How To Assemble A Virax Mower

Mower Wirax and Lisicki, Polish mounted. How to put the cylinder for lifting yourself

Agricultural machinery has long and firmly entered the usual life of a villager. It does not matter at all whether he is engaged in agriculture at a professional level or not. One way or another, everyone is faced with the need to acquire such equipment, because the work of a farmer in itself is very difficult, and it is not always possible to cope with it with his own hand.

And if we take into account the large agricultural holdings and farms, then there simply cannot be done without such equipment. Therefore, in recent decades, there has been an extraordinary demand for various sowing, tractor, tillage and other types of equipment.

Various mowers for a tractor, allowing to process large areas, mowing grass and various crops. Large agricultural companies promptly reacted to this trend by deploying their development vector to the production of such units and devices.

Modern production technologies and advanced technological enterprises located in Europe allow this quality to be fully demonstrated. One of the most renowned producers popular with farmers is Polish company “Wirax”, engaged in the production of various agricultural machinery, including rotary mowers for tractors. You can find out about the segment tractor mower, which is an excellent alternative to Wirax mowers, in this article.


If you still decide to give preference to Polish-made rotary mowers, then you need to know the basic models and their approximate prices. If you decide to give your preference to cheaper models, then you should familiarize yourself with a homemade rotary mower for a mini tractor.

Among some of the most popular models, there are two: “Wirax”. 1.65m and “Wirax”. 1.85m. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of each model.

Principle of operation

The operation of rotary mowers is based on the principle of mowing the grass, by starting the machine on which the mower is installed. The description is very schematic, but the principle of operation of a rotary mower is not very complicated either. But this simplicity is false, because the results it shows are truly amazing in the quality and scale of execution.

This type of technique is very popular with farmers, because allows you to cultivate many hectares of area, mowing various grassy surfaces. Here I would like to mention a mower for tall grass and uneven areas, which will delight you with a quality lawn mow.

The complete set of a rotary mower includes:

  • Cardan shaft;
  • Cutting knives;
  • Multiple disks;
  • Frame, consisting of metal bars;
  • Wheel system;
  • Key for changing knives.

For those who are confident in their abilities, we suggest following the link // and learn how to sharpen a chainsaw chain with your own hands.

The KamAZ 4308 operating manual, which you can find here, can significantly reduce the risk of unit breakdown.

The Polish rotary mower, like similar models from other manufacturers, designed for a wide range of agricultural activities. Mowing grass for livestock feed, harvesting various crops. All this is part of the scope of rotary mowers. However, as in any other technique, there are also several nuances that you need to pay attention to first of all when purchasing such a mower.

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Among the main points and characteristics to which attention should be paid are the following:

  • Minimum and maximum cutting height of the cut grass;
  • The area that the unit processes;
  • Rotation frequency of knives;
  • The width of the strip of the processed surface produced by the mower in one pass.

General view of the mower, see

Reviews of the mower Virax “Wirax” 1.35 or Z-169

There are a lot of different attachments for mini tractors. Among them is the mounted, rotary mower, Virax, which is produced in Poland. The mower is available for different tractors in terms of power, therefore, the width of the mowing is different.

The more the tractor power, the wider the mower’s grip can be, which starts from 1.35 meters, then 1, 65 and 1.85 meters. The Virax mower has been produced for a long time and has established itself as reliable and of high quality, among other similar models. Virax 1.35, produced for mini tractors, with engine power from 20 horsepower.

Not all mini tractors, such a mower is suitable, since its weight is 300 kg, but its reliability lies precisely in the use of cardan shafts and bearings. Wirax. 1.35 is designed for mowing high-yielding and lodged grasses and is mounted on the rear linkage of the tractor hitch system.

When mowing, the grass is laid in swaths for the convenience of further processing. The mower is equipped with a protective cover and a cardan shaft.

“Yesterday I mowed a Virax 1.35 with a mower on DF244. Mowed about 1.5 hectares per day. An unfamiliar field, weeds, hogweed under 2 meters high, in some places it was higher than the cabin. I mowed on the 3rd lowered one, on the 4th lowered tractor it was hard, apparently because of the thick heavy grass.

1. I confirm the recommendation to put the knives with the ground side up. So /-\. Less wear on the knife. Only 2 knives per 1 plate, not 4. Move knives from one plate to another. They start working with the other cutting edge.

2. Protection rag interferes. I whipped up a frame, and a cover from the banner on it. Interferes, nifiga is not visible what is happening, and contributes to the stuffing of thick grass between the drums. I understood this only by the black smoke from the chimney. I took off the cover, it’s good that I didn’t buy it.

3. On tall grass and an unfamiliar field, it is convenient to mow the first passes with the frontal. We lower it down, the bucket is as far as possible, we crush the grass, if there are obstacles. Immediately felt. Then we drive in circles along the newly cut lane. 4. Anthills, grass-earthen stumps from prairie dogs came across. Blows away. Bushes, birch shoots 1.5-2 centimeters in diameter. Cuts without noticing.

5. The protection against obstacles (spring) must be tightened by 5 centimeters from the maximum free position. Otherwise it is often read off on small irregularities in the field.

6. I was glad that I took the DF with the cabin. It will be very inconvenient to mow without a cabin, clumps of grass fly from the mower, and a lot of midges rise.
7. It is imperative to accelerate the mower in neutral gear, smoothly, and then start off. “

“I also mowed 1.5 hectares, under the same conditions, but did not notice any difference in wear. But sod and anthills noticed her. The anthills are still somehow not very good, they mostly fly back, but as soon as the knife reaches the ground, the fountains hit above the roof, in fact, on the roof there is the same layer of dirt as on the mower. He even manages to throw up the hood. “

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“I hooked on the head and went to test it. I didn’t mow a lot 50 meters there and 50 meters back I wanted to mow even more but the time is 22.30, the impressions are generally positive. Minus, if you drive on a flat road, it seems to be normal, and if on bumps, it’s hard, of course, but I don’t have any cargo ahead, I have not installed them yet. You will have to rearrange the wheel, because you have to drive along the edge of the roll, you wagged a little and you run into the roll. Pluses it works quietly, the tractor does not shake as if from a segmented one, everything is perfectly cleared out by an anthill, not a hindrance, a perennial stubble cuts everything through, a segmented one could not mow an uneven place. I didn’t feel the load on the first pipe, but the drums were spinning a decent load on the internal combustion engine. “

As we can see, the mower works well and has established itself as a reliable and high-performance hitch for mini tractors.


The principle of operation of the device is that the grass is mowed by starting a mini-tractor on which the structure is installed. Polish mowers are used in many farms, they allow you to process large fields. Attachments are available for mowing tall grass and working on slopes. The rotary mower is trailed, mounted and semi-mounted.

A rotary mower consists of the following elements:

  • Cutting device;
  • Cardan shaft;
  • Disks;
  • Frame made of metal pipes;
  • Wheels;
  • Wrench for installing the cutting tool.

The device of Virax mowers is shown in detail in the diagram:

  1. The frame of the device 7 is made of steel pipes, profiles and sheet metal. It is the main unit with which the mower is mounted on the tractor attachment. And also the frame due to the two-shoulder axle allows the mower to maneuver with ease when driving over bumps.
  2. Beam 17, like the frame, consists of steel pipes and mates the frame 3 with the frame of the attachment 7. It is used to fasten the drive unit.
  3. The hinged frame 3 is also made of steel sheets, pipes and profiles. It contains a gearbox that transfers the drive from the cardan shaft 16 by means of the middle shaft, transfers to the drum with knives.
  4. The working drums 9 are disk-shaped and rotate in different directions. Sharp strong knives are attached to them 10.
  5. Fuse 12 protects the device from mechanical damage that can occur when driving over large obstacles.

The mower performs the following works:

  • Mowing grass for forage;
  • Harvest;
  • Weeding of weeds;
  • Lawn processing.

The range of Polish agricultural implements includes the Virax 1.35 (Z 069) mower and its modifications: Virax 1.65 (Z 069/1), Virax 1.85 (Z 069/2), Virax 2.1 (Z 069 / 3), as well as the lightweight Virax 1.25 (Z 069/4).

The technical characteristics of the most common models are shown in the table. It will help you understand the differences between these mowers. The main difference is the processing width.

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Main technical characteristics of Wirax Z 069, 069/1 and 069/2:

  1. Weight without cardan shaft. 300/350/400 kg.
  2. The width of the mowed surface is 1.35 / 1.65 / 1.85 m.
  3. The height of the mowed grass is 3.2-4 cm.
  4. Rotation speed. 540 rpm.
  5. There are 2 discs, 4 or 6 knives, PTO drive.

The Virax mower is manufactured in Poland. It is a tractor attachment designed for mowing grass.

how to assemble a virax mower


The Virax 135 rotary mower is used for mowing grass and small bushes. Its weight is 300 kg, so the mini-tractor to which it will be attached must have a power of at least 22 hp. And a weight of about 800 kg. The mower is suitable for mini tractors with a small track gauge. When working, the short leg of the mower creates the required distance from the rear wheel to the rotor, while the mini-tractor with its wheels will not crush the grass and will not interfere with its mowing. The working width is 135 cm.

Working speed. 12 km / h. This provides a productivity of 0.65 ha / hour. The cutting height is set at the factory to 5.8 cm. But with the help of floating discs, the height can be adjusted and reduced to 3.2 cm. The adjustment can also be carried out using the holes in the device mounting system. The structure can work on an inclined surface with an inclination angle of 20º. With regular operation of this device on the field, the unevenness of the soil surface is smoothed out.

When moving, the device can hit an obstacle. To protect the mechanism, it was equipped with a damper device. A return spring triggers the safety catch, thereby deflecting the cutting tool backward and bypassing the obstacle. To protect against damage, a clutch with locks is installed on the shaft. When hitting a stone, it provides idle motion of the shaft, which protects it from deformation.

It can be folded due to the fact that a double-shoulder axle is installed on the frame, which easily transfers the device from the working position to the transport position.

The Wirax Z-069/1 mower has dimensions of 1.21х3.16х1.1 m. Working width. 1.65 m. Productivity. 1.6 ha / h. Tractor power. 35 HP Speed ​​- 15 km / h. Grass cutting height. 4 cm. Number of rotors. 2. Pto rotation speed. 540 rpm. Weight. 350 kg.

The device is intended for tractors from 20 to 80 hp; used for mowing grain crops and laying them in windrows. The drive comes from the universal joint of the tractor. The device is easy to maintain and operate, has good maneuverability, and can be folded for transportation.

You can buy Virax from dealers by submitting an application. Price of Virax 135. From 70 thousand rubles; Wirax Z 069/1. From 75 thousand rubles.

We use Virax to harvest grain crops in our farm. It is a maneuverable device that can work on slopes and has good performance.

I work as a tractor driver. When the grain crop matures, we harvest crops with the help of Virax. It is attached to the tractor. Works well, does not leave plants, neatly places grain in even windrows.

Dear farmers, do you use the tractor attachments presented in the article?