic.

The noise level during the operation of the mower reaches 96 dB. Thanks to the collapsible rod, the trimmer for the grass is easily placed in the trunk of a car. The handle is easily installed in the necessary position to the user. The model has an anti.vibration system convenient for long.term operation. Device weight. 7 kg.


The gasoline model 1500T is equipped with a two.stroke power plant with a capacity of 2 liters.With. The cutting element rotates at a speed of up to 1900 about./min. The functions of mulching the grass are not provided. At the request of the user, the functionality can be expanded due to the installation of additional nozzles. Deco and body are made of high.quality plastic.

Electric trimmers for Huter grass

Electimimers are significantly quieter, more environmentally friendly and more convenient than gasoline, but their performance is below.


Electric portable trimmer for grass for the care of lawns of a small area. The electric motor can have a power of 350 W. A working tool rotates at a speed of up to 10,000 rpm. The width of the mowing strip. 24 cm. The case is made of plastic.

The manufacturer provided 2 handles for convenient work: the main and additional. Noise level less than in gasoline models: 92 dB. The motor is installed in the lower part of the trimmer for the grass, so the vibration on the handle feels less. Even a child can work with a device of 2 kg.

Бензиновый триммер Huter GGT-1900S //Борьба с сорняком


This is a slightly more overall and powerful model that mows grass with strips up to 42 cm wide. An electric engine with a capacity of 1200 watts is located on top. As a working tool, a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 2 mm or a knife is used. Spindle rotation speed reaches 8000 rpm.

Convenient D-shaped handle has a folding structure. Its height is regulated by the user depending on working conditions. The deck and the case are made of strong plastic. The manufacturer provided an anti.vibration system. Model mass. 5.5 kg.


A compact and easy tool for beating grass in small areas and in places. 600 W electric motor is spent to 11000 rpm. A working tool is a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 1.2 mm. The motor has a lower location.

The operator sets a trimmer for grass under his height with a telescopic rod. The handle has a D-shaped shape and does not slip out of the hands. A strip of 32 mm wide is pumped over 1 passage. The protective casing protects from mowed grass in the eye. Model weight. 2.3 kg.


A rather powerful ethletric trimmer for grass with wide functionality allows you to pump out a strip of 42 cm wide. A 1.5 kW engine operates from a network with a voltage of 220 V and a current frequency of 50 Hz. The possibility of installing a bush.cutter or brushbruster is provided. The maximum speed of spindle rotation is 8000 about./min.

Working tool. knife or fishing line for trimmer. The kit includes the upper and lower rods, a shoulder belt, a shift knife, a protective casing, a set of tools. Pen-D-shaped, folding, with height adjustment. Deco and case are made of plastic. The weight of the device is small: 5.5 kg.

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Other ratings in the category “Trimmers for the grass”:

Advantages: simple and lightweight, powerful

Comment: An excellent model for use in the garden, for female hands a convenient and light thing, I liked everything, easy to control, I use it in the garden, it is convenient for them to climb into all difficult places and corners, between the bushes, not a noisy engine, the fishing line easily changes for trimmer, also does not take up a lot of space at all, very compact, I recommend the hostess who loves to engage in the garden, I really need a thing

Advantages: from overheating the trimmer for grass protects the air cooling system.

Comment: after the lawn mower there remains grass near trees and along the fence. For these places I use a trimmer for grass. Launch is convenient on the handle, just press the start button. During work, I put on the shoulder belt, it is more convenient to keep a trimmer for the grass with it. The rod is durable, easily connect it. My legs are protected by a casing from mowed grass, it is a metallic.

Advantages: not a trimmer for the grass but shaitan machine. I read reviews from others and was very surprised ! 1-kosyut VVSSSSEE, and a fishing line for a trimmer 1.6 mm 2-vibrations is no practical ! 3-to-power can be compared with a 4-bolt benzotrimer. nuts everything is normal for me. and a sin to complain about plastic ! 5 after an hour to work the engine was warm. And this is about the handle is not pressed to the pipe loosely. I agree. But I decided the issue very simple. 2 turns of isolets and all !

Disadvantages: collecting one problematic. It is especially difficult to fasten the handles. The bolts are spinning. Already pulled 2 times.

Comment: for this price mows excellent. At first it smelled.

Advantages: very powerful convenient when running

Disadvantages: Davoally complex assembly (you will need pliers and strength)

Advantages: power, battery capacity

Comment: I had long dreamed of a battery trimmer, tired and jumping with wires and breathing gasoline. A strong design with an additional additional handle is convenient and functional. There is also a belt, but I don’t like to use them. The battery is straight under the handle is located tightly. Powerful, it is easily charged and enough for a long time. In addition, even if you do not use a couple of weeks not discharged, it retains the charge. Plastic is thick. The engine is powerful, in the process of prolonged work it does not heat up hard.

Advantages: weight, maneuverable, simple launch

Comment: not my first trimmer for grass, this is more pleased with the most previous. I cultivate plots of land near flower beds, greenhouses, paths, porch, so as not to mow anything superfluous. Burdens along the fence normally chopping, quite a nimble unit. The launch is simple, weighs a little, hands do not get tired. Even the spouse copes well.

Advantages: a normal herbal mowing tool. Only you have to adopt. It did not work for a long time. But if you suffer for a long time. Something will turn out.

Disadvantages: High grass mows hardly

Comment: In principle, I am happy that I bought.

Comment: with the battery, I chose a trimmer for grass, since not only had to mow grass next to the house and pull the extension cord at all at all. On the handle all control, it is convenient to hold in your hands. A protective metal casing is provided, bunches of grass with flying stones do not get to the feet. The shoulder belt was in configuration, the desired thing, removes the load from the hands.

Safety regulations

To minimize the risk of injury, the operator should wear protective overalls. The basic set includes glasses or mask, strong shoes, gloves and tight.fitting clothes without hanging or outstanding accessories. During cutting, it is important to ensure that the wire is safe. If the extension cord is used, then the likelihood of electric shock will appear. If there is a gap, you should immediately disconnect the fork from the mains. Use an electric trimmer for Huter Get-1200SL grass should be so that it is not subjected to strong physical influences. The blow can lead not only to damage to the structure or power filling of the unit, but also to entail a user injury. This can happen if, for example, a collision with a stone will destroy the supporting part of the mounting attachment. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the inspection of the place of mowing the grass.

The maintenance process consists of several stages, including cleaning, fixing the coil and installing cutting equipment. Cleaning should be done after each session of the use of the unit, as well as immediately before the revision of the technical part. Be sure by the time of cleaning the trimmer for the grass should be disconnected from the network. And even in this case, you must carefully approach the check of the casing. All manipulations with it are produced only in gloves. Not only external surfaces are subjected to cleaning, but also the inside. of the same casing or ventilation ducts. The next stage is the installation of the coil. To install it, it is necessary to fix the supporting pin, then tighten the coil block with your hand. Next, a fishing line for cutting the Huter Get-1200SL is wound. The instructions notes that a new thread can only be introduced after completely extracting the remains of the old fiber. It is necessary to measure about 5-6 m of the fishing line, and then fold it in half. Winding is carried out in two “streams” in the directions. Then the forest spring is installed, and the coil is integrated into its body.


Almost all problems with the engine are explained either by violations in the cable connection or overload. over, the second factor can be provoked by many reasons from violations in the cooling system to physical excessive load during operation. Accordingly, the user will have to check the connection, channels of cooling and ventilation systems, or revise cutting style. Quite often there are symptoms in the form of overheating, sparking, the appearance of smoke and noise with vibration. In such situations, a trimmer for Huter Get-1200SL herb must be checked for pollution of the collector, wear of the brushes, deformation of the bearing group, insulation disorders in the same cable, etc. D. Often the cause of malfunctions becomes a drive shaft. This is the most serious problem in terms of eliminating an ordinary user. You can try to restore this element only if obvious external signs of breakdowns are detected, which can be eliminated without a detailed analysis of the structure.

Reviews about the electric trimmer Get 1200SL

If you want to purchase an electric trimmer for Huter grass, you can pay attention to the model that was mentioned in the subtitle. Its cost is not so high and is 5,000 equipment, according to buyers, can be used to process the lawn at the personal plot, as well as processing small territories. You can use a tool for mowing grass even in places, for example, along the fence or under benches.

The power of the unit is sufficient to perform tasks in everyday life and is 1.2 kW. The bar is collapsible, this, as customers emphasize, simplifies not only storage, but also transportation. This example is an ideal solution for women and elderly people, because the equipment has insignificant weight. The mass is 4.5 kg.

The cost of spare parts for a trimmer for grass

No matter how high.quality the tool may be, spare parts for a trimmer for grass “Huter” may be needed. Some of them will be discussed below. For example, a drum for adhesion to the body will cost the consumer in 860, while the clutch body bolt costs only 5 flexible shaft for a trimmer for grass costs 600, but the capacity for the preparation of the fuel mixture will cost a symbolic amount. 50

Trimmer for grass electric Huter Get-1000s. review

Hello, friends. Today we will talk about the electric trimmer Huter Get-1000s.

Ordered it in the online store “Online Trade”, it was May 9, 2020. Unfortunately, a check with a box could not find, but the passport was found.

In it, everything is quite clearly painted on how to use, store, etc. Gathered with her husband in 15 minutes, according to the instructions. Its weight is collected about 5 kg, that is, if the belt is thrown onto the shoulder, then it will be practically not weighing. By the way, the belt is inconvenient and is very rubbing, I think you could come up with what kind of soft pillow or gasket. I had to put a fabric folded in several layers under it, and sometimes just a soft towel. It cost 4500, but with a discount and bonuses there was enough for us at 4000 capacities of 1000 watts, a mowing width is 35 cm.Now why the name of the review “Razvlukha”. He lasted exactly one year in general, despite the fact that during this time only 25, 2-3 hours were included, I think that this is not a long term. Problems began from the very beginning. Namely, at the first use of the mechanism, which is designed to pull out the fishing line located on the head. He also rubbed his belt.

Well, then something that was not expected at all happened, the protective casing fell off. Just a plastic burst. Such a blade has such a blade, and if you pulled out a little more fishing line, this knife should cut it off. Duck, a couple of times the fishing line was a little larger and he performed his function, but the plastic at the base of the braid’s braid simply burst. Although the Trimmer fishing line was not thick, it was complete with a trimmer.

But the troubles did not end with him. After a couple more use, the lock on the head broke off. Well, we think God with him. And it wasn’t there, after 3 use, the rings through which the fishing line for the trimmer broke out. They just fell apart. Horror.

In general, I had to order a head with a fishing line, if anyone is interested in a link to a store [link]. Yes, and this pleasure cost almost 1000 the head of 405 and the delivery of almost 500. courier. Like this.

There is one more minus in this unit, this is that there is no fixer for the wire in the kit. That is, when you include a fork in an industrial extension cord and you start working, the wire clings to the grass and the fork flies out. Fortunately, on our 50 meter extension cord, such an adaptation was. Photo below, this is a belt with Velcro, helped a lot.

In general, the grass is not bad, the nettle is young and even the burdock is young, but if your site is launched, then this device is not for you. In our case, I can’t say why he fell apart. Our garden, in principle, has not overgrown since 4 times per season we go through a walk.behind tractor. Perhaps just a marriage. But I think that this should not be, especially the Huter manufacturer is not in last place in quality of goods. But we are very disappointed, thank God that they did not acquire a generator of this company.

Friends today 3.08.21 years old, received a coil and decided to supplement the review. Sent it quickly, and delivery worked clearly. By the way, the manager of the company SDEK called and said that delivery will be a little cheaper, initially they counted something there correctly. Well, okay, this pleasure cost us in 827- This is for the reel and delivery.

The coil itself was not the same as it was before, but as it turned out I went perfectly.

There were no problems with the replacement, they unscrewed the old one and screwed the new one, work for 5 minutes. And everything seems to be nothing, it works, the fishing line for the trimmer is whistling, the grass lies. But as soon as about half of the fishing line, which was included, the problems began again. Namely, on the one hand, it cuts off the fishing line for the trimmer, but on the other no. Dismantled, began to look, and on it every 10 cm some incisions or tears. It looks like a factory marriage.

Huter Ggt 1

Huter trimmer with the upper location of the motor is highly convenient to control, as it is equipped with an adjustable bicycle handle. The model is used to care for a variety of personal plots.


  • The motor is two.stroke, the power is 1.5 kW.
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 0.7 liters.
  • The speed of rotation is 9500.
  • As cutting elements, a knife and a fishing line for a trimmer are provided.
  • The width of the mowing with a fishing line is 43 cm.
  • The width of the mowing with a knife is 25.5 cm.

Lawn mowers

Electric models

Near each model, the volume of the grass collector of the electric shock is indicated.

Gasoline models

This category indicates the power of the gas station in the horsepower, the capacity of the grass collector, if any, and the type of lawn mower is self.propelled or not.

  • Huter GLM-3.5t (3.5 l.C, 45 liters, not self.propelled);
  • Huter GLM-4.0 (4 l.With., 60 l, not self.propelled);
  • Huter GLM-4.0 g (4 l.With., without a grass collector, not self.propelled);
  • Huter GLM-5.0 ST (5 l.With., 60 l, self.propelled);
  • Huter GLM-5.0 s (5 l.With., 50 l, self.propelled).

Electric trimmer for Huter Get 1500SL grass. review

Hi all. Today I want to share my impressions of the Huter Get 1500SL electric trimmer, which was purchased a few months ago for a sum of a little more than 4000. It was bought exclusively for work in the country (plot up to 10 acres), before buying there were doubts: which electric and gasoline, and as a result, the choice fell on electric t. to. With it, the trouble is an order of magnitude smaller (gasoline, butter, candles are not required, there is no exhaust, it is easier and much easier to maintain).

He was bought the last from the showcase and therefore it was not completely disassembled, but only divided into several parts, so that it was possible to fit into the box, which actually facilitated the assembly in the future.

In addition to 2 pens, it is also fixed with a belt, and if you install the handle at the right distance, you can just shift its entire weight to the shoulder.

To protect the handle, a fuse is installed to avoid random launch. One of the minuses pops up immediately. it is not possible to adjust the momentum, it works only in obsolete mode.

The electric motor is placed in a small plastic box with ventilation holes on both sides, and at the same time it is much lighter than gasoline models.

Well, then another minus pops up. limited, or rather dependence on the source of alternating electric current, so you have to carry an extension cord, in my case it is a 15 meter coil, there is enough for the site.

The kit includes a coil with a fishing line and one blade, but it has not yet been used, the fishing line for a trimmer is not very much spent, the coil and blade are protected by a shield, which after mowing it is advisable to clean, it remains a lot of grass, it also has a blade, it has a blade, it also has a blade. to cut off the vegetables of fishing line.

Well, a few words about the current how it cuts the grass: how thin grass it cuts under the root so small shrubs, even the tree branches are able to cut, only while the fishing line for the trimmer is strongly spent evenly. Another small minus. He works quite loudly.

I will say that buying himself fully justified and he costs his money.