How to Change Brushes for Makita Angle Grinder

Having acquired Interskol angle grinder popular in the domestic market, you can solve many domestic and even production problems, such as cleaning welds, metal cutting and more.

How to Change Brushes for Makita Angle Grinder

The main problem with the start button failure is the Interskol angle grinder. A weak contact group.

Plastic moving parts do not withstand the loads and begin to melt, after which the contact ceases to close. In such cases, you need to replace the button.

Repair. How to remove and connect the Interskol angle grinder button

The following diagram will help to understand the button device of an angle grinder:

  • The start button itself is located at position 41, which is integrated into the housing (key 47).
  • The start button supplies voltage from the power cable (key 53).
  • To control the start button (key 41), the angle grinder is equipped with a lever (key 46).
  • Also, electric brushes (pos. 55) and special brush holders (pos. 44) are connected to it.
  • Even in the electrical part, an angle grinder, which includes a power button, includes a rotor (key 31) and a stator (key 42).

From the diagram it becomes clear that you can only get to the start button by removing the angle grinder in the back of the case.

For repair start button angle grinder Interskol we will need:

  • Two screwdrivers. Cross-shaped and flat;
  • New power button.

We proceed to the removal of the button angle grinder:

  1. Unscrew the screws on both sides of the handle with a cross-shaped screwdriver and remove it;
  2. We remove the platform for adjusting the speed, prying off its latches with a flat screwdriver;
  3. Using a Phillips screwdriver, disconnect the contacts of the power cord from the power button, after removing the clamp;
  4. Disconnect from the start button four wires that go from the engine and capacitor to its contacts;
  5. We remove the broken button from the case.

To make sure that contacts are blown in it, just remove the collapsible cover.

Next, install the new switch:

  1. We attach the removed wiring of the motor and capacitor back to the contacts of the button. They should be located in the same sequence as on the old button;
  2. Insert the button back into the case;
  3. We fix the platform of the speed regulator back;
  4. We fasten the contacts of the network wire and the clamp;
  5. Check the operation of the idle angle grinder;
  6. Screw the handle cover with screws.
  7. The angle grinder is assembled, and the button is working properly.

Button Replacement Makita Angle Grinder

Easy button replacement for Makita angle grinder

Useful instruction. How to replace brushes and cord angle grinder

Often, the Interskol angle grinder ceases to work due to the failure of the cord or the wear of the brushes, which is why they hardly reach the stator and the device does not work at full capacity.

How to remove the cord, you already know from the previous instructions for removing the button angle grinder (from 1 to 3). It remains to figure out how to get to the brushes and replace them with new ones.

Having disassembled the angle grinder, it is recommended to blow it away from dust using a compressor.

Also check the armature collector, which may be scratched from worn brushes. Scratches can be cleaned with zero sandpaper.

If your angle grinder stops turning on when you press the start button, do not rush to throw it in the trash and buy a new one. Most likely, the whole thing is a start button, for the repair of which you do not need special skills and knowledge. Replacing a button for an Interskol angle grinder and other companies is much cheaper than buying a new angle grinder.