How to Adjust a Carburetor on a Champion Chainsaw

Chainsaws of the famous Champion brand have long been very popular among connoisseurs of high-quality and durable garden equipment. Saws from this brand are distinguished by modest fuel consumption, low noise and vibration, as well as endurance, which is important when used in the territory of the post-Soviet countries.

Champion chainsaw device

How to Adjust a Carburetor on a Champion Chainsaw

Champion chainsaw can not boast of a large number of design features that significantly distinguish it from units of other well-known manufacturers. At the same time, all, without exception, spare parts in the design of Champion chainsaws have excellent quality and high reliability.

To start the Champion chainsaw, a starter is provided in its device that does not have additional springs. For the immobility of the saw element of the chainsaw when idling its engine meets the clutch tool.

Each Champion chainsaw is equipped with comfortable ergonomic handles with a rubberized surface. Levers and switches are responsible for turning on, controlling and disabling the tool. The Champion chainsaw headset includes a tire and chain.

How to adjust the carburetor on a Champion chainsaw?

  1. To adjust the proportion of air and fuel mixture, the “L” and “H” screws must be used. By turning them clockwise, you increase the amount of air that enters the carburetor through the throttle. When you turn the screws against the clock hands, the amount of air, on the contrary, decreases. Accordingly, in the first case, the RPM of the Champion chainsaw is growing, and in the second, it is falling;
  2. The next step is to use the “T” screw. To do this, while the tool motor is running, turn this screw in the direction of the clock until the chain starts to move along the tire. Immediately after that, turn it in the opposite direction until the chain stops completely;
  3. In the end, you will need to check the correct setting of the carburetor of the Champion chainsaw. To do this, you need to connect a tachometer to her motor and check the number of the lowest and highest revolutions of the instrument.

As a rule, the Champion chainsaw does not need to adjust the carburetor frequently. The main thing is to follow the rules of the “cold” start-up of the tool and use high-quality motor oil to refuel it.

Range of Champion chainsaws

Each Champion chainsaw has an individual design, has certain characteristics and is suitable both for gardening and for other household purposes. Below we list the most famous Champion chainsaws, as well as accessories that will be useful when working with saws away from home.

Champion 38CC

This popular model is better known in the domestic market under the name Champion 138-16 “. Among the main parameters of the Champion chainsaw are the following:

  • The power of the power unit is 1.9 liters. s./1400 watts;
  • The size recommended by the tire manufacturer is 40 cm;
  • Fuel tank. 300 ml;
  • Tank for replenishment of the lubricant composition. 180 ml;
  • Operational weight. 5, 1 kg.

Thanks to its light weight and compact size, this Champion chainsaw is easy to carry over long distances.

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Champion 55CC

This Champion chainsaw is designed primarily for light household tasks. Parameters of this chainsaw include:

  • The power unit capacity is 3.2 liters. s./2400 watts;
  • The size of the tire recommended for work is 45 cm;
  • Tank for filling the fuel mixture. 520 ml;
  • Tank for replenishing oil. 260 ml;
  • Weight in ready-to-use form is 5.2 kg.

In addition to the documentation and a universal key, the Champion chainsaw comes with a special chain with a reduced return.

Champion 125T-10 “

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This lightweight and compact Champion chainsaw is used to cut thin branches and branches, remove wild shrubs and cut small logs. Parameters for this Champion chainsaw include:

  • The power of the power unit is 0.85 liters. s./700 watts;
  • The size of the tire recommended for use is 25 cm;
  • Tank for replenishment of fuel. 230 ml;
  • Tank for filling lubricant. 160 ml;
  • Weight in ready-to-use form is 3.2 kg.

Despite its small size and low power, this Champion chainsaw shows excellent endurance and efficiency when working in difficult conditions.

Champion 237-16 “

The Champion chainsaw in this configuration is in high demand due to its simple and high-quality design, which greatly simplifies DIY repair. Champion chainsaw options include:

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  • Power unit power. 2 l. s./1500 watts;
  • The size of the tire recommended for use is 40 cm;
  • Tank for adding a fuel mixture. 310 ml;
  • Tank for filling lubricant. 210 ml;
  • Operational weight. 4.7 kg.

This Champion chainsaw is perfect for working in the garden and house area, and is able to successfully perform its functions all year round.

Champion 240-16 “

This Champion chainsaw has an average power by modern standards, but in practice it shows excellent endurance and a high level of comfort during operation. Among the parameters of this Champion chainsaw stands out:

  • The power unit capacity is 2.3 liters. s./ 1700 watts;
  • The length of the used tire is 40 cm;
  • Fuel tank. 410 ml;
  • Tank for filling lubricant. 240 ml;
  • Operational weight. 4.5 kg.

Champion chainsaw has a modest fuel and lubricant consumption.

Champion 241-16 “

This Champion chainsaw will interest people who want to get a quality and most convenient tool to use. Saw parameters include:

  • The power of the power unit is 2.45 liters. s./ 1800 Watt;
  • The size of the tire used for work is 40 cm;
  • Fuel tank. 310 ml;
  • Tank for lubricant. 210 ml;
  • Operational weight. 4.8 kg.

This chainsaw has increased reliability and increased working life.

Champion 250-18 “

In the design of this chainsaw, the manufacturer has provided a primer for pre-pumping fuel and an instantaneous inertial brake. Model parameters include:

  • Power unit power. 3 l. s./2200 watts;
  • The size of the used tire is 45 cm;
  • Tank for replenishing fuel. 520 ml;
  • Tank for oil filling. 260 ml;
  • Operational weight. 5.1 kg.

This Champion chainsaw has a low noise level and low fuel consumption.

Champion 255

This Champion chainsaw is equipped with an improved piston group, the design of which includes 2 compression rings that improve wood cutting. Model parameters include:

  • The power of the power unit is 2.9 liters. s./2160 watts;
  • The size of the tire recommended for work is 45 cm:
  • Fuel tank. 550 ml;
  • Tank for oil supply. 250 ml;
  • Ready-to-use mass is 6.5 kg.

This Champion chainsaw is popular due to its modest fuel consumption and low noise level during operation.

Champion 265-18 “

This powerful Champion chainsaw successfully copes with both sawing logs and large-sized trees. Model parameters include:

  • The power of the power unit is 4.5 liters. s./3300 watts;
  • The size of the applied tire is 45 cm;
  • Fuel tank. 700 ml;
  • Tank for oil supply. 350 ml;
  • Weight in ready-to-use form is 6 kg.

The chainsaw has high endurance and works effectively even in the most difficult conditions.

Champion grinding machine C6500

This tool-grinding device allows you to quickly restore the blunt links of the chain saw chain Champion. Due to its light weight and modest dimensions, the device is easy to carry over long distances. The machine body is made of durable materials that are not susceptible to corrosion and do not deform under the influence of sunlight.

Case Champion C8000

This case is a capacious plastic case that allows you to carry chainsaws with a tire length of not more than 45 cm. Among the advantages of the product, high density, tensile strength and durability should be highlighted.