How to adjust the potato harvester to a power tiller. Tools and materials needed

How to adjust correctly potato harvester on single-axle tractor Neva

Vibrating potato harvester is considered one of the most versatile devices of this type. The design of the unit allows to mount it on any power tiller or tractor and use it for all types of soil.

Before proceeding to make a potato harvester for a power tiller with your own hands, it is worth stocking up on the following materials:

  • metal rods;
  • steel channel
  • a section of steel;
  • Coulter from 5 mm;
  • Metal corners (40 and 60 mm);
  • profile tube;

Before making a screen potato digger must be stocked with fasteners and bolts

Algorithm of making a screen potato digger for a motor-block with their own hands:

  • The first thing to do is to build the frame of the device. To do this, the pipe must be sawn into four parts. In pairs, they must be 120 cm and 80 cm long.
  • The resulting sections should be welded in the shape of a rectangle.
  • Weld the lintels, they are mounted a quarter of the length of the base.
  • Parallel to the crosspieces to install the blanks of mounts for the wheels in the number of two pieces. It is necessary to use pipes with a length of 15 cm and a diameter of 3 cm.
  • Next, you need to weld the vertical struts. At a distance of 5 mm from the edge of the frame, in the place where the crosspieces are located, fix a pair of 50 cm long plates.
  • At a distance of 20 cm it is necessary to mount pieces of 4 cm in length. Set aside 40 cm from them and install a third pair of 30 cm long struts.
  • Make a frame from a sheet of metal. Its size must be 40 cm by 40 cm (thickness from 3 mm). Mount the first piece to the bottom of the frame. The second part (size. 70 cm by 70 cm, thickness from 4 mm) should be welded to the first and with the help of a sledgehammer give the shape of a cone.
  • Weld the rod grating to the frame, and let it protrude from the end of the frame. The number of pieces can vary from 10 to 15 pieces, depending on the type of crops you plan to handle.
  • To strengthen the grid across it, two more pieces of wire are welded.
  • On the previously prepared mount the wheels.


Another type of device, which is rarely found in the personal use of landowners, is a conveyor potato digger. It is a construction consisting of a bucket and a belt. Together with a piece of wood the fruits are placed in a container and then moved on a conveyor. In the process, the tubers are removed from the soil and deposited on the soil surface, where they are picked up manually.

With the conveyorized potato digger several rows can be processed at the same time

Despite the variety of units, the most universal devices are considered fan and screen potato diggers. They are suited for every kind of soil and do a very good job. Also often in the use of farmers can be found a drum potato digger, but for its operation it is necessary to take into account the requirements for operation.

Types of Potato Diggers

Machines for digging potatoes:

  • Vibratory (screen type, vibration type). Consists of a vibrating shaft, drive and plowshare. They have a high capacity. Operating mechanism: the upper layers of soil are picked up (together with the potatoes) and moved on a vibrating table. With the help of vibration, the earth escapes through the slots, and the roots fall out on the other side of the machine.
  • Transporter type. complex potato diggers. Consists of a shovel-shaped ploughshare, a chain-and-bar conveyor, and a cleaning drum.
  • Universal (lancet). Fan type single-row potato harvester. Attached to the power tiller with a single hitch.

The potato digger can be equipped with other attachments, allowing it to lift virgin soil, plant potatoes in the ground, and dip them. Some models, the most complex and expensive, can sort vegetables by species.

How to properly make a workbench in the garage with their own hands:

cardan shaft with PKM drive, 2. frame-base, 3. reduction unit, 4. bevel gear, 5. cardan shaft of drum-cleaner drive, 6. support-transport unit, 7. drum-cleaner, 8. chain-and-bar elevator with ploughshare.

How to prepare a Bordeaux mixture to protect garden and vegetable plants from fungal pests, read here. Learn how to choose the right pruning shear for grafting and pruning trees.

Types of potato diggers

Machines for digging potatoes:

  • Vibrating (screen type, vibrating and screening). They consist of a vibrating shaft, drive and ploughshare. They have a high capacity. Operating mechanism: the upper layers of soil are picked up (together with the potatoes) and moved onto a vibrating table. With the help of vibration, the earth escapes through the slots, and the root crops fall out the other side of the machine.
  • Transporter. Potato diggers of a more complex structure. Consisting of spade-shaped ploughshare, chain-and-bar conveyor, cleaning drum.
  • Universal (lancet). Fan type single row potato digger. Attach to the power tiller with a single hitch.

The potato digger can be equipped with other attachments, allowing it to lift the virgin soil, plant potatoes in the ground, plow them. Some models, the most sophisticated and expensive, can sort vegetables by species.

How to make a workbench in the garage with their own hands:

cardan shaft with PKM drive, 2. frame-base, 3. reduction unit, 4. bevel gearbox, 5. cardan shaft of cleaner drum drive, 6. support-transport unit, 7. cleaner drum, 8. chain-and-bar elevator with ploughshare.

Design and principle of operation of a potato harvester for a power tiller

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery are constantly expanding their range, trying to please the maximum number of consumers. Not so long ago, in small farms, harvesting was carried out exclusively by hand, but today the situation has changed. Large farms have long been using large agricultural equipment, which smaller farms simply can’t afford. It is for them have been developed devices, for the operation of which is sufficient for a simple motor-block. Such tools include a potato digger, which we will consider in more detail in this article.

The function and principle of the potato digger

Potato harvester for power tiller refers to the attached equipment, which is used for harvesting. It is fixed with a hitch or directly on the machine. The machine digs the potatoes out of the ground, making the process of collecting the tubers much faster. The tines of the potato harvester penetrate the soil, extracting potato tubers that then have to be harvested manually. Compared with a completely manual harvest, this method will save you a lot of time, and therefore the equipment will pay off quickly enough.

Do you know?? The average productivity of potato harvesters. 0.1-0.2 ha/h, which is many times faster than the manual harvest.

Basic types of potato harvesters and what they do

Most of those who already use the potato harvester know how it works. Its operating principle is uncomplicated and almost identical for all types. The soil is gripped by a special knife and falls into a special shaking mechanism. As a result, most of the earth and small stones are sifted out, leaving only tubers. But there are still some peculiarities among different types of potato diggers, so let’s look at the different types in more detail.

Universal potato digger (lancet)

This potato harvester for power tillers is the simplest, which entails the corresponding advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of lancet diggers is their relatively low efficiency. they can lift about 85% of the harvest to the surface. But this unit also has advantages and for some people may well outweigh any disadvantages. The main advantage is the low price (compared to other types), which is the main criterion for the smallest farms. Also, this potato harvester does not need a PTO shaft, so it can be connected to older models of power tillers without a PTO.

The simplest assembly looks like a shovel without a handle, with welded bars. There are no complicated parts in these devices, and the loss of crops for this method of harvesting is minimal.

Vibrating diggers (screen type)

Compared to the universal diggers, the screen type is much more effective. Improved design allows to get up to 98% of tubers out of the ground and increases productivity. Such a digger consists of a vibrating shaft, plowshares and a drive. Mechanism of the vibrating digger works as follows: the upper layers of soil together with potatoes are picked up and moved on a vibrating table. Then under the influence of vibration the earth is peeled off and goes through the slots, and the potatoes themselves fall out the other side of the device.

Conveyor potato diggers

This type of digger is quite similar to the previous one, but differences do exist. Transporter potato digger for power tillers is equipped with a special belt instead of a vibrating table. Passing on the conveyor belt, the potatoes are cleaned quite effectively from the soil. The main disadvantage of this type, as well as the previous one, is the price, which is significantly higher than that of simple potato diggers.

Description and photos of the most popular potato diggers

Among the wide range of potato diggers it’s quite easy to get confused, especially for the beginner farmer. But how to choose the right potato digger? Each of the available samples has a lot of certain advantages. That said, the weight and cost of the machine are still the main selection criteria for many gardeners. For farmers, however, priority will be given to such parameters as:

“KKM 1”

Digger “KKM 1”. it is a small-sized potato digger for mechanized digging of potato tubers out of the ground to the surface for the following manual collection. Except for potatoes, garlic, onions and beets can also be harvested with this machine. Potato harvester module “KKM 1” consists of a sieve and active blade. The depth of digging can be adjusted with the support wheels, and the engine speed of the walking tractor allows the soil separation to be adjusted to the desired degree.

Did you know? Plowing potatoes too deep always results in good haulm growth. Occurs, of course, to the detriment of the crop, which will consist of one trifle.

The potato puller fits well on “Favorit”, “Neva”, “MTZ” and “Kaskad” power tillers. Potato harvester “KKM 1” is designed for use on medium to light soils, with humidity not exceeding 27%, the hardness of the earth should be up to 20 kg/cm2, and clogging stones. up to 9 tons/ha. If you choose this model for potato harvesting, you need to calculate the width between the rows, it should reach 70 cm. In order to increase the traction weight, a load of at least 50 kg can be placed on the power tiller boom. Also this potato digger can be used for power tiller “Salyut”. If the plot has strong haulm, it is recommended to remove it 1-2 days before digging.

This is a hinged, one-row type of potato digger that allows you to dig out the crop without damaging the tubers, while separating the potatoes from the soil and laying them on the surface.

Important! Potato harvester KM2″ is not intended for industrial use, it is used on small plots.

Materials and solutions for stilted

Stellate (fan) homemade potato harvester to the power tiller is made according to the drawings. The basis of such a digger is a frame, the details of which are carefully calculated and welded. All measurements and parameters of each part of the hanger, wheels, starters and drawbar are entered into the drawing. A craftsman with experience with power tools and complex equipment will be able to do it. To make the parts you will need:

Specialists recommend using in the work:

  • Sheet steel no thicker than 7 mm. Plates are necessary for making plowshares. often used circular saw blades are used for this purpose.
  • Studs. Square section profile tube for the uprights.
  • Angles 63×40 mm for the frame.
  • Fittings not thicker than 10mm are suitable for gable board bars. Steel strips are suitable.
  • The vibrator drive is made from a pipe and an eccentric. The pulley is run by belt transmission.

Fast harvesting is not only important for farmers, but also for homesteaders. Digging potatoes in one or two days is especially important in cold, rainy autumn, when it is difficult to choose a nice day to go to the fields. Speed up the work will help potato digger, your own hands can make a simple and effective unit, the performance is not inferior to factory analogues.

Drawings and dimensions of potato diggers for mini-tractors

Homemade plough for potatoes on a mini-tractor with their own hands is made according to the scheme. On the drawing, note down the size and name of the details.

The drum is made of steel bars cross-section 0,6-1 cm

For the plow, many craftsmen use old agricultural machinery or steel sheet. For the suspension use a channel. Provide a regulator of plowshare immersion and the angle of capture.

adjust, potato, harvester, power

Specialists recommend using reinforced wheels for the trailer, for a wheelbarrow or power tiller.

The fan spudder blade is made from a single piece of sheet iron. It is bent into a dovetail shape. Prepared parts are welded to the back of the tip.

Fan design is suitable for small areas, the soil is loosened and the potatoes rise to the surface of the bed

The support frame for the potato harvester is made with a two-point linkage. The wheels adjust the height above the bed. The hanger acts as a traction device. A gearbox connected to the wheels drives the tiller’s shaft. The crank mechanism causes the rod to vibrate. Ploughshare and screen system are driven by the splined connection.

The screen-type potato harvester is difficult to build, but its performance is twice as good as fan-type! When it rains, it is necessary to change the working angle for the depth of ploughshare plunge. To avoid problems, it is equipped with a screw shaft for adjustment.Vibrating potato harvester sifts tubers on the motion of the motoblock back and forth

To move the conveyor belt, it is suspended on oscillating joints. the vibrator drive is made of an eccentric. It is connected to the pulley by a shaft. The belt drive attaches the wheel to the pulley.

Fan potato harvester is the easiest to make, requires little material and time

Description of the potato harvester for the motor-block Neva, can you make with your own hands

The principle of operation of the presented unit is based on the fact that its teeth, as soon as plunged into the soil, remove tubers from the ground. And then they are collected by hand.

Today you can buy a potato digger for the Neva motor-baller of various kinds. Each of them has its own distinctive features and cost. So, let’s consider in detail the most popular and practical models.

Model KKM-1

This model is considered a vibrating model. It can be used for harvesting potatoes or other crops, such as carrots, garlic, etc. Vibrating potato harvester of this model is designed specifically for power tillers Neva.

But if it has additional straps and attachments, it can be installed on other devices with a similar attachment. The design of such a device assumes the presence of a ploughshare and a grid for sifting. The depth of ploughing is adjusted by the support wheels. But you can adjust the gentleness of separation by adjusting the engine speed. Use this model of vibratory potato digger is worth it only for processing light and medium soils. You may also find it useful to know what crops can be planted after the potatoes.

Machine weight is 40 kg. Working width. 370 mm, and the depth of tines plunge into the ground. 20 cm. in one hour KKM-1 potato harvester is able to process 0.2 ha of the site.

Vibrating potato harvester” model

Weight of the potato digger is 34 kg. The working width is 360 mm, and the working depth is 200 mm.

If a motor-block speed is 12 km/hour, then a potato digger of this model can work 0,15-0,2 hectares of land in an hour.

The price of the device is quite democratic, but it does not affect the quality of design. Find out here how to apply Prestige potato seed treatment and what it costs.

adjust, potato, harvester, power

Tine digger Model KVM-3

This variant of the potato harvester is referred to the units of the screen type. The model feature is that a special knife can be mounted on the main frame. This way you can harvest potatoes even on heavy soils, when the vibration of the grid increases and the tubers are better cleaned. The weight of the unit is 39 kg. With this model of the screen potato digger it is possible to embed the tines to a depth of 20 cm, but the working width is 37 cm.

How the soil is prepared for planting potatoes, and what you should pay attention to, is detailed in the information on the link.

But what are the best varieties of potatoes for sandy soil, and what their name, help to understand this article.

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Model “Poltavchanka”

This is another variant of the vibrating product. It is designed to carry out work on the plot with a medium type of severity. Weight of the construction is 34 kg, and the speed is 2-3 km/h. Soil processing can be carried out at a depth of 18 cm. Potato harvester comes with a pin and a belt. Due to such a device and is attached to the power tiller Neva. And here’s how to deal with wireworms on potato fields, and what tools are worth using, is described in detail in this material.


This version of the potato harvester for the motor-block Neva is similar to the screen one by its features. The difference between them is that the conveyor unit is equipped with a conveyor belt, not a vibrating table. You might also be interested to know how a homemade potato planter for a power tiller looks and is assembled.

As soon as the tubers of potatoes pass on this belt, they are effectively cleared of residual soil.

Top. the best potato diggers for power tillers


Wirax is an Italian-made conveyor-type digger. The machine is equipped with two conveyor belts. Fits to small tractors with engine power from 20-35 liters.ั. Wirax can work on soil with a slope up to 6 degrees.

Model consists of one eccentric, ploughshare and screen. This is a vibratory model, suitable for small tractors and tillers with power from 16 liters.ั. The impressive weight of the 4UD-1 potato plough allows you to plunge into the soil up to 25 cm deep. Weighs about 40 kg. Capacities of the digger vary from 0,2 to 0,35 ha/h.

  • high cost;
  • Fine ground grip. 20 cm. in width;
  • low productivity;
  • not suitable for large areas.

This small-sized machine is designed for small farming. Combined with “Agro” power tiller with the help of reducer, sold together with the shovel. The digger is based on rotating pulleys, pipes, plowshares and shrouds. KK-1 is capable of digging 100 meters in 2 minutes.

KKM-1 is a vibration digger, compatible with “Salyut”, “Favorit” motor-blocks, etc.ะด. Designed for light to medium weight soils. Speed of work is up to 2 km./hour. Working area up to 37 cm., depth. 27 cm. It is attached to the tiller with the help of a pulley. Process takes 5-7 minutes. Mounted with three bolts. Belt may need to be replaced periodically, but it is inexpensive. Before starting, it is important to lubricate the bushings on the appliance. Weight is about 40 kg. The ploughshare and screen grid are the core of the machine. Immersion depth. only 20 cm. reach width. 38 cm. Speed is also 2 km./hour, with 0.2 ha/hour being processed. One of the notable features is its high sensitivity to the composition of the soil. It must have a hardness of less than 20kg./ ha and be without stones.

important! But there is an advantage: this model has the ability to adjust the depth of plowing into the ground, as well as the intensity of vibration and engine speed.

  • need to prepare the place of work: removal of tops and weeds
  • need for adjustment of the screen;
  • not suitable for working on sloping terrain
  • High cost.

Designed for connection to medium-sized power tillers that have a keyed PTO. Conveyor-type unit weighs about 50 kg with a working width of 45 cm. The depth is adjusted manually (maximum 30 cm).

Advantages Disadvantages
Made of high-strength metal Rather high price. about 28 000
Has a long service life Not used for hard and overwatered soils
Root crops are not damaged during harvesting
It is possible to manually control through

NPD type 2

Model is designed for use in moderate climatic zones. Brief description:

  • Width. 320 mm;
  • Length is 420 mm;
  • One hole in the post;
  • Digging width. 32 cm;
  • Digging depth. 20 cm
  • Weighs 5.15 kg.

Patriot 490001130, without coupling

Motorblade version, designed for digging root crops. Used on light to medium soils. No hitch included. Parameters: 550 x 445 mm. Can be purchased at any point of sale.

Patriot 490001130 potato harvester, no hitchDisadvantages:

Patriot KB 550.445.5

Russian producer offers a good quality product, which will be an indispensable helper, shifting potatoes digging from manual to mechanized method. Used with Patriot power tillers. Sifts soil and throws tubers to the surface. Effective device, allowing to keep the root crops in marketable condition. Used on light and medium soils.

Patriot KB 550 potato digger.445.5Advantages:

5 Gallon Bucket Grown Potato Harvest

  • Low weight (5 kg);
  • Easy to use;
  • efficient;
  • Sold at any specialty store;
  • Long service life.

Potato diggers b/c of TIP. 1 (Cascade, Neva, Kadvi, Celina)

This product is made by a Russian company. Weight. 5,25 kg, dimensions. 550 x 445 mm. Purpose. sifts the soil and ejects potato tubers to the surface. Used in light to medium soils.

Potato ploughs b/c of TYPE. 1 (Cascade, Neva, Kadvi, Celina)Advantages:

Manufacturing of ridge plough power tiller || kalappai || agriculture tool || Building Strong

adjust, potato, harvester, power

MB Oka, Forza, Neva, Kaskad, b/c, KMBK 12.500

The attached equipment belongs to the category of diggers. Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 400 mm, weighs only 5.05 kg, 12 mm thick foot. Produced in Russia. Processing is carried out at a depth of 25. 30 cm. Main purpose. digging up root crops. There is no question where to buy. Machines are waiting for their potential owners in all specialized stores.

Potato harvester MB Oka, Forza, Neva, Kaskad, b / c, KMBK 12.500Disadvantages:

Vibrating type machine, that can perfectly match both Chinese and Russian or Ukrainian power tillers. It can also work with power tillers of left and right side. There is only one requirement for power tillers. the engine power of at least 6 liters.ั. KVM-3 is designed for medium to light soil. But if there is a need to work with heavy soil, it cannot be surpassed, because it is connected to a powerful additional blade. KVM-3 weighs about 39 kg., Speed of soil digging at moderate pace is up to 1,5 km./ hour. Working width up to 40 cm. The main advantage of the KVM-3 is the affordable price for this type of drill. Medium