How to choose a chain for electric saw. The best inexpensive chainsaws for country houses

How to choose a chainsaw chain: TOP 13 best chainsaw chain manufacturers

Chainsaw has ceased to be exotic for Russian homeowners long time ago. It will help both to bring down the interfering tree, and stockpile firewood, and get rid of stumps, and all this. Without exhausting work. How important is a chain when sawing. no need to explain: its quality determines the quality and speed of work. Careless choice of chain is fraught with a set of drawbacks. Wasted money, downtime and the need to resort to primitive and time-consuming methods again. So it’s important to know what parameters to focus on when choosing and which companies to trust.

Published by: Ekaterina Pilnikova Updated: 08.07.2020

Un Boxing a cheap 105cc Chainsaw

Dimensions of chains

Chainsaws are produced with different lengths of the bar, on which the cutting attachment moves. saws are suitable for cutting down thick trunks in trees, but other saws are only good for pruning branches and making firewood in the yard. The length of the bar varies from 30 to 60 cm.

This determines the size of the saw chain.

The size is spelled out in inches, where the following options exist:

If you buy a shorter saw chain, it cannot be mounted on the guide bar. A longer chain will fit, but it will sag, so you won’t be able to work with such a chainsaw.

Chain length

This is determined by the number of shanks that are fitted into the groove in the bar and that power the chain. It is not difficult to count them on the existing saw chain, you can buy the chain already ready. “in the ring”. Finished chain “in the ring”

Last two digits of Husqvarna product code indicate number of shanks. For example, the code 5854042-52 on the packaging of the Husqvarna X-Cut S93G saw chain. Here, “52” is the number of shanks. The chain can also be cut to the length needed by the user by riveting it from a prefabricated coil at an authorized dealer’s point of sale.

About pitch size

The main characteristic of any chainsaw is its pitch, which is the distance between the neighboring teeth. For each saw model the pitch is fixed by default and depends on the chain drive sprocket and the bar fitted. That’s why you can’t just put a chain of smaller or larger pitch on your chainsaw. You have to change the chain sprocket and guide bar. But it doesn’t always make sense.

Of course, the greater the pitch value, the higher the working efficiency. You have to change the sprocket and guide bar to get the right pitch, but don’t go too far. it has to be matched to the saw’s cutting performance:

As a result, if the pitch does not match the working parameters of the saw, working in this mode can lead to rapid failure of the tool.

Also, the longer the pitch of the saw chain, the more aggressive it is. it tears the wood harder. The cutting width is also increased at the same time. It’s also a lot harder to hold and control this kind of tool.

All chains on the market are standardized with a certain pitch size for easy selection:

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  • 1/4″ is the smallest pitch, with the links as close together as possible. This accessory is suitable for low-powered pruning saws.
  • 325″ is the most popular choice for entry-level saws with 3 to 3 hp.5 л.с. Vibrations while sawing with such chain are minimum, so the work does not tire, the cut is smooth, the saw does not tear the wood. However, in the long run the 0.325″ headsets blunt quickly.
  • 3/8 in. is the tooling for semi-professional and professional tools with a capacity of 4 l.с. Such chain can effortlessly cut through medium thickness trunks.
  • 404″. only for the Professional class saws with 5 or more horsepower.5 л.с. You can cut barrels of any thickness with this tool.
  • 3/4″ is a pretty rare size and designed for saws with especially powerful engines.

Some words on why you should not change your saw to a smaller or larger pitch in most cases. If you put a chain set with big tines on a small power saw the engine torque and power is not enough to pull it through the tree. a big chain will meet you a big resistance. That’s why the work will be unproductive and the tool can break down.

choose, chain, electric, best, inexpensive

You don’t want to put fine pitch chains on your heavy-duty pro saws either. Their motor is designed for larger and more aggressive tools, so the teeth will just slip through, barely touching the wood. The engine will run at nearly maximum speed because of the lack of resistance, and this will have a negative effect on its condition.

In everyday life, chains with a pitch of 0.325 in. Their performance is enough for most gardening work, they are also suitable for the construction of a country house. In addition, this headset has higher cutting accuracy. it is inversely proportional to the pitch. Another advantage of such chains is less likely to rebound the saw.

What is the best chain for a chainsaw?

Users of appliances with gasoline engines can buy products of the most famous brands. To answer the question of which chain for a chainsaw is better, you can only know what operating conditions will be when using the headset. VyborExperta recommends the best models, taking into account the scope and intensity of application:

  • STIHL 36120030050. for log and timber home fitting work;
  • Makita 531291656. the choice of utility workers;
  • Husqvarna C85. for felling, bucking;
  • Elitech. for country houses, gardening in the countryside
  • Husqvarna SP33G. the choice of a home handyman.

All models are worthy of users’ attention, but only the most reliable ones have earned the status of best-in-class tooling.

Rating of chainsaws

Electric chainsaws have a number of advantages compared to gasoline-powered tools. Electric appliances are plugged in, have higher performance, are lightweight, low-noise and economical.

The rating was based on electric chainsaw reviews and expert opinions. In the TOP equipment was selected according to the following parameters:

  • Power. This value affects the ability of the equipment to withstand heavy loads;
  • Locking system. Affects the safe operation of the appliance and protects against unexpected shutdowns;
  • Protection against heat. Disconnects from the mains at elevated temperature readings;
  • Soft-start option. When you turn it on the speed increases gradually, which increases the operating time of the equipment;
  • Chain tensioning adjustment. The safety properties of the tools depend on this value.

The tensioning mechanism and the reliability of the gearbox also play an important role in the selection of nominees.

How to tension the chain correctly on your electric chain saw

The procedure for installing a new chain has some peculiarities, depending on the type of tensioning on a particular tool.

On tools that have lateral tensioning, proceed as follows:

Chain Saw Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

  • Release the brake. This is achieved by pulling the safety bar toward you until you hear a click.
  • Relieve the tension. To do this, use a screwdriver to turn the tensioning screw so that the clamping nut is free to turn.
  • Lift the cover, under which the saw elements are located. To remove the chain, you must remove it from the sprocket guide bar (this also removes the guide bar). If this is not possible, the tensioning screw must be loosened further.
  • It is more convenient to start installing the new component from the top of the bar. It is put on top of the sprocket and then the bar can be inserted back in, guided by the guide.
  • The chain should be tensioned with the clamping screw so that there is only slight slack in the chain.
  • The wing nut is finally clamped after the guide bar cover has been reinstalled.

Sequence for installing a new chain on “quick tensioning” tools:

  • The first thing to do is to remove the saw from the brake.
  • Open the nut handle until it locks in place.
  • The purpose of the wing nut in these designs is not only to secure the shield, but also to clamp the guide bar. The nut should be turned counterclockwise.
  • After removing the chain guard from the sprocket, shift the bar in the opposite direction. This allows you to remove the old chain. The driven sprocket should be removed first.
  • When threading a new product, also start with the sprocket. At this stage it is important to understand the direction of installation: at the bottom of the bar its cutting edge must “look” into the body of the tool.
  • Tension can be adjusted by adjusting the guide bar.
  • After the sprocket cover is installed, the mounting nut should be tightened, but not clamped.
  • The wing nut is screwed in by hand at the very end of the procedure, following the idler wheel.

Best chainsaw chainmakers rated for 2022

Inexpensive models

Purchased by the owner of chain saws equipped with chains with a bar of 35 centimeters. Due to the hardening of the links has a long service life. There are 52 links, pitch 9.3 mm, groove width. 1.3 mm.

Quality Chinese product sold at a price of 399 per unit.

  • durability;
  • stable tension;
  • Minimal vibration level;
  • Special holes for the suspension on vertical surfaces;
  • Optimal combination of price and quality.

Manufactured in China. Manufacturer provides one year warranty. The element is equipped with a gasoline engine saw, the volume of which is 35 cm.cube. distinguished by elongated cutting edge of the tooth.


  • wear-resistant alloyed steel was used for making the tines;
  • special design reduces kickback force;
  • High cutting speed;
  • reliability;
  • the tines are chiseled;
  • long service life.

Not bad model from Chinese manufacturer suitable for both electric and gasoline saws. Guide bar 16 inches. Fifty-six 3/8-inch pitch chisel links are present.

  • durable consumable;
  • Repeated sharpening is possible;
  • efficient;
  • the set includes a package. a box;
  • universal;
  • inexpensive.

The product is made in China, but there are no complaints about the quality. Equipped with fifty links, operated in conjunction with a 35 centimeter long bar. Teeth with a scraper allow you to use the device in a professional activity, if you need to master a substantial amount of work in a short period of time. Link pitch is 9.3 mm, groove width is 1.3 mm.

Determine chain thickness

The chain thickness depends on the tire used. There are several standard sizes. 1.1 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.6 mm. For example, a 1.3 mm chain will not fit on a bar with a 1.1 mm groove and vice versa.

The thickness is easiest to measure with a caliper, although knowing the dimensions, the thickness can also be determined with a ruler.

In our photo the thickness of the chain is 1.3 mm. As a result, the characteristics of this chain will be as follows:

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Just quote them to the salesman and you won’t make a mistake. If you find the calculations difficult, then take the chain off and take it with you to the store and they will find a new chain according to the sample