How to Change a Cutter on a Trimmer. Resharpening frequency

Rules for replacing blades on the grass trimmer

If the disc on the trimmer is used regularly, it needs to be removed and sharpened or replaced with a new one from time to time. This part can be made of metal or plastic, have a different number of blades, but the replacement process remains the same. over, this procedure is similar for equipment from different manufacturers, whether Carver or Huter, but there may be minor differences. Changing the knife on the trimmer is simple enough, if you follow the safety precautions and know the correct procedure, the description of which can be found in the user manual. The whole process of replacement, step by step, as well as the method of independent sharpening knives, will be described in this material.

When using brushcutters on countryside plots, the most popular attachment is a line for the trimmer. It is inexpensive, suitable for different trimmer heads, and safe to use. The disadvantage of using a fishing line is that it is only useful for mowing low growth. In other situations, the string is immediately clogged, regardless of whether a gasoline or electric grass trimmer model is used. In addition, the vegetation winds up on the spindle, which creates considerable resistance on the shaft and leads to its breakage. It can also provoke the failure of the piston system in gasoline mowers or burn out the motor in electric trimmers.

Therefore different tools are used for cutting high or tough vegetation. For tall and rough grass, thin shoots in trees and bushes, it is best to mount and use the disc. This nozzle is clogged much less often, which contributes to the greater durability of the equipment.

For your information! Due to the fact that the motor of electric trimmers and cordless models is less powerful than on gasoline mowers, so the use of discs is more relevant for gasoline mowers.

Grass trimmer disc sharpening. Do It Yourself.

standard grass trimmer disc for better cutting grass and thin trees.

Each blade has at least four surfaces for sharpening. These are the two side edges at the bottom and the two side edges

on top. It is also worth noting that the grass trimmer is sharpened only the upper, cutting part of the blade blades, the lower part does not need to be sharpened.

For a grass trimmer with rather thin blades, 4-6 moves with a file are enough

on each of the surfaces. Movement of the file should be strong, but smooth and not sharp, otherwise you can notch the edges of grass trimmer blades. Remember that the main thing. is to ensure that all surfaces are sharpened equally and symmetrically, otherwise mowing problems will occur. The file is usually moved downward at the same angle as the blade tips. The same way rust is removed. Make sure not to cut too much material from the edge, otherwise the grass trimmer will not work: because all other parts of the grass trimmer are “adjusted” to a certain blade width.

To sharpen blades of grass trimmer by hand is very difficult and long, this process is too time consuming, so some people try to sharpen the blades of blades on a sharpening wheel. You should not do this, because with your hands, even with gloves, trimmer blades

When brought close to a high-speed rotating emery stone, not a professional can’t hold on. Knives can come out of your hands and injure. How to change a knife on how to properly sharpen a disc for a grass trimmer by. Sparks from the contact between the metal of the knives and the sharpening wheel can get into your eyes and blind you, which can also cause the trimmer knives to fall out of your hands. So it’s worth the effort to carefully sharpen trimmer knives by hand.

After the knives are sharpened, you can wax them for better gliding. Wax will also keep knives from rusting. After all necessary operations are completed, the blade blades are put back into the cutting head in the opposite order of disassembly.

Although the lawn mower blades are made of quality steel, they need to be sharpened from time to time. Fortunately, this does not require special skills and equipment, and today we will tell you how to sharpen the blade of the lawnmower yourself, without deteriorating the quality of the metal.

It is possible to cut the grass from the lawn even if the mower blade has blunted edges. However, the shoots will delaminate lengthways, becoming a fringe. Grass will be withered after a few days and will be painful for weeks. The cut should be smooth and accurate, then it will tighten in just a few hours and the lawn will always be lush green. This requires the knife to be sharpened almost perfectly.

Left: Grass cut by a blunt lawnmower blade. On the right: Grass cut with a sharp blade

How to correctly sharpen an electric razor blade at home?

The disc on the trimmer will need to be replaced regularly if the chain saw is used frequently. Even good blades get blunt over time and need to be resharpened or replaced. In practice, plastic and metal discs are used, which have a different number of blades, sharpened in different ways. The procedure for replacement does not depend on this in any way. In the process of work, an important point is to follow the safety precautions. If the material of the cutting part of the tool allows it, you can do the sharpening yourself, which will save money.

Replacement unit or repair

The easiest solution to the problem of blunt knives is to buy a replacement unit for the grass trimmer. But it is also the most expensive option.

For example, such a unit along with a Remington grid costs 1-2 thousand. р. For such money it is easier and more profitable to buy a new device with more modern features and functions.

But it is not so easy to find and order replacement blocks for all shaving machines. For small trimmers this is only possible through online stores, and sometimes only on foreign sites.

How to Get Your Trimmers to Hit Razor Sharp

If your grass trimmer for beard is dear to you and you do not want to change it, then the salvation will be the appeal to the repair services. If you are the lucky owner of an expensive and high-quality device, only qualified and experienced professionals can extend its life and not spoil the blades. The cost of such services is about 200 p.

Based on the price of interchangeable blades and the difficulty in finding them, the repair option looks preferable.


Dull grass trimmer can be sharpened at home by yourself. Let’s consider two ways to sharpen the grass trimmer for beard:

Which blade is better

Modern manufacturers offer the consumer a wide choice of disc varieties. Cutting parts are classified according to the following criteria:


The material for the blades is plastic or metal, which determines their purpose. The question naturally arises about what kind of disc is better to use: plastic or metal? The choice is determined by such factors:

Three-blade plastic blade for electric grass trimmer

From a safety standpoint, steel cutters are not recommended on electric mowers. they are almost always equipped with plastic blades. The design features of the power tool itself, its technical characteristics make the installation of metal cutting parts dangerous:

According to the rules of safe use, plastic blades are used only on mowers with a flexible shaft. Plastic blades are designed for mowing soft plants (e.g. burdock, nettles), dead wood. Metal disc-cutter is used for mowing thick, high, rough grass, bushes and shoots of various trees, because its cutting properties and wear resistance are higher than plastic analogues.

Grass trimmer cutter with 40 tungsten carbide inserts

The design, as well as the technical characteristics of chain saws determine the use of metal attachments when working with them:

  • the presence of a straight boom increases the distance to the mower’s legs;
  • comfortable handles with limiters;
  • stepless speed control.

How to Properly Place a Blade on an Electric Grass Trimmer

As summer arrives, many homeowners worry about putting a knife on their grass trimmer. Equally relevant are the questions of why and when it is advisable to replace the rope with a stronger cutting element. In our article we will try to analyze all this and give useful recommendations for gardeners.

Why use a blade on the grass trimmer

Grass trimmer with a blade installed on it is most convenient to use for more convenient mowing of tall and coarse grass in the country. The line for the braid trimmer in such cases fails. Thin ones break very quickly. Using a thick 2.3 mm cord or improvised cable rods causes vegetation to wind up on the spool. It increases the load on the engine. As a result, the piston group and other moving parts of the unit wear out very quickly.

If weeding is performed by an electric trimmer without a knife, only a hairline for the trimmer, even if it is thick with a shaped section, will not solve the problem. There is always a risk of overheating the engine and damaging the flexible shafts. And that’s a lot of electric motor torque. The twisted grass on the spindle creates a strong resistance of the shaft, reminiscent of a speedometer cable, which can not withstand and twist.

To protect equipment from premature wear, manufacturers have made it possible to install special knives on grass trimmers. The design and shape of the existing cutting elements allow you to easily cope not only with rough and overgrown grass, but also to successfully fight young bushes.

What blades to put on electric and gasoline grass mowers

Before we buy and put a knife on the brush cutter, we will find out what happens to them and in what cases they are used. Today, manufacturers offer consumers a large number of types of these consumables. In general, all cutting tools designed for grass mowing can be classified as:

The main material for making three-dimensional knives can be plastic or metal. The use of such consumables depends largely on two parameters:

For safety reasons, manufacturers do not recommend installing steel blades on electric grass trimmers. Virtually all braids for electric motorcycles and batteries have plastic blades. Depending on the manufacturer, they may have a single disc-shaped design with multiple blades or as a special mower to install removable plastic blades.

Straight bar on the gas trimmer and curved on the electric trimmer

Installing a metal blade on an electric grass trimmer does not allow for its design features.

How to install the saw blade on the grass trimmer

The main operating elements of any grass trimmer is a spool with a fishing line or a special disk (plastic or metal). With a plastic blade, as well as a fishing line, you can mow green grass plants, metal. dry grass, reeds and even bushes. Is it possible to increase the functionality of the grass trimmer by attaching a saw blade to it??

Installing the diamond disc

This operation does not differ in appearance from the attachment of a typical saw blade, but it requires even more attention, care and monitoring. Remove the spool with the fishing line by blocking the gear shaft with a special pin or a screwdriver of a suitable diameter, turning the fishing line container counterclockwise. We try on the diamond disc on the lower slotted washer and make sure that its seating hole is larger than the diameter of the seating ring on the washer. At high revolutions, the saw blade can shift, an imbalance will occur, which will inevitably lead to a tool breakage and even injury to the operator or people nearby. Let’s try on the compensating washers one by one and choose the one that matches the width and the gap between saw blade seating place and centering shoulder of lower washer completely. Put the lower washer with the wear ring, the diamond disc, the upper washer and the cover plate on the gearbox shaft one after another, which distributes the pressing force over a larger area. Tighten the whole package on the gearbox shaft with the nut with left-hand thread first by hand and then with a socket wrench, blocking the gearbox shaft from below with a suitable screwdriver. Remove the plastic tube from the teeth and check once again that the saw blade is firmly attached to the gearbox shaft. If it turned out to be reliable, then the grass trimmer, with the diamond disk installed, is completely ready, both for traditional and not intended for this tool, work.

Tested in action

For safety you need a protective helmet with face shield and gloves for hands. At first we try to remove thin dry branches, then gradually moving up to larger ones, and finish the test by cutting dry and semi-dry tree trunks 7-8 cm in diameter. We make sure that the diamond disc grass trimmer works quite efficiently, reliably and safely. Both cross cuts and bevels are produced very smooth. no crumpled or torn wood fibers are visible. Mowing with the diamond disc is also quite comfortable, efficient and productive, regardless of its height, density and degree of dryness. So, the grass trimmer with circular saw blade not only perfectly performs its direct function (grass mowing), but also extends its range of applications (removing tree limbs and branches, and sawing down thin trunks). attention! It is not worth getting carried away with the installation of large diameter and thickness saw blades on the grass trimmer, as this will cause an increased load on the gearbox and motor, and a possible premature breakdown. Also, it will reduce the safety of working with such a tool, which should not be allowed in any case.

Algorithm of winding the line

The line winding depends on whether it is a single-tendon or double-tendon reel as well as an auto-reset reel.

On one spool with one bar

It is very easy to wind the line for trimmer on the spool with one tendril. In such designs, depending on the brand of grass trimmer, fits from two to five meters of cord. The edge of the line in the bobbin should be tucked into a special hole or groove, then the string is reeled in the opposite direction to the rotation of the spool during work.

Tip:! To understand which way to wind the thread, you should look at the body of the bobbin. usually there are marks on it, indicating the direction of the bobbin during work.

After the line for the trimmer is wound, you need to leave a small piece (15-30 cm), put it through the bobbin outlet and reassemble the head.

On a spool with two tendrils

With this type of bobbin you need to inspect the inside of the spool and determine the number of grooves for winding the cords provided in it.

Important! If the spool has one groove, both whiskers must be wound on a common groove, if two. then on separate tracks.

For reeling it is necessary to take a piece of fishing line of two to three meters in length. For bobbins with a single groove, you should tuck the line for the trimmer into the through hole, align the whiskers, align and wind it on the spool in the opposite direction of its rotation during operation. If you have locking grooves, you must thread the ends of the cords into them, then pull them out into the exit hole, then close the bobbin and put them back in place.

For double-groove bobbins, the difference is that a piece of string must be folded in half. Next, you need to charge the middle of the bend in the groove between the grooves, and then wind each of the pieces of fishing line on its track, fix the tendrils and reassemble the bobbin in the same way as the bobbin with one track.

On a trimmer head with automatic filling

For heads with automatic charging, you just have to wind up and clamp the edges of the line, and the tool will do further winding by itself when you turn it on. It is impossible to make a mistake here, because the coil itself recognizes how the tendrils should be positioned.

To recap! The advantages of trimmers with this head include ease of cord laying, while the disadvantages are expensive and difficult to repair.

From the angle grinder

Most often, a homemade electric trimmer for grass is made on the basis of an ordinary angle grinder, which is available to every home master. This tool is almost ideal for conversion into a grass trimmer. It has more power than store-bought devices and a higher number of revolutions per minute. In addition, the standard nut used in the angle grinder to secure the discs already has holes through which it is easy to insert the trimmer line (cord).

RINO tuff brush cutter review & demo

So, there are a lot of options of what to make a rod (holder). The simplest one is a longer wooden holder than the one for a shovel. To the end of it at the desired angle, you attach an angle grinder with an ordinary scotch tape. the line for the trimmer is inserted into the 2 holes of the nut, and then it is screwed. So, in just a few minutes, you get a grass trimmer that is easy to mow.

For safe operation of self-made device, you can improve it by making a protective cover (how to do this will be discussed later).

For advanced craftsmen who have a welding machine, you can advise a more advanced design for securing an angle grinder and a protective cover. It is made of an aluminum tube (serves as a holder) and a square metal profile. If you look at the picture below, you can understand how to make the holder.

The angle grinder is fixed on the holder with bolts inserted into the holes that are designed to attach the handle to the machine.

The following photo shows how this construction looks like from below.

Next, the “native” cover of the angle grinder is removed, and instead of the disc, either a line for the trimmer or a metal disc knife is installed.

By the way, you can screw the holder (rod) itself to the handle mounting holes when you want to make a simple grass trimmer that is easy to assemble and just as easy to disassemble if you need to use the angle grinder for its intended purpose.

To make it more convenient to hold the grass trimmer in hand during work, and it did not rotate around the axis of the boom, you can attach a side handle made from a bent tube to it.

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Metal brush to clean the surface of dirt

You can also use the grass trimmer as a construction tool. If a metal surface needs to be cleaned of all kinds of dirt, then a conical bundle brush should be used. It is also used for cleaning concrete surfaces and slate. The peculiarity of such devices is that they allow you to clean the most inaccessible areas in the joints and corners.

change, cutter, trimmer

Brush has a similar design to nozzles for angle grinder, only designed for use with a trimmer (its diameter is 200 mm).

The brush is attached to the trimmer instead of the bobbin, so there’s no need to remove, remodel, or reinvent anything. The design provides not only easy installation, but also ease of use. The cover protects the operator from flying rocks when the brush head is in use.

There are other types of grass trimmer attachments that can not only extend the functionality of the tool, but also facilitate physical labor. In the material considered not only the main and popular attachments for brushcutters, but also the safest. And they are harmless not only for humans but also for the tool itself.

Summarizing the tips for brushcutters and trimmers, it is worth noting that the relevance of their use depends on the type and amount of tasks. Do not forget that the excessive loads that the attachments put on the shaft, clutch and drive of the tool, contribute to their accelerated wear. That is why it is important before buying devices that expand the functionality of gasoline tools, to determine the need for their application.

The material provides introductory information on trimmer attachments, and the decision on whether it is necessary to use them for the relevant tasks, you need to make independently. It is not a good idea to buy any bits whose safety is questioned. This applies to grass cutting discs with a chain from a chainsaw, as well as devices such as angle grinder or chain saw. In the process of operation of such devices the slightest fault entails serious injuries that may be incompatible with life.