How To Assemble A Chainsaw Stihl 180 Video

Break-in period for chainsaw “Stihl”

In the usual sense, the Stihl 180 is not run-in. She is initially ready to go. However, the owner of the equipment needs to know and understand the following:

  1. The first 4 to 8 full fuel tanks dropped out, the work of the gasoline saw should be performed in a gentle mode, not at the full power of the power plant with frequent interruptions to cool the tool.
  2. The first 60 minutes of the chainsaw “Stihl” consists of work and rest intervals: 2 min. Work, 10 seconds idle, break. Idling for more than 10 seconds damages spark plugs, leaving carbon deposits on them.
  3. It is very important to properly prepare the fuel mixture from high quality materials (1/50, AI-92 gasoline and higher, Stihl oil for 2-stroke engines).

Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 C-BE 14

This chainsaw “Stihl” more improved by the manufacturer, its weight is 4.2 kg. The two-stroke power plant runs on a fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil and has a capacity of 2 liters. From. Air cooling, the ErgoStart system makes it easy to start the engine by pulling the inertia starter handle. Quickstop system instantly stops chain movement when pressing the front stop.

How To Assemble A Chainsaw Stihl 180

A built-in compensator provides constant fuel consumption and the cleanest exhaust possible. Small tire 14 inches, with the following parameters: 1.3 mm, 3/8″, 50 links. The bus is equipped with a Picco Duro chain of our own production, which dulls four times slower, is extremely durable and reliable.

The chain tensioning system has been improved without the use of special tools. The Ematic system allows the chain to be lubricated where it is needed, resulting in 50% savings in lubricants. Anti-vibration system protects the operator from unnecessary vibration.

Cylinder displacement 31.8 cm³
Bus length 35 cm
STIHL Oilomatic chain pitch / type 3/8″ P / Picco Micro 3
Power 1.5 / 2 kW / hp.
Weight 1) 4.2 kg
Specific gravity 2.8 kg / kW
Sound pressure level 2) 98 dB (A)
Sound power level 2) 110 dB (A)
Vibration level left / right 3) 7.6 / 7.4 m / s²
Chain pitch 3/8 P
Volume of the tank 0.25 l
Idling speed 2.800 rpm.
Number of revolutions Pmax 4) 9.000 rpm
K-factor according to Directive 2006/42 / EC 2
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Chainsaw “Stihl” MS-180. Technical characteristics and features of use

  • STIHL chainsaw standard equipment
  • Chainsaw description “Stihl” MS-180
  • Modifications
  • Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 C-BE 14
  • Chainsaw Stihl MS-180 16 Picco
  • Advantages of the Stihl MS-180 gasoline saw
  • User’s manual
    • Device
    • Preparing the Stihl chainsaw for work
    • Break-in period for chainsaw “Stihl”
    • Maintenance
    • Malfunctions and repairs
    • Overview
    • Chainsaw “Stihl” MS-180 is a product of the famous German brand STIHL, founded back in 1921 by Andreas Stihl. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of washing machines and steam boilers. The first STIHL chainsaw (Germany) was born in 1929 and weighed 48 kg. With a power plant of 6 liters. From.

      The units were improved, new structural elements were added, a saw chain with cutting and scraper teeth, automated chain lubrication, a centrifugal clutch, a diaphragm carburetor, anti-vibration handles, a chain brake, etc. With each new invention, the weight of the saw decreased, functionality increased. Company “Stihl” also known as the manufacturer of the quietest chainsaws in the world.

      A site visitor is often interested in how much a chainsaw costs “Stihl” MS-180? The original chainsaw “Stihl” 180 costs in the range of 12-13 thousand rubles. Future owners of equipment are also interested in where the STIHL MS-180 chainsaws are assembled. This could be the United States, Germany and even China. Chinese fakes are quite common, but are lower.

      We offer you a look, which tells how to distinguish a fake from the original:


      Chainsaw “Stihl” MC-180 consists of: gasoline engine, carburetor, casing, starter, flywheel, clutch, decompression valve, oil, fuel pump and tank, spark plug, saw chain, tire, sprocket, brake, air filter, shift lever, dust collector, muffler , clips, tension wheel, toothed stop, adjustment screw, handle.

      STIHL chainsaw standard equipment

      The basic package for the Stihl MS-180 chainsaw includes:

      • Universal screwdriver wrench;
      • Tire 14 inches (35 cm);
      • Chain with 50 links;
      • Tire cover;
      • Manual.

      Removing and disassembling the engine

      The engine is held in place by 4 screws installed on the bottom of the Stihl 180 chainsaw. To remove, unscrew them, then carefully remove the engine from the seat and the rubber pipe of the carburetor.

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      To disassemble the engine, 4 crankcase screws are unscrewed, and it is removed, then you can remove the crankshaft assembly with oil seals, bearings and piston rings.

      Removing bearings and seals usually does not require additional tools, but if the bearings were pressed onto the shaft with force, then a special puller will be needed for dismantling.

      To remove the piston from the connecting rod, you will need to remove the locking ring from the seat using a thin screwdriver, then the piston pin is squeezed out from the opposite side, after which the piston is retracted to the side.

      Removing the starter

      At the next stage, the upper housing cover is removed and the 4 starter mounting screws are loosened, after which it is necessary to remove the oil tank and fuel barrel covers. The starter is removed quite simply and there should be no problems.

      After removing the starter, the opened inner cavity of the chainsaw must be cleaned, since usually there is a large amount of compressed small sawdust on the body under the starter.

      Removing the flywheel

      The flywheel of the Stihl 180 chainsaw is twisted with great effort, so a head with a metal knob is required to remove it. The nut holding the flywheel is unscrewed by the head by 13.

      To block the crankshaft from turning, you need to unscrew the spark plug and install the piston stopper through the spark plug hole, if it is not there, you can use the old starter cord, with knots imposed on it and immersed in the cylinder through the spark plug hole.

      After the piston is locked in the cylinder, you can unscrew the flywheel nut. The thread in the nut is ordinary, so you need to turn it to the left. Having loosened the nut, it is not necessary to remove it to the end, it is enough to unscrew it until its upper edge is equal to the tip of the shaft, after which a soft metal drift is installed on the nut and a sharp blow is made on it. Thus, the flywheel from a sharp impact jumps off the shaft and can be easily removed without the help of additional tools.

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      Removing the handle

      Direct disassembly of the Stihl 180 begins with removing the handle, which is attached to the body of the chainsaw using three rubber shock absorbers. To remove, it is necessary to remove the plastic plugs from the inner cavity of the shock absorbers, then, using a powerful screwdriver, first squeeze out the upper shock absorber, then the one closer to the rear handle.

      When the handle remains on one shock absorber, it is necessary to unscrew the body of the chainsaw from the inside of the handle and bend it to the side, remove the body from the last rubber band.

      Dismantling the clutch and oil pump drive

      Remove the drive sprocket before disassembling the clutch. To do this, carefully remove the lock washer from the grooves on the shaft and remove the sprocket and needle bearing.

      With a high head 19, it is necessary to unscrew the clutch. The thread on it is left-handed, so it unscrews towards the tire, and not the back of the Stihl 180 saw.

      Having untwisted and removed the clutch, you need to immediately remove the reflective plate and the oil pump drive, this is easy to do, because they are put on the shaft without any fastening.

      Preparatory stage

      Repair of any equipment should begin with the preparatory work, and the Stihl 180 saw is no exception. At the preparatory stage, before the Stihl 180 chainsaw is disassembled, it is necessary to remove the side cover, chain and tire from the chainsaw. Further, with the help of a compressor and a brush, you need to clean the chainsaw from dirt, sawdust, oil drips and other.

      In places with a large accumulation of oil, can be washed with clean gasoline.