How to Assemble a Starter on a Trimmer

Starter for lawn mowers: device, assembly, repair

Starter disassembly

Dismantling-assembling the starter is not a harsh problem, it just requires a little ability to appeal with a screwdriver and most importantly, compliance with certain security measures:

2. Having returned the spring back into the groove, slowly and holding it with your finger, begin twisting. At the same time, pay great attention to safety, since a torn metal strip can cause injury.

It is not easy to refuel the spring the first time, it takes some experience, so if you try unsuccessfully, you need to repeat it more than once.

3. After the spring is wound, continue assembling the starter. Carefully turn the coil over and insert it so that the spring bend clearly fits into a special groove in the housing.

4. Install the washer under the screw. Spring and puck again. Then we insert the cup with the antennae and tighten everything with a screw. Starter assembled. It is necessary to pay attention to such a nuance as installing the washer. It is by no means impossible to miss. If this happens, the spring will scratch the plastic cup on which the sample will appear over time and it will begin to be tightened tightly by the screw and wedged. As a result, there will be a feeling that the spring has fallen off and repair is required. This drawback is easily eliminated by replacing the spring with a longer one or by installing an additional washer. If there is no spring or washer at hand, you can loosen a little screw and the starter will work without jamming. But this is a temporary measure, with prolonged use, the screw will unscrew and be lost, which is fraught with the departure of the spring and the failure of the starter as a whole. The next step is spring tension. To do this, remove the handle from the starter rope. Next, without reeling, insert the rope into the groove in the reel specially designed for it. Tighten the spring directly. To do this, rotate the coil counterclockwise. In the direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the coil when winding the rope. The number of revolutions must correspond to the value indicated in the starter model and the length of the rope. After the necessary number of revolutions is done, thread the end of the rope through the hole in starter cover, install the handle and fix it with a knot. It is better to do this together with an assistant so that the edge of the rope does not wound inside the starter. If, after the repair is completed, the spring has flown again and the chainsaw cannot be started, the repair procedure will have to be repeated. But at the same time, immediately upgrade the starter. There are two ways to get rid of spring breaking.

The first is to use an additional metal strip, the second to drill the coil (photo) and fasten the edges of the spring with wire


The trimmer for giving

Starter Replacement On Trimmer

How to repair a starter on a trimmer do it yourself. How to disassemble and assemble the starter, wind the spring and change the cord.

How to repair starter on trimmer

Repairing the petrol trimmer starter may be necessary at the most inopportune moment. With all this, the problem can be solved by 2 methods: change the broken part or change the entire assembly. The latter option will cost more. To repair the device with your own hands in most cases Only a screwdriver with a suitable tip is useful from tools. Repair work does not take much time and does not require special knowledge. It is enough to know the device, the mechanism of operation, aspects of the assembly-disassembly of the starter on trimmer, to achieve a suitable good result.

The device and principle of operation of the starter on the trimmer

Internal combustion engine. This, in principle, is the main part of lawn mowers. Its power lies in the range of 0.5-2.5 hp. The movement from it is transmitted to the shaft located inside the hollow rod, and then through the gearbox, consisting of gears, already a fishing line or a knife (working body).

Also, the lawn mowers have the following elements:

  • Protective cover;
  • A pen;
  • Belt designed for ease of use by the device;
  • Starter for starting a gasoline petrol engine.

All details of the lawn mowers are presented in the photo below.

The starter on the trimmer is an integral part that starts the engine into operation. It is depicted separately in the 2 photos below.

How to Assemble a Starter on a Trimmer

Starter mechanisms of different models of lawn mowing work on a similar principle: during the start of the internal combustion engine, the protrusions marked with the number 1 in the photo above enter the hook with the dogs 3. When the engine starts to work, they return to their previous position due to the action of centrifugal force. A similar role is also played by procrastination 2.

The process of returning to the initial position of the parts of the mechanism is due to the presence of a spring, fancy around the axis. It unfolds when the rope is pulled. After releasing the cord, it is retracted and wound due to the folding of the spring. During the start of the ICE lawn mowers, the trigger mechanism rotates its shaft until it starts to work (starts).

Today gasoline lawn mowers equip starter mechanisms of 2 types:

The first option is even more common.

The starter on the trimmer can work without breakdowns for a long time. It is impossible to indicate exactly the period of uptime. Everything is determined by the initial quality of the device and compliance with the appeal rules with it.

The main malfunctions of the trimmer starter

It is not difficult to find the cause of the breakdown of the starting device. There are several main options:

  • Breakage of a cord (rope);
  • When the spring breaks or disengages.

The indicated parts are shown in the photo below.

It may happen that the starter mechanism is broken. The consequences will be deplorable if a tattered rope is wound around the flywheel of an operating ICE: then the spring will burst, the pulley will rip off. But such cases when full replacement starter assembly occur very rarely. In most cases, to fix the mechanism, it is enough to put a new spring or replace the cord.

Starter Repair lawn mowers, trimmers

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Removing and disassembling the starter, replacing broken parts

To repair the trimmer starter, it is useful to disassemble it first, and then assemble it. This process is not particularly difficult. Useful for work suitable screwdriver.

Everything should be done carefully, observing safety precautions, mainly so that the spring in case of an accidental departure does not injure the master.

Starter assembly analysis

The start-up mechanism is dismantled in order to establish new parts instead of broken ones in the following sequence:

  • Unscrew the screw fixing the pulley with a starter cover with a screwdriver;
  • Take out the spring and antennae;
  • Carefully remove the pulley (it is necessary to turn your head away or work, wearing glasses and gloves earlier);
  • Determine why the start mechanism has broken;
  • If the spring has collapsed almost completely, then it is replaced;
  • When the spring exits the hook, it is installed in its original place by bending the antennae before it (the photo shows the installation process);
  • After the spring plate is installed inside the groove, carefully twist it.

To change the spring, work should be carefully and accurately: it can accidentally burst under the influence of the force caused by putting it in place. Even if you carefully remove the roller, the spring band very quickly flies off the reel and can injure your hand with its sharpened edges.

Immediately put in its original place spring plate does not always come out. It often slips, so the samples must be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Starter assembly

Assembly starter assembly carried out in a number of steps:

  • The coil is turned over, installing it so that the spring bend exactly fits into the groove of the case, as in the photo below;
  • Stack two washers, between which a spring is placed;
  • Put in place a cup with antennae;
  • Tighten the screw (photo on).

When doing the above manipulations, you need to put two washers. If this is not done, then the spring will damage the plastic cup over time, and when it is pulled, wedging will begin. Because of this, there is a feeling that the spring has flown. To remove such a defect, it is necessary to install this part of greater length or an additional washer.

When such parts are missing, you can just a little bit unscrew the screw, and the starter assembly will start to work without wedging. But this option is temporary. It is better to repair it perfectly as quickly as possible.

Spring tension

After installing the spring, tighten it. To do this, do the following:

  • Remove the handle from the starter cord;
  • Then the rope is inserted into the reel groove;
  • Create a spring tension by rotating the coil in the opposite direction clockwise (winding);
  • Make the required number of revolutions, indicated in the annotation for the operation of the used trimmer model and corresponding to the length of the cord used;
  • At the very end, the rope is threaded into the hole created for this, located in the starter cover;
  • Put the handle in place, fixing it with a knot.

If after repair the spring continues to fly, then you can get rid of this by the following methods:

  • Cram a suitable piece of the plate into the groove at the location of the spring hook;
  • Drill holes from the 2 sides of the groove in the coil into which to insert the spring hook and fix it with a wire.

Replacing a torn cord

A torn rope is replaced in the following sequence:

  • Remove the old cord;
  • Choose a rope of suitable size (thickness and length);
  • Threading it through a special hole located in the coil, tie a knot;
  • Cock the spring, producing the required number of revolutions;
  • Fasten the handle.

It is better to stretch the spring plate, coupled with a partner, so that the edge of the cord does not wound inside the starter mechanism.

It is not difficult to assemble the starter on the trimmer and wind the spring, only this should be done carefully and carefully. For different models of lawn mowing, the failures of the starting devices are similar, because they are repaired in a similar way. With all this, there are certain aspects associated with their design features.