How to Change Husqvarna Lawnmower Oil

The American company Briggs and Stratton is known worldwide as a manufacturer of engines for various equipment: mowers, tillers, mini tractors, trimmers. Engines made by briggs and stratton can be divided into two major categories: air-cooled and water-cooled.

All engines are designed for outdoor equipment.

For over a century, briggs and stratton has been producing motors of various capacities that meet international quality standards and have great power and durability.

Distinctive characteristics of briggs and stratton engines are:

  • High environmental performance (ECO-PLUS ™ technology);
  • Additional technologies (ECO PLUS Permeation. Protection against the leakage of harmful substances through the gas tank, fuel line, gaskets and gaskets, ECO PLUS Ventilation. Reduction of exhaust emissions through the ventilation system);
  • E SERIES ™ concept, according to which the most important indicator in the engine is the low level of toxicity of the emissions emitted by the engine;
  • Power;
  • Durability;
  • High reliability and lack of need to make frequent repairs;
  • Simple launch.

Categories of modern engines Briggs and Stratton

Briggs and stratton E Series Logo.

Motors of this category have a low toxicity level, the super-powerful newest quick start system, and also combine functionality and the ability to long-term operation.

How to Change Husqvarna Lawnmower Oil

Briggs and stratton EX Series Logo.

A series that combines all the advantages of the previous one, also equipped with the ReadyStart® launch system. The best option for fast operation and optimal functioning of a lawn mower or tiller in your area.

Briggs and stratton EX-SERIES ECO-PLUS

Combining the qualities of the two previous series with ECO-PLUS ™ technology. These engines produce the smallest amount of toxic substances, they have reduced the amount of fuel vapor, they fit perfectly into the concept of environmentally friendly technology that does not pollute the air and vegetation.

Trademarks under which briggs and stratton sells equipment with their original engines in European countries (European fishing line):

Each original motor has a corresponding serial number, according to which the owner of the equipment can find the original engine manual on the manufacturer’s website.

Model range of garden equipment

For garden lawn mowers, briggs and stratton offers the following powerplant models (regardless of the brand under which these devices are sold):

  • 450e Series ™;
  • 500e Series ™;
  • 550e Series ™;
  • 575ex Series ™;
  • 625e OHV;
  • 625e Series ™;
  • 650e Series ™;
  • 650exi Series ™;
  • 675ex Series ™;
  • 675exi Series ™;
  • 675is InStart®;
  • 750ex DOV®;
  • 750ex DOV® I / C®;
  • 800e Series ™;
  • 850e Series ™;
  • 850e I / C®;
  • 875ex Series ™;
  • 875is InStart®;
  • 950e Series ™;
  • E 900 (the most powerful engine currently available from the manufacturer).

The briggs and stratton power plants are installed on lawn mowers of many world manufacturers, for example, Husqvarna, Makita, Champion, AL-KO, Viking, Mc Culloch, Stiga and others.

Power mowers briggs and stratton

In this category of lawn mowers, both self-propelled and non-self-propelled models are presented. Precise technical characteristics of a particular lawn mower can be obtained by studying the operating instructions (manual) in more detail before purchasing the device. Also, access to the manual can be obtained on the official website of the manufacturer by entering the engine model number in the special field.

Below are the official brands promoted by the company in the global market. Motors of the American manufacturer are also installed on other lawnmowers of Finnish, German, Polish, Swedish, Chinese production. The brands listed below are from the USA and are sold in all European countries.

Ferris brand lawn mowers with briggs and stratton engines

Zero Turn Moovies Category:

  • Is® 5100Z;
  • Is® 3200Z;
  • Is® 2600Z;
  • Is® 2100Z;
  • Is® 700Z;
  • Is® 600Z;
  • 400s;
  • F210z Fleet;
  • F160z Fleet.
  • Stand-on Mowers (not self-propelled):
  • Srs ™ Z1 Stand-On Mower.

Walk Behind Mowers (self-propelled):

Snapper brand lawn mowers:

Lawnmowers of the Simplycity brand:

Murray brand lawn mowers:

Top lawn mower models

The most popular lawn mowers are briggs and stratton engines:

  • 500 series 158cc;
  • 650 series;
  • 450 series 148cc;
  • 35 classic;
  • 675 series.

Operating Instructions, Lawn Mower Maintenance

Rules for engine maintenance using the briggs and stratton 500 series 158 cc engine mower manual as an example

  • Daily or every 5 hours. Cleaning the grate that protects against debris, cleaning the safety shield;
  • Every 25 hours of operation. Maintenance, cleaning of the air filter;
  • Every 50 hours or once a season. You need to change the oil, check the condition of the spark arrestor;
  • Every 100 hours or once a season. Servicing the air filter cartridge, cleaning the cooling system, changing the oil in the gearbox;
  • Every 100-300 hours, it is required to clean the combustion chamber from soot.

Oil and fuel

Briggs stratton lawn mower oil, on the recommendation of the manufacturer, must be selected in a strictly defined category. For example, the quality class must be at least SF, and a class above SJ is allowed. Additives to oil do not need to be applied. The viscosity of the oil should be at the level of SAE30, if the air temperature at which the mower is operated is from plus 5 and above.

It is necessary to change the oil in the lawn mower according to the instruction manual (see information above).

If the air temperature is from minus 18 degrees Celsius to plus 38 degrees, use 10W30 oil for lawnmowers, it gives an easy start, but increases the risk of motor overheating if the air temperature crosses the 28 degree mark.

Items of oil for lawn mowers used in summer and spring: 100005 and 100028.

Briggs and stratton engine gasoline should only be used in good quality. Unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87/87 AKI (91 RON) is an ideal choice. Do not use cheap gasoline such as E85. Do not mix different types of fuel. The shelf life of the mower with gasoline in the gas tank should not exceed 24 months.