How to change gears on a power tiller

Advantages of OKA power tiller

It should be noted what advantages are characteristic of this agricultural tool, namely:

  • Ease of maintenance and operation without the use of additional devices;
  • motor with high power, depending on the modification of the power tiller;
  • Easy to control steering wheel, which greatly facilitates the robot;
  • The sturdy design of the machine;
  • The transportability of the power tiller is provided by the muffler in a horizontal position and easily removable handlebar.

In this video you will learn which single axle tractor to choose:

How to make a reverse speed on a power tiller without reversing on your own

What is a single-axle tractor by its network? This is the same tractor, but a miniature. And one more important difference: it is single-axle, the role of the rear axle is performed by a person who controls the motorcycle with the handles on the handlebars. In Soviet times, such equipment was not in demand, because you could use the collective farm equipment for a small fee or even free of charge to plow your garden. Who does not know. there were no problems with fuel in those days. When the collective farms faded into oblivion, such equipment was in demand, because it greatly facilitated the main types of agricultural work on relatively small plots. Low weight, high maneuverability, the ability to use almost the same set of attachments as on tractors. these are the main advantages of power tillers and their varieties. power tillers, in which the function of the wheels is a cutter, cultivator or other attachments of similar type. Add to this a significant difference in price compared to tractors, even small. and you can see why such equipment is very popular among private.

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As with any other self-propelled vehicle, the walking tractor has a gearbox that allows you to adjust the speed of cultivation of the land. Many models are equipped with a reverser to make maneuvering easier. But many power tillers are produced without reversing. If it is necessary to make a U-turn on a limited area, such machines have to be turned by hand. If the weight of the walking tractor is small, 30-40 kg., This is not a problem. But our homebrew agrarians prefer heavy machines. they can handle soils of any composition, including heavy ones. However, maneuvering a power tiller that weighs under a centner is not a task for physically weak people. That is why many owners of such machines after one or two years of operation decide to modify their power tillers by themselves.

If you think that this is a task that requires special technical skills, you will be only partially right. Yes, technical knowledge is required and we will provide it. Everything else depends on whether you have straight hands or not. But since you work on the ground, we can assume you’re okay with that. So let’s get to researching.

Best in its price class. single axle tractor OKA.

single axle tractor a device that makes manual labor noticeably easier when using it on the farm for. The design of a power tiller is standard: engine, running gear, controls, gearbox and a hitch for attachments. This technique is considered versatile and thanks to the attachments a single-axle tractor can plow the land, hill and loosen it. The technique is also capable of digging root crops, mowing grass, transporting various loads with a special cart, and in winter with a snowplow attachment or a special shovel to remove snow. That is why power tillers are very popular in our country due to their versatility. The first OKA models started to be produced in the 80s.

MB-1 OKA is an old timer among power tillers. The roots of this power tiller go back to the Soviet times; today it is not much different from the earliest versions of power tillers in terms of design. Generally motor units MB-1 one of the first began to be produced in Russia: the oldest considered motor units Beam, Ural, and many others, which were produced by Defense plants at that time. These power tillers were distinguished by the good quality of components. Like everything made in the Soviet Union. Even now you can find power tillers of those times in excellent working condition. In the 90s many defense plants began to produce MB-1 power tillers. All of them were structurally the same. If you take the present time, the MB-1 motor blocks do not have any differences from their predecessors.

Power tiller gearbox full fittings.|Gear box repair.

But, like everything that has a good demand nowadays, there are many copies of Oka MB-1 from Chinese manufacturers that copied this model very accurately and began to sell it in our country under different brands. This article will be about the original motor-block MB-1 OKA plant Kadvi. Since our is the only direct importer of Oka equipment in Belarus.

Naturally, all power tillers of MB-1 design have both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the simple design, which almost everyone can understand. High reliability and durability of all units and assemblies. Also this model has one peculiarity in operation, for which the OKA single axle tractor is chosen. It is possible to control forward and reverse with the levers on a steering wheel without gear shifting on the gearbox of the power tiller. That to start the movement it is enough to push the lever on the steering wheel (forward or reverse). This feature decreases time spent when switching gears between forward and reverse. Of the drawbacks may be noted high center of gravity, which is why the single-axis tractor is unstable when working, solves this problem by installing extensions of the axles that are included. Also, because of the simplicity of the clutch (belt-driven), many people complain about the rapid depletion of the belts, but there are peculiarities. If we take the quality of original motor-block Oka, but not the Chinese copies, then the Russian single axle tractor will be by far better. While the of power tillers will be about the same. That’s why exactly MB-1 OKA is presented in this article, because it is the best one among MB models, which are currently on the market.

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The OKA single axle tractor consists of the following elements:

  • Imported motor.
  • Mechanical, chain reducer.
  • Clutch.
  • Coupling device.
  • Controls.
  • Wheels 4.00 x 10 and cutters.

In the standard set of OKA power tillers there are: single axle tractor, 4 tillers, wheels 4.00×10, axle extensions, 2 additional wheel stops, extra front and rear strap.

That not to get Chinese fake, you should buy a single axle tractor from the official representative, which we are, but if you have chosen a different seller, the complete set you can always determine whether you are sold a Chinese fake or the original.

The reducer on the motor-block is chain, the design of the reducer is simple, consisting of the right and left halves of the body, chains, sprocket blocks, output shaft and shift shaft with a handle. To each of the halves of the gearbox are welded angles, which mount the engine, steering wheel, hitch and elements of the belt drive. The engine starts fine, but the gearbox does not go forward or backward, which is a problem.

Metal in the original OKE, unlike the Chinese fakes are stronger, as confirmed by observations when comparing the original and copy. The design of OKA crawler is reliable and simple. The Chinese analogues of MB-1 had a gearbox made with great economy and carelessness, the chains were drawn and the gearbox constantly leaked oil, the output shafts on the gearbox eventually broke in the holes in it is traced the economy on the quality of the gearbox. The situation with the original MB-1 OKA power tiller is different. The quality of components is on a high level, the details are qualitative (factory) and if the technique is properly handled, there will be no problems like in the Chinese counterparts. Much improved gearbox life due to high quality parts.

Gearbox has 2 gears downshift and upshift. By design of the clutch, the single-axle tractor moves forward and backward in each gear. It has two forward gears and two reverse gears. Gearbox is used to change the transmission ratio and transfer rotation from the gearbox pulley to the wheels or cultivator.

The clutch is belt driven. Simple design. but with a difference. Clutch consists of 2 belts forward and reverse. Tension brackets with rollers are used to transfer rotation from the engine pulley to the motoblock gearbox when the belts are tensioned. When belts are tensioned forwards the single axle tractor begins to move forwards. Nothing out of the ordinary on any power tiller. But due to the design of the backward belt tensioning mechanism, when the belt is tensioned the reverse rotation of the engine is transmitted to the gearbox pulley, thus the single-axle tractor starts to move backward. You don’t have to shift gears on the tractor unit to reverse. Reverse and forward drive are in the same gearbox, reducing the complexity of the gearbox and making it even easier and faster to operate the power tiller. The advantages of the belt clutch for me are its simplicity and low maintenance costs.

Active linkage costs less than a disc clutch PTO. Vary the traction and speed characteristics of the power tiller with this clutch design. Just change the engine or gearbox pulleys to a more suitable size depending on user preference. It also enables a smoother start as you gently push down on the clutch lever. There is slight slippage of the belt on the pulleys. And the single-axle tractor moves a little smoother.

Gearbox output shafts are round, 30 mm in diameter. The wheels are installed 4.00×10. The tire manufacturer is Petroshina. Comparing the tires of the Chinese manufacturer, which are installed on similar copies of motoblock MB-1. Tires from Petroshina are excellent. Chinese tires are made of plastic and it is difficult to speak about quality. Many have these tires just burst after a few months of use. Approx. 95 kg weight, 310 mm track width without wheel extensions. Cutters on the power tiller are made of quality materials with a standard 722 mm working width and have a diameter of 360 mm. Because of its design and the layout of the basic units single axle tractor has a high center of gravity. The situation can be helped by the use of extensions for the wheels, which give extra stability to the power tiller, and when working with a cultivator it is better to buy additional sections of cutters.

What speed has a single axle tractor in different gears. The manual specifies a first gear speed of 3.6 km/h, on the second 9 km/h. Speed mode of the power tiller is quite enough to operate it both with active attachments and when working with a cart. That it is always possible to change the clutch speed up or down by installing a pulley of a different size. Engines are installed on MB OKA from various producers. The most affordable option single-axle tractor OKA-1D1M10 with Lifan engine at 6.5 л.с. This is the simplest and most reliable engine for year-round use. has a long service life, easy to maintain. Except Lifan 6.5 л.с., You can choose OKA with Briggs Stratton engine, also with 6.5 л.с., but Oka with this engine costs a lot. That’s why when choosing a single-axis tractor OKA you’d better take a closer look at Lifan, if you have a plot of up to 20 hectares 6.5 л.с. will be more than enough, if you have more than 20 hundred square meters, or you have heavy soil and constantly carry heavy loads, it is necessary to look in the direction of OKA MB-1D2M16. This model comes with 19×7 wheels.008, а.Lifan engine has a capacity of 9 liters.с.

The hitch on the walking tractor is made of thick good metal. There is an adapter for an active attachment at the front. single axle tractor OKA MB-1 remains one of the popular tractors in Russia and Belarus for many years. This tractor has its own advantages and disadvantages, and distinctive features that make a single-axle tractor interesting and different from other modern models.

Attachments for power tillers OKA

Separately, we would like to talk about attachments. Since the range of functions of a power tiller Oka MB-1 allows to use any passive and active attachments, the list of works, which can be done on it, is nearly limitless. As for the passive attachments: plough, ridgers, rippers, weeders, weeders, potato weeders, it is possible to combine the passive potato harrow and potato planting machine, though it is better to use the latter through active connection, the effectiveness is better, all this attachments are connected through the original coupling to the power tiller. Since the metal used in the Oka is of exceptional quality, it can be connected to heavy attachments. Active linkage is mounted on a special drawbar at the front of the walking tractor, connected by a belt drive. The list of these attachments is also unlimited. Rotary mower ZARYA, has established itself on the best side. Virtually all companies selling power tillers, offer the consumer, when buying a mower, choose the model Zarya for power tillers MB. The mower can handle overgrown areas where grass and bushes are higher than one meter, and for mowing lawns. To power tiller OKA can be connected to an active potato digger of the screen type, absolutely any manufacturer. Snowplow. Shovel for snow removal, municipal brush, circular saw and more. It comes with 4 tillers, working width is about 70 cm. The cutters are made of stainless steel. Optionally it is possible to buy one more section on each side. OKA single axle tractor, even with Lifan engine for 6.5 л.с., easily works with 6 tillers, the working width is about 110 cm.

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Buy single axle tractor OKA from the official importer, our company PROmotoblok.The advantage of buying with us is that all additional attachments are included at cost. We offer 4 configurations to choose from:

The advantage of these configurations is that when you buy from us, all additional attachments are included at cost. Т.е. you pay for a single-axle tractor, and everything else is included with a nude surcharge. Thus, we offer to buy a single-axle tractor OKA on the most favorable conditions in

Among other things, we are ready to arrange the purchase on credit, leasing, installments, and you can buy a single-axle tractor on the card of Halva, the Card of Purchases, FUN-card, Turtle card, Smart-card, red card.

To buy a power tiller on credit, lease, installment payment you must have worked for at least 3 months at your last place of work, from the documents you need only a passport. We can make a deal remotely: by phone, via Vber, chat on the site, etc.д.

And that’s not all. Delivery of the OKA power tiller is free of charge all over the country. If you decide to buy a single axle tractor in Belarus, you do not have to go anywhere or pay for shipping, we will bring everything for free right to your home.

History of single axle tractor

The OKA power tillers are the consumer name for power tillers based on the MB-1 produced in the eighties, a compact machine up to 100kg dry weight, capable of performing a variety of agricultural work. This unit can be useful as a household plot, and in a small farmland. It can also be useful for the mechanization of labor-intensive processes in some areas of large farms. Equipped with a pair of rubber wheels and four cutters.

Over a fairly short period of time this model range has managed to get a few modifications. This is associated primarily with the engine, it has become more powerful. Improvements have also affected the control system. Metal rods were replaced by ropes. A weak point in the gearbox has been eliminated. All these changes fully affected the MB-1D3, released in 2010.

Along with the above-mentioned model, there are earlier modifications, and even on the official website sometimes the information is contradictory and contains a number of inaccuracies. In this regard, when choosing a model, it is worth carefully read the accompanying technical documentation, which is made at the highest level to make the right choice.

single-axis tractor OKA MB-1D2M16 (19×7-8 wheels)

Need help?

Our experts are ready to consult on the choice of goods and answer all your questions right now.

OKA MB-1D2M16 single-axis tractor (with gear lever, on wheels 19×7-8) is a modern device designed for professional application. The single-axle tractor of this modification belongs to the heavy-duty class. It is equipped with a very powerful engine. This is a high-performance and reliable tool, which can be used in various economic spheres. In its price category this model has no equals.

OKA MB-1D2M16 (with gearshift lever, on wheels 19×7-8) is noted for its solid functionality. With its help it is possible to handle the ground of any complexity, including virgin lands. This single-axle tractor is designed to implement a solid list of tasks. This device can be used in the municipal and farming sectors, but also for the treatment of garden and chalet land. This tool is suitable for year-round use. It can be equipped with various optional accessories. So by installing the appropriate equipment, you can, for example, remove snow from the plot or mow the grass.

Single-axle tractor OKA MB-1D2M16 (with a gear lever, on wheels 19×7-8) is perfect for customers who want to use functional, comfortable and durable equipment. Such a unit has a simple and reliable design. It is excellent for regular and intensive use.

Advantages of the motor block OKA MB-1D2M16 (with a gear lever, on wheels 19×7-8):

Selection tips

As always, when choosing a power tiller the decisive factor is its power. The fact is that it depends on it, whether the machine can plow virgin land, or it is only able to work on already improved land. Of course, the soil structure also plays a role. For a wide range of tasks specialists recommend models with power takeoff shafts. Important: If your main job is milling the ground, you need to choose a lighter machine.

Chain drives are recommended for light and medium motorcycles. Worm versions are used much less often, and only on the lightest cars. As for motors, one of the best products is from Lifan. These are first-class products, which are much more advanced than Russian products, and as well adapted to local conditions. Japanese engines are of the highest quality, but they are the most expensive.

OKA single axle tractor.Belt replacement and adjustment.By request of the audience.

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Alexander Skopinsky

Very useful information I have learned from this video, in the spring, I will adjust the back, drilled a hole, creating a larger lever, and every time I pull a single-axle tractor back, when you need to turn around.

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Rustem Strukov

All, found it. Maximum tire pressure 2.8 osmospheres. Thanks.

Rustem Strukov

Hi everything is great. I may have a silly question, but still I ask, can you tell me how many sphericals in a wheel on the oka should be. Thank you in advance.

Victor G

Thank you for the video. Make a video about how you replaced the linkages on the ropes. And I have a question: when the single axle tractor drives forward, you can hear a little whistling from the belts side. I already tightened the spring, but the whistling still persists.

Victor Urban

Good evening, bought a single axle tractor okka hard to engage lever has to catch the lever is advised that may be and what to do Spa sibo

Alexey Fetisov

Hello. Excuse me, could you please explain how the front idler is mounted with a spring behind it on the axle? The thing is that I disassembled to install the front adapter, and how to install it, I do not remember, no tensioning and everything here.

Artem Goncharov

By the way, I found out why I was whistling. Above the engine pulley belt rubbed on the iron plate (sedative) a little bent it and all gone.

Artem Goncharov

Hello again. Tell me if I can not immediately engage the gear, sometimes you need to roll a tractor a couple of centimeters, is this normal??

Artem Goncharov

Hello. Just today became the owner of a new Oka 6.5 horsepower (Lifan). Can you tell me if the belt should whistle when going forward? No slippage. The wheels are spinning under load.


Hi Roman, make a video on changing the oil in the gearbox on the Oka power tiller

Victor Chernobayev

Good and useful video! A long time ago myself changed the reverse belt twice and everything was fine, and today I completely forgot that the belt must be turned out with the wedge up on the reverse. So it was a pleasure to look and found my mistake. Today I changed the oil in the gearbox with TAD-17I. I bought three liters in a plastic branded canister, but there was not enough three hundred grams. Those bastards, when are they going to get drunk??! And the oil itself looks like motor oil. Total asshole! Thanks I dumped the old one in the bucket and it’s good. I want to write more about the mower, or rather about a jamb. Mower Zarya for scooter with two disks. It is put on the pipe of the power harvester and the drive through the belt. So, breaks a hole for a lock from the axial displacement, and the whole structure a little bit turns and the belt drive mower clings to the reverse pulley. That’s how I damaged both belts. The hole only broke 1-1.5mm, but it was enough to ruin the belts. So take a note. And if I put a little strain on the mower drive belt, it’s not mowing, it’s crushing the grass.


The standard is that both belts run over the idler so they come off, I understand you pushed it out to the side and now no problem.

Yuortew FIFA

There is a problem with the walking mower.I got the straps on my power harvester tightened up good. rides fine, but does not go forward or backward what is the problem?

Top 10 best models ranking

Location Name Price
Top 5 best Russian power tillers
1 Neva MB-1B-6.5 39 000 ₽
2 Neva MB-1B-6,0FS 46 000 ₽
3 AGAT X5 36 000 ₽
4 Neva MB-B6, 5 RS 36 000 ₽
5 Neva MB1B MA(RS950) 39 000 ₽
Top 5 best medium-sized Russian power tillers
1 Celina NMB-901 35 000 ₽
2 Neva MB-2KS-(168FA) 36 000 ₽
3 Neva MB-23B-10.0 54 000 ₽
4 Neva MB-23-Y (MX300) with Multi-Agro gearbox 65 000 ₽
5 AGAT L-6,5 29 000 ₽

Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade mini-tractor

The first reason for converting Oka into a tractor with your own hands is economy. Buying a factory model can be hard on the wallet. Unnecessary vehicle at the same time has all the necessary characteristics to create a MT. The functionality of such special equipment will not differ and can be expanded by installing additional parts. Even if limited to the standard capabilities of transport, they are enough to do all the agricultural work on a cottage or garden, the area of which does not exceed 10 hectares.

A small tractor from an Oka car quickly pays for itself due to its low cost. Mechanisms for special vehicles can be obtained free of charge or bought at a symbolic price. The only drawback will be the lack of warranty, because such parts are taken from old and broken vehicles. You can buy additional parts from an authorized dealer, but the price of homemade mini-tractor will greatly increase.

The presence of special equipment on the site always makes life easier, because a person has to spend less effort on physical work. However, self-assembly of MT has its own disadvantages:

  • No warranty. If the factory transport breaks down in the first year, the owner can apply to the service, where repairs will be made free of charge. There is no such possibility when assembling a tractor from an old car. You will have to buy parts and replace them yourself.
  • Difficult to find mechanisms. Oka is an old car, so the units are rarely found in stores. Before you start to reassemble the car, you need to check the serviceability of all parts. If any of them turn out to be faulty, make sure that there is a replacement before you start assembling. Otherwise, it will turn out that the necessary assemblies are not available for sale.
  • Need for knowledge. It will be difficult to collect special vehicles on their own, if he had not previously worked with drawings and does not have the technical skills.
  • Collection of documents for Gostekhnadzor. Any vehicles used for agricultural work must be registered with the appropriate authority. To move around the DPP, the equipment must meet all regulations.

If the owner plans to drive a mini-tractor on public roads, you need to get a license.