How to Charge a Bosch S4 005 Battery

Bosch Battery Types

Bosch batteries are divided into two groups according to their purpose: starter batteries and traction lighting batteries.

  • Starter motors give a large current when the car engine starts.
  • Traction lighting designed for long-term loads with a small current value. They are used exclusively on forklift trucks, boats, as a light source or for power supply of power units.

By voltage, batteries are divided into two types. 6 V and 12 V. They are designed as maintenance-free and low-maintenance (dry-charged configuration). Unlike the former, the latter add distilled water to the accumulator once a year. Both types require recharging, like any other rechargeable batteries.

Bosch Battery Warranty. 24 months from the date of sale. And for models with a capacity of more than 100 A / h. 12 months. The operating mode of such batteries is more stringent, because they are used on trucks. Therefore, the charging quality is exaggerated, including the reason for their series connection, in order to obtain a voltage of 24 volts. Because of this, the warranty periods of the batteries vary.

Bosch rechargeable batteries: features

How to Charge a Bosch S4 005 Battery

Starter BOSCH batteries for cars, trucks and for motor vehicles are divided into three series:

  1. Bosch S. For cars;
  2. Bosch T. For use on trucks, buses, tractors and special equipment;
  3. Bosch M are installed on motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, ATVs and mini-tractors.

The line of batteries Bosch S6 AGM, Bosch S5 Silver Plus, Bosch S4 Silver, Bosch S3. Bosch S. Series starter batteries for use in passenger cars, SUVs and small commercial vehicles.

If we take the integral characteristics (capacity, inrush current, service life) of batteries that belong to the S3 series for 100%, then according to the same parameters the S4 series will have 115%, and the S5 series. 130%. Approximately the same ratio and price.

Rechargeable batteries with Asian power terminal blocks (JIS) and sizes are only available on the S4 and S3 series. The S6 and S5 series are intended only for use on vehicles with European standard sizes.

Technical features of BOSCH S5, S4, S3 series batteries

The PowerFrame used in batteries increases battery self-discharge resistance and resists corrosion. The asymmetric lattice structure and uneven distribution of lead increase battery life, as well as increase inrush current. This is a durable grill that consumes resources evenly and resists mechanical stress on the battery.

The battery cover has a double labyrinth and a membrane gas-permeable filter. They provide 100% battery life. The cover is airtight, does not allow electrolyte to pass through and vents gas into the vehicle’s ventilation system.

New technology for fastening contact terminal plates prevents battery loss of power, extends battery life, and improves battery design.

Car starter batteries BOSCH S3

A series of maintenance-free, economical car batteries Bosch s3 Intended for cars that were produced before 2003. There is no charge level indicator in this line. The range of capacities ranges from 41 to 90 A / h. For example, the designation 0 092 S3 0. The given code example contains symbols, in the real number on the place of which there are corresponding, both numbers and letters. In our case, the BOSCH company short code is highlighted in bold, for example: S3 008. An analogue of this battery is the battery model Varta Black Dynamic.

Are different Bosch s3 from other models with a black top and the lack of protective covers on the contact terminals.

Popular batteries from previous series with a capacity of 55 A / h were replaced in the S3 line with batteries having a capacity of 56 A / h and a starting current of 480 A. This battery is also suitable for cars with fog lights and seat heating. In addition, this series also includes models of Asian sizes (JIS standard). They differ from European car brands in contact terminals, which are raised above the battery case, and the mounting system.

Car starter batteries BOSCH S4 Silver

This is a series of car batteries that do not require maintenance. Bosch S4 Silver has improved performance thanks to the use of silver technology. Batteries are suitable for any modern car.

  • In this series, there is no indicator of the battery charge level.
  • Range capacity range Bosch S4 Silverlocated in the range from 42 to 95 A / h.
  • Compared to the S3, the Bosch S4 Silver has a 20% longer service life. They have 15% more inrush current.

Bosch S4 Silver 0 092 series batteries are designated S4 0. In this code, the BOSCH company short code is highlighted in bold, for example: S4 020. An analogue of the Bosch S4 Silver battery is the Varta Blue Dynamic battery.

The visual difference of the Bosch S4 Silver battery is in the blue top and in the presence of a protective cover on the contact terminals.

Popular Bosch batteries, which belong to the previous series and have a capacity of 55 A / h, in the S4 line have a capacity of 60 A / h and an inrush current of 540 amperes. Suitable for cars running on diesel and gasoline. The S4 series includes batteries of Asian standard sizes (JIS standard).

Bosch S5 Silver Plus Car Starter Batteries

Maintenance Free Battery Series Bosch s5 Silver is reliable and versatile. It also has no indicator of the battery charge level. The range of capacities ranges from 52 to 110 A / h. Compared to S3 batteries, the series Bosch s5 30% more inrush current and the same extended warranty period. The designation of the Bosch S5 series battery series looks like this: 0 092 S5 0. Bosch company short code is displayed in bold, for example: S5 010. The equivalent of Bosch S5 Silver starter batteries is the Varta Silver Dynamic model.

Bosch S5 Silver Plus is visually distinguished by the presence of a silver top, as well as the presence of protective covers on the contact terminals. Rechargeable batteries can install on all types of cars with gasoline and diesel engines.

Car starter batteries model BOSCH S6 AGM

Starter maintenance-free car batteries Bosch s6 were developed using modern gel technology, referred to as AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat). Models are intended for installation on modern cars. Agm technology makes it possible to bring the number of charge-discharge cycles to three hundred. It also provides excellent resistance to tilt and vibration. Deep discharge for this battery will never lead to irreversible consequences. The Bosch S6 battery does not have a charge level indicator.

In some cases, these rechargeable batteries can also be used as traction lighting or as additional ones, although formally this model is still a starter battery.

At the moment, so far in the production program of Bosch there are only two models of the S6 battery. This is a model Bosch S6 70 A / h 760A Euro (0 092 S60 010) as well as the model Bosch S6 95 A / h 850A Euro (0 092 S60 020). An analogue is the rechargeable batteries of the Varta Ultra Dynamic model.

The main direction of Bosch in the production of Bosch T truck batteries for installing them on trucks, buses, tractors, as well as special equipment are divided into three series. T5, T4 and T3.

Bosch Tecmaxx starter batteries (T. Bosch series) are low-maintenance as well as maintenance-free “batteries” in the Bosch program. They are intended for operation on large trucks and commercial vehicles, buses, construction, road equipment, tractors, as well as on other special vehicles.

The Bosch T starter battery range includes three series:

  1. Budget T3 batteries (union of cargo batteries RF and Heavy Duty);
  2. Rechargeable batteries having improved performance. T4 (Maintenance-free Heavy Duty batteries);
  3. Uncompromising T5 series (includes maintenance-free Heavy Duty Extra batteries).

In addition, the BOSCH maintenance-free cargo batteries, which belong to the Tecmaxx series, also remain on sale.

Bosch starter freight car batteries of the Tecmaxx, T5, T4, T3 series

Tecmaxx Series. First Series “maintenance free” freight batteries in the Bosch program.

The product designation for this series is as follows: 0 093 X6 . Bosch company short code is highlighted in bold, for example: X6 045. Absolutely all the batteries in this series were equipped with an indicator that controlled the battery charge level, as well as equipped with a labyrinth cover that can prevent distilled water from boiling when charging the battery, as well as electrolyte splashing when the battery is tilted. The range of capacities of the Tecmaxx line ranges from 140 to 180 A / h.

The T4 Heavy Duty and T5 Heavy Duty Extra battery series. Outwardly from the original Tecmaxx series, they differ in the absence of an indicator that was removed during the crisis due to “saving”. The advantages of these two battery series over the T3 series are as follows:

  • The presence of silver technology, the operating period is increased by 30% (for the T5 series) and 20% (for the T4 series);
  • Improved resistance to cyclic loads and to vibrations. The storage period has been increased (T5 series. 18 months, T4 series. 15 months).

Also, the T5 battery series is distinguished by its use in fiberglass separators. The batteries in this series have a maximum capacity of 225 A / h.

A distinctive feature of the T3 battery series is that in this series the batteries are available in both standard and specific sizes, which can be used on special equipment. On excavators, loaders, and combines.

The batteries in the T3 series are identified as follows: 0 092 T3 0.

Bosch company short code is highlighted in bold, for example: T3 045. An analogue of this series are rechargeable batteries of the Varta Promotive Black model.

Designation of batteries of the T4 series: 0 092 T4 0. The same BOSCH company short code is in bold. For example: T4 075.

An analogue of the T4 series are rechargeable batteries of the Varta Promotive Blue model.

Designation of rechargeable batteries which are a part of the T5 series: 0 092 T5 0. Bosch is a short code for the company. For example: T5 080.

Analogue of the T5 series rechargeable batteries of the brand Varta Promotive Silver.

Rechargeable batteries that are designed for motorcycles, jet skis, scooters, snowmobiles, as well as ATVs are divided into two series. M6 and M4, and are in addition to the main battery program produced by BOSCH.

For scooters, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, lawn mowers, snowmobiles, BOSCH offers small rechargeable batteries with a voltage of 12 V.

  • There is a series of dry-charged batteries with a capacity range of 3 to 32 A / h. The designation of this line: 0 180 05 . In such batteries, the most common electrolyte is used.
  • The second series of batteries used in motorcycles. This is “practically” Maintenance-free AS batteries with capacities ranging from 3 to 12 A / h. This series is designated as follows: 0 097 fifteen . These batteries are unlike conventional “maintenance free” batteries, it is necessary to refuel with electrolyte, which comes with the battery. After the procedure, the battery becomes ready for use, and now it can be safely considered as maintenance-free.

The battery tipping and vibration resistance of this type of battery is high. In addition to their intended use, AS batteries are also often used as backup power sources in automobiles. It is also possible to use them in uninterruptible power supplies UPS (abbreviated as UPS).

Bosch’s rechargeable batteries, which are small in size, are brought together in the M4 and M6 series rechargeable batteries.

Bosch M4 series batteries used on motorcycles. These are dry-charged, low-maintenance batteries. This series has 57 types of batteries. Five after M4 has the letter F. They are sold with the electrolyte kit and for pouring it. This series of rechargeable batteries is manufactured according to antimony-lead technology, and with significant inclinations of the battery, it remains sealed. The maximum allowable slope is up to 55 degrees.

Designation of batteries of the M4 series: 0 092 M4 0. Bosch company short code, for example: M4 032. Varta FUNSTART brand batteries are an analogue of batteries from the M4 line.

Bosch M6 Series rechargeable batteries are designed for installation on motorcycles. These are maintenance-free batteries, manufactured using AGM technology (separators are made of fiberglass, non-flowing electrolyte), have a starting current of 20% more compared to the M4 series. The BOSCH M6 series is completely airtight and has a labyrinth cover.

M6 series batteries are designated as follows: 0 092 M6 0. All the same short code of the BOSCH company is already highlighted in bold. For example: M6 018. An analogue of the batteries of the M6 ​​series is the battery of the brand Varta FUNSTART AGM.

Batteries designed for use on Bosch M4 and Bosch M6 motorcycles meet international safety standards and technical standards. If necessary, they replace the products of Nitro, Shido, Yuasa and others.

Bosch M4 and M6 series motorcycle batteries are the ideal solution for reliable and powerful engine starting and safety on the go. This is absolutely pure electric energy, regardless of whether you ride for pleasure or wheel off-road.

Bosch dry-charged car batteries

A series of dry-charged car batteries is indicated: 0 180 6 . The product range is focused on maintenance-free batteries for trucks (capacity up to 225 A / h).

The T3 battery series is designated 0 092 T3 0. Bosch company short code, for example: T3 080. In practice, this is the same RF battery (only the housing design has been changed according to the Texmaxx line) with the possibility of adding distilled water to it. An analog of the battery of the T3 series is the Varta Promotive Black model.

Traction lighting batteries

Traction-lighting batteries are suitable for long-term loads with a small current indicator. They are used on forklifts, boats, and other equipment. And also as source of lighting. Or to provide electrical power to additional power units.

General technical characteristics of traction lighting batteries

  • Long service life
  • Mobility
  • Resistance to cyclic loads

Rechargeable batteries having liquid electrolyte

  • Reliable tightness when tilting the battery. Up to 55 degrees
  • Resistance to extreme cyclic loads: withstand about four hundred discharge-charge cycles
  • Long service intervals

Designed for installation on forklifts, used as lighting, as well as for powering additional power units.

Batteries that are made according to AS technology (non-flowing electrolyte technology)

  • Stable under extreme cyclic loads. Up to 500-700 charge / discharge cycles
  • Airtight
  • Rolling Resistant
  • Self discharge is very low

Designed for installation on boats, in “houses on wheels”, on wheelchairs.