How To Assemble A Mower

The advantages of rotary mowers

  1. Simple and compact attachment, it is easy to transfer, mount on the tiller.
  2. In the trunk of a car, the machine-tractor unit is transported disassembled, at the intended site it is assembled and proceeded to work.
  3. Service is simple. At the end of the work, it is easy to remove the remnants of the cut material. Performing routine maintenance, they lubricate the rubbing nodes.
  4. The presence of fences contributes to the safe operation of equipment.
  5. When mowing, the operator can easily maneuver. The center of gravity is located on the wheels, so sharp turns and changes in direction of travel are easy.
  6. Rotary mowers are relatively inexpensive. They are purchased more often to equip them with energy-intensive units.

User feedback on the operation of segment mowers on tillers

In addition to the pluses, they also note the minuses:

  • Attachments, due to the large number of parts used, have a significant weight;
  • To access individual units, intermediate elements have to be removed, which somewhat complicates repair and maintenance;
  • A segment mower is much more expensive than a rotary mower, so the demand for them is much lower.
How To Assemble A Mower

Measures for the safe use of rotary mowers

There are few requirements for safe operation, but they must be strictly observed.

  1. Before starting work, you need to make sure of the reliability of the threaded connections, the correctness of the equipment.
  2. Assess the strength and correct installation of the knives.
  3. Stop the engine when making any adjustments.
  4. Check the tension of the belts and the fixation of the cutting elements every two hours of operation. It is necessary to tighten the loosened bolts and nuts.
  5. Perform work without exceeding the permissible speed.
  6. Carefully mow in the presence of foreign objects and stones.
  7. Do not mow when crowded.

What are the tiller mowers

Mounted mowers for tillers are usually divided according to the principle of action into:

  • Rotary. In them, active knives make rotational movements about the vertical axis. Moving forward, the machine-tractor unit mows vegetation: grass and small bushes;
  • Segmented, have a special frame on which two rows of cutting elements are located. They reciprocate, cutting off the stems. With a forward movement, the active working body performs cutting in the root part.

Each type has its own characteristics. Users report positive and negative values ​​for each design.

Disadvantages of rotary mowers:

  • You need to regularly (approximately every 2 hours of work) check the fastening of the knives;
  • Traumatic in the presence of small stones and other solid objects in the grass;
  • You can mow upright grass up to 1 meter high.
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Measures for the safe use of segment mowers

  1. Before starting mowing, check the connection between the attachment and the tiller. Check the strength of the threaded connection.
  2. Check the ease of movement of the movable bar with knives. Clarify segment integrity.
  3. All work must be performed only with the tiller engine stopped. The power take-off shaft can be connected from vibration, then injury to the operating personnel is possible.
  4. Stop the machine periodically (at least once every two hours) and check the belt tension. Perform an inspection for loose and loose threaded connections.
  5. Move across the field, measuring the speed and power of the grass.
  6. Before mowing, check the field for stones and objects that could damage the mower working body.


If it is not possible to buy a factory-type rotary mower, or if you want to create it on your own, you need to focus on the basic points, without which your efforts to create a mower from the rear axle with your own hands will be zero.

A home-made rotary mower, as already described above, is used for mowing grass, while a lower fit of the blades will allow you to cut the lawn. It should be borne in mind that a mower of this type will mow tall vegetation and literally chop up small-type grass.

Shown is one of the options for creating a rotary mower with your own hands.

A total of 4 knives must be placed on each disc. This is due to the holes previously drilled on the disc with a 6mm diameter solid drill. The fastening of knives to discs is carried out using a tire.

Leave the space between the blade and the knife a millimeter or two more than the width of the knife. The axle is tightened to the stop with the disc. Do not forget to install a protective housing on the drive.

The above actions will allow centrifugal force, when rotating, to straighten the circular knives, which will cope with their main task of mowing. Besides, the knives can still be rotated a full revolution (360 degrees), which will make it possible to secure the knives in the situation of their collision with hard earth layers.

The disks are attached to a welded frame with the subsequent establishment of communication with the drive from the PTO (power take-off shaft). Disc rotation should occur towards each other, which will group the cut grass in rows. But, if you intend to build a rotary mower with your own hands for a mini tractor, then first read this article.

How to assemble a rotary mower

The rotary mower is selected taking into account the characteristics of the cultivated land. Models for a tiller and a mini tractor differ in transportation methods, dimensions, functionality. Any rotary lawn mower is designed for mowing grass.

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Reviews of the mower Z-169 Wirax

Multifunctional mini tractors are slowly entering the life of the country house, and perhaps the most pressing problem is mowing grass. This is not surprising since the grass grows all over the place and you don’t need to plant it.

For mowing the grass of mini-tractors, segment mowers and discs are used. over, disc mowers are more efficient. Among the offered options for disc mowers. The most reliable and efficient rotary mowers Wirax 1.3 made in Poland. This small disc mower is designed for 20 horsepower mini tractors.

For large tractors, Wirax disc mowers with a grab are manufactured. 1.65 and 1.85 meters. Wirax Z069 / 1. Is made with a short arm for mini tractors of small dimensions and weighing 280 kg. Undoubtedly, not all mini-tractors are suitable with a large shoulder mower, since its weight is 300 kg, but its reliability lies in the use of cardan shafts and bearings, which do not differ very much. Wirax. 1.35 is designed for cutting high-yielding and powdery grasses and is suspended from the rear on tractors of the tractor’s articulated system.

The mower has two discs that rotate, from left to right, and from right to left, as a result, when mowing grass, they are inserted into the swaths for the convenience of further processing. The Wirax mower is equipped with a protective cover and a cardan shaft.

But let’s see what the mower users write, which are taken from the popular Farmer forum: Yesterday I mowed the Virax 1.35 mower on the DF244. I cut about 1.5 hectares a day. The field is unfamiliar, weeds, the height of the cow is 2 meters, in some places it was higher than in the cabin. On the 3rd lowered, on the 4th lowered tractor, it is hard, probably due to thick heavy grass.
1. I reiterate the recommendation to turn the blades upside down. So /-. Carrying a knife less. Only 2 knives per 1 plate, not 4. Knives that we move from one plate to another. They start working with a different cutting edge.
2. Cloth protection prevents it from happening. He waved a frame, and it had a banner cover on it. It gets in the way, you can’t see what’s going on, and contributes to the filling of thick grass between the drums. I only realized this from the black smoke from the chimney. The cover removed nafig, well, I didn’t buy.
3. And unfamiliar area, it is convenient to mow the first passes from the front. We lower the bucket, bucket as low as possible, take the grass if there are obstacles. Immediately felt. Then we go in circles on the newly cut strip.
4. There were nests, earthen stumps from meadow dogs. Carries fluff. Bushes, birch shoots 1.5-2 centimeters in diameter. Cuts without noticing.
5. To protect against obstacles (springs), you must pull out up to 5 centimeters from the maximum free position. Otherwise small field irregularities are often taken into account.
6. I was glad that I took the DF with the cab. It will be very inconvenient to mow without a cab, mowing the grass dries out from the mower, and a lot of mowers rise.
7. The mower should always be scattered in neutral, smoothly and then started. “

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At that time, I was brought to Poland by a segment mower for 100, 800 UAH, after I completely swallowed it, mowed well, but it needs a flat area and standing grass, very afraid of hitting the ground on the cutting device, it worked for two seasons and was sold for 350, after that I bought a new rotary cutter and forgot about all the problems associated with irregularities, earth from dug moles, grassy grass, etc. If there is a better opportunity to raise money and take it immediately, I recommend.

Thank you, today I tried to mow, squinting normally, but very low (it cuts off any irregularities, hummocks), but how do I hold the hook with the mower? Fully descend or rise above the ground and how much distance? “

Model range of units

The rotary tiller mower can be presented in the following models:

  • Zarya is installed using a gearbox and additional brackets. The device is used for mowing grass, small bushes and grain. The width of the structure is 70-80 cm. If necessary, the device is used when processing stony soil;
  • Zarya 1 is used for soil cultivation in a hard-to-reach place;
  • KNS-0.8 Swift allows you to cut grass 2 m high;
  • KM-0.5 compact model with a cutting width of 50 cm.

Models of rotary mowers for mini tractors:

  • The Z083 MINI is designed for mowing large areas. This model is not used on mountainous terrain;
  • The DM 135 mows and mows the grass. The model is equipped with 8 knives;
  • KP-2,1M mounted rotary mower for mini tractors allows you to work the land with solid objects;
  • Z-069 Wirax is a Polish model with which you can work a large area. The grass is mowed and laid in swaths;
  • KRN-2,1B mows the grass in a difficult area;
  • SB-1200 semi-mounted model of Czech production. With this mobile structure, you can repeat the soil relief.


The use of a self-created rotary mower requires strict adherence to safety precautions and operating instructions. Do not neglect the recommendations for its use, as, in the end, this will lead to the loss of the mower or damage to parts and parts. And don’t forget, in case of failure, you can always click here for a list of inexpensive electric lawn mowers that will do a professional mowing on your site.