How to Adjust a Husqvarna Chainsaw Carburetor

Before you go shopping for a chainsaw, you need to decide what kind of work it will be intended for. This may be a daily work at a sawmill or the use of a saw to work in the country.

In both cases, the chainsaw from the Husqvarna manufacturer will be able to cope with the task.

About Husqvarna

A company called Husqvarna was founded in 1687. Husqvarna (Husqvarna) is a market leader in manufacturing and gardening equipment. Included in the Swedish concern, combining several companies. They produce various types of equipment, ranging from compact sewing machines to impressive ATVs.

Husqvarna offers its customers the widest possible range of specialized machinery and equipment. In recent years, the company has increased the number of patented innovations. Husqvarna stands guard over progress.

The products of this brand turn hard work (see how to cut a tree with a chainsaw) into a simple task that does not harm either the person or the environment.

The Husqvarna 137 chainsaw belongs to the technique produced under the category of Forest Professionals. Along with this model, the manufacturer also produces universal professional chainsaws, blowers and high-cutters. All manufactured equipment is compact in size and easy to control. All Husqvarna chainsaws are distinguished by three features. The ability to absorb excessive vibrations, advanced air filtration system, high power.

Description and technical characteristics of a saw

The Husqvarna 137 chainsaw model (included in the list of “best chainsaws”) first appeared on sale in 2005. It was released at one point with the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw. It was appreciated by “lovers.” This amateur model of a saw is an excellent option for working in the country. Most of the similar models do not start well due to their rare use.

In the country and the suburban area, it is not so often necessary to use a chainsaw. Husqvarna specialists have developed a new technology that will come to the rescue when the saw is switched on problematically, thanks to this the Husqvarna 137 starts up, which is called a half-turn.

A special spring is built into the chainsaw, which turns the crankshaft at the right time. This makes it possible to start the saw without effort in relation to the starter cable.

In addition, the Husqvarna 137 has an improved ignition mechanism that produces a spark. The manufacturer made sure that the “amateur” chainsaw was equipped with a device that professional saw models are equipped with.

The design of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw is as close as possible to the design of professional equipment. Nevertheless, ergonomic design is appreciated by amateurs. The model is equipped with an air injection system called the “Air Injection”.


  • The volume of the fuel tank is 0.41l.
  • Weight without fuel and without tire. 4600 g.
  • The tire is 220-380 mm long.
  • Vibration on the front handle. 4.9 m / s.Sq.
  • Vibration on the rear handle. 7.7 m / s.Sq.
  • Chainsaw power. 2.2 hp
  • Engine volume. 36.3 cubic meters. Cm.
How to Adjust a Husqvarna Chainsaw Carburetor

Husqvarna 137 chainsaw price. From 1200 to 2200 rubles.

The owner of the chainsaw needs to know the basic rules for operating the chain. In our article, you will learn how to sharpen a chain with your own hands.And which sharpening machine to use.

Choosing the right oil to lubricate the chainsaw chain will be easier by reading our other article.

DIY setup and adjustment instructions

Before proceeding with the setup of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, you must install it. Before you begin, you need to study the device of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw.

  • Be sure to wear gloves for protection. They are not included in the package, so you need to take care of their purchase in advance. First you need to install the saw comb and secure it with two screws.
  • If chains and tires are not installed, they should also be replaced. To do this, remove the cover and the nuts securing it. If the chain has a shipping gasket, it must be removed.
  • Adjust the chain tension with the adjusting screw. It is important that the grip can enter the hole in the tire. To advance the grip, turn the adjusting screw against the clock hands. In this way, the correct grip position can be achieved.
  • Next, you need to prepare the circuit for installation. To do this, select its correct position. An asterisk is placed on the chain, which is located behind the clutch drum. A chain is passed between the sprocket teeth.
  • The upper part of the guide rail must be moved into the groove of the tire surrounding it.

Hold the guide bar relative to the chainsaw body to install the clutch cover.

  • Then adjusting nuts are inserted and tightened by hand. After fully adjusting the chain, they can be tightened completely.
  • You can find out how to adjust the carburetor in the instruction manual for this model of saw. Setting up a Husqvarna 137 carburetor usually does not cause any problems.
  • When the installation is completed, you can go to setting up the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw.

    • First you need to set the saw switch to the “On” position.
    • Then pull the idle lever all the way.
    • Pull the starter cord with a sharp movement of the hand (but not more than ten times).

    If the sound of the engine was heard before you made 10 jerks, you can proceed to the next step.

  • Next, you need to move the lever to switch modes to the “HalfChoke” position. This will mean that the air damper will be half closed.
  • Next, you need to jerk the starter cord until the engine is started.
  • After starting the engine, it needs to be allowed to run for about five seconds. Then, in order for the engine to return to idle speed, press and release the engine starting device.
  • To start and configure an already warmed up engine, you need:

    • Set the saw switch to the “On” position.
    • Point the mode dial to the “HalfChoke” mark.
    • With your right hand you need to pull the cord until the engine starts to work.
    • Press the engine starter so that it returns to idle speed.

    The process of disassembly and assembly, see the:

    Chainsaw instruction manual

    The Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, like other models of this brand, is equipped with an inertial automatic chain brake. This detail was invented by engineers working at Husqvarna. Now, most manufacturers still produce chainsaws with a contact brake. That is, the brake is applied when interacting with the hand during a reverse impact. In practice, such a contact brake may not work at all. Do not forget to look after the engine to learn how to dilute gasoline with oil for a chainsaw read this article.

    The auto-vibration system of this model works on the principle of “two masses”. The manufacturer does not produce other systems.

    “Husqvarna 137” is equipped with a high-profile professional chain (like the Stihl chainsaw). This is another difference from chainsaws with a low profile chain. Chainsaws with a high-profile chain are forty percent higher. This is especially striking for large volumes of work. In addition, such chainsaws maintain high efficiency even when working with contaminated wood.

    One of the most common mistakes when starting the Husqvarna 137 is to close the air damper without turning on the ignition.

    Turns out that fuel mixture enters the cylinder. But sparks do not occur, ignition does not occur. After that, you will have to unscrew the candle, wipe and screw it back. Therefore, it is worth remembering that all Husqvarna chainsaws have a combined shutter, and the ignition in them will be switched on automatically when the shutter lever is pulled out. No errors should arise.

    Husqvarna Product Safety Information

    Due to the fact that the Husqvarna 137 is a high-speed cutting tool, some safety precautions must be followed.

    To avoid an accident, carefully read this manual.

      The spark plug wire must be disconnected during transportation and cleaning. It is important to ensure that it does not come into contact with the spark plug in order to avoid a sudden turn on of the circuit.

  • When working with the saw it is necessary to wear protective clothing: shoes on non-slip soles with steel inserts, special gloves (not included in the scope of delivery), a mask or goggles (fog). Hair should be tied above the shoulders.
  • If you constantly use a chainsaw, you must periodically check your hearing with a specialist.
  • Only adults should use the chainsaw.
  • Do not expose body parts under the saw when the motor is running.
  • During the operation of the saw, the presence of children and animals should be limited to at least ten meters.
  • You can not use a chainsaw at the time of alcoholic intoxication, as well as when you are upset, depressed or tired.
  • Do not start work until you have protective clothing and a workplace has been equipped.
  • Work with the saw only in a well-ventilated place.
  • When you file a branch, be prepared to bounce at the end of your work so that you are not hit by a felled tree branch.
  • It is possible to lay the saw on the surface only after it is turned off.
  • Before turning on the saw, make sure that the chain cannot come into contact with anything during operation.
  • Only a specialist should service your chainsaw.
  • The saw handle must be clean, not stained with engine oil.
  • The oil and fuel tank covers must always be tightly closed.
  • As spare parts, only accessories from the Husqvarna manufacturer should be used.
  • Do not smoke while refueling.
  • You need to refuel the saw on bare ground in the open air. It is not allowed to do this indoors.
  • Before starting the chainsaw engine, you must move ten meters from the place where the refueling was carried out.
  • Be sure to allow the saw to cool before refueling.
  • If a moving chain touches an object, a backstroke may occur. A quick movement of the device up and down. This can lead to a complete loss of control of the chainsaw and further serious damage.
  • Therefore, never try to rotate the saw when removing from the lower saw, and also do not try to cut several logs at one time.

  • Never use only the tip of a chainsaw.
  • Use guide rails to help cushion the kickback.
  • “Husqvarna 137” is an indispensable assistant in a suburban area or cottage. It has a modern design, high power, compact dimensions and low fuel consumption. This is perhaps one of the best amateur chainsaws. With proper operation and compliance with all safety regulations, it will serve its owner faithfully for more than a dozen years. For possible malfunctions of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, read our other article.

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