How to Assemble Patriot Trimmer Starter Spring

The Patriot PT 3055 petrol trimmer is a comfortable and productive tool for treating grassy areas that require accurate and precise shearing and trimming. The unit is used for quick mowing and trimming grass on personal lawns, along flower beds, fences, walls, courts and lawns.

Description of the Patriot PT 3055 gas trimmer

  • Light weight up to 6 kg.
  • Engine power 1.3 HP The working volume is 0.3 l, the fuel tank is 0.5 l.

How to Assemble Patriot Trimmer Starter Spring

  • Thanks to the high-quality design of the two-stroke engine and its upper position in the structure, a low noise level of up to 70 dB is released.
  • Fuel tank made of transparent, resistant to aggressive media material.
  • Semi-automatic line feed.
  • The width of the strip with a knife is up to 220 mm.
  • Cutting the excess length of the fishing line is done with a special knife in a protective casing.
  • The multi-stage air filter captures large, medium and small fractions of suspended dust and particulate matter.
  • The bar is detachable, convenient for transportation and storage.

Features trimmer Patriot PT 3055

  • In the manufacture of the apparatus, modern materials and assembly technologies were used.
  • The latest anti-vibration system is provided.
  • High performance is achieved due to the chromed engine with wear-resistant and clearly fitted parts.
  • Simple and mobile control system. On the handle of the bicycle form in the reach zone there is a start button and a gas lock, which allows for work with accurate calculation and mobile control.
  • A range of unique engine oils has been developed to lubricate drives.
  • The ease of assembly and use of the tool is designed for the average person without special technical knowledge and work experience.
  • Safe operation. A protective cover protects the operator’s hands from injury.

How to assemble a Patriot PT 3055 gas trimmer

  • The handle of the main rod is installed and fixed in such a way that the open part is located on the right side of the handle.
  • The handle is not fully bolted, but taking into account the subsequent adjustment.
  • The control knob is installed with the trigger of gas to the trimmer head.
  • The fastening screw is tightened with a little effort. Cable clips are mounted on the handle.
  • The shoulder strap snaps with a carabiner for a special mount on the main unit bar.
  • An iron casing is screwed to the bottom of the rod, at the base, onto the gear case of the gearbox, and a plastic casing is attached on top to enhance protection.
  • A protective flange is installed on the splined shaft of the gearbox with the coincidence of the technical grooves on the gearbox with the flange ones.
  • A fixing rod or hexagon is inserted between the gearbox and the flange.
  • The trimmer head is screwed against the stop counterclockwise.
  • A cutting knife is mounted on the protective flange.
  • The knife is pressed with a washer and tightened with a nut until it stops against the clock.

If the knife is dull on one side, then it is turned over and the second sharpened side is used.

  • Both parts of the rod are connected using the locking lever of the mounting system.
  • Checking the correct assembly: the impossibility of opening without pressing the fixing fixture.
  • The additional fastening of the coupling sleeve is tightened to the stop. This gives an advantage when using the unit to perform various tasks: the lower bar is mounted at fixed angles of 90 and 180 degrees.
  • Dressing trimmer.
  • The shoulder strap is adjustable for the individual characteristics of the figure of the operator.
  • Bolts of fastening of the handle are twisted against the stop.

How to make a quality fuel mixture

  • The preparation of fuel mixtures for the trimmer is made only from original Patriot engine oils for two-stroke engines.
  • Gasoline for pouring into the engine is used from the high-octane range, not lower than AI 92.
  • The trimmer has a special canister for the fuel mixture with marks for dilution.
  • Gasoline is poured into the tank to the appropriate mark.
  • Two-stroke engine oil is poured into gasoline, and not vice versa, to the level mark.
  • The mixture is shaken several times until uniform.
  • If the package does not have a special container, use a regular gas canister. Make a mixture in this ratio of gasoline / oil 32: 1.
  • Preparing the mixture directly in the trimmer’s fuel tank is not recommended.