How to assemble a cultivator on a single-axle tractor video

Alteration of a walk-behind milling cutter for a minitractor 2h

Alteration of a walk-behind milling cutter for a mini-tractor from a walk-behind tractor ZARYA CH 101. Connecting a cutter.

Assembly of cutters

Detailed, step-by-step instructions for assembling cultivator cutters.

Secrets of assembling soil mills, cultivator, walk-behind tractor

Not knowing the “secrets” and not having experience 99 out of 100 beginners will assemble cutters as we will show. Assembling the soil mills.


This video explains in detail about the milling cutters for a single-axle tractor. You will learn about what cutters are. How to distinguish.

How to assemble soil cultivators on a single-axle tractor Neva

This video is an instruction for the correct assembly of soil milling cutters (cultivators) on a uniaxial tractor.

Cutters. How to assemble correctly? single axle tractor Hoper 900MQ

Short tips and tricks for assembling milling cutters of the Hopper 900 mq walk-behind tractor. With correctly assembled milling cutters, the motob.

How to assemble a cultivator on a single-axle tractor video

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Homemade products for a walk-behind tractor (52 videos)

Supervideo selection of the best videos

DIY potato planter for walk-behind tractor

Potato planter from Ildar Sunagatullin

How to make a potato planter for a walk-behind tractor (beginning)

How to make a potato planter for a walk-behind tractor 2

How to make a potato planter for a walk-behind tractor 3

How to make a potato planter for a walk-behind tractor 4

How to make a potato planter for a walk-behind tractor 5 (dimensions)

Homemade POTATO PLANTER (tests)

TRACTOR MOUNTED REAPER MACHINE INSTALLATION how to assemble reaper on tractor 919463017000

Homemade potato planter. I plow and plant potatoes.

Cultivator Repair. Replacing the Transmission (Powermate Part # A200759)

Homemade cultivators for a walk-behind tractor

Homemade hedgehog cultivators for a walk-behind tractor

Homemade cultivator for a mini tractor from a walk-behind tractor

Homemade inter-row cultivator for walk-behind tractor

How to Assemble Power Tiller || Modal WM1000N

assemble, cultivator, single-axle, tractor, video

Whip up weeding cultivator

Homemade flat cutters for a walk-behind tractor

Do-it-yourself potato weeder for a walk-behind tractor. Flat cutter for walk-behind tractor

2-row cultivator-weeding machine for walk-behind tractor

Homemade hiller for a walk-behind tractor

Do-it-yourself disk hiller for a walk-behind tractor

Do-it-yourself disk hiller for a walk-behind tractor. Dimensions (edit)

Hillers for planting potatoes. Super option!

Disc hillers with cultivator tines for hilling potatoes

Photo review of creating a disc hiller for a walk-behind tractor

Homemade mowers for walk-behind tractors

Homemade rotary mower for a walk-behind tractor paired with an adapter The knives are located 1 cm higher than one in relation to the other. The rotors are made of metal 3 millimeters. An additional paper air filter is mounted in the air intake, half of the size of a passenger car.

MOWER ON a uniaxial tractor OWN HANDS (uniaxial tractor Neva MB 3) In this video, I will show how a rotary mower for a uniaxial tractor, made of scrap metal, works. The width of the home-made mower is 45 cm, the cutting height is 3.5 cm.The rotary mower is made for the Neva MB 3 walk-behind tractor, it mows grass of any height, both low and high.

Homemade grousers for a walk-behind tractor

How to make lugs for a walk-behind tractor. Manufacturing process.

Mini-video about making homemade lugs for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands.

Homemade potato digger for walk-behind tractor

Characteristics of a potato digger for a walk-behind tractor:

The simplest homemade potato digger for a fan-type walk-behind tractor. In this video I show a potato digger I made, with which I have been digging potatoes for more than 3 years on my site.

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The potato digger is made of scrap materials for a uniaxial tractor “Neva”, without the use of a roar. Lightweight, simple, reliable and cost effective.

Homemade wood splitter for walk-behind tractor

Wood chopper wood splitter for walk-behind tractor

Homemade snow blower for walk-behind tractor

Homemade auger snow blower for a walk-behind tractor

Homemade seeder for walk-behind tractor

Homemade trailer for a walk-behind tractor

The trailer can be attached to a car, minitractor and walk-behind tractor

Dimensions of a trailer for a walk-behind tractor and a mini-tractor with your own hands

How to make a motor cultivator with your own hands

In fact, making a loploch cultivator with your own hands will not be so difficult. All you need is a sturdy frame to which all the components will be attached. control handles, a support stand and an electric motor.

The main part, the engine, of course, will need to be chosen responsibly, since it will need not only high power, at least one kilowatt, but also reliability. it will be located on a loose structure.

The power cable must be chosen so that its insulation is resistant to all possible influences, because it will be outside most of the time and lie on the ground.

Also, in order to ensure reliability, good fittings are needed. all switches and relays must be designed for the fact that they will be used in difficult conditions and with large vibrations, which can eventually render them unusable, without the possibility of repair.

Harvesting is one of the most labor-intensive activities in agriculture. Combine harvester Polesie you quickly and efficiently harvest the entire crop.

A snowmobile will help you to get around in snowy terrain. Snowmobile Ermak is quality, speed and reliability.

A garden sprayer is an important and highly effective tool for protecting plants, feeding and prophylaxis on time. Here you can find out how to make a sprayer with your own hands.

The frame and metal components can be made of any metal, except for the handles. they need to be insulated as best as possible in order to avoid electric shock if an electric current somehow hits the body.

The only serious problem can only be the manufacture of a gearbox to transmit torque to the shafts of the knives.

In fact, it will be quite difficult to make it at home.

But, in the event that the correspondence of the homemade design to the original is not essential, three knives can be easily replaced with two, or even one. as you know, the main thing is not the quantity, but the ability to use. Thus, a single knife can be connected directly to the motor, without the need for additional parts.

Plow body

The plow body is based on ABCO triangular wedge. Its parameters are used during the design of a specific structure, which give it technological and operational properties.

For crumbling and bending of the soil layer, the angle a, which is located in the longitudinal-vertical plane, is responsible. The turning of the earth layer occurs due to the angle в, located in the transverse-vertical plane. To move the layer to the side, the angle y, lying in the horizontal plane, corresponds. Thanks to these parameters, bending and crumbling of the earth layer occurs. All these parameters are related to each other by trigonometric dependence:

Based on this, only two angles change arbitrarily. To determine the third, the values ​​of the first two are used. Quite an important conclusion for any constructor. If you change this or that parameter, the trihedral wedge acquires a ploughshare-moldboard surface of a certain type: helical (angle b), cylindrical (angle a), cylindrical (angle y), standard.

Knowing all the necessary parameters, making a plow for an electric cultivator will not be a problem.

About the manufacturer of the cultivator LopLosh

On large areas, cultivation is carried out using special equipment. a tractor, to which cultivators of various designs are attached, with different shapes of cutters, which perform loosening.

But the use of such a technique and the use of complex technologies and cultivation methods are not profitable in areas with a small area.

Therefore, in order to achieve good results when harvesting crops in the household, on areas of about one hectare, walk-behind tractors and motor-cultivators with appropriate attachments are widely used.

Cultivators for the garden, manual, electric cultivators for summer cottages, have been repeatedly proved their usefulness, as well as economy. depending on what kind of area needs to be cultivated and what additional functions this technique should perform, you can choose exactly what is best for the future to the owner of the walk-behind tractor (or try to make home-made products for the walk-behind tractor new versions).

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In addition, if necessary, you can make a lot of additional equipment for the walk-behind tractor on your own, using only what is currently “on the farm”. from the materials at hand, products are obtained that, in terms of their functionality, are not inferior to products assembled at the factory.

But still, even motoblocks, regardless of where and by whom they are made, have their drawbacks. First of all, this is the main part of every product. the engine. Regardless of whether it is gasoline or diesel, it still requires care and repair (adjusting the carburetor of the walk-behind tractor is not so difficult).

In any engine, it is necessary to regularly change the oil, each of them has parts and consumables that wear out very quickly and also require regular replacement.

The same applies to attachments. there are a large number of variations of it, but most often only a small part of it is used, only a few devices that also need repair, which cannot always be done quickly, especially if the workshop does not have its own personal welding machine.

And without it, it is very difficult and even impossible to do anything. Therefore, in order to facilitate the task of gardeners in cultivating the land, the Murom PROMTECH company offers an alternative to bulky devices. the LopLosh cultivator.

The company is engaged in the manufacture of mechanical devices of narrow specialization with electric drives and parts for them.

The products of this company have already gained trust and become popular among owners of small farms, due to their convenience and practicality.

LopLosh, whose name comes from two words. shovel and horse, are especially popular.

Features of their design, horizontally located cutters, an electric motor as a drive and a convenient design allow you to cultivate almost any soil without much time, effort and resources.

In this area, they successfully compete with any other devices and mechanisms, such as: cultivator Mantis, Caiman, VIKING, Texas, Strizh, Champion, Patriot, outperforming them in many ways.

Popular models and their price

For those who liked the LopLosh cultivator, the price will depend on which model they choose. In total, the line includes three models that differ from each other in power, and, accordingly, in the type of soil that they are able to process.

But everyone is united by a special design of horizontally located cutters. There are three of them in total, two of which are power, operating at a speed of 300 rpm. They are designed for loosening, weeding the soil, and in fact, they perform the main function.

One cutter has a higher speed. it is used for mulching, development of virgin soil.

The LopLosh 1100 electric cultivator is a device with the lowest power available on the equipment market. it is about 1.1 kilowatts. This power is enough to work on light soil at a fast enough pace.

The electric motor installed on this product is asynchronous, single-phase, and operates in continuous operation. The weight of the whole product is approximately 35 kilograms, the working width is 30 centimeters, the depth of tillage is 18 centimeters.


Electric cultivator LopLosh 1500, the second most powerful cultivator. Basically, it is identical to the previous model, with the exception of some parameters, such as engine power, which is already 1.5 kilowatts, and a weight equal to 37 kilograms.

The rest of the characteristics are absolutely identical. single-phase asynchronous motor, continuous operation, soil coverage. 30 centimeters, depth of its cultivation. 18 centimeters.

Electric cultivator LopLosh 2000, the most powerful product from the line of LopLosh cultivators. The engine power installed on this model is 2 kilowatts. It is capable of continuous operation and weighs about 38 kilograms.

This device is the most optimal option for owners of areas with heavy soil, since from the entire line of cultivators, it has enough power to loosen most of them in a single pass.

assemble, cultivator, single-axle, tractor, video

In this video, the launch of the presented model.

DIY cultivator, video

The first LopLosh cultivator was also homemade.

The video shows the “grandfather” of the LopLosh cultivators, from which its mass production began.

Now let’s see what cultivators are made by the hands of other gardeners inspired by LopLosh.

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And this is a video of the gardener-owner of the purchased LopLosh cultivator, who made improvements with his own hands that can be useful in making his own.

The advantages of an electric walk-behind tractor over a gasoline one

An electric uniaxial tractor is much more profitable than its gasoline cousin for several reasons:

  • compactness and ease of use;
  • low cost of equipment;
  • ecologicaly clean;
  • ideal for women and seniors.

Modern electric walk-behind tractors are designed for processing small plots of land. They work excellently in narrow beds when it is necessary to loosen the ground between trees, shrubs and various crops. Works well around houses and fences. A manual machine easily replaces manual labor, making it possible to enjoy working on a personal plot.

Features of a homemade cultivator

The depth of soil cultivation with an electric cultivator is no more than 30 cm. It copes well and quickly with work in flower beds and small beds. Most of these models are mini cultivators. They are lightweight, easy to use, and can be used even by women and retirees. Unlike gasoline models, electric cultivators are absolutely environmentally friendly and suitable for soil cultivation in greenhouses and greenhouses.

For small garden plots, it is unprofitable to buy expensive machines for plowing the land. The modern market offers a large selection of cultivator models: multi-row, single-row, trailed, rotary, disc, milling and other types. They can weigh from 10 to 50 kg.

Most of them do an excellent job with soil cultivation and have a long working cycle, so they are very much needed on large farms. But many summer residents prefer a more financially profitable option. creating an electric cultivator with their own hands.

An electric cultivator is a device with a gearbox and an electric motor located on the frame. The working opener and cutter are attached to the output gear shaft. The sharp knives of the milling cutter ensure high-quality plowing of the soil. The depth of engagement is adjustable by the coulter.

The steering wheel with the handle is connected to the frame, the transport wheel is attached. The principle of operation is as follows: the electric motor transmits the torque to the cutters through the worm gearbox. The electric cultivator is controlled using a steering wheel connected to the frame.

In order to use mechanized devices that facilitate work on a personal plot, it is not at all necessary to buy an expensive uniaxial tractor or an electric cultivator. A convenient device can be made by any person familiar with technology. There are several of the most common models of homemade electric cultivators.

Safety during work

While working with the cultivator, the following conditions must be observed to avoid the risk of injury, fire and electric shock:

  • It is strictly forbidden to use the device in the rain.
  • Wear protective clothing.
  • When setting up operating functions, the device must be disconnected from the mains.
  • Throughout the entire period of operation, the cable must be located in a conspicuous place.
  • Like any other device, it must be kept clean and tidy.

I have a large garden and vegetable garden, several greenhouses. I love modern methods of plant cultivation and soil mulching, I share my experience.

It is important to use special safety glasses when working with such a device. Under no circumstances use those intended for sun protection and other purposes. Specially made protection of the organs of vision will protect them from pieces of soil or plants, as well as ordinary dust. You also need to take care of your own hands. We recommend using gloves made of thick material, but which does not reduce sensitivity too much. This will prevent damage. It is good if there are rubberized particles on the working side. This improves the grip. We recommend that you check the serviceability of the outlet before starting work, especially if it is not located indoors, but outdoors. In addition, you need to start by clearing out debris, large branches, and other objects that can make work difficult. If the site is large and not a field, that is, it already has some large plantings, then you need to outline a work plan in advance. Prepared drawings or a plan of a garden, or a garden will help with this.