How To Choose A Carriage For A Dog

How To Choose A Carriage For A Dog

Dogs are the most devoted pets that eventually become full members of the family and almost always accompany the person.

A positive attitude on the part of pets makes a person not want to leave the animal alone for a long time, so many dog ​​owners increasingly prefer to go on trips with their younger friends. However, in this case, it is not always possible to achieve comfort, both for the dog and for the person.

Moving with the dog, which is on a leash, you create discomfort for others, the animal and for yourself. A pet that is not used to a lot of people and attention, may be uncontrollable. Therefore, before you go on a trip you need to get a comfortable carrying.

Today there are several types of carriers for dogs. Soft carriers are suitable for dwarf dog breeds, and hard for moving larger dog breeds.

Soft – it is woven, leather, fur carrying, which looks like a bag. To date, the assortment of global companies has soft carriers with wheels, which allows you to move the average breed of dogs. But the big handles make it possible to carry the animal on the shoulder. These products have all kinds of jewelry in the form of rhinestones, stones and other things.

Hard carry – This is a device for a more comfortable journey of a pet, subject to a long trip or flight. This carrying is created in the form of a cell. In the assortment of global companies that develop products for pets, there are different sizes of cages, which allows you to transport absolutely any breed of dogs.

How To Choose A Carriage For A Dog

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Today, many owners of small and medium-sized dogs prefer to use Ferplast ATLAS 10,20,30. This carrying case is a sturdy container with a mesh door and a ventilation grill. The durable plastic cover of the container allows you to protect the dog from all sorts of dangers, as well as to pacify the animal in case of aggression towards others.

Ferplast ATLAS 10 – 48 × 32.5 × h 29 cm.
Ferplast ATLAS 20 – 58 × 37 × h 32 cm.
Ferplast ATLAS 30 – 60 × 40 × h 38 cm.

For larger dog breeds, use Ferplast ATLAS PROFESSIONAL 50,60,70 Carrying Bag. Considering the fact that large dogs will be transported in these carriers, the manufacturers have created a sturdier container construction. Along the entire perimeter of the product there are strong locks that keep the pet in a confined space.

Ferplast ATLAS PROFESSIONAL 50 – 81 × 55.5 × h 58 cm.
Ferplast ATLAS PROFESSIONAL 60 – 91 × 61 × h 66.5 cm.
Ferplast ATLAS PROFESSIONAL 70 – 101 × 68.5 × h 75.5 cm.

A feature of the abovementioned dog carriers is the tolerance for transportation in airplanes. With the help of Ferplast hard carriers, dogs and large breeds of cats now have the opportunity to fly and travel with their owner around the world.

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