How to Change Brushes In a Bosch Screwdriver

In the event of a screwdriver motor failure due to depletion of some of its batteries located in the battery pack, it is possible to restore its performance. To do this, you need to know how to replace the batteries in the Interskol screwdriver with serviceable ones.

General Battery Information

Each screwdriver is usually equipped with two battery modules. The battery for the Interskol screwdriver consists of several batteries (batteries, “cans”) By their type and chemical composition, they can be nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion. Their number may be different, it depends on the magnitude of the voltage, model of the device. All of them are assembled together, connected in series. During operation, some of them may be depleted. Such banks will need to be replaced.

Serviceable elements are purchased separately, making sure that their voltage and dimensions correspond to the old ones. Workable batteries can be obtained by disassembling the second battery module, thus obtaining, from two faulty units, one suitable for operation.

The battery pack consists of the following elements:

  • Two-part plastic case;
  • Batteries connected in a specific pattern;
  • Temperature sensor.

The temperature detector monitors the degree of heating of the batteries, and when overheated, it turns off the power until the device cools down to normal.

How to Change Brushes In a Bosch Screwdriver

Battery Disassembly Tips

Before disassembling, the power supply unit is fully charged, having previously cleaned its contacts with an emery sheet.

Parts of the housing of the battery module can be fastened together in one of three ways, or in a combination of the two:

The latch opens quickly and simply, the bolts are easily unscrewed, it will take effort to open the glue line. So that later the case can be assembled, it must be opened carefully. A hammer with a striker made of soft material (for example, rubber), apply gentle accurate blows to the seam. It is not necessary to beat strongly, carefully, gradually violating the integrity of the adhesive layer. The procedure should last long enough, more than 10 minutes, because numerous, quick-blows will split the plastic.

How to change the batteries in the screwdriver Interskol: process description

Among the removed batteries, you need to find failed to replace. Search and identification of workable and unusable elements is carried out by measuring the voltage of each of them individually and the entire assembly as a whole. For lithium-ion batteries, the battery should produce a voltage of about 3.7 volts each, when fully charged, and 10.8 volts when the battery is depleted. If the battery voltage exceeds these values, it is damaged.

Detected defective elements are disconnected: soldered from the electronic board, remove the metal plate. The location of the poles is remembered.

New batteries need to be soldered to the place of the old ones, keeping the pole (pros and cons). This is done by strictly observing caution, quickly, avoiding overheating. An overheated element will quickly become worthless, there will be a danger of its explosion.

The assembly is reassembled, the batteries are fixed on their sockets. All wires must maintain their integrity, the temperature sensor is installed in its place, the housing is neatly fastened.

If the battery of the screwdriver has lost its functionality, it can be replaced. Used batteries with a Hitachi screwdriver can be replaced partially, or all blos.

To learn how to replace the battery in a Makita screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with its device. The cordless screwdriver unit consists of: plastic.