How to attach a grinding wheel to an angle grinder

Tips for work

Finishing work begins only after successful preliminary shaping of the workpiece. The results largely depend on what types of attachments are used when performing the assigned tasks.

The angle grinder is used as a cutter and also as a polisher and grinder. Angle grinder attachments increase the functionality of the device used.

So how do you carry out the polishing and sanding process when working on wood? What tools will be required for successful work?

  • Brush cord. These tools are ideal for rough sanding wood. It is assumed the possibility of successful leveling of wood, with the addition of an optimal shape to the product.
  • Face discs make it easy to grind workpieces. In most cases, such work is required for bevel cuts. The face disc works like a workpiece with a saw.
  • Flap sanding attachments are the most demanded option for the used consumables. The characteristic of the tool determines the ability to process various workpieces, including natural wood. It is important to note that the cleaning of complex wooden objects is carried out only using radial strips.
  • Felt circle. allows you to achieve minimum roughness of the processed products. The basis is compressed wool, fine-haired, semi-coarse-haired and coarse-haired. The felt working tool allows not only to carry out high-quality processing of wood or other material, but also to give a perfectly smooth surface, comparable to a mirror.
  • An angle grinder wheel designed for grinding is often compared to the disc of the same name. It is important to note that the Velcro circle is a versatile tool with a wide range of applications. Various woodworking attachments perform specific tasks, but the grinding wheel sometimes surprises with its versatility and high level of efficiency.
  • A chain disc for wood is one of the most productive, but rough methods of processing natural materials.

When choosing equipment, it is advisable to take into account not only the diameter, but also each accompanying informative designation. The inscriptions will allow you to determine the purpose of the tool and follow the recommendations during work. The marking of discs, wheels and angle grinder attachments is a guarantee of a successful result.

A modern angle grinder is a convenient and efficient tool. For high-quality work, special attachments and discs are required, which make it possible to efficiently process wood, metal and any other material of interest.

How to remove a disc from an angle grinder. an angle grinder (hereinafter referred to as an angle grinder), popularly referred to as an angle grinder, is probably the most demanded inventory that is present in the arsenal of almost every master, regardless of his qualifications.

This tool is actively used in abrasive processing: cutting, grinding, cleaning workpieces from stone, metal and many others. It is widely used in areas such as construction, woodworking and other similar types of work. Like any other tool, angle grinders are also subdivided into several classes.

This refers to the following: household, semi-professional and pro-class instrument. This classification is determined by the power resource of the tool, its performance, the presence of certain additional options, material and workmanship, etc.

Consumables for an angle grinder, in addition to various types of cleaning brushes, are cut-off wheels and a variety of grinding discs. Angle grinder accessories: how to make the right choice?

Angle grinder discs: starting with market research

The assortment is striking in its variety. What are sanding discs and how are their characteristics determined? To fully answer the question, the entire market should be divided into main areas.

  • Abrasive coated discs. This consumable tool is universal, therefore, with its help, any workpiece can be cut and polished with high quality. In addition, the possibility of polishing is assumed. Abrasive tools are considered one of the best for a reason.
  • Diamond angle grinder disc is one of the most common construction tools. These products are segmented and solid, and for each option, its own area of ​​use is determined. In each case, it is assumed the possibility of high-quality and accurate cutting of durable materials, among which there are stone, metal, concrete monolith.
  • Saw blades for an angle grinder visually resemble modern saw models. However, other alloys are used for their production. Previously, the production was rare, but now its prevalence is growing rapidly. Best Option Tungsten Carbide Grinder Disc.

The main question: How to choose the right disc for an angle grinder?

When choosing accessories for an angle grinder, first of all, you should decide on the type of proposed work. The choice of the type of disc will depend on this. We also want to mention that when choosing a consumable, be sure to take into account the power characteristics of each specific model. Examine the labeling. Often, it is printed on the disc itself and includes a set of symbols by which you can determine the relevance of this consumable to perform the intended work.

Also, focus your attention on such a parameter as the diameter of the disc. In no case should it exceed the size of the protective cover on the particular tool model. The size range of discs is usually represented by the following diameters: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm. The most common diameters are 125 mm. and 230 mm. They are optimal for most types of work and the capabilities of the tool itself.

Among the grinding discs based on bakelite, the most popular discs with a thickness of 6.00 mm. This parameter depends on the total diameter of the disc. The relationship is as follows: the larger the diameter of the disc, the greater its thickness and vice versa.

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How to choose the right model of angle grinder?

When studying modern wheels for an angle grinder, it is important to understand the basic principles of choosing a consumable for an angle grinder. What aspects to take into account?

Grinding wheels are available in several standard diameters. The smallest model is 115 mm. However, discs for an angle grinder 125 mm are of greater practical importance. over, it was the angle grinder for the 125th circles that became widespread not only among professionals, but among home craftsmen.

Natural wood always turns out to be a specific heterogeneous material, therefore working with it requires special circles. Angle grinder discs, which are designed for cutting metal or concrete, are absolutely not suitable for such processing. Otherwise, the angle grinder will be destroyed or burned by overheating.

Although the maximum size of the angle grinder is 230 mm, such dimensions are undesirable for woodworking. Choosing a tool with a large diameter (from 150 mm), you run the risk of serious injury. Preferred dimensions are 115×22.2-125×22.2 mm. In addition, the 125th circles are able to cope with a fairly wide range of production tasks.

Only if you understand the specifics of the equipment used, you can learn how to correctly select discs for an angle grinder for safe and effective processing of natural wood.

remove the disc from the angle grinder

First, figure out which way to unscrew the nut.

The flange must always be folded in the direction in which the disc rotates.

For this kind of work, you will need either two gas keys or two clamps.

Here’s what you need to do: destroy the remnants of the disc, fix the washer located behind the disc with one key, unscrew the flange with the second.

To install a new disk, after cleaning the casing, you must perform the following actions:

Remember that you need to tighten no more than a quarter of a turn, since if the flange is too fixed, the disc will become unusable.

After all the actions taken, you can safely continue to perform work.

One of the most frequently asked questions about mounting / dismounting accessories of an angle grinder sounds like this: “Which side should I put the disc on the angle grinder?”.

Usually, inexperienced masters ask such a question. Is it possible to set the circle on the wrong side. yes. Firstly, if the disc is not flat, but, for example, a petal disc, then you will not be able to install it incorrectly, if the petals are located incorrectly, you just need to twist the casing and the handle on the angle grinder. That is, the question disappears by itself.

If the circle is still flat, then you should be guided by its label, the so-called “shirt”.

attach, grinding, wheel, angle, grinder

If the angle grinder rotates towards itself, the disc should be installed with the “jacket” outward, if the disc rotates away from itself, then, accordingly, it must be installed with the “jacket” inward.

If you do not adhere to this algorithm, there is a high probability that the disk will fail very quickly or immediately deform.

How to properly place a disc on an angle grinder?

To place the disc on the angle grinder correctly, it should first be noted that the disc is mounted on the spindle of the angle grinder using a special clamping flange with M14 thread. Let’s take a closer look at how to remove a disc from an angle grinder. In order to unscrew the disc from the angle grinder, you must first remove the flange. Especially for such purposes, manufacturers complete the angle grinders with a special open-end wrench. It has a specific shape. The pins located on the horns of this key are inserted into specially provided holes on the flange.

To unscrew the flange, we fix the spindle. To do this, we clamp the latch, which is usually a button on the top of the case. When pressed, the cotter pin is placed in the hole of the driven disc of the gearbox, and this in turn prevents it from rotating. Next, we insert the pins of the key into the specially provided holes on the flange, pressing the latch, you must simultaneously turn it counterclockwise and move the flange from its place. If the manipulations were successful and the flange succumbed, you can unscrew it by hand and put it aside.

Angle Grinder Safety Chapter 2: Mounting Wheels

Now let’s dismantle the disk. Often, in the process of intensive work with the tool, a kind of plaque from small particles of metal and abrasive material forms on the inside of the protective casing. For optimal, stable and durable operation of the angle grinder, remove the bottom of the flange and clean the casing with a steel brush.

What to use to install the disc

In some situations, a chisel may be needed. For example, it is impossible to do without it if the cutting wheel is clamped. To change the disc, the tool will have to be crushed.

When replacing, experts recommend that the first thing to do is to fix the spindle on which the circle is located and pressed down by the flange. It is dismantled using an open-end wrench. This becomes possible thanks to special holes, key pins are inserted into them. To fix, press the button located on the housing on the opposite side of the disk. When the operator works with a key, the latch is not released, otherwise the spindle will scroll.

When rotating the wheel in an angle grinder clockwise, the open-end wrench is turned counterclockwise and vice versa.

It is necessary to ensure that the flange moves. As soon as it goes, they unscrew it, remove the old consumable and put a new one. When tightening, it is undesirable to use large forces, you can damage the disc.

When installing, you need to make sure that no debris gets under it. If the clamping nut presses down on the smallest objects, they will press into the surface of the working material. Although the skew will not be noticeable, the plane of rotation will shift. As a result, the device will begin to vibrate strongly, and the disc will collapse. You can’t cut it exactly. The new angle grinder is equipped with cardboard spacers. When the disc is installed, they are placed between the clamping elements and the circle. Thanks to these gaskets, it will be easier to unscrew it if it is jammed or broken.

The main safety requirement is to disconnect the angle grinder from the power supply before installing the disc.

Which way should the sparks fly from the angle grinder

If, when cutting, sparks fly towards the operator, then in the event of a rupture of the circle, the fragments fly towards the control tool. To protect yourself, you need to work while standing slightly to the side of the tool. away from the predicted arrival of particles.

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How to change a disc on an angle grinder without a key?

Method I

If you do not have a special open-end wrench at hand, replacement can be done using a pipe wrench. They are wrapped around a nut, wrapped around it neatly, with smooth movements, without undue effort. In case of careless handling, there is a possibility of breaking the gearbox or tearing off the retainer.

Method II.

This method is not dangerous, but it takes time and tools to implement:

  • a hammer;
  • vice;
  • hacksaw.

The operator will have to independently make a key out of a nail with a length of at least 10 cm. The point and the cap are cut off from him, give a U-shape. They are bent so that the resulting posts are in the hole in the flange. If the nut is tightly tightened. a metal bar is inserted between the racks of the nail, grasped by hands and rotate the device in the direction of rotation of the disk. The spindle lock button must be pressed and held.

Method III.

In this case, before changing the disc, the spindle shaft is treated with a special WD-40 compound and left for 15 minutes. Then they take a thin chisel, set the tip obliquely to the hole of the flange nut, lightly tap with a hammer over the entire surface of the hole. After a while, the nut will move, then unscrew it by hand. This method has a drawback. the possibility of damage to the hole and damage to the flange.

Method IV.

If the nut is practically impossible to loosen by hand, it can be heated using an autogen or a gas burner. Since the flange heats up, work is done with gloves. This method is fraught with the danger of overheating of bearings and oil in the gearbox of the tool.

Which side to put the metal cutting disc on the angle grinder?

Failure by inexperienced users to properly place a wheel on an angle grinder may result in tool breakage or injury. When replacing, the shaft and the inner surface are cleaned with a steel brush, because when cutting metal, a layer of particles several mm thick is riveted on them. Disc seizure or loss of centering may occur. If the operator is holding the angle grinder with his hands, then it is impossible to put the disc on it on the wood, because it can jam in the fibrous structure of the wood. The tool will break out of the hands, lead to serious consequences.

If the angle grinder runs away from the operator, then the disc is installed with the label inward. in the opposite direction. from the outside.

When working with other materials, the angle grinder should rotate the wheel towards the operator. who holds her. Here the picture should be looking outward. Although these are exceptional cases, and in most cases, the tool works away from who is controlling it.

Install angle grinder disc | Angle grinder safety

Installation of grinding and polishing discs

This type of consumable is installed for grinding various materials, polishing products made of stone, removing old paint coatings, and a layer of rust. When performing these works, it is necessary to have a speed controller.

How do I attach a grinding disc to my angle grinder? A wide pressure washer is placed on the side of the label, on which a movable nut acts when screwing. The washer slides on the polished surface, it is much more difficult to unscrew and tighten, because the abrasive layer firmly holds the nut, you will need to apply force. This is important when you need to quickly change the wheel or jam. A correctly positioned disc will only break under high load. The grinding product, on the contrary, cannot be fixed, it will be impossible to work with it.

How to properly place a disc on an angle grinder

The disc of an angle grinder from Bosch and others is one of the main working elements of the tool. It is he who determines its use: cutting, stripping, grinding, polishing, and more. The circles differ from each other in their purpose for a particular type of material: with diamond dusting. for tiles and stone, from abrasive grit. metal, saws and steel cutters. wood, emery wheels and various brushes. polishing various surfaces. In the process of work, it will not be possible to save on it, because it is a consumable material that is gradually erased. A new one is installed instead. When planning work, you need to know how to put the disc on the angle grinder correctly.

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How to properly place a disc on an angle grinder?

The disc of the “angle grinder” (angle grinder) is one of its main working parts. It is the disc that determines the use of the instrument. With it, this machine can be used to cut, grind or polish various materials. Discs, depending on the purpose, differ from each other: from abrasive chips. for metal, steel milling cutters and circular saws. for woodworking, with diamond dusting. for stone and tiles, all kinds of brushes, brushes and emery wheels. for polishing various surfaces.

The disc of the “angle grinder” is a consumable material; you cannot save on it in the process of work. The disc will gradually wear out (burn out) and must be replaced. When planning work, you need to be prepared for this and it is better to stock up on several removable disks in advance.

How to install correctly?

Installing a disk on an UMSH is not so difficult. You can change it simply by following the instructions, although there are some nuances here.

First of all, you need to install the disc in the correct direction. This is especially important if it is detachable. Usually the side of the disc with the label on which the marking is indicated and, accordingly, the scope of its application, is slightly different from the opposite side. It may not appear immediately, but with prolonged intensive work, the difference will not only be noticeable. it will be obvious.

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On the side on which the label is glued, a wide pressure washer is placed, and the movable nut acts on it when tightening (installing the disc). The nut slides on the polished surface of the washer, without it it will become more difficult to tighten or unscrew, since the abrasive will firmly hold the nut and more effort will be required. This is especially important if a quick replacement of the disc is required or if it breaks down (jamming).

There is always a chance of disc failure, but installed correctly, it breaks only under heavy loads, the structure of the discs takes into account the difference in loads on both sides.

With circular saws or other products that have teeth or a significant difference in two sides, there is usually no problem how to set. For example, a grinding disc cannot be fixed on the contrary: it will simply be impossible for them to work.

Discs for stone, including diamond ones, have a special rotation indicator in the form of an arrow: when installing them, you need to fasten them taking into account where the rod will rotate.

It is also important to consider the size of the disk when installing. In no case should you neglect safety and remove the protective cover. it is better to choose a disc of the appropriate diameter. Sometimes a worn-out disc from a large unit is placed on a smaller “angle grinder”. However, a worn disc, as a rule, cuts worse, the working surface is limited to about half the radius of the disc, the structure is slightly different. The disc burns faster and does less work. This operation can be justified if the diameter of the stem is the same. But you won’t be able to change it back.

Debris must not fall under the disc during installation. Of course, the clamping nut may well squeeze small objects, something will press into the surface of the circle. But an imperceptible skew will cause a displacement of the plane of rotation and, as a result, a strong vibration of the entire mechanism, it can cause the destruction of the disc and, of course, you should not hope for an accurate cut in this case.

Before installing the disc, the “angle grinder” must be disconnected from the mains. this is the main safety requirement, since a sudden turn on at this time is fraught with serious injuries.

The clamping nut must be unscrewed with the wrench supplied with the tool. To prevent the stem from spinning, it must be locked by pressing a special button. It is necessary to unscrew the nut while keeping the button pressed.

After twisting the nut, the disc is put on the released stem, with the front side out, and you need to make sure that it is installed exactly in the seat.

The kit for the new “angle grinder” always includes a certain amount of cardboard spacers. when installing the disc, they must be laid so that they are between the disc and the clamping elements. These gaskets will help unscrew a broken or jammed disc.

Further, the nut is manually tightened up to the stop and tightened with a special wrench. That’s it, the “angle grinder” is ready to go.

Cut-off wheels for an angle grinder, in turn, have their own subspecies, such as:

The purpose of each type of disc usually corresponds to its name.

Among the grinding discs, there are four main subtypes. flap, wire, diamond and bakelite-based grinding discs (straight, T41 profile and disc-shaped, T27 profile).

  • The flap disc is made from sandpaper. Its main purpose is to remove existing coatings such as old paint, primer or paint coat. Also, with disks of this type, wood products are polished.
  • Wire discs are used by artisans to remove rust. They can also remove other types of stubborn dirt.
  • Diamond discs are used for stone polishing.
  • Disc pads are made of plastic or rubber and are used to polish metal surfaces.

Please note: in the process of working with most discs, a special paste or lubricant is used, which contains finely ground abrasives. They are mainly used for sanding surfaces such as, for example, car body parts.

What to use to install the disc?

In fact, the process of installing a disc into an angle grinder is not that difficult. However, in order to do such work, it is necessary to take into account certain rules and use certain tools.

In particular, the installation may require:

  • The key with which the nut is loosened.
  • Next, you need the disk itself.
  • A hole or chisel may be needed. These tools must be used in the case when the disc is clamped and it will have to be removed by opening, which means that the residues in the gap can be eliminated with a chisel. You may not need these tools, but it’s best to have them close at hand.

What to do if the disc is jammed (bitten) on the angle grinder?

Anyone who has experience of intensive work with an angle grinder has probably at least once encountered such a situation.

This usually happens if the disc is pinching between parts, it stops or breaks, and the angle grinder motor continues to rotate and thus permanently tightens the nut.

How to change the disc on an angle grinder?

So what can you do if you bite a disc on an angle grinder?

Each master has his own secrets. Especially for you, we learned a few of them and now we will share the most common ways to get out of the situation.

Which side is suitable for installation

In order to determine which side to install the disc, several main factors must be taken into account.

In order to determine in which direction the angle grinder should turn, refer to the safety information here. In particular, the concrete must be cut on itself.

In this case, sparks will fly from the side, namely from the manager. In general, it is not safe to cut materials in the direction away from you, since in case of jamming, the angle grinder with a disc will fly exactly at the one who controls it. This must be taken into account.