How to Calculate Trimmer Fuel Consumption

For example, you can calculate the instantaneous (instantaneous) consumption, that is, the amount of fuel consumed at a given time, using the on-board computer. It displays a lot of useful information, including the average gas consumption per 100 km, the fuel consumption rate for the current trip and instantaneous consumption. Using the on-board computer, you can easily set the parameters for a new trip and see on the screen the amount of gas or diesel needed for it. But what if the car does not have such a computer? Use the formula: Fuel consumption per 100 km = amount of fuel spent (l) / amount of distance traveled (km) 100 In order not to manually calculate everything, you can use the standard calculator built into the Windows 7, 8, 10 operating system.

Consumption rates for lawn mowers lawn mowers delimbers

Electric lawn mowers expensive models will cost the customer Br688 880 (CASTEL GARDEN XPL 41 EL), Br693 410 (AL-KO Classic 42 E Plus) and Br733 600 (ALPINA FL 42 LE). They will handle a huge area (7 acres) and they have more options.

Electric lawnmowers have two trivial virtues: ease of operation; lack of exhaust gases. How to calculate gas mower consumption for lawn mowers Measure the results with an act.

Calculation of fuel consumption

All other organizations are entitled to take into account the cost of gasoline on the basis of acts of writing off fuels and lubricants. The act can be drawn up in any form. But it necessarily provides for the date of the preparation of the document and all the details of the primary (see

Sample below). List the composition of the commission (it will be approved by the head of the order) with a breakdown of the posts and F.I.O. Signatures of commission members will also be required. As a rule, this commission includes an accountant, driver, and the head of the garage.

Indicate the reason for the write-off of materials (for example, for use for production purposes or for official travel of the director). Then it is worth listing the name of materials being written off, their quantity and amount.

This information is conveniently arranged in a table. The act must have the signature of a financially responsible person. The manager approves the document with his signature.

Auto Private

  • Information on the compiler / members of the commission: full name, position, signature;
  • Information about the driver-employee or all drivers for whom the act is drawn up;
  • Data on the car / s: state number, make, model;
  • The period of writing off fuels and lubricants;
  • Write-off amount (total consumption for oils, gasoline, etc.);
  • Date of compilation of the document;

A sample of the completed act will facilitate compilation. Also at the bottom of the article you can download the blank form and apply it to your organization.


The following indicators affect the gasoline consumption of the trimmer:

    Power. The more powerful the engine, the more fuel it will “demand”.

As you know, four-stroke engines spend more fuel than two-stroke engines, but they are much more powerful;

  • The surface of the plot and its dimensions. Most trimmers are designed for flat surfaces, but often there are stones, stumps, tree branches and other interfering debris in the way, which can affect fuel consumption;
  • Feature set.
  • Fuel trimmer fuel consumption rates The fuel costs of all trimmer models are approximately the same.

    Trimmer fuel consumption

    For example, the coefficient for the use of an air conditioner in winter cannot be inserted into the formula. But climate control is used at any time of the year.

    Important! The coefficient on the use of the car in the village does not apply if the transport operates outside it. However, when working for a given period of time, both in the city and beyond its borders, two separate calculations will have to be done.

    As an example of calculation, we take the following conditions: a GAZ-24-10 passenger car is used in mountainous areas at an altitude of 300 to 800 meters above sea level, and the total mileage for a given period of time is 244 km. In accordance with the information provided to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. Am-23-r, the basic rate of fuel consumption for the car of our model is 13 liters per 100 kilometers (Hs).Table of contents:

    • Fuels and lubricants and waybill
    • Simple formula for calculating fuel and lubricants
    • How to calculate the standard consumption of gasoline?
    • Correction Factors Affecting Fuel Consumption

    Fuels and lubricants Fuels and lubricants (fuels and lubricants) understand not only the fuel itself, which can be gasoline, diesel or gas, but also all kinds of lubricants and fluids (brake, cooling). Fuel and lubricants are any materials that are used in servicing vehicles. The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has developed special standards to write off fuel and lubricants at the enterprise, while the Tax Code of the Russian Federation does not prohibit the use of standards of its own design. In the latter case, they will take into account various decreasing and increasing coefficients associated with the season, weather and other factors in which the operation of vehicles occurs.

    How to Calculate Trimmer Fuel Consumption

    Calculation of fuels and lubricants (by which in our article it will be meant fuel) in the organization is carried out using the primary accounting document. A waybill. It is the waybills that contain information about the time of departure and return of the vehicle to the starting point of the route, the norms of fuel consumption and other consumables, detailed characteristics of the cargo, as well as data on the purpose of the trip and other information that is relevant to it.

    Important! In most cases, a ready-made form of waybill of form No. 3 is used. When using vehicles for commercial purposes, form of form No. Pg-1 is used, and when using freight transport with time wages, form No. 4-P.

    Simple formula for calculating fuel and lubricants There are some very simple ways to calculate the consumption of gasoline and other fuel.Gasoline trimmers are widely used both among amateur gardeners and in the work of professional services. When choosing a particular model, customers are primarily guided by power, but it is also worth paying attention to other important indicators. In this article, we will consider what the trimmer’s fuel consumption is, what it depends on, and which gasoline is best used. What affects the trimmer’s gas mileage? As a rule, with gas trimmers, the fuel tank is designed for a displacement from 0.5 to 1.5, which affects the weight of the tool and the operating time. The longest running time of this type of unit is 40 minutes, while the electric one is no more than 20 minutes. Basically, gas trimmers are equipped with two-stroke engines, it is recommended to use fuel with an octane rating of at least AI-92 mixed with oil.