How To Attach An Angle Grinder For Precision Cutting

An angle grinder (angle grinder) is simply called an angle grinder. With the help of this tool, masters perform a huge number of operations. He, like any other equipment, asks for real service. Movable elements need.

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Features of tile cutting angle grinder: how to cut without chips When carrying out self-repairs, an angle grinder is often used to cut tiles, you, it is used when working with a strong facing material or simply because there is no tile.

Now I will show you an unrealistically cool homemade product from an ordinary angle grinder / The best homemade products for a garage with your own.

The simplest solution is considered when the angle grinder is attached to the curtain, through the bar, to the wooden table, rubber is used as a spring. The pipe is fixed to a small piece of the corner on the movable shaft, and the corner is screwed either to the made frame or to the table. It is essential that this common rumor has a spring for raising and returning the entire structure to the upper position.

The subsequent method of attaching the angle grinder to the table reminds us of emery. After the production of a simple frame from a square tube, we attach the angle grinder through the holes for the handles and install it on the edge of the table. With this installation, using thick discs, the angle grinder, although converted into emery or a sharpening machine, while with thin discs, it makes a cut.

The next option for attaching an angle grinder is also likely, when it can do the functions of a circular saw, if a circular saw is installed on it. For this purpose, an angle grinder is screwed under the table. With all this, the device can also have a feed mechanism upwards and downwards, which will affect the cutting depth.

With this use of an angle grinder, you need to know that the use of saws with victorious solders is very unsafe, because they are not designed for huge revolutions and, of course, they fly off, becoming flying fragments.

How to attach an angle grinder for precise cutting

Materials and tools used by the author:

List of materials:
– steel clamp;
– arrow door hinge;
– wooden block;
– MDF, chipboard or other base material;
– self-tapping screws;
– door spring.

Tool list:
– drill;
– hacksaw;
– nippers;
– screwdriver;
– square.

Homemade craft process:

Step one. Making the base
As a basis, we use a sheet of chipboard, plywood or other sheet material. We fasten a block to the base, to which we will attach the hinge. Well, then we attach our door hinge to the bar. At the end of the door hinge, we drill a hole for the fastening bolt, which is screwed into the hole for the front handle of the angle grinder. We fasten the loop well with self-tapping screws to the bar.
Do not forget to attach the legs to the base that will not slide on the table.

We hook one end of the spring to the handle of an angle grinder, the author drilled a hole in the handle and the spring is fastened with a screw and nut. And we attach the other end to the bar through a hook or other fastener.

Step three. Adjustment
We take a square, put a new cutting disc on the angle grinder and see if the disc is perpendicular to the plane. If there is a curvature, release the clamp and turn the angle grinder slightly to the desired angle. Step four. Stops and tests
The author made the stops from pieces of boards, the bull material was cut with a ready-made homemade product. You can place a circular grinder on the angle grinder, but be careful with it, never stand in front of the angle grinder so that it does not fly at you when it gets jammed. Safely place the special three-tooth disc for wood on the angle grinder.

Also, the author puts flap discs on the angle grinder, it turns out a kind of grinding machine. And, of course, the machine tool easily cuts steel pipes, plates, and other materials, steel parts.

This completes the project, I hope you liked the homemade product, and you found useful thoughts for yourself. Good luck and creative inspiration if you decide to do this again. Do not forget to share your ideas and homemade products with us!

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Simple and Trouble-Free Feed Rack for Angle Grinder

Materials and tools used by the author:

List of materials:
– square shaped pipes;
– 8 bearings for the carriage;
– threaded rods, bolts, nuts, washers;
– corner;
– paint;
– plywood for the base.

Tool list:
– drilling machine;
– Angle Grinder;
– welding machine;
– tape measure, marker.

The process of making homemade products:

Step one. Carriage blanks
We cut the blanks for the carriage, we will make it from a not very thick square pipe. We need 4 segments of the same length. We drill holes in the segments, so that later we can assemble the carriage on bolts. Of course, the holes must be drilled at the same distance. Well, the author uses radial bearings as rollers.

Step two. Bracket for angle grinder
We make a mounting bracket for an angle grinder, use steel plates as a material. The angle grinder should hook to the bracket with two bolts in the front, and in the back of the fastener there will be a bolt stop, with which we can adjust the cutting angle of the disc.

Step three. Carriage assembly
Before assembling the carriage, we will prepare a “rail” that will move along the carriage, as such a “rail” the author also used a piece of square pipe. We drill holes at the end of the pipe, here we will attach the bracket in which the angle grinder is fixed.

We assemble the carriage on bolts, nuts and washers. We put radial bearings as rollers. We select the washers so that the rail moves in the carriage with minimal backlash. To fine-tune everything, you can use nuts with a plastic lock.

Step four. Racks and axle
From pieces of a profile pipe and corners, we make racks to which the carriage axis will be attached. The author used a threaded rod as an axis, and the author installed the nuts directly into the ends of the posts, they are welded there. It turns out this kind of “threaded bearing”.
Step five. Assembly and testing
We assemble the homemade product, put the racks on the base, the author used a sheet of plywood, or you can fix the rack right on the table. Before installing the racks, do not forget to screw the racks onto the carriage axis.

We fasten the bracket for the angle grinder to the rail, and put the angle grinder itself on the bracket. On the angle grinder, the author installed a clamp for attaching the sewer pipes, an adjusting bolt rests against this clamp.

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Everything is ready, we adjust the disc with a square and can be cut. The author easily works on the machine on steel, he used a steel angle as a stop, and an angle grinder cut a slot in the base for the disc. Planks, plywood and other materials can be easily cut by placing the disc on the wood. The author also cuts bricks with a machine by installing a concrete disc on an angle grinder.

This completes the project, I hope you liked the homemade product, and you found useful thoughts for yourself. Good luck and creative inspiration if you decide to repeat this. Do not forget to share your ideas and homemade products with us!

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Simple guide for angle grinder

Materials and tools used by the author:

List of materials:
– steel plates;
– Sheet steel;
– a piece of pipe;
– bolts and nuts

Tool list:
– angle grinder (angle grinder);
– welding machine;
– tape measure, marker.

The process of making homemade products:

Step one. Fasteners
The first step is to make the fasteners, for this you need two steel plates. We bend one of the plates and drill holes for the bolts. We fasten the plates to the angle grinder and weld at the end, also a piece of round pipe is welded at the end, this will be part of the hinge.

Step two. Base plate and assembly
We cut out a base plate from thick sheet steel, it will also be necessary to cut a slot in it for the cutting disc.
Finally, we weld two pieces of a corner with bolt holes to the plate. Everything is ready, it remains to assemble the homemade product, as an axis we connect the parts with a bolt and counter the axis with two nuts. If desired, the blade can be locked at the desired height to limit the cutting depth. If you turn the nozzle over and fix it on the table, you get a circular saw.

Step three. Testing
As a demonstration of homemade work, the author cuts a sheet of steel. You can use a building ruler or a piece of a profile pipe as a guide. You can also cut boards with such a device if you put a disc from a circular saw. This completes the project, I hope you liked the homemade product, and you found useful thoughts for yourself. Good luck and creative inspiration if you decide to repeat this. Do not forget to share your ideas and homemade products with us!
Source Delivery of new homemade products by mail

Receive a selection of new homemade products by mail. No spam, just helpful ideas!

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features of a homemade holder, making a stand for an angle grinder with your own hands

The angle grinder is considered one of the most indispensable tools in many industries, as its applications are quite extensive. The versatility of this unit allows you to grind, peel, cut, and even polish various surfaces and objects. Each man can independently make a high-quality stand for an angle grinder, thanks to which it will be possible to cut any workpieces with perfectly straight edges without any hassle.

How easy it is to fix a hand held power tool

homemade bed for angle grinder. How to make a holder according to drawings? Bearing mount production

Angle grinders (angle grinder) are an irreplaceable hand tool. With their help, you can saw, grind, cut almost any material from wood to stone. But often there are tasks that require the use of a machine park.

For example, when cutting pipes, profiles or metal profiles, the task of cutting a long string into segments of a certain length is quite common. In this case, it is important that the ends of the segments are strictly perpendicular to the axial mowing line.

When cutting tiles or bricks, it is even more difficult to maintain a square cut by holding the angle grinder by hand. When cutting thin and sticky material, the slightest deviation of the tool from the mowing line of the cut can lead to jamming and breakage of the tool.

In such situations, it is quite natural to desire not to buy a separate machine. this, as a rule, is economically impractical.

You can expand the scope of your favorite hand tool by rigidly fixing it in some way.

Drawings for making a homemade cutting machine

Finding ready-made ones is not difficult. Below is one of the simplest options.

Homemade equipment drawing

Scope of cutting machines

The use of additional accessories for an angle grinder gives a very large area of ​​their use, but the main task is to cut materials such as metals, wood, stone.

A do-it-yourself cut-off machine from an angle grinder is made for the following purposes:

  • Cutting thickness control.
  • Evenness of the cut.
  • Possibility of setting different cutting angles.

All these criteria give the DIYer the opportunity to use a cutting machine to make parts of a more complex design, as the quality of performance increases.

Attention! Without a machine, at home, you can perform these tasks, but it will take more time, since you will have to bring the evenness of the cuts. At the same time, it will be important to double-check the correctness of the corners for the same blanks several times.

The advantages of homemade equipment

Homemade hand tool accessories are very popular. The demand is explained by the fact that in the workshop they do not take up much space, which is very convenient in small rooms such as a garage or basement, which is mainly used by homemade people.

For reference! The small size of the equipment makes it easy enough to hide and get it at the right time.

Another advantage of homemade equipment is that the owner will make it soundly, although such a homemade product will add weight, but it will have a margin of safety.

Drawings of such equipment are available for general use, but many craftsmen modify them on their own, based on their own needs.

Required tools and materials

To make a cut-off rack, you will need power tools:

  • angle grinder for cutting metal workpieces.
  • Drill, used to drill holes.
  • Electric jigsaw. It is used to cut plywood for the base. You can also use sheet metal for this part.

A hand tool is also used, without which work cannot be performed:

cutting disc safety basics-How to properly use an angle grinder with cutting disc

  • Roulette.
  • Pencil or marker.
  • Corner.
  • Set of drills.
  • A set of ring or wrenches.
  • Pliers.
attach, angle, grinder, precision, cutting

Step-by-step instruction

At the initial stage, the base should be made. It is required to cut the corner into four pieces at an angle of 45 ° on each side. The dimensions of the parts can be chosen arbitrarily as there are different dimensions of the angle grinder. They are welded together to form a rectangle. In the middle of the base, tires are welded on, which are additionally reinforced with a corner from below. Thus, the site should be of the correct size.

The next step is to complete the pendulum. The first step is to make its base. It is required to weld two parts from a professional pipe at an angle of 90 °. They are installed on a base with a distance of 40 mm from each other. The edges of the parts should be filed at 45 °. This is necessary in order for the parts to fit completely to the base.

Next, you need to prepare the swing mechanism. It is made from a hairpin and a tube. Instead of a metal pipe, you can take nuts with an internal thread like a stud.

Two parts of the tubes are welded to the tops of the corners, which will serve as a pumping unit.

For the pendulum, a profile pipe with a cross section of 40 × 40 mm is taken. The wall thickness must be at least 3 mm. A hole is drilled in the middle of the pipe, the diameter of which must strictly correspond to the diameter of the stud.

Important! When making this unit, you should definitely follow: there should be no play at all, because it affects the evenness of the cut.

One or more springs are installed on one edge of the pendulum: holes are drilled on the edge for the hook.

To attach the angle grinder to the swingarm arm, you need to drill holes in its base. Attach an angle grinder and mark the location for the hole in the boom. Since single bolt fastening is not reliable, it is necessary to fasten the cutting tool itself with two additional bolts. For this, by means of welding, special fasteners are made, which are installed on the edge of the boom of the pendulum.

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Before testing the machine, it is necessary to fine-tune it. The cutting element is installed and the first broach is made along the bed. At this point, you need to install a stop or a special vice for a drilling machine. The starting cut will be the zero point.

Important! When cutting any part, it must be firmly clamped. This will eliminate knocks or bending of the cut-off wheel.

When the disc is installed on an angle grinder, it is applied to the bed and using a corner to check the evenness of the cut angle. If the angle is not adjusted, then this must be done without fail.

Step-by-step instructions for making a cutting machine from an angle grinder

In the home workshop, every amateur DIYer always has an angle grinder (angle grinder) in his arsenal. This tool is almost irreplaceable as it can perform many functions. over, if the owner has additional accessories available, his capabilities are significantly expanded. Home-made machines for an angle grinder are very popular, since they are easy to manufacture and do not differ in their cumbersome design.

Homemade cutting machine

Pendulum saw device made of angle grinder

A cut-off machine from an angle grinder in most cases is performed according to a pendulum system. A similar tool is popularly called a pendulum saw.

The principle of operation of such a device is based on outweighing. On the edge of the vertical support, two metal corners are installed. They must be attached to the hinges exactly in the middle. The assembled device of this type resembles a children’s swing. In the place where the parts will be cut, the angle grinder is mounted. A load is placed on the other edge of the pendulum, which will lift the angle grinder at the end of the cut.

Instead of a weight, you can also install a spring that works in compression. The spring rate is selected in practice.

How to fix an angle grinder for precise cutting? It is required to unscrew the handle on the tool. And through the existing holes in the angle grinder, drill the same in the corner. For fastening, it is required to fasten it with two bolts.

Further, it is recommended that the handle of the angle grinder be installed in its place, for ease of cutting.

The device of a homemade pendulum machine

Preparatory stage

At the beginning of all work, you should find an exact sketch of the machine, in which, in a step-by-step version, the entire assembly will be presented. Such foresight will allow you to collect in advance all the necessary material for manufacturing.

The variant of the drawings is chosen arbitrarily, regardless of the power of the angle grinder. Free sizes can be easily found on the Internet.

You also need to prepare all the tools that will be needed in the process of all work.

Option 1

To make this device for an angle grinder, you will need the skills of a welder. So, you need to do the following.

First, cut 2 small pieces from the corner (50×50 mm). Their size is selected based on the dimensions of the gear unit of your angle grinder.

Next, drill holes with a diameter of 14 mm in them and screw the corners to the angle grinder, as shown in the following photo. If you do not have suitable bolts, M14 threaded studs can be used. Just be careful that the bolts are not too long. Otherwise, in some models of angle grinder, they may cling to the impeller located in the gear housing.

Without removing the corners from the angle grinder, grab them with welding. After that, the corners can be removed and boiled well.

Sand the weld seams with an angle grinder.

Then you need to make a rotating support for the lever, on which the apparatus will be fixed. To do this, select 2 pipes of such diameters so that one can easily enter the other.

For a more accurate cut, you can glue masking tape on the tubes and draw a fishing line on it.

Then, while turning the tube, carefully cut the angle grinder. A pipe section with a smaller diameter should be 20 mm shorter (thickness of 2 bearings). it will serve as a spacer.

For a thicker pipe, select 2 bearings that match its inner diameter. After that, insert a thin tube into a thick one and press the bearings on both sides.

Then insert a stud into the bearings. It is imperative to lay a washer in front of the nut.

When the swivel mechanism is ready, you need to weld a small piece of the corner to it.

At the next stage, a stand is made for the swivel mechanism from the same corner 50×50 mm. To make the segments the same length, the corners can be tightened with a clamp and cut.

Also, without unscrewing the clamp, they can be drilled immediately.

Attach the drilled corners to the finished pivot block using nuts.

Weld a longer corner to this rack, as shown in the following photos.

Now you need to decide on the length of the lever on which the angle grinder will be fixed. This is done by the selection method, based on the dimensions of your angle grinder. You can lay out the parts on the table and calculate the approximate dimensions of the lever, which is better made from 2 pieces of a square shaped pipe 20×20 mm.

The pipes must also be clamped with a clamp and cut to the same size.

After all the parts are ready, they can be welded together, as shown in the following photos.

In the next step, you can attach an angle grinder to the finished structure and check again what came of it.

The finished swingarm for the angle grinder can be easily installed on any flat surface, such as a workbench. Also, this design can be installed on a table specially made for it. For a more rigid fastening of the mechanism, you can weld small pieces of corners on both sides of the long corner, and drill holes in them.

In the following photos you can see how a ready-made device for an angle grinder is fixed on the table (in this case, a metal bed is used).

It is very important to set a right angle between the plane of the cutting wheel and the plane of the table. Place the square on a table and slide it over to the abrasive wheel on the angle grinder. If initially you managed to weld the fixture so that the angle between the planes was 90 degrees, then this is good. If you notice a deviation from a right angle in one direction or another, then you can correct the situation with a scrap or a long profile pipe, for example, 60×20 mm.

So that the part does not budge during cutting, a corner can be screwed onto the table, which will serve as an emphasis. Also, for an accurate cut, the table can be easily improved with a simple vice made of a nut welded to it and a stud of the required length screwed into it.

Next, you need to make a protective casing. It is made taking into account the maximum diameter of the cutting disc, which is permissible to put on a specific model of an angle grinder. To make it easier to determine the dimensions of the casing and places for its attachment, you can first make a template, for example, from a piece of cardboard.

  • It is required to cut 2 blanks from tin for the future casing.
  • Screw an aluminum corner to one of the blanks. With its help, the casing will be attached to the rod of the device.
  • Twist 2 halves together.
  • Drill holes on the pendulum arm for the angle fixed to the cover, cut a thread in them and screw on the protective cover.

In this case, the casing will also serve as a limiter for the cutting tool, which does not allow it to go too deep into the table during processing of the part.

It will not be superfluous if you make spring loading for the lever with the angle grinder attached to it. In this case, it is easy to do this: insert a smaller tube on the back of the rod and attach a spring to it, as shown in the following photo.

On this, the manufacture of a cutting machine with your own hands, in which an angle grinder is used as a drive, can be considered complete.

Homemade attachments for angle grinder

The capabilities of the angle grinder can be expanded not only by using various attachments, but also by installing it on special home-made devices. As a result, you can get a cutting machine with which it becomes possible to accurately cut metal blanks at any angle. In addition, the angle grinder can be mounted on a carriage, and the resulting machine can be used to cut sheet steel.

Option 2

Another version of the device for an angle grinder, with which it will be possible to cut metal workpieces, is done as follows.

  • Take 2 sections of profile pipe of the same height and weld them to a rectangle pre-cut from sheet metal.
  • Drill holes in 2 racks and in the lever (the length is selected experimentally), then fix the latter with a bolt, as shown in the photo below.
  • Attach a spring to the back of the lever.
  • At the intended attachment point of the angle grinder on the rod, drill a through hole.
  • You can now attach the angle grinder to the table.
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Thus, we have a simple cut-off machine. To give additional rigidity to the attachment of the device to the lever, you can use clamps, having previously laid between the body of the angle grinder and the pipe, for example, a wooden block.

For accurate cutting, so that the workpiece does not move, you will need to screw the corner to the table.

For a small angle grinder, a similar version of the device is also suitable, only the angle grinder will be attached to a metal strip: on the one hand, with a bolt to the angle grinder itself, and on the other, with a clamp.

For a powerful angle grinder, the adaptation is made according to the same principle, but from larger profiles than in the figures above.

It is not necessary to use dumbbells as a counterweight. It is enough to find a suitable spring.

Option 3

This version of the device is the easiest to make with your own hands. It is made without the traditional pivot stand. All you need is one door canopy, a metal strip and a rubber band (you can use a rubber band from a hand expander).

The construction is done as follows:

  • in the metal strip, on one side, drill holes for the door shed, and on the other, for the bolt, with which the strip will be attached to the angle grinder;
  • screw an angle grinder and a canopy to the strip;
  • screw the canopy to the table;
  • attach one end of the elastic to the edge of the table and the other to the holder (handle) of the angle grinder.

In just a few minutes you will receive a quality cutting machine. This device is also mobile, because it can be carried with you in a suitcase with tools, and, if necessary, can be mounted on any flat surface.

When installing this device, do not forget to fix the corner on the table to rest the workpiece on it.

Cutting sheet hoists with an angle grinder

To cut sheet metal, you will need to purchase a special carriage that moves along a guide (shaped square tube).

But as practice shows, the cost of a good carriage is high (more than 100), so you can make it yourself. Since this process is rather complicated to describe, you can understand the manufacturing technology of this slider from this video. With the help of the device, you can cut not only steel, but also ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware.

Please note that a lot of dust is generated when cutting ceramics. Therefore, it is recommended to adapt a dust collector with a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner to the casing of an angle grinder.

Angle Grinder Cutting Machine

In order to understand how to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder (angle grinder), you can look at various drawings on the Internet. But they will not help much, since all the sizes of the parts will still have to be selected based on the size of the angle grinder you have. The options for the execution of devices can be both simple and more complex, requiring the ability to handle the welding machine.

How to make a homemade dust collector

The simplest dust collector for an angle grinder can be made from a plastic bottle of motor oil.

The nozzle is made as follows.

  • Place a disc of the diameter to be used for cutting to the container and mark: position the disc so that the edges do not catch on the casing, and mark the center.
  • Cut a square hole in the side of the bottle with a utility knife.
  • You should also cut 2 holes opposite each other, in the place where you marked the center.
  • Screw the dust container to the angle grinder using the standard holes for attaching the casing, and put a hose from the vacuum cleaner on the neck of the bottle.
  • Slide the cut-off wheel onto the angle grinder shaft.
  • The hole, which is used for easy tool change, can be closed with a small piece of plastic.

After these simple steps, you can use your angle grinder to work on materials that generate a lot of dust when cutting.

Photo gallery: diagrams of cutting machines from an angle grinder for metal and for tiles


The simplest frame consists of two frames on a common axis. The lower frame should be fixed on a platform. metal or chipboard. If the angle grinder is large, metal is better. The upper frame, to which the angle grinder is screwed, should rotate vertically relative to the lower one, like a pendulum. A spring is needed to fix the initial position. A fastener is welded to the lower frame, which consists of a clamping angle and a movable clamp.

The frame of the bed can be made of metal


For the convenience of work, provide in the design a start pedal or a button with commutation through a low-voltage relay for 12 V. Through it, voltage will be supplied to the angle grinder. With the help of such a simple design, we free our hands, achieve an accurate, even cut without the use of a vice, and save time on accurate measurements. This tool will replace the metal cut-off saw, and if necessary, you can always return the angle grinder to its mobile state.

How To Convert An Angle Grinder for Cut Off Wheels

Pros and cons of a homemade machine

If you have to hold an angle grinder in your hands often enough, you probably managed to feel its disadvantages. The weaknesses of the instrument are in its main advantage. mobility.

Firstly, it is not always possible to fix the parts during cutting, and their slightest vibration can lead to the destruction of the abrasive disc, which, in turn, is fraught with serious injuries.

Secondly, it is rather difficult for a mobile version of the tool to control the precise perpendicularity of the cut, take into account the thickness of the disc in relation to the mark and the material being cut, and even hold it if necessary.

Thirdly, it is quite difficult to use a tool to cut several parts of the same size, especially when it comes to rods and small pipes. after cutting, you also have to trim the parts.

And, of course, the employment of both hands and the utmost tedious concentration when working, since the angle grinder is one of the most dangerous tools. What is just a kickback is a sudden kickback of the tool when the rotating abrasive disc gets stuck in the workpiece. The danger of kickback lies not so much in the throwing off of the tool, but in the concomitant destruction of the circle. At such high rpm, abrasive fragments can seriously injure the operator.

Kickback occurs especially often at the end of the cut, when only a small bridge connects the parts. In this case, it is recommended to stop the tool without cutting the workpiece to the end, remove the wheel and finish cutting the part from the back side. A cut-off machine that can be constructed from available materials can solve all of these problems and provide additional safety.

Buy or not?

From a metal pipe and corners

The finished structure of such a machine will be a metal long pipe that plays both the role of a frame and the role of a handle. Closer to one end, a transverse metal bar with two holes for fastening an angle grinder is welded.

The pipe in this design is both the handle and the mount

On the same side, the pipe is attached to one side of a small piece of the corner on a movable shaft, the corner itself is attached with its other side either to the work table, or simply to the floor in the work room. On the opposite side of the mount, it is imperative to fix the spring, which will allow the entire structure to return to its original position. That’s it. the machine is ready, you just need to properly fix the angle grinder. Of course, this option is for the simplest work with metal, and for complex ones, where precision is required, the structure should already be more stable and thorough.

Required tools and materials

an angle grinder is a very useful and versatile tool. With its help, you can cut metal, stone, tiles and, of course, grind surfaces, but sometimes it is much easier and more accurate to perform these works with a stationary machine. Fortunately, you can make a DIY cut-off machine from an angle grinder.