How to change the coil to the disc on the trimmer

How to remove and disassemble a coil

Before starting the cord replacement process, trimmer users need to remove and disassemble the reel. Let’s see how to do it.

The grass trimmer mowing head consists of several parts: a cover, a spring (not on all models), a bobbin with cord and a cover.

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Attention! Before proceeding with any maintenance of the electrical unit, it must be disconnected from the mains.

In trimmers, 2 options for mounting the mowing head are most often used.

The thread does not hold

It happens that the thread unwinds if the spring in the semiautomatic head has weakened. The line is constantly extended and cut with a knife installed on the cover, which increases its consumption. To check this, remove the cover and turn on the unit. If the line “climbed”, then you will need to replace the spring.

The first way

To correctly determine how many meters of fishing line is required for a particular reel, it is necessary to wind it on the bobbin so that the skein does not exceed the diameter of the sides. If the line sticks out over the edges of the spool, you will not be able to insert it into the casing. After you have decided on the length of the material, it must be threaded into the bobbin, so do the following.

  • It is necessary to fold the fishing line in half so that one end of it is 10-15 cm longer from the other.
  • Please note that the bobbin is divided into 2 parts by the central collar, from which charging begins. Find a groove on it and insert a cord bent in half into it, applying a little force.
  • It is very important to determine in which direction the line is wound onto the reel. If you look closely, you can find an arrow on the bobbin or an inscription with an arrow indicating in which direction the winding should be carried out. There are times when there is no arrow on the reel. In such a situation, you can look at the arrow drawn on the mowing head and wind the cord in the opposite direction.
  • Winding should be done carefully, turn by turn, with maximum thread tension.
  • After the laying of the cord is completed, you will first need to fix the short end of the line by inserting it into a groove of a suitable diameter on the side of the reel.
  • The second end, the one that is longer, is attached in a groove on the opposite side of the bobbin.
  • After fixing the fishing line, cut off its ends, leaving an allowance of about 10 cm.
  • Next, you need to install the loaded bobbin into the mowing head. To do this, alternately inserting and pulling the thread into the outlet holes of the head, place the bobbin in the casing, then, applying the required force, pull the fishing line out of the fixing grooves and tighten it.
  • Now you can put on the cover and fix it with the latches.

The line is flying out

The reason that the cord unwinds after starting the unit can also be a weakening of the spring inside the head. In addition, there are times when the mowing head flies apart when the machine is turned on, and the spring installed in it is lost. Inexperienced users do not notice the absence of a spring and assemble this unit without it. Therefore, the cord does not hold, and under the influence of centrifugal force flies out.


In this embodiment, the head is screwed onto the gearbox shaft. To remove it, you need to fix this shaft. To do this, in similar trimmers, for example, in the Huter and Champion, there is a hole through which you can insert either a thin screwdriver or a metal rod.

Ignition Coil Wire Harness Replacement – Husqvarna String Trimmer Repair Part #530039227 2

So, to remove the bobbin, follow 2 easy steps.

  • Insert a screwdriver into the hole and lock the shaft.
  • Grasp the head body and start turning it clockwise. Turn in this direction for the reason that the thread cut on the shaft is left.

How to change the line in the trimmer

The grass trimmer is the most common machine used for cutting grass and small shrubs. This device is distinguished by its simplicity in maintenance, simple operation during operation, and due to its low weight, even women can handle it. It is no secret that for high-quality performance of work on mowing grass, the correct selection of cutting tools is required. As the latter, special cutting attachments (discs, knives) or trimmer heads with a fishing line inside are used in trimmers. Nozzles and fishing line are consumable tools, but if the knives can be sharpened, then when the line is used up, it must be replaced. In this article, we will tell you in as much detail as possible how to properly replace the fishing line.

Changing the line to a disc or knife

When ennobling a personal plot, park areas and other places where it is required to mow various kinds of plants, it is often necessary to change the cutting tool in the trimmer. This is due to the fact that the standard cord installed in the mowing head can only handle grass. But when a bush or young growth of trees appears in the path of an employee, the line cannot cope with such a task, and it needs to be changed to a more efficient cutting tool.

Trimmer manufacturers have foreseen such situations, and supplemented their products with a mass of attachments in the form of knives with several “petals” or in the form of discs, similar to circular saws.

If you replace the fishing line with a knife with several “petals”, then this tool can mow both tall grass and plants with thick and dry stems. And by changing the line to a disc, the user of the brushcutter has the opportunity to cut down shrubs or small trees.

Knives and discs are installed according to the following algorithm.

  • The first step is to remove, by locking the shaft, the mowing head (turn clockwise) or the boot nut, if the unit has not yet been used.
  • Position the saw or cutter blade so that it fits over the small protrusion (bushing).
  • Install the attachment cover on top of the knife and screw the nut onto the shaft (counterclockwise).
  • Tighten the nut (counterclockwise) using a pipe wrench.
  • For a better understanding of the process of changing tools, you can watch this video.

    Trimmer head with automatic threading

    For heads with automatic threading, it is enough just to wind and clamp the edges of the line, and the tool will perform further winding on its own when turned on. It is impossible to make a mistake here, because the coil itself recognizes how the antennae should be located.

    On a note! The advantages of trimmers with such a head include the convenience of laying the cord, and the disadvantages are the high cost and difficult repairs.

    The coil does not spin

    The reasons the reel won’t spin are similar to the lack of line feed. This is improper or uneven winding of the string, its sticking, as well as short ends of the cord coming out of the holes.

    What is needed to replace the cord

    With regular use of the grass trimmer to cut grass, the discs become dull, but they can be sharpened and continued to operate. The fishing line in the reel tends to end, so it becomes necessary to refuel a new one, for which it is necessary to determine the type of head and prepare the cord of the required thickness and length.

    So, the mowing head is a cylindrical body in which a bobbin with a fishing line is placed. Such a detail is present both on electric trimmers and on gasoline scythes of any brands, be it Bosch, Makita, STIHL or another brand. There are three types of heads depending on the method of threading and feeding the line.

    • The principle of operation of the heads of the automatic group is that they independently feed the line when the mower reduces the engine speed. Such designs are convenient when working on large areas, but they have a drawback. high cord consumption.
    • The heads of the semi-automatic group are easy to operate. automatic line feed is performed at maximum engine speed. To release the lanyard blockage, gently tap the tool on the ground and the unlocked thread is pulled out of the spool. Cutting to the required length is made with a knife attached to the protective cover.
    • grass trimmers with manual line feed must first be switched off, then pull out the line yourself.

    On a note! The most convenient and optimal for the price are semi-automatic reels with cord.

    Reels for electric and gasoline braids can be with one or two line tendrils. The former are used for trimming low grass growth, the latter for mowing tall grass and small shrubs.

    Solving Potential Line Problems

    Most line problems are the same for different trimmers and are handled in the same way.

    How To Replace A Coil On A Stihl FS Trimmer / Weed Whacker. with Taryl

    On a reel with two antennae

    In bobbins of this type, it is necessary to inspect the inner side of the coil and determine the number of grooves for winding the cord provided in it.

    Important! If there is only one groove in the coil, then both antennae must be wound along a common groove, if two, then along separate tracks.

    For winding, you need to take a piece of fishing line with a length of two to three meters. For spools with one groove, thread the line through the hole, align the whiskers, align and wind on the spool in the opposite direction of its rotation during operation. If fixing grooves are provided, thread the ends of the cord through them, then pull them out into the outlet, then close the coil and put it back on.

    For double-fluted spools, the difference is that the string must be folded in half. Next, you need to charge the middle of the fold into the groove between the grooves, then wind each of the pieces of fishing line along its own path, fix the antennae and assemble the coil as well as a spool with one track.

    Preparing to replace the line

    Before replacing the line, you need to pull out and then disassemble the head. Usually it includes a casing, a spring (on some models), a bobbin with a line, a cover. It is necessary to unplug the electric grass trimmer (or turn off the gasoline trimmer), and then proceed to remove the coil. It can be fixed in two different ways: in the first case, it is necessary to completely disassemble the head, and in the second, just remove it from the gearbox shaft, on which it is attached.

    • find the latches on both sides, press and remove the cover to open the internal structure of the head;
    • there is a bobbin under the cover, it must be carefully pulled out of the case (sometimes a spring is hidden under it, it should also be carefully removed to the side so as not to lose it);
    • after removing the spool, a fixing bolt (or screw) becomes noticeable in the center of the body, which must be unscrewed in the opposite direction to the clockwise movement;
    • after removing the fasteners, it is necessary to remove the coil from the gearbox shaft with shaking movements.

    The second method involves the following actions. The spool head is put on the gearbox shaft. To disconnect it, you need to lock this shaft. Usually in braids, for example, of the “Champion” or “STIHL” brand, a hole is made for this, into which a nail, rod or screwdriver is inserted. After fixing the shaft in a stationary position, it is necessary, holding by the body, to start rotating the head clockwise, since the thread on the shaft is usually left.

    Now that the head has been removed and disassembled, it is necessary to determine how thick the cord should be. You can find out the correct diameter for your grass trimmer by looking at the owner’s manual or at the bobbin itself, usually this information is indicated on it. Another way is to insert the thread into the hole from which it is fed. If the shit goes without difficulty, it can be used for work.

    On a note! To understand how much line to wind for the reel, you need to wind it on the bobbin so that the height of the skein does not exceed the diameter of the sides. If the cord protrudes beyond the edges, the spool cannot be hidden in the casing.

    Breaking a string

    • the presence of solid objects in the mowed grass: branches, stones, etc., contact with which breaks the string;
    • by mowing the grass close to the fence, and if it is mesh, then the line breaks even faster;
    • low-quality cord. it is necessary to replace it with a new reliable consumable;
    • wear of the outlet holes in the mowing head, as a result of which the line breaks off from friction against the sharp edges of the bushings. replacement of the part with a new one is required.