How to adjust the carburetor on a Chinese chain saw

Diagram of a Chinese carburetor RUIING grass trimmer Patriot 0.75 kW, 25cc and its repair

Adjusting the carburetor of a brushcutter is a process that you need to master in order for the grass trimmer to work fully. Grass trimmer. a completely uncomplicated device, which can break only in a few places and require mechanical repair or replacement parts. Adjusting the float-type brushcutter carburetor device may require knowledge of certain subtleties. Nuances due to the model and the specifics of its operation will ensure a clear mode of mixing and feeding the fuel mixture.

Champion lawnmower carburetor, how to adjust? It is just a float-type grass trimmer. a common option, designed to mix in the prescribed proportions of air and fuel. The main problems that arise during the operation of the motor are roughly similar to the problems that overtake the carburetor in the car:

  • The engine may shut down as soon as you manage to start it. The reason is that the petrol is not supplied in sufficient quantity. This is called “poor” fuel;
  • too much gasoline leads to incomplete combustion, excessive mixture density and uneconomical consumption.

Repair of the carburetor

Important! Adjust the carburetor has to be under different circumstances: a change in temperature, octane number of fuel or type of oil, after winter or the end of the running-in period, load or spontaneous turning of the screws from strong vibration housing. Some owners prefer to tune the module before each use to make sure it is working properly.

Grass trimmer device

The float carburetor consists of an aluminum body with a hole (diffuser). The air is forced through its passage opening and gasoline is drawn in through the fuel ducts along with the air flow. This is the basis of the device. the fuel cell. The jets installed on top, the pump and the mixture adjustment system ensure not only that the mixture is saturated, but also that it is fed evenly.

for your information! The float carburetor has been used for decades, and the basic problems with all types are similar. The functioning principle of the device depends on the quality of the mixture, and the adjustment is aimed at providing it.

Major carburetor problems and malfunctions.

Strainer. There are two problems with this element most often:

To identify the reason of the breakage unscrew the fuel filter lid to remove the strainer. If it is just dirty, flushing with gasoline or blowing it out can help.

If there is visible damage on the strainer, it is necessary to put a new one. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (when repairing, check this element).

The carburetor starter mechanism does not work most of the time because of clogs. You should use acetone or the same gasoline for flushing.

Blowing out parts of the carburetor with clogging with compressed air is an acceptable and convenient repair practice.

Throttle body, carburetor parts bundling places, inlet or outlet piping. all of these parts are subject to depressurization. You can check for sure in a primitive way. smear the problem area with soap foam.

Grass trimmer device

The float-type carburettor consists of an aluminum body with a hole (diffuser). The air is injected through the air inlet, and gasoline is drawn through the fuel ducts along with the air flow. This is the basis of the device. the fuel chamber. Top-mounted jets, pump and mixture control system ensure not only saturation of the mixture, but also its even flow.

FYI! The float carburetor has been used for decades, and the basic problems with all types are similar. The functioning of the unit depends on the quality of the mixture, and the adjustment is aimed at ensuring it.

Signs of imbalance

Adjustment of the carburetor is mandatory when the machine is built. As a rule, owners learn about the need to adjust the fuel supply with their own hands only after a fairly serious breakdown, in the process of fixing which, for example, the module was removed and cleaned.

Signs of a faulty setting are as follows:

  • the engine starts, but immediately throttles. since the engine can only run when a certain amount of gasoline is supplied, if the fuel is too “poor”, that is, the supply channel is blocked, the engine will stop;
  • too much fuel consumption, a lot of exhaust gases. the result of incomplete combustion of the mixture. In this case, on the contrary, there is too much fuel and the mixture is too dense.

The carburetor of lawn mowers STIHL, Makita, Husqvarna and others is adjusted with adjustment screws. Sometimes the cause of malfunction is a violation of the fixation. due to vibration or damage to the protective cap. Such a breakdown can be detected by simply trying to turn the screw a little: if the fixation is not rigid, it is worth checking the setting.

Adjusting the lawnmower carburetor with your own hands

Adjustment of the module does not belong to the repair and replacement of parts is not required. In this case, the lawnmower carburetor repair kit is not needed.

  • L. is adjusted first, as it is responsible for the fuel supply at low speeds;
  • H. it is responsible for the supply of gasoline at high speeds, as well as fuel consumption and temperature;
  • T. it is used to debug the idle speed.

There are variants, as a rule, it is the carburetor of a Chinese lawnmower, when only one screw remains on the body for debugging. for the adjustment of the idle speed. This does not mean that the module is tuned automatically. it means that even such a repair as debugging would be difficult. The picture shows the adjustment of the carburettor on a Chinese lawnmower.

  • Only carry out adjustments when the engine is at operating temperature: to do this, turn the machine on for about 10 minutes beforehand. If the mowing head rotates at idle, then proceed to the adjustment immediately: turn the T screw counterclockwise until the rotation stops.
  • Setting is started with the adjustment screw L. The screw is turned to the right and left, until a position is found in which the idle speed is maximal.
  • Then turn the screw ¼ turn anticlockwise. This is its working position.
  • Idle stroke should be adjusted by turning counterclockwise to increase the RPM and clockwise. to reduce. Its debugging consists of reaching a point where a sufficient number of revolutions are made before the mowing head begins to rotate. The engine should run steadily at different positions.
  • The position of the L screw is determined last. at maximum speed, the grass trimmer should not run for more than 10 seconds. The throttle is opened, the screw is turned clockwise, very slowly, until you hear a decrease in RPM.
  • Then, also slowly, the screw is turned counterclockwise until the motor begins to run erratically. after which the screw is turned back clockwise until the engine operates normally again.

If you have a tanometer and if the product data sheet shows the recommended rpm, you can make a more precise correction based not on hearing but on the instrument readings.

Adjusting the lawnmower carburetor on the video is done by ear.

To the entry “lawn mower carburetor adjustment and repair”

Please clarify. See adjusting the RPM for more information.5, screw L is an error? Screw A should be read? Thank you.

Please give me the initial position of the screws H L LA

Please advise the initial position of the screws H L LA

Thank you very much for the video about the gas pedal and did not know but the defect is very important and creates a huge problem that almost everyone is silent about. BRAVO

Maybe a tachometer is a speed meter, not a tonometer is a blood pressure meter

The heart of any chainsaw is a two-stroke internal combustion engine.

The need has arisen to acquire a reliable and faithful mechanical pom.

Grass trimmer to complex household equipment does not apply, so most of its floor.

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Gone are the days of Soviet agro-industrial gigantomania. Gone are the gigs.

single axle tractor is an economical version of a tractor for small jobs

The Neva single axle tractor is produced today in different modifications, this specialized.

Model Description

The aforementioned version of the equipment costs 13,490 It is a premium device. It can be used to care for the area on a large suburban plot. Young and ancient grass, reeds and weeds, young growth of bushes can be tended.

Lawn mower “STIHL FS 55”, reviews of which you can read below, has a powerful engine capacity of 1 liter. с. The implement is extremely well suited for use in the suburban area or in the countryside. You can mow a grass width of 420 mm in one pass. The product is suited to machine lawns, mowing grass and can even be used along fences, in narrow areas and for cutting flowerbeds. The tank contains 0.33 litres of fuel, enough for half an hour of continuous operation.

How to choose a lawn mower for your garden

The most important useful function of lawn mowers is, of course, to make your work easier. After all, the perfect beauty of a French parterre lawn or the trampling resistance of an English lawn can only be achieved by constant mowing. Some landscapers consider this statement to be just a historical cliché, others actually recommend cutting the grass at intervals of a few days. there can be many arguments, the soil is fertile. But that’s not what we’re talking about right now. we’re talking about features that can make mowing your lawn more pleasant. Let’s start with.

“Why change the grass cutting height at all?”. the first question that arises in the buyer, carefully studying the technical characteristics of his future helper. But why Lawns can be of different types, for example, it is customary to mow very short (30 mm), so that they create a rigid covering, resistant to trampling.

Every lawn needs an individual approach

  • manual. You have to unscrew each wheel and put it in a different hole. This type of adjustment is usually done on affordable household models. It requires stopping the machine and turning it upside down. Also, models with manual wheel level adjustment have a limited selection of height options. most often there are less than 3.
  • the mechanical. It is done by turning the lever. The position can be changed on all four wheels at once or on each individually. The operation does not take long and can be done without stopping the engine, literally on the go. This feature is equipped with professional machines and premium models. As a rule, machines with such a way of height adjustment have a greater number of variations of the cutting height. in the range from 20 to 120 mm. Electric mower Denzel 1400 W allows you to adjust the height of grass in five positions: 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm.

On drum mowers, the cutting height is also adjustable, but within a smaller range. They can cut lower grass than rotary mowers, and that’s why they are used for sports lawns. they are “fashionable” there Very short cuts (up to 30 mm). But these models are not suitable for those who can not constantly control the height of the grass and periodically allows the lawn to “overgrow”.

Drum mowers can cut lower grass than rotary mowers

Mowers can do different things with the cuttings. The first option is to simply spread it out: the grass flies out through the pipe sideways or backwards. This is not very handy, since you have to work hard with a rake after mowing.

We suggest you read the top 10 best gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers: rating, characteristics, which is better, price, reviews

In the second case, the grass cuttings fall into a special container. the grass catcher box. On its capacity will depend on how often you have to interrupt your work to throw the contents. Here is a simple rule: the bigger the grass catcher box, the better. Its volume is specified in liters: the grass catcher box for 30-40 liters (Denzel GC-1500 lawnmower) is quite enough for the average six-sided garden with a small lawn.

Removable grass catcher box. Denzel GC-1500 mower with 40L grass catcher box pictured here

The grass catcher box is made of plastic, fine mesh or cloth. The last one is comfortable, because you can monitor the filling through the transparent material and make timely “PIT-stops” during mowing.

This feature is very simple, but very useful when the mowing of the lawn engaged in the alternate members of the family. Adjusting the height of the handle (

) can be very useful in such cases. A small thing, it would seem, but nice! And if the handle is also foldable, then the price of such a lawn mower will not be. Handlebar-folding models are easier to transport and store, taking up less space.

Models with folding handles take up less space for storage and transportation. Denzel GC-1100 mower pictured here

Tips for fixing a gasoline trimmer carburetor

For example, the adjustment technique described above may not give positive results if the number of coils of the mixture feed screw spring is too large, and as a consequence, it is impossible to optimally reduce the level of the fed gasoline. To eliminate this, you can shorten the spring yourself a little or in accordance with the manual to buy a new.

Many chain saw owners follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual when they buy oil to prepare the fuel mixture.

So, often the information on mixing gasoline and oil indicated on the bank differs from the instructions in the trimmer’s certificate for grass. As a consequence, a black sludge can quickly form on the spark plug, which leads to a drop in power and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, when preparing the working mixture, you should follow the recommendations specified in the instruction manual. In most cases, the proportion for the running-in engine is 1:25. It is worth noting that many tool owners prefer to “by eye” prepare fuel, which will certainly lead to rapid deterioration of the piston grasshopper in the case of reduced oil portion and formation of carbon deposits on the spark plug if the amount of lubricating fluid is increased.

  • Correctly performed above tips on setting the grass trimmer carburetor will help to avoid not only overheating of the engine, increased fuel consumption, but also significantly increase the life of other parts and units of the tool. Check that your brushcutter is working properly in all conditions and have the tool serviced and repaired on time.

Husqvarna adjustment

Adjusting the Husqvarna grass trimmer carburetor is identical to adjusting the carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw.

  • the run-in period has ended (after using the first 4-5 liters. Do not turn the carburetor on the carburetor unless you turn the carburetor on the fuel filler cap;)
  • Changes in fuel quality (gasoline octane rating and oil grade);
  • the air temperature and its vacuum have changed greatly (altitude, heat, cool, frost);
  • Beginning of the Husqvarna grass trimmer operating season (beginning of May, after winter storage);
  • Adjustment screws have turned from vibration;
  • the load on the engine has changed.

Also, to be sure that your Husqvarna engine is working as it should and that the grass trimmer (lawnmower, brushcutter) is operating at its maximum efficiency.

Adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor

Before adjusting the Husqvarna, do maintenance on the grass trimmer (wash the mower and engine, replace the spark plug, repair minor defects).

Be sure to wash the foam element of the air filter. Wash the element in warm water with soap and water, then wring and dry it (or replace it if it’s old or damaged).

Note: If you adjust the Husqvarna carburetor with a dirty air filter, the fuel mixture will become much poorer after cleaning the air filter (which can lead to poor performance or even engine failure). Install trimmer head with cord of maximum allowable diameter and standard length (up to cutting blade in additional protection) to put strain on engine while adjusting carburetor high RPM screw.

Start the mower according to the Husqvarna manual and warm it up for 10 minutes (if the trimmer head rotates at idle, the idle speed screw, t.е. lower, you need to turn counterclockwise until the trimmer head stops rotating).

Carefully rotate both needles (right and left) to the middle position between fully unscrewed and fully screwed in (do not rotate by the stopper!, it may cause damage to the Husqvarna engine).

Grass trimmer carburetor. functions, adjustment with your own hands

Modern trimmer for grass, working on gasoline, is a complex unit, which includes a carburetor. It is from its reliable and correct operation will depend on the performance of the. The grass trimmer carburetor should be adjusted in the following cases:

  • After running-in of the engine (as a rule, for this you need to use up 4-5 liters of gasoline);
  • Before the mowing season;
  • if during operation the adjusting screws have unintentionally unscrewed due to vibration.
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Taking into account the fact that the grass trimmer does not belong to the category of complex units, you can adjust the carburetor with your own hands.

Function and principle of operation

In order to understand how the lawnmower carburetor is arranged, it is worth getting acquainted with its principles of operation. The main elements of the carburetor is the throttle valve, whose function is to control the air flow. The function of a device such as a carburetor can be seen in the following steps.

  • Feeding the air mixture to the compartment where the throttle valve is located.
  • The moving air flow helps move and atomize the fuel through the nozzle.
  • The mixture formed (air fuel) is fed into the engine cylinder.

After getting acquainted with these basic stages, we can conclude: the more the throttle is open, the greater the gasoline consumption during mowing.

Adjusting the brushcutter carburetor

  • The right screw. adjusting the air-fuel mixture. Turn the screw right and left at idle speed. It is necessary to determine the maximum revolutions.
  • Left screw. adjusting the air-fuel mixture. Work is performed at high RPM. Screw is adjusted last, because engine power and petrol consumption depend on correct setting.
  • lower screw. engine adjustment. Work is performed at idle speed. Turning clockwise indicates increasing, counterclockwise indicates decreasing.

Adjustment of the last left screw is performed according to the following scheme:

  • Throttle is fully opened and full throttle is squeezed;
  • turn clockwise until RPM is lower (referring to hearing);
  • turn the screw counterclockwise until the engine operation is not smooth. intermittent;
  • turn the screw to the position in which it ensured stable and smooth engine operation.

Carburetor for grass trimmer. functions, adjustment with their own hands

Modern trimmer for grass, working on gasoline, is a complex unit, which includes a carburetor. It is on its reliable and correct operation that the performance of the. Adjustment of the grass trimmer carburetor should be performed in the following cases:

  • After the running-in of the engine (as a rule, for this it is necessary to use 4-5 liters of gasoline);
  • Before the start of the mowing season;
  • If in the process of work, due to vibration, the adjustment screws are unintentionally unscrewed.

Bearing in mind the fact that the trimmer for grass does not belong to the category of complex units, the adjustment of the carburetor can be made with their own hands.

Function and principle of operation

In order to understand how the lawnmower carburetor is designed, it is worth getting acquainted with its principles of operation. The main elements of the carburetor is the throttle, the function of which is to control the flow of air. The work of such a device as a carburetor can be considered step by step.

  • Air mixture supply to the compartment where the throttle valve is located.
  • Moving airflow helps to move and atomize fuel through the nozzle.
  • The mixture created (air-fuel mixture) is injected into the engine cylinder.

Familiar with these basic steps, you can conclude: the more the throttle is open, the greater the gasoline consumption during mowing.

Adjusting the carburetor for the brushcutter

  • The right-hand screw. adjustment of the air-fuel mixture. Turn the propeller to the right and left at idle speed. Determine maximum rpm.
  • Left screw. fuel-air mix adjustment. The work is done at high revs. Screw is the last to be adjusted; engine power and petrol consumption depend on its correct adjustment.
  • Lower screw. adjustment of engine work. Operate at idle speed. Turning clockwise indicates increasing, counterclockwise indicates decreasing.

The adjustment of the last left screw is done according to the following scheme:

  • Fully open the throttle and squeeze full throttle;
  • turn the screw clockwise until revolutions are reduced (orientation by ear);
  • turn the screw counterclockwise until the operation of the engine is not smooth. intermittent;
  • turn the screw to the position where it was set to keep the engine running steadily and smoothly.

Grass trimmer carburetor. device, adjustment with your own hands

The carburetor is one of the most important assemblies of the lawnmower, whose function is to prepare the fuel mixture.

In case of sloppy tool handling, the carburettor can fail, making further work with the brushcutter impossible.

To repair the tool with your own hands, it is necessary to study in detail the design, principle of operation and peculiarities of adjustment of the carburetor of the gasoline grass trimmer with your own hands.

How the lawnmower carburetor works?

The carburetor design is very similar for both the well-known German and Swedish brushcutters as well as for Chinese-made tools. This assembly consists of these parts:

  • Diaphragm fuel pump;
  • Regulating system with an atmospheric diaphragm;
  • Idle speed system;
  • A primer for priming to make starting the brushcutter engine easier;
  • Elastic plate with two valves;
  • Needle valve
  • Dosing system with rotating rotor;
  • Throttle valve.

The carburetors of modern brushcutters work according to a certain principle. The diagram below shows the movement of air and fuel mixture in a carburetor.

The air first passes through the throttle valve and then to the diffuser, a narrowing point in the tube where the airflow becomes particularly heavy. The air from the diffuser enters the float chamber, where it mixes with the fuel mixture. After that, the air-enriched fuel is sucked into the pipeline and enters the cylinder of the motor.

Grass trimmer carburetor adjustment. how to adjust correctly?

Before adjusting the carburetor for a brushcutter, you will need to clean all the air and fuel filters available in the construction of the tool. Further adjustment of the carburetor is carried out by means of three screws:

The correct order of carburetor adjustment is as follows:

  • First, you need to find a steady low revolutions of the lawnmower motor. To do this you need to slowly turn the screw “L” clockwise and counterclockwise. Once you have determined the optimal low RPM for the engine, turn the “L” screw ¼ turn counterclockwise;
  • Then find the most stable idling of the engine. To do this turn the screw “T”. Turning it clockwise increases the rotation, and counterclockwise decreases it.
  • The last step is to adjust the high engine speed of the lawnmower. This will require you to press and hold the throttle trigger while moving the throttle lever to its highest position;
  • Then turn the “H” screw clockwise until you hear the motor run as quietly as possible;
  • Then turn the same screw in the opposite direction until you hear the motor run rough;
  • Turn the “H” screw clockwise again until you hear the motor run smoothly.

After performing the above steps, check the lawnmower engine. Pay special attention to idle speed. If you have adjusted the carburetor correctly, you will notice that the cold engine runs steadily and the trimmer head has a long stroke. In this case, the hot engine doesn’t show excessive rpm and works steadily when the gas trigger is pressed.

How does the lawnmower carburetor work or how does it work?

Adjustment of the carburetor of a Chinese lawnmower is completely identical to the adjustment of lawnmowers of European, Russian and manufacturers of. To cope with the task of adjusting the carburetor on gasoline mowers and gasoline trimmers, it is necessary to understand the principle of their functioning. How the carburetor on the lawnmower works, step by step and easily described below.

  • Lawnmower carburetor operation begins with the fuel supply through the channel, as shown in the diagram
  • Fuel is sucked into the carburetor by means of a pulse channel connected to the engine crankcase. Due to the rarefaction of the air there is a movement of the flexible diaphragm under number 4 in the diagram above
  • Through valves 3 and 5 there is a fuel supply. Valve 3 is the inlet valve by which fuel is supplied to the space below the diaphragm, and valve 5 is the outlet valve
  • The fuel then travels through the channel and, passing through the fine filter, reaches the needle valve 14
  • The needle valve is connected to the pilot diaphragm 18 by means of the lever
  • Needle valve is actuated by the diaphragm. When it is necessary to prime the fuel to start the engine, it is necessary to act on the soft cap of the hand pump. The impact causes the needle to open and the fuel mixture fills the chamber
  • When the engine is started (cold), the needle is opened by a negative pressure with a closed air vent. This pressure acts on the diaphragm 18 through the nozzles at idle and high speed
  • The diaphragm acts on the needle valve through the lever, which fills the container
  • After starting the engine, the air damper opens, causing the engine to run on a lean mixture as the fuel mixes with the air
  • The fuel mixture when the chamber is full is fed (sucked in) through the idle and mid-range jets (when the engine is running)
  • The throttle valve moves from its original position by 10-15 degrees
  • When the engine is running under load, fuel begins to flow into the chamber through the high nozzle, and the throttle valve is rotated up to 90 degrees (depending on the force of the gas pressure). In all operating modes the choke must be open, through which fuel is mixed with air, and thus the mixture is ignited in the cylinder
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The working principle of the lawnmower carburettor is illustrated below. Based on the diagram, you can not only understand the principle of operation, but also to identify failures and other malfunctions of the mechanism.

When operating the tool it is necessary to take into account the presence of another nozzle. This valve is located between the idle and full power ports. It is necessary in order to avoid a strong depletion of the mixture, which occurs in the case of the motor under-loading. In such a situation does not exclude the occurrence of scoring of the pair. Fuel is sucked into the chamber through an additional channel (nozzle) which enriches the fuel-air mix. The diagram below shows an additional nozzle, which is marked with the number 1.

Knowing the design and operating principle of the brushcutter membrane carburetor, it is easy to adjust it on your own. To adjust the carburetor of a lawn mower, adjusting screws are used. The diagram above shows two screws for adjustment, but most modern models of gasoline trimmers are equipped with three screws. Three tuning screws allow more precise adjustment, while ensuring stable and continuous operation of the engine.

This is interesting! What is the difference between a trimmer and a chain saw?? Many people think that grass trimmers are low-powered electric grass mowers. However, a grass trimmer is a generalized name for chainsaws, brushcutters, and electric mowers, as they are designed for common purposes.

How the lawnmower carburetor works

The throttle valve determines the amount of air to be dispensed and the engine output depends directly on this.

Fuel is sucked into the carburetor system by the pump (its diaphragm). Then flows through the nozzle in the carburetor. Fluid then flows through the pump inlet and outlet valves. Is filtered through a strainer. It moves through the needle valve into the diaphragm chamber.

  • Air flows into the tube with an air baffle (damper). Baffle plate controls the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel system is necessarily narrowed by a diffuser to increase the rate of flow.
  • Fuel flows through the float chamber and restrictor nozzle. The float chamber regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral and in the tube with restriction, the pressure level is already low. Fuel flows through the nozzle due to pressure drop.
  • Acceleration of the air flow promotes the transfer of fuel (gasoline) and its atomization. As a result, an air-fuel mixture of the required proportion or density is formed.
  • The air-fuel mixture enters the engine cylinder through the fuel tube.

The area of the open air damper depends on the level of air density in the system. The wider the choke is open, the higher the fuel consumption and power.

Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on a gasoline mower is about creating the optimal fuel mixture through the correct airflow.

Chinese lawn mower won’t start. Getting into the carburettor.

4.9 / 5 ( 16 votes )

“Does not pump gasoline in the cylinder, with a syringe you squirt it starts and shuts down”. these are the words with which a large number of benzocos arrive at our service center in the summer period.

Can it be fixed?? Unfortunately not always We’ll try to tell you about the frequent failures of this carburetor and how to fix them with your own hands.

Before making any manipulations with the carburetor you must exclude possible malfunctions that can affect the operation of the lawnmower (create a simulation of a non-operational or not adjusted carburetor:

Fuel filter (hoses): no mechanical damage on filter’s body, no dirt, good passability

Air filter: no mechanical damage to filter surface, no contaminants, good air flow

Faulty ignition system: an undamaged spark plug “paired” with the ignition module should ensure stable engine operation

Perfectly working exhaust system: the cylinder outlet and the muffler must not be clogged with soot and grasshopper won’t rev up. mimicking a faulty carburettor.

Tightness of the engine crankcase. Crankshaft oil seals, rubber intake adapters. as a result of damage (natural wear) let excess air into the engine. usually manifested in a strong overrevving and the inability to adjust the carburetor.

If, after checking all these nodes, the suspicion remains on the carburetor, you can proceed to its primary inspection. Conventionally speaking, after unsuccessful attempts to start the engine. unscrew the spark plug and it is “dry”

Disassembly of the carburetor should be carried out on a clean, bright surface so as not to lose small parts. The disassembly process can be fixed on the photo-video camera, so it is easier to produce reverse assembly.

What can be checked with your own hands at home?

“Standard” version of a modern Chinese lawnmower. It has the same layout and many variants of manufacturers (Patriot, Forward, Green, Etalon, Prorab, Varyag and many others)

Remove the air filter cover by unscrewing the screw.

Further we unscrew two screws of air filter body fastening and remove it.

Next, unscrewing the nut fixing the cable, remove it from the throttle boss. The screw, marked with an arrow, adjusts the idle speed on these carburetors.

The carburetor gasket should have no damage, if necessary change it.

This quality screw is factory-adjusted, it can not “unadjust” by itself. In the course of operation, adjustment is possible due to the wear of the piston group, but it will be “minimal values”.

As practice shows factory value of the given adjustment. 1,5 turn (If you “razregulated” it. screw in completely and unscrew on 1,5 turn). At this value, if components are in good condition, the grass trimmer is sure to start. After warming up you may need to adjust the propeller (should be stable work on gas rpm)

Do not turn it unnecessarily!

Carburetors of Chinese benzos. on the left for engine capacity of 26 and 33cm³, on the right for engine capacity of 43 and 52cm³. The construction is the same, the difference is shown in the photo. Disassembled in the same way.

adjust, carburetor, chinese, chain

Immediately inspect the condition of the diaphragm blades. They must not be “bent” away from the plane of the carburetor. The diaphragm itself should be undamaged.

The diaphragm gasket, also should not be torn or damaged.

On the body of the carburetor is also not allowed dirt or deposits that can clog the channels and disrupt the carburetor.

The diaphragm must be “in one piece” and not damaged on its surface.

The “heel” of the diaphragm must not “twist”

Pay attention to the “inlet needle area”. If there is any dirt or even a trace of rust, be sure to clean everything.

adjust, carburetor, chinese, chain

The stroke of the needle should be smooth and without jamming.

To check the needle, press the “sandwich” to the carburetor. pour petrol (carburetor cleaner) over the needle area (excl. orange arrow)

Put the hose on the fuel connection (outlet) of the. If there are any soiling or even traces of rust, always clean everything (see the red arrow), blow air in, and at the same time check the needle for “air bubbles”.

If there are no bubbles, the needle holds, no problem. If there are bubbles, disassemble further.

Unscrew the screw fixing the rocker arm axle.

Under the rocker is a spring, be careful when disassembling, do not lose small parts.

Remove the axle with the rocker arm, needle and spring.

I would like to note the following: if the seat under the needle is broken, no amount of manipulation will help. you have to replace the carburetor.

How to adjust the trimmer for grass on brushcutter

Most modules have adjustment screws, and to understand their functionality usually helps scheme:

  • L. for fuel supply in low-speed mode;
  • H. fuel supply at high rpm and its consumption;
  • T. idle speed adjustment.

The adjustment of a brushcutter made in China may be difficult because there is only one screw that is responsible for the idle speed.

Important! The answer to how to adjust the carburetor of lawn mower Champion, it is better to see on video, where it does a professional.