How To Attach The Disc To The Trimmer

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Varieties of trimmer discs

The trimmer disc is available in different materials. And in order to decide which trimmer disc is better. metal or plastic, you need to decide what you will mow. So, a plastic disc is designed for short and thin grass, while a metal one can easily cope with very dense and tall grass, bushes, dry grass.

The shape of the cutter disc for the trimmer can be with 2, 3 or 4 cutting edges. Typically, these accessories are included in the basic set of tools for low and medium power. With them you can fight dense grass and small shrubs.

On powerful and professional equipment, saw blades are installed, which have up to 80 teeth, and sometimes also carbide (victorious) soldering on the teeth. Such a victorious trimmer disc is rarely used in private households, it is mainly used on professional lawn mowers. It has a very long service life and versatility for both fresh grass and dry, impenetrable weeds.

The discs also differ in the thickness of the blade, which can be from 1.3 to 4 mm. Thin discs cut grass cleanly, quickly and accurately, but they become dull faster. The thickest knives do not wear out for quite a long time, but are more suitable for coarse growth and weeds.

As practice shows, the most common shape of a trimmer knife is round with teeth around the circumference. A variety with 4 large teeth and a row of small teeth between them is also becoming a frequent choice. They most effectively help in cleaning the area, can be easily installed on any trimmer model.

Benefits of disc trimmers

When mowing tall grass, it often gets tangled on the line and trimmer reel, which requires you to stop work and pick up these balls of grass with your hands. In addition, over time, the trimmer coil may break from this. As for the cutting disc, it can handle tall grass with ease.

The disc is also more effective when you need to cut dry grass, burdocks, hogweed, bushes and undergrowth. The only thing a knife is afraid of is stones. For haymaking, the trimmer disc is the ideal solution.

over, metal discs do not wear out, so they do not need to be changed, unlike fishing line, which eventually becomes unusable.

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Trimmer disc

attach, disc, trimmer

The trimmer is a fairly common garden tool purchased for cutting grass. Models with a line are suitable for soft grass, but if you need to deal with coarse growth and shrubs, you cannot do without a disc trimmer.

Fitting the disc to the trimmer and observing safety measures

After you have decided which disc to take for the trimmer, you need to learn how to install it correctly. Initially, make sure that the bore on the disc is the correct hole, otherwise the disc will simply not fit your trimmer. And if you do succeed in securing it to the instrument, the disc may jump off during operation and seriously injure you.

Usually, each manufacturer for each model of the manufactured equipment also produces the corresponding equipment, so the choice of a knife should not become something very difficult. When you have installed the disc, check how securely it is attached.

If the disc is metal, it can only be installed on a trimmer with a straight boom, as this is due to the design of the unit. When mowing grass, bushes and thin trees, the disc, bumping into an obstacle (for example, a stone), bounces back, that is, in your direction. And when the bar is straight, the distance from the head to the feet is sufficient for your safety.

Manufacturers overview

There are a lot of manufacturers of lawn mower discs. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the most popular among them. For example, the Bosch brand is known for its knives with two and three blades. The peculiarity of the knives of this company is that each of the blades can be replaced separately from the others.

Another company known for its bladed knives is Shark. The advantage of the design is that the blades are fixed relative to each other at an angle of 120 degrees. As a result, it is easy to adjust each of the blades, which is convenient for different types of vegetation. Another feature of knives from this manufacturer is light weight.

Husqvarna is also known for its multi-tooth knives, especially the hay knives. Ideal for dense and dense grass. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the large weight of the discs and the fact that you cannot turn the knife over if one side of it is sharpened.

Inforce knives do a good job with underbrush and branches. In practice, the metal from which the cutting elements are made shows itself to be very durable. The only thing is that in some models the victorious soldering is erased very quickly.

The discs cope equally well with different types of grass, as well as with shrubs and trees.

Rezer discs are excellent at mowing grass, weeds, branches. The teeth can withstand well even cutting down trees with a thickness of 6 centimeters or more. However, they have a drawback in the form of winding grass on a shaft.

Patriot produces quality knives. Users note that if you choose the right disk for a specific job, then it will serve for a long time and amaze with its performance. Knives from this manufacturer are very easy to sharpen yourself.

Species overview

For lawn mowers, preference should be given to special knives. They allow you to cut taller, harder grass than line. In addition, the knife is suitable even for pruning young bushes.

There are many types of discs that differ in the cutting edge, shape and material from which they are made.

Each species has its own characteristics.

By material

The lawn mower disc can be made of metal or plastic. It should be clarified that plastic blades should be preferred for electric lawn mowers. They fit perfectly with the curved shaft of this tool, which doesn’t separate too much between the work area and the mower’s legs. Plastic knives are good at mowing overgrown dry grass, for example, nettle or burdock trunks.

The metal knives are only suitable for the petrol trimmer. This is due to the flat bar that moves the disc away from the feet to a safe distance. Special shaped handles also contribute to safety. When hitting a hard object, part of the impact is absorbed by the engine clutch. Iron knives are suitable for mowing grass from large areas, weeds, bushes, young trees.

How to choose?

When choosing a knife for a mower, there are many points to pay attention to. For example, metal toothed discs are most often circular in shape. The teeth can differ in shape, appearance, size. For small trees as well as dense grass, it is better to give preference to discs with a large number of teeth.

It is worth noting such an advantage of milling discs for lawn mowers, as a quick set of revolutions. However, a high moment of inertia does not have the best effect on the machine drive. For dense mowing, for high, as well as for small coarse grass and bushes, it is better to choose circles with 40 or more teeth and perforation. They are able not to chop up vegetation, and at the same time it will practically not wrap around a circle. If the number of teeth is more than 60, then you can safely mow grass and trees with a trunk thickness of up to 7 cm.

Solid discs and discs without holes are very heavy, so they should be chosen for powerful trimmers (over 40 cm3). At the same time, they are convenient for mowing rare grass, dead wood, and they are also suitable for mowing with different densities.

Victory-tipped discs should be chosen for mowing plants near obstacles. If it is necessary to mow grass for hay, then steel knives with a large number of teeth with an even sharpening should be preferred. Solid discs with 16 to 32 teeth cut well plants with thick stems.

For low power trimmers, paddle discs with a minimum moment of inertia are better suited. The fewer the blades, the more the tool will chop the grass. So, discs with two blades are most often used for mowing uniform grass. The main advantage of this species is that it throws cut plants to the side.

When harvesting hay, it is recommended to choose knives with four blades so that the grass is not chopped up.

The thickness of the blades is also important when choosing. Discs can be stamped or forged. The former are distinguished by a low price, but at the same time they can be severely damaged when faced with an obstacle. As for forged discs, they do not chip and cut when colliding with hard objects.

For electric trimmers, choose only plastic blades. Their low weight will not put unnecessary stress on the engine. Soft plastic allows the knives to not break when facing an obstacle, but simply bend or deform slightly. It is recommended to use such cutting elements for cutting thick soft grass.

How to sharpen and deliver?

a lawn mower with constant use will sooner or later begin to need regular maintenance. One of the important points is the timely sharpening of knives. The metal disc can, of course, work in a dull state, but it cannot be used. This leads to a decrease in performance, overheating of the engine, and wear of the gearbox. Sharpening the teeth or blades is a snap, but if you want, you can simply install new knives.

  • First of all, the knife is removed from the device. Sharpening directly on the mower is not recommended as it is unsafe.
  • Next, you need to inspect the cutting element for chips, cracks, damage. If they are, then you will need to install a new disk.
  • You can sharpen your knives with a file, sharpener or angle grinder. The safest tool is a file that even a beginner can handle. For sharpening, the knife is placed in a vice, and then manually processed at an angle of 30 degrees. This method is considered the highest quality.

When using an angle grinder, it is important not to overheat the metal, otherwise the disc will quickly become unusable. an angle grinder with a fine abrasive wheel is suitable for sharpening discs with many teeth.

  • At the end of sharpening, the blade can be reattached to the trimmer and check how efficiently the tool is working. Do not handle the sharp parts of the knife to avoid injury.

Over time, the knife will wear out and should be replaced. Fitting a new disc to the trimmer is a snap. This procedure takes no more than 5 minutes of time, if you follow simple instructions.

  • First you need to remove the protective cover, but on some models it may remain. For example, metal covers cannot be removed from the lawn mower.
  • Next, you should take a key with six faces (hexagon) and use it to block the gearbox. The hole for blocking must be sought from the side or from the end.
  • After that, the mowing head must be unscrewed from the lawn mowers.
  • Then a disc will be installed in its place. It should be noted that the inner diameter of the knife must be completely located in the groove reserved for this. The face of the nozzle should be with the letters facing up.
  • Now you need to fix the disc with a special washer and screw the fastening nut counterclockwise. Before doing this, it is necessary to block the gearbox shaft.
  • The last step is to install a protective plastic casing.

By making cutting edges

  • with two tines. for young soft grass, lawns;
  • with three teeth. for young grass, dead wood, weeds;
  • with four tines. for tough grass and young tree shoots;
  • with eight teeth, mows grass without too much chopping;
  • with 24 teeth. for hard and dry grass, shrubs, thin trees;
  • with 40 or more teeth. for mowing any grass, bushes, trees;
  • 80 and more. for professional lawn mowers.


  • with two. for soft and low braids;
  • with three. for mowing weeds;
  • with four or more. for mowing grass for hay.

Lawn mower discs: what are they, how to select and install?

  • Species overview
  • Manufacturers overview
  • How to choose?
  • How to sharpen and deliver?
  • How to properly mow the grass?

Lawn mower knives are irreplaceable. It is enough to choose the right one, and you can use them to mow huge areas of grass. Of course, the variety of knives complicates the task of selecting them somewhat. To understand which cutting element is needed, you need to familiarize yourself with the main ones. You should also find out in advance about the correct sharpening and operation of knives.

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By form

By shape, knives with disc blades and several blades are distinguished, which are at a certain distance from each other. The shape of the blades may also vary. It should be noted that this does not affect either the speed or the quality of the lawnmower’s work.

Currently, manufacturers began to offer, in addition to traditional shapes, also triangular, rectangular and trapezoidal.

Choosing the right attachment

In addition to their product, the manufacturer usually provides several cutters (usually 3).

For working with soft grass, a line wound on a drum is used as a cutting element. The speed of 9000 rpm allows you to quickly work even a large lawn.

For coarser grass and thickets, you can use one of the metal knives, which differ in the number of cutting teeth.

A disc with 40 or 80 teeth is intended for mowing dense growth, reeds, young bushes. Corn, dry weeds with thick stems can be mowed with three- and four-blade cutters.

And in order to lay the cut grass in the rolls, a knife with 8 blades is used and a special comb is attached to the scythe itself.

And now more about how to install the cutter. The attachment point of the cutter is called the gearbox. First you need to fix the curly washer on it with a hex wrench.

Then put on the knife, aligning the holes in it with the protrusion of the washer. After that, you need to install the upper figured washer on the shaft and tighten everything with a nut.

Here you should pay attention to the fact that the thread on the shaft is left-handed, therefore, you need to tighten the nut (as well as the mowing head) counterclockwise.

The key, which is also included in the delivery set, will help to tighten the nut until it stops. You can replace the cutter by doing all the operations in reverse order.

Refueling the lawn mower

To refuel the chainsaw, not pure gasoline is used, but a working mixture, which must be prepared in certain proportions.

The combustible mixture consists of RON 95 gasoline and quality oil for air-cooled two-stroke engines.

The proportion should be 25 parts of gasoline to 1 part of oil.

It is better to mix the components in a separate container, from which, using a funnel, then pour the mixture into the fuel tank.

After filling the braids, wipe the entire surface dry in places with traces of spilled liquid.

Instructions and rules for safe work with a lawn mower. trimmer

  • Petrol scythe device
  • Choosing the right attachment
  • Refueling the lawn mower
  • Manufacturer’s manual
  • Getting Started
  • Long lasting trimmer

The owners of summer cottages and country houses are familiar with the problem of maintaining their backyard territory in an aesthetic form. A lot of effort is spent on mowing the grass and mowing the lawn. Electric and gasoline trimmers help to automate such processes.

Let’s take a closer look at one of these devices.

Instructions from the manufacturer

Petrol scythe device

2-stroke engine;

The weight of the entire device is about 8 kg, which is quite difficult to hold in your hands. Therefore, complete with the most oblique there is an unloading belt-backpack with a protective pad and regulators.

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The scythe is intended for mowing grass and small shrubs in personal plots.

As you know, grass can be mowed in different ways. by folding it into swaths or simply by mowing. In addition, the grass can be different. soft or rough, with thick stems, shrub growth.

Getting started

Before starting work, you need to check all fasteners and, if necessary, tighten them all the way. Put on the backpack belt and tighten the adjusting tightenings.

Then place the braid on a hard, flat surface and make sure that the cutter is not in contact with anything.

Then you need to set the throttle grip to the “OFF” position and the switch on the grip to the “I”.

Before the first start, you can pump the working mixture into the starting system by pressing several times on the soft hemisphere of the valve under the air filter.

Holding the braid in a stationary position with your left hand, you need to sharply pull the starter cord with your right hand.

The engine may not start the first time, in which case you should try again.

After the engine has started to work, it is necessary to move the throttle grip to the “ON” position.

It is recommended to let the device idle before work.

If you want to start the scythe immediately after stopping the engine, then you should not close the throttle before starting.

To start the mowing process, you need to fasten the lawn mower with a carabiner to the unloading belt and, holding the trigger, start mowing, applying a “right-to-left” scythe motion (when using the mowing head. “left-to-right”).

On the handle of the scythe next to the switch there is a button with which you can jam the trigger and operate the tool effortlessly.

The plane of the cutting tool must be parallel to the ground.

In work, it is imperative to follow the safety rules and dress according to the requirements. glasses are used to protect the eyes, you need to put on boots with non-slip soles, your hands should be protected by gloves, and you can use headphones from noise.

To stop the engine, just turn the switch on the handle to the “0” position.

Long lasting trimmer

To prepare the spit for the winter period, it is necessary to remove the fuel from the tank, start the engine and let it work out the rest of the mixture. After stopping, it is necessary to unscrew the candle and pour 20 cubes of oil into the cylinder, stretch the starter cord several times and screw the candle into place.

In order for the lawn mower to work smoothly for the entire period of its operation, it is necessary to follow all the rules for working with this device. Here are the main ones:

Before work, carefully inspect the device for problems with the fuel tank, fasteners or cutters;

Make sure there is enough working mixture in the fuel tank;

Observe all safety precautions when starting;

Check the condition of the device only with the engine off;

For refueling, use only high-quality components in strictly recommended proportions;

Carry out repairs only in certified centers;

Do not mow in wet weather on slippery ground;

The duration of the work of the scythe during the day should not exceed 2 hours;

Do not touch the candle and high voltage cable during operation;

Do not carry the braid while it is on;

Service all parts of the petrol trimmer on time. air filter, ventilation system, gearbox, carburetor;

Take a look at the 6 best electric trimmer models.

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The taskbar and home screen in the Windows Start menu is a very useful and convenient area where you can place your most frequently used applications. With one click, you can open or run a program, browser and anything you like, without looking for miles of names in the start menu. Of all the applications that give access to folders, you can only pin File Explorer, but this is sometimes inconvenient. In Explorer, you need to go through several paths to get to a specific folder. Here we will analyze how to pin folders to the taskbar and the start screen of the Windows start menu.

How to add a specific folder to the taskbar

All we need to do is create a shortcut to the folder that we want to place on the taskbar. Right click on the desktop and select Create Shortcut from the context menu.

Click the Browse button and select the exact folder you need. In my case, I specified a folder with torrent downloads.

Then take your time. Enter explorer before the specified path, separated by a space. You should get for example explorer E: \ TORENT.

Come up with a name for your working folder.

A folder will appear on the desktop, drag it to the taskbar. Then it will be pinned to the taskbar. You can also pin it to the Start screen.

If you have several working folders, you can change the icon from, so as not to get confused. To do this, click on folder properties.

Click on Change Icon.

Choose an icon for your folder. The icons can also be downloaded from the Internet. Drag your created folder to the taskbar again.

How to add any folder to the Start screen in the Start menu

In the same way, we can add any folder we created or an executable “.exe” file to the start screen in the start menu. Right-click on the folder we created and select Pin to Start.

After all the manipulations, you will have a folder in the start menu. Using this method, you can add any files and folders to the taskbar and start screen in the start menu.

Why you need to put the knife on the trimmer

A trimmer with a knife installed on it is most convenient to use for more comfortable mowing of tall and coarse grass in the country. The line on the lawn mower in such cases does not cope. Thin breaks very quickly. Using 2.3mm thick cord or homemade rods with cables causes the vegetation to wrap around the spool. This increases the load on the engine. As a result, the piston group and other moving parts of the unit wear out very quickly.

If the weeds are mowed with an electric trimmer without a knife, only a fishing line, even a thick one with a curly section, will not solve the problem. There is always a risk of overheating the motor and damaging the flexible shaft. And it’s all about the large torque of the electric motor. Grass wrapped around the spindle creates strong resistance to the shaft, which resembles a speedometer cable, which does not withstand and twists.

In order to protect the equipment from premature wear, manufacturers have provided for the possibility of installing special knives on the trimmers. The design and shape of the existing cutting elements allows you to easily cope not only with coarse and overgrown grass, but also successfully deal with young shrub growth.

What knives to put on an electric and lawn mower

Before buying and putting a knife on a lawn mower, let’s find out what they are and in what cases they are used. Today manufacturers offer the consumer a large number of types of these consumables. In general, all cutting tools designed for mowing grass can be classified:

  • By the type of material from which it is made;
  • By the shape of its cutting blades.

The main material for the manufacture of trimmer knives can be plastic or metal. The use of such consumables largely depends on two parameters:

  • Lawn mowers type;
  • Mowing areas.

For safety reasons, manufacturers do not recommend putting steel knives on electric trimmers. Almost all electric and battery powered lawn mowers are equipped with plastic blades. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be of a solid disc-shaped structure, with several blades or in the form of a special mowing head providing for the installation of removable plastic blades.

Straight bar for petrol trimmer and curved for electric

To put a metal knife on an electric trimmer is not allowed by its design features.

  • The curved bar of the machine reduces the distance from its working part to the mower’s feet. In the event of a collision of the blades with a stone or other solid object, the scythe is thrown to the feet.
  • The high torque we mentioned above, in the event of a metal blade hitting a hard object, transfers a large load to the trimmer flex shaft and its motor. What causes them to fail prematurely.
  • The handle of the electric scythe most often does not have a limiting bar acting as a stop. Which does not exclude injury to the legs.

It is these features that make it possible to use only plastic knives on trimmers with electric motors. When hitting an obstacle, the blades are destroyed, thereby protecting the legs of the mower from possible injury.

Plastic knives do a good job on overgrown and dry grass. They can mow nettles and burdock stalks.

The use of metal knives only on gasoline trimmers is also due to design features.

  • Straight bar design increases leg clearance for complete safety.
  • Comfortable U-shaped and J-shaped handles for a firm grip. D-shaped handles of lawn mowers are equipped with a stopper that rests against the mower’s leg, which does not allow the head to come close to the feet when the cutting disc meets a solid obstacle.
  • The clutch of the gasoline engine allows for smooth acceleration to the optimum level. And when the blade hits a hard surface, it is able to extinguish part of the impact.

Thus, petrol trimmers with a metal blade installed are best used in large areas. They will successfully cope not only with high coarse grass, weeds, burdocks and nettles, but also shrubs, as well as young trees.

The shape of the disc blades supplied to the trimmer in no way affects the quality of the work performed. Speed ​​does not depend on them either. Triangular, trapezoidal, rectangular shapes are all the marketing ploy of manufacturers.

If you plan on making hay, it is best to use more bladed knives on the mower. Note the discs with eight teeth or discs with four large blades and four additional ones. Two and three bladed knives will chop the grass hard.

How to put the knife on the trimmer

With the arrival of summer, many owners of personal plots are worried about the question of how to put the knife on the trimmer. No less relevant are the questions of why and when it is advisable to replace the line on a lawn mower with a more durable cutting element. In our article we will try to disassemble all this and give useful recommendations to summer residents.

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How to put a knife on the trimmer

Putting the knife on the trimmer is not that difficult. The manufacturer completes its tools with a special pin that allows you to block the gearbox and a wrench with which the spool and fishing line are unscrewed. The most important thing is to observe safety precautions and the sequence of assembly and disassembly when changing cutting elements.

The algorithm for setting the knife to the trimmer is as follows:

  • Remove the protective cover;
  • We block the drive. To do this, it is necessary to align two holes. in the shaft hub and in the gearbox cup. After combining them, insert a pin into the holes;
  • We unscrew the spool with line or the fastening nut holding the boot (if the trimmer has not been used yet) from the hub clockwise;
  • Next, we install the cutting knife, so that the slots on the hub washer coincide with the recesses in the hole of the cutting disc;
  • Install the boot;
  • We tighten the fastening nut (counterclockwise) while holding the locking pin;
  • We tighten it using a tubular wrench;
  • Putting back the protective cover.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Now you can safely start mowing weeds on the site.

How to change a disk if it is jammed?

What to do if the wheel on the “angle grinder” is stuck? This can happen, for example, when, as a result of work, pieces of the workpiece being cut sharply clamp the rotating disc. Often this leads to its destruction.

It can be very difficult to unscrew the nut tightened as a result of rotation, if the circle is bitten.

  • One of these methods would be to use two gas keys at once. In this case, the remains of the disc must be broken with pliers. With one key, you need to clamp the part of the stem located under the disc, and with the other, unscrew the flange.
  • Sometimes, in order to gain access of the gas wrench to the “angle grinder” rod, you have to disassemble the gearbox.
  • A simple device saves from the problem of a jammed nut. cardboard or tin washers. They are often sold with an “angle grinder”. But over time, they can be lost or become completely unusable. Making homemade washers is not at all difficult. However, it is best not to neglect them.

In extreme cases, the flange can be sawn with a hacksaw for metal and then replaced with a new one.

How to remove it?

Discs, especially those designed for cutting, burn out quickly and must be replaced.

It will be useful to remind once again about the need to disconnect the “angle grinder” from the network. Work to be done with fast rotating parts and better protect yourself.

If you need to replace a worn disk, you need to perform a number of simple operations.

  • The disc is secured to the stem stem with a threaded nut. In the set of any angle grinder there is a special key, on the arms of which pins are fixed, which cling to the holes of the flange.
  • The spindle is fixed with a special button, the cotter pin of which, when pressed, enters the hole of the gearbox, thus fixing it. Having pressed the button with your right hand, at the same time with your left hand you need to unscrew the fastening nut with a wrench. If the nut has moved from its place, unscrew it by hand. That’s it, now the disc can be removed.
  • There are times when the key, for some reason, was not at hand. What to do? The easiest way out is to stop working. But, as they say, this is not our method. It is also possible to unscrew the clamping nut of the “angle grinder” without a key. Often a pipe (gas) wrench is used for this. On such a key there is a device that spreads it. It is necessary to tighten the nut and, fixing the “angle grinder” gearbox with a button, move it from its place. Then it can be unscrewed by hand.
  • The nut has holes for fixing it with pins on the horns of the key, you can unscrew it by tapping with a hammer on a chisel or a bar that is pressed into the hole.
  • It is sometimes possible to push the nut off by simply tapping its edge with a hammer in the direction of twisting. However, in this case, damage to the flange may occur, especially the holes for the pins of the key; in the future, it may be impossible to apply the key to such a nut.
  • A very good result is obtained when using a nail to make a key. It is better to choose a large nail, from 100 mm. Using a hammer and pliers, the nail is U-shaped. With a hacksaw or chisel, the point and head of the nail are cut off. With such an improvised wrench, you can try to knock off the nut. You can bend the ends of such a key, then it will turn into a kind of open-end key, but this will require a lot of labor. You can also insert a gate, such as a hammer or other nail, into the arc formed by a bent nail.

How to Place a Disc on an Angle Grinder Correctly?

  • How to install correctly?
  • How to remove it?
  • How to change a disk if it is jammed?
  • Advice

The disk “angle grinder” (angle grinder) is one of its main working parts. It is the disc that determines the use of the instrument. With it, this machine can be used to cut, grind or polish various materials. Discs, depending on the purpose, differ from each other: from abrasive chips. for metal, steel milling cutters and circular saws. for woodworking, with diamond dusting. for stone and tiles, all kinds of brushes, brushes and emery wheels. for polishing various surfaces.

The disc “angle grinder” is a consumable material; you cannot save on it in the process of work. The disc will gradually wear out (burn out) and must be replaced. When planning work, you need to be prepared for this and it is better to stock up on several removable disks in advance.

How to install correctly?

Installing a disk on a UMS is not so difficult. You can change it simply by following the instructions, although there are some nuances here.

First of all, you need to install the disc in the correct direction. This is especially important if it is detachable. Typically, the side of the disc with the label on which the marking is indicated and, accordingly, the scope of its application, is slightly different from the opposite side. It may not appear immediately, but with prolonged intensive work, the difference will not only be noticeable. it will be obvious.

On the side on which the label is glued, a wide pressure washer is placed, and the movable nut acts on it when tightening (installing the disc). The nut slides on the polished surface of the washer, without it it will become more difficult to tighten or unscrew, since the abrasive will firmly hold the nut and more effort will be required. This is especially important if a quick disc replacement is required or if it breaks down (jamming).

There is always a chance of disc failure, but when installed correctly, it breaks only under heavy loads, the disc structure takes into account the difference in loads on both sides.

With circular saws or other products that have teeth or a significant difference in two sides, there is usually no problem how to set. For example, a grinding disc cannot be fixed on the contrary: it will simply be impossible for them to work.

Stone discs, including diamond ones, have a special rotation indicator in the form of an arrow: when installing them, you need to fasten them taking into account where the rod will rotate.

It is also important to consider the size of the disk when installing. In no case should you neglect safety and remove the protective cover. it is better to choose a disc of the appropriate diameter. Sometimes a worn-out disc from a large unit is placed on a smaller “angle grinder”. However, a worn out disc, as a rule, cuts worse, the working surface is limited to about half the radius of the disc, the structure is slightly different. The disc burns faster and does less work. This operation can be justified if the diameter of the stem is the same. But you can’t change back.

Debris must not get under the disk when installing. Of course, the clamping nut may well squeeze small objects, something will press into the surface of the circle. But an imperceptible skew will cause a displacement of the plane of rotation and, as a result, a strong vibration of the entire mechanism, it can cause the disc to break and, of course, you should not hope for an accurate cut.

Before installing the disc, the “angle grinder” must be disconnected from the mains. this is a basic safety requirement, since a sudden inclusion at this time is fraught with serious injuries.

The clamping nut must be unscrewed with the wrench supplied with the tool. To prevent the stem from spinning, it must be locked by pressing a special button. It is necessary to unscrew the nut while holding the button down.

After twisting the nut, the disc is put on the released stem, with the front side out, and you need to make sure that it is installed exactly in the seat.

The kit for a new “angle grinder” always includes a certain amount of cardboard spacers. when installing the disc, they must be laid so that they are between the disc and the pressure elements. These pads will help unscrew a broken or jammed disc.

Further, the nut is manually tightened up to the stop and tightened with a special wrench. That’s it, the “angle grinder” is ready to work.


If you had to use a gas wrench, you must remember about the very powerful shoulder of such a wrench and about the effort that is applied to the “angle grinder” parts. Careless action can rip off the spindle lock or damage the gearbox.

All manipulations with the disc of the angle grinder must be carried out with the power supply completely disconnected (the plug must be removed from the socket). Any inadvertent pressing of the start button will cause the electric motor to turn on, and the rod rotation speed is very high. In this case, injuries cannot be avoided.

Working with an “angle grinder” involves a lot of waste in the form of metal or wood shavings and dust. Before starting work, you must wear special safety glasses: they will protect your eyes from fragments of the cutting wheel itself in case of jamming and destruction.

Glasses are needed not only as a safety element. If the eyes are protected, more attention can be paid directly to the work of the “angle grinder”, to ensure the correct cut or the choice of the correct operating mode. This will allow the most efficient use of consumables (cutting wheels), minimizes the occurrence of abnormal situations with a biting disc or its destruction.

A protective mask that completely covers the face will perfectly replace glasses. this is especially important for a visually impaired master who wears diopter glasses, which should not be worn by safety glasses.

The disc on the “angle grinder” can be installed both “away from you” and “towards you”, depending on the direction of rotation and, accordingly, the flow of chips. In work, this does not make a fundamental difference. However, the “angle grinder” with a circle “towards itself” when biting the disc tends to jump out of the cut forward, and not on the one who uses it. This is especially important when working with powerful tools, but even a small angle grinder can pose a serious hazard.

A specially mounted extension cord with a plug socket, preferably without grounding, will help to quickly stop the operation of a machine that has escaped from the hands.

“Angle grinder” is a rough tool and it is not worth striving to obtain an ideal surface as a result of its work, the main thing is to make a rough cut, which later, if necessary, can be processed in other ways.

To work without clamps and jamming, it is better not to cut long metal workpieces to the end, leaving 1–2 mm of metal in the cut: they will be easy to break off afterwards, this will practically not affect the quality of the workpiece.

It is better to place small workpieces in a vice or press them with a clamp to a workbench or other reliable horizontal surface. The quality of the cut and safety depend on the density of pressing.

You can watch the following video on how to put the disc on the “angle grinder” correctly.

How to make a do-it-yourself grass and branch trimmer

The long-awaited summer has come. And along with the wonderful weather, hot sun, fruits and vegetables, for almost every owner of a private house, the issue of mowing the grass has become relevant. For this purpose, a trimmer. just ideal: the mowing process is fast and does not require human effort at all. But what if there is no desire to spend on this useful device? Make it yourself, of course. over, you can design a device from improvised means.

How to make your device extremely safe and convenient

Angle Grinder. a useful thing, but also very dangerous. Therefore, when designing a grass trimmer on its basis, you should definitely provide a large protective cover. But even after making it, work with such a lawn mower should be extremely careful. In the presence of small children, it is generally not recommended to use it.

There are cases when saw blades. circulars simply “scattered” in the process. Of course, similar situations. rare, but you need to remember about them.

What do we make a trimmer

In the process of inventing the trimmer, there will be two key elements. angle grinder and hoe. The first one should be securely attached to the hoe with ordinary wide tape. A regular disc in an angle grinder should be replaced with a disc (you can take a well-served one) from a saw. circulars. It is better to take a large diameter. With it, you can not only mow grass, but also shrubs. And the process will go much faster.

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Attach the cord from the angle grinder to the handle of the hoe. If this is not done, there is a high probability that he will fall under the “scythe”.

Possible variations of a homemade trimmer

In a factory trimmer, 1.5 mm line is used as a cutting element. Can it be used in a homemade device? Yes, just to install it you need an additional mount. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the line will constantly need to be lengthened or changed.

Saw blade. circular, in turn, is perfectly attached to the standard shaft and does not need to be replaced. There will not even be a need to sharpen it. When it hits a stone, a very sharp sound is immediately heard. If the disc is immediately swung to the side, nothing will happen.

Option two. replace the disc with a metal wire. Alas, and it will not justify itself. an angle grinder gives about 11 thousand revolutions per minute. When putting on the wire, a strong vibration immediately begins, the handle of the hoe just pops out of the hands. In addition, this whole process is accompanied by a terrible noise.

The benefits of this trimmer are obvious. However, for those in doubt, there is one more argument: the angle grinder remains absolutely functional, and at any time it can be removed and used for its intended purpose. Two in one, as they say.

Fitting a diamond blade

This operation outwardly does not differ from the fastening of a typical disk, except that even more attention, accuracy and thorough control is required.

We remove the spool with the fishing line, blocking the gearbox shaft with a special pin or a screwdriver of a suitable diameter, rotating the fishing line container counterclockwise.

We measure the diamond disc to the lower spline washer and make sure that its bore is larger than the diameter of the seating collar on the washer. At high speeds, the saw blade can move, imbalance occurs, which will inevitably lead to tool breakage and even injury to the operator or people nearby.

We try on compensating washers alternately and choose the one that fits the width and completely selects the gap between the saw blade seat and the centering shoulder of the lower washer.

We install alternately on the gearbox shaft the lower washer with a compensation ring, a diamond disc, an upper washer and a protective cup, which still partially redistributes the clamping force over a large area.

We tighten the entire resulting package on the gearbox shaft with a nut with a left-hand thread, first by hand, and then with a socket wrench, blocking the gearbox shaft from below using a suitable screwdriver.

We remove the protective split plastic tube from the teeth and once again check the strength of the saw blade on the gearbox shaft. If it turned out to be reliable, then the trimmer, with the installed diamond disc, is completely ready, both for traditional and not intended for this tool, work.

Grinding head made of armature from engine

Useful life hacks for life: ideas and advice

Saw blade selection

We select a TST series diamond blade designed for working with wood and plywood, with the following main characteristics:

    outer diameter at the tops of the teeth. 216 mm;

a landing hole. 30 mm;

  • number of teeth. 48.
  • The set includes three rings with the same outer (30 mm), but different inner diameters, that is, they differ from each other in width. These rings are designed to compensate for the difference between the bore of the saw blade and the counterpart on the larger diameter pressure washer.

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    Test in practice

    For safety, you must wear a protective helmet with a transparent visor to protect your face, gloves on your hands.

    First, we try to remove thin dry branches, gradually moving to larger ones, and finish testing by cutting dry and semi-dry tree trunks with a diameter of 7-8 cm.

    Make sure the diamond blade trimmer works efficiently, reliably and safely. Slices, both transverse and oblique, are very smooth. They do not show crumpled and torn wood fibers.

    Mowing grass with a diamond blade is also quite comfortable, efficient and productive, regardless of its height, density and degree of dryness.

    So, a trimmer with a saw blade not only perfectly fulfills its direct functions (mowing grass), but also expands the field of application (removing twigs and branches from trees, and cutting thin trunks).

    Attention! Do not get carried away with installing large diameter and thick saw blades on the trimmer, as this will cause an increase in the load on the gearbox and motor, and possible premature failure. Also, the safety of work with such a tool will decrease, which should not be allowed in any case.

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    How to attach a saw blade to a trimmer

    The main working bodies of any trimmer are a line spool or a special disc (plastic or metal). A plastic knife, like a fishing line, can mow green grassy plants, a metal knife. dry grass, reeds and even shrubs. Is it possible to increase the functionality of the trimmer by installing a saw blade on it?


    The number of blades is important when solving diverse tasks. So, to grind the grass, two or three pieces are enough. To harvest hay, it is necessary that there are four to eight blades on the disc. To destroy small shoots of trees and shrubs, instead of blades on the disks, there should be a large number of small teeth.

    When is the use of knives relevant?

    When using lawn mowers in summer cottages, the fishing line is the most popular attachment. It has a low price, is suitable for different trim heads, and is safe to use. The disadvantage of using a fishing line is that it is convenient only for mowing low growth. In other situations, the string will be hammered immediately, regardless of whether a gasoline or electric trimmer model is used. In addition, vegetation is wound around the spindle, which creates significant resistance on the shaft and leads to its breakage. It can also cause piston system failure in lawn mowers or engine burnout in trimmers.

    Therefore, for mowing tall or hard vegetation, various attachments are used. So, for harvesting tall and coarse grass, thin shoots of trees and shrubs, it is better to install and use a disc. This nozzle clogs much less often, which contributes to the greater wear resistance of the equipment.

    On a note! Due to the fact that the engine of trimmers and battery models is less powerful than on lawn mowers, therefore the use of discs is more relevant for gasoline mowers.

    How to install a disc on a trimmer

    Attaching the blade to the trimmer is easy. For this, a complete wrench is used that disconnects the cutting attachment and a pin that blocks the gearbox. The procedure is as follows.

    • First of all, the electric trimmer should be disconnected from the network, the gasoline trimmer should be simply turned off. Disconnect the protective cover and move to the side.
    • Next, you need to align the holes on the gearbox and the shaft in order to insert a pin into them and block the drive.
    • If a spool with line was used, it must be unscrewed clockwise.
    • Then you need to find a nut to twist the knife.
    • The next step is to install the knives. Trimmer owners often wonder which side to put the disc on. This must be done so that the marking with numbers and letters is on top.
    • Then you need to put the boot on top, and above it. the fixing nut, which must be tightened tightly with a wrench.
    • The last step is to install the protective cover.

    As you can see, the procedure is very simple and the same for many brands, be it Stihl or Husqvarna equipment.

    On a note! If the owner of the device wants to replace the disc back on the line, you can install the reel with it in the same way.

    Rules for replacing knives on the grass trimmer

    If the trimmer disc is used regularly, it will need to be removed from time to time and sharpened or replaced with a new one. This part can be made of metal or plastic, have a different number of blades, but the replacement process remains the same. over, this procedure is similar for equipment from different manufacturers, be it Carver or Huter, but minor differences are possible. It is quite simple to change the knife on the trimmer if you follow the safety precautions and know the correct procedure, the description of which can be found in the user manual. The entire replacement process step by step, as well as the method of self-sharpening knives, will be described in this material.

    Disc sharpening

    Regardless of the quality of the disc, over time it becomes dull and begins to chop grass poorly. If the knives are still relatively new and replacement is impractical, you can sharpen them yourself.

    Important! For sharpening, only those discs are suitable for which there are no solders from hard materials. Such parts are thrown away, and new ones are acquired instead.

    To sharpen discs, you must:

    • disassemble the trimmer, remove the knives;
    • carefully inspect the disc. if cracks are found, it is better to replace the part with a new one, since its further operation is unsafe;
    • bent blades can be gently bent with a hammer;
    • given the size of the disc, you need to choose the right file for metal, this will ensure more convenient work;
    • sharpen all upper cutting edges of the discs at an angle of 30 °;
    • reassemble the trimmer in reverse order.

    To sharpen the disc, you can use an emery machine at low speeds with a medium grit grinding wheel. With such a tool, the process will move much faster. For safety, you need to wear gloves on your hands, and a protective mask or goggles on your face.

    So, for mowing grass on gasoline and trimmers, plastic and metal discs of various shapes and with a different set of blades are used. They are chosen in accordance with the type of work performed and the size of the cultivated area. If the blades on the mower are dull, it is easy to sharpen them or change them yourself. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, you need to be careful and remember about safety, so as not to injure yourself through negligence or damage the equipment. A more detailed description of replacing the knives in relation to a specific trimmer model can be found in the operating instructions or on the manufacturer’s official website. For clarity, the general scheme of the process is shown in the video.

    Disk selection criteria

    It is necessary to choose a plastic or metal knife, taking into account the area of ​​the site that is planned to be processed, as well as the type of trimmer. electric or gasoline. The number of blades will depend on which growth needs to be removed with the tool. You can choose the desired disk shape, the number of blades and the material of manufacture using the device’s operating instructions. Usually it prescribes which cutters are recommended to be used for solving certain tasks.

    Lawn mower disc features

    Knife discs are available in plastic and metal, as well as in various shapes to perform diverse tasks.

    • Two-, three- and four-bladed knives with pronounced blades are used for mowing grass and tree growth. However, they are not suitable for making hay, as they grind the shoots, chopping them several times.
    • Massive four-blade discs are designed not only for clearing the ground from grass, but also for mowing hay. They prevent repeated cutting of the shoots, thus making them suitable for harvesting for the winter.
    • Discs with cutting edges around the perimeter are relevant for beveling reeds and reeds. These knives are very heavy. a necessary quality to cut through thick stems.
    • Professional saw blades for brush cutters and lawn mowers for cutting small trees and bushes.

    Plastic knives are used as an alternative to metal discs. They do not need to be tightly fastened in the head, but they rotate as a result of the action of centrifugal force. The strength of plastic knives is high, so the service life is quite long.

    On a note! The advantage of plastic discs is that, hitting an insurmountable obstacle, they bounce off, and repeated contact does not occur.


    It is not recommended to put metal knives on electric scythes, since the design features make their use dangerous for the user. This is due to the curved shape of the rod, the absence of stops on the handles, as well as the high rotation speed.

    Important! The straight bar ensures safe use of the trimmer when the disc is spinning and bumping into an obstacle. In this situation, it bounces back. towards the person, so the curved structure can cause injury.

    Plastic knives should be used on gooseneck trimmers for safety reasons. Their purpose is to mow soft grasses, dead wood. Whereas metal discs do an excellent job with tall, dense, hard shoots, bushes, as well as tree shoots.