How to choose a circular saw for wood

Cordless circular saws

Designed for use in places where it is difficult or impossible to connect to the power supply. For example, at a height during the repair or construction of roofs, summer cottages, where electricity has not yet been supplied. Modern models of circular saws are equipped with accumulators to ensure sufficient continuous operation of the tool. Sometimes two rechargeable batteries are used. Their charging time is minimal, in some models it is only 30 minutes. In terms of torque and power, cordless circular saws are just as good as their plug-in counterparts.

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Choosing a circular saw for your home

Circular saws are used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood, its derivatives (plywood, fiberboard, MDF, fiberboard, etc.), various types of plastic, slate, metal, organic glass, multilayer materials. The first 220V household circular saws were developed by AEG in the last century. Nowadays, this tool is a complex device with a large number of additional functions, which has become almost indispensable for carrying out all kinds of construction and repair work on a personal plot and at home. For example, to select a quarter of a board. Read more about cutting a quarter with a circular saw on

Metal circular saws

Versatile tools, allow you to cut profiles, sheets, pipes made of steel, non-ferrous metals and softer materials. Equipped with tungsten alloyed tool steel toothed disc. Powerful circular saws for metal can cut steel sheets up to 12 mm thick, pipes and profiles with a wall up to 4 mm.

Types of circular saws

Many types of circular saws are produced, which differ in design, power and other parameters.

Circular saws for woodworking

Circular saws for woodworking are best chosen with the ability to adjust the speed in the range from 50 to 90 m / s. With the help of such a circular saw, you can process wood of any species and quality. For woodworking, it is much more important to find the right scratch disk:

  • toothed disks with carbide taps are used for cutting across wood fibers, sawing multi-layer chipboard boards, processing hard wood;
  • discs with variable teeth and reduced cutting thickness are used for longitudinal cutting, when performing work that requires high precision. Not suitable for processing soft woods such as poplars;
  • universal discs have the widest range of applications, perfect for construction and repair in the country, in everyday life. Not suitable for cutting exotic woods.

Plunge-cut circular saws

Submersible circular saws are used for the manufacture of grooves, slots, grooves. The toothed disk of circular saws of this class is located below the base plate, there is no lower part of the protective cover, which allows you to cut in any place, at different angles. Plunge-cut circular saws are more convenient for repairing floors, roofs, working with multi-layer materials. In the latter case, cutting is done in two passes, which avoids chipping. The design of the tools makes it possible to adjust the cutting depth with an accuracy of 1 mm.

The main parameters for choosing circular saws

The main parameter to consider when choosing is the diameter of the cutting blade. The larger it is, the more powerful the engine should be, the more complex the stabilization system, the larger and more massive the tool itself, the thicker the part it can cut. When sawing thick workpieces, it is not necessary for the toothed disk to pass through it, cutting can be carried out from both sides.

Another important characteristic is the maximum cutting depth (for beveled and perpendicular edges). She, as a rule, is indicated in the passport data of the circular saw. According to this parameter, tools are divided into the following classes:

  • household (used mainly in working with sheet materials). 40-50 mm;
  • universal (suitable for the whole range of works). 50-60 mm;
  • professional. 65-140 mm.

It is necessary to take into account the mass and maneuverability of the circular saw, the more its weight, the less maneuverability.

How to Choose the Right Circular Saw Blade

Also, circular saws are distinguished by their power output:

  • household. up to 800 W;
  • universal. from 800 to 1200 W;
  • professional. above 1200 W.

It should be noted that the classification according to the given parameters is conditional. Each manufacturer has its own classification.

Pay attention to the rotational speed of the disk. This characteristic affects the cleanliness of the cut. In addition, the higher the speed, the greater the heating. High speed models are not suitable for fusible materials. It is more advisable to choose hand-held circular saws with adjustable rotation speed.

Electronic and mechanical systems that enhance productivity and safety are also important features of the tool. Constant electronics, for example, stabilize the rotational speed of the toothed disk. When working with a circular saw equipped with this system, jamming of the blade is practically excluded, the cut quality is much higher. Adjusting the idle speed allows you to manually select parameters for working with materials with different characteristics.

The presence of a smooth descent and an overload protection system protects the circular saw from damage to the mechanical part (gearbox) and the electric motor. Electrodynamic brake, which abruptly stops the toothed disc, protects the tool from kickback, the operator from injury, the workpiece from damage.

A jammed rig can result in kickback and damage to the motor. It is better to choose a hand-held circular saw equipped with a slip clutch. When this system is triggered, the working shaft will continue to rotate if the disc is jammed.

Many parameters of a circular saw depend on its support platform. It contains fasteners for accessories and mechanical adjustments. The base plates of higher quality hand-held circular saws are made from cast aluminum alloys. Also, professional tool platforms are often made of steel by stamping. Such plates are more resistant to shock loads.

The cutting angle is adjusted by changing the position of the platform relative to the disc. Some models allow cutting angles from 30 ° to 50 °. When buying a hand-held circular saw, it is recommended to pay attention to the reliability, accuracy of fixing the adjusting knobs. Backlash should be absent.

Quality tools, especially heavy circular saws, must be stationary. Thus, a machine is created without a special table.

There should be a slot on the bottom of the tool to control the mowing line for cutting, a groove for the guide bar, with the help of which the straightness of the cut is achieved. Some models of circular saws are equipped with laser pointers, when working, you just need to combine it with the line of the marking.

The ergonomics of the instrument are very important. Most people prefer circular saws with a mushroom front handle that is easy to hold in any position. The handles should be rubberized to help control and hold the tool securely. Some firms produce models for left-handers. The handles of such circulars are mirrored. Before buying, it is better to hold a circular saw, evaluate the viewing area, convenience when working in different positions.

You should also pay attention to the removal of sawdust from the working area. In most models of circular saws, this is done by blowing the cutting area away from the operator. There are circular saws with the ability to connect an industrial pump and a container for collecting sawdust.

It is more expedient to choose a tool with a rear location of the supply cable, equipped with a rigid protective sleeve, since it is easy to cut it through carelessness.

Depending on the proposed work, their duration and the individual characteristics of the operator, you can select the right tool In most cases, a universal circular saw of medium power with an adjustable speed is sufficient for a summer cottage and at home.

Read more about the choice of circular saws for the home on

Equipment parameters

One of the main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing an electric type hand-held circular saw for wood is the number of revolutions. It would be more correct to choose equipment with the ability to control this indicator. This function will allow you to produce a better cut with an optimal level of load on the equipment.

Circular circular saws must have the protective functions of the electronics. This will help protect both the equipment and the operator in case of emergency situations at work. A blocking of accidental launch must be present.

It will not be superfluous to evaluate the appearance of the equipment upon purchase. It is very convenient to use an additional handle. The material of the product itself must be strong, capable of withstanding loads and mechanical stress.

Depending on the price, circular saws for wood are distinguished by the cleanliness of the assembly. Balance should be comfortable and the handles should not slip. This will allow you to firmly hold the technique in your hands.

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Types of equipment by functionality

There are several main types of circular saws.

Mini-circular saw is the first type of the presented tool. This is a portable equipment equipped with an electric motor. It is a handy tool for small and medium-sized jobs.

The fixed type circular hand saw for wood has a support. The saw is located on it. Unlike a mini circular saw, the engine of such equipment is located under the support and is started from a stationary network using a cord.

The third type of tool is represented by accumulator circulators. This is a fairly common type of equipment.

Another variation is the miter saw. It has a simple design with a handle with a start button, an operating unit and a saw blade.

Details of

The electric circular saw for wood involves cutting both in a flat plane and at an angle. For this, support plates and pins are used. An eccentric system is attached to them. The pin allows the equipment to be held at an angle of typically 45˚. There are models that allow you to set a slope of 60˚. The tilt is made only to the right. The left is usually the engine.

It is possible to set the level of immersion of the saw in the material. The mechanism fixes the equipment on a fixed axis. It is located in front of the support.

One of the most popular devices is the protective cover. Above, the protection is mobile, and below. fixed. Sawdust can be removed from the latter with a vacuum cleaner.

The wire must be protected by strong rubber insulation. Use batteries only when necessary, such as equipment such as mini circular saws.

Saws “Interskol

The Russian company “Interskol” has proved itself well in the market of equipment for sawing wood. This is one of the most famous domestic manufacturers, whose products are distributed not only in our country, but also abroad. The relatively low price of the equipment (about 3000 rubles) makes it attractive to consumers.

Among the advantages that the Interskol circular saw for wood is endowed with is durability, good ergonomics of the models, as well as the quality of the actions performed with its help.

A wide range of equipment parameters (cutting depth, power and functionality) will help you choose a tool for a variety of needs in wood cutting.

The existing additional functions of the circular saws of the presented company will make it possible to give comfort when handling this technique.

What is a circular saw for wood?

To choose the right circular saw for wood, you should start with its essence. This tool is a cross between a simple electronic jigsaw and a chainsaw that can cut thick tree trunks.

The equipment is intended for use both at work by professionals and at home. The cuts are accurate and fast. mowing line using the presented technique is straight and can be produced in wood of various thicknesses.

Circular saws can cut wood in a variety of configurations. This equipment can cut various decorative elements on the material, but the operating time will be longer than that of a low-power jigsaw.

Comparing the work of the presented technique with the principle of operation of the chainsaw, it should be noted that the circulation is more accurate. powerful equipment is designed for coarse sawing. With a circular saw, you can make neat cuts.

Saws Bosch

The equipment for sawing wood of the presented company is produced for both home and professional use. Its cost is slightly higher than that of domestic counterparts and is about 4500 rubles.

It should also be noted that there is a blockage when the engine is overloaded, which can sometimes save equipment from breakdowns. Controls the functions of the electronics system.

This is one of the most famous companies. The quality of its products is widely known in our country and around the world. Therefore, the durability and quality of work on this tool can be guaranteed.

Sharpening discs

Working with blunt knives is hard enough and the engine is heavily stressed. Therefore, over time, it will be necessary to sharpen a circular saw for wood.

Initially, the teeth are bred using a special tool. Sharpening a circular saw for wood is carried out initially from the back surface of the teeth, and then the front row is processed.

The beginning of the work to be performed must be marked with a marker. Each tooth should be sharpened the same number of times and with the same effort as the first tooth.

How to Choose a Circular Saw | Ask This Old House

After the performed manipulations, the disc must be checked. A trial cut is in progress. If there is extraneous noise, uneven feed of the bar, this is a sign of non-uniformity of the teeth in height. This can be verified by holding the marker up to the cutting surface. After turning the knife, you need to inspect it and identify irregularities in sharpening.

How to choose a circular saw for wood? Shopping tips and tricks

Of course, not everyone begins to look for a competent approach to how to choose a circular saw for wood. For example, to a city dweller who goes out on a picnic a couple of times a year, she is somehow unnecessary, unless he is a professional carpenter (and they know exactly what to focus on when making such a purchase).

However, if you have at least a small summer cottage, the circular becomes an extremely necessary and cost-effective thing. There, to patch up the fence, to repair the veranda here, and to fix the floor here. there will certainly be a case. The hacksaw, no doubt, has not been canceled. However, it is just enough for only one-time tasks (and most of them will certainly find it in the closets). Those who have a country house will have to work with a hand saw all weekend, if they do not attend to more modern and sophisticated tools.

How to choose a circular saw for wood, we will consider in our today’s article from different positions and tell you what you need to pay close attention to when buying.

It shows how hard you have to try when processing the material, and what categories of it you will be able to work with. The depth of cut is determined primarily by the diameter of the discs mounted on the saw. If you need a circular saw to solve mainly domestic problems, stop on a saw with a depth of 50-65 mm. With most of the tasks that construction or renovation will put before you, you can do it. And the tool itself is not too heavy, does not give recoil and has good maneuverability, which is fundamentally important for many types of work.

If you have to cut logs, and a lot, you will have to think about a circular saw with a cut of 100-130 mm. With such work, it will go much faster, but its mass is weighty, at least 10 kilos. So it is wiser to take a circular model that can be installed permanently.

If you like a 40 mm saw, you can use that too. Such a tool is mainly used for processing thin lumber, however, if necessary, it will cope with thick, albeit in 2 approaches, from 2 sides.

It depends on it, as well as on the diameter of the disc, how deep the saw will go into the tree. The second thing that power affects is the speed of work. All circulars can be divided into 3 categories:

  • low-power, only up to 800 W;
  • medium, whose power ranges from 800 to 1200 W;
  • high-power, with indicators exceeding this figure.

Household, non-professional circular saws belong to the first 2 groups. Among them, preference should be given to models that have a power reserve. Weak circulars are designed to work only with thin lumber, and with small volumes.

The power characteristics include the rotational speed of the disk. Theoretically, it is better to take a high-speed one: it will cope with even the hardest types of wood. However, there is some contradiction here. The higher the RPM, the stronger the electrical consumption. Pay the bills to you, so it’s up to you how fast the device comes in handy on your farm.

In working order, the circular saw rests on the sole. It is performed in 2 versions:

  • cast, which is a monolithic base. It is considered stronger and more durable. and, most likely, we agree with this opinion. However, a circular shoe with such a sole is, firstly, a little heavier, and secondly, it costs much more;
  • stamped. May be considered even more preferable if you do not plan to install the saw permanently. And that it is more economical when buying, that’s for sure. In addition, stamping is more resistant to mechanical stress and does not burst even with strong impacts.

In some cases, it is worth paying a little extra to make it easier and more convenient to work.
So, if you have to process material of different thickness and hardness, you should choose a circular saw, which has a speed controller. With its help, you can adjust the instrument to your current needs.

Those who wish to communicate with the saw as long as possible should inquire about circular models with a soft start function. It will not allow voltage surges in the motor, smooth out similar ones with drops in the network, will not allow the engine to overheat, and will additionally fix the spindle.

If you need to cut at different angles, you need to ask about the circular, which has the ability to change it.

The sawdust removal method can be used in different ways. The simplest. and not the most successful. blowing away from the saw operator.

It is more convenient to work with models that are equipped with a container or are connected through a branch pipe to a sawdust bag. And already from personal experience. Take a circular, in which the handle is not in a plastic case, but has a rubberized insert on top. It may seem that this is not the most important thing in how to choose a circular saw for wood. but only before the first work. Hands sweat and slide on the plastic, and the brush quickly gets tired from trying to hold the tool.

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What will the “circular” saw

“Circular” is used for longitudinal and transverse sawing of wood products and materials (chipboard, OSB, MDF). If you use special discs and aggregate settings, you can cut laminate, plexiglass, sandwich panels and slate boards. Any kind of sheet materials “circular” on the teeth.

However, there are also disadvantages. The saw can only cut along straight lines, it holds them perfectly, but the curve is beyond its strength. There are restrictions on sawing bricks, concrete slabs, plaster and other high density materials. Although you can try to find a model that comes with a diamond disc and a water supply system.

Types of circular saws

Traditional electric manual “circulars”. The most common models. They work from an outlet, are convenient and easy to use. They have different power, sizes, designs and specifications. There are universal units that are capable of working both in wood and metal. In the photo further.

Stationary saws. used in woodworking enterprises, not suitable for home use, since they have large dimensions.

Table pits. can be used in everyday life, their weight is about 80 kg, and the power is only 10-30% lower than stationary ones. Plants are mobile and compact.

The cordless saw is a new addition to the power tool market. The main advantage is that such saws can work without electricity for a fairly long time, and it will take no more than half an hour to recharge. An excellent solution for roof installation and other works at height.

Submersible “circular”. Its peculiarity is the ability to “immerse” in the processed material in any necessary place. A distinctive feature: the complete absence of the lower auto-housing, the location of the disc above the support plate, lowering after pressing the “start”. The cutting depth can be adjusted with millimeter precision. Used to create openings, cracks, gutters, grooves, selective replacement of floor boards, etc.

How to choose a “circular

How to choose a circular saw for wood? First, think over for what purposes it will be used. Based on this, you should pay attention to such parameters.

Sawing depth. For summer cottage and apartment construction work, a saw with a capacity of 5.5-6.0 cm will be quite enough.It will easily cut any wood used in house renovation.

Torque. The more often the disc rotates, the denser the material it will be able to cut, but, of course, the energy consumption will be high.

“Soft start” system. Will help to protect the “circular” from power surges in the network, protect the engine from overheating.

Base plate. All mechanical adjustment and fastening for additional elements are located on it. A platform made of cast light metal alloys is considered to be of better quality. It retains its geometry perfectly, therefore it is considered a hallmark of the professional class of saws. But a platform made of thick stamped steel is no worse. it can withstand heavy mechanical loads, does not crack from impacts, does not deform, and the unit itself with such a platform will cost less. The advantages of the new generation of circulars are the presence of a laser pointer that controls the line in front of the platform.

Adjusting the slope of the cut. The cut at the required angle is made by changing the position of the support platform relative to the surface and the disk. As a rule, the tilt can be set at an angle of 30, 45, 50, 55 degrees. Nearby is a device that determines the cutting depth. If the tilt adjustment system is of good quality, it will not have backlash.

The shape of the handles. The front handle can be straight, perpendicular to the material being cut, or mushroom-shaped. Most often, the perpendicular is preferred, although it all depends on habit and physical data. It is better to choose rubberized models from the handle cover, they make it possible to control the “circular” as accurately as possible.

How to choose a circular saw for wood

A circular saw is an indispensable tool if you need to frequently saw wood, laminate or plastic. But there are many types of “circulars” and, in order not to be mistaken with the choice, you need to know the capabilities of the unit and its purpose.

Circular classifications

Cutting depth:

  • 4-5 cm. suitable for household needs, cut sheet materials;
  • 5-6.5 cm. universal saws, perform the main part of all the necessary work;
  • 6.5-14 cm. installations for professional work.
  • 800 W. for household use;
  • 800 W. 1.2 kW. universal saws;
  • Above 1.2 kW. devices for professional work.

Safety and ergonomics

Although modern circular saws have special waste bags in their design, it will be more correct to work with glasses.

The saw must be equipped with an automatic guard, a riving knife, which protects the blade from being squeezed by already cut materials.

It is important to assess the visibility of the cutting site; this parameter differs significantly for different models. There must be a system for blowing the cutting site, which will remove sawdust.

It is better to choose a saw with a rear cable arrangement and a rigid sleeve. Length. up to 4 meters.

On machine tools, the electric motor has a part that will need to be changed periodically. brushes. Choose a model where quick access to them is possible, which means there will be no need to contact the service center, and there is an indicator of brush wear. the end of the shelf life will not become a surprise.

Before buying, you need to start the saw and evaluate the degree of its noise and vibration.

Equipment types by capacity

There are three types of equipment:

  • Devices with an engine power of 800-1200 watts (they are the cheapest, used at home). They can be used to make an incision 45 millimeters thick. Discs are used here, the diameter of which can reach 160 millimeters.
  • The 1800 Watt power tools are semi-professional. They have knives with diameters ranging from 190 to 200 millimeters. The cut will be 60 millimeters deep.
  • Saws with engine power over 2000 watts. They cost the most, they are professional devices. The discs have a diameter of 190-350 millimeters. They are mainly attached to the workbench.

Varieties depending on the functions performed

There are several types of circular saws with a disc:

  • The mini saw is a portable, electric powered tool that is convenient for small to medium-sized jobs.
  • The fixed device is equipped with a support, under which there is a motor, started by a cord from a fixed mains.
  • Battery-powered equipment (the most popular type of device).
  • Miter saw with a simple design and a handle with a power button, a working unit, a saw blade.

Types of saw blades for wood

There are several types of discs: for wood and other similar materials; for metal. To cut trees, the discs must have tines angled in the direction of travel. The accuracy and accuracy of the cut depends on their number.

For example, a tool for sawing boards and fibreboard should have a 100-tooth knife. To cut a tree with a large number of knots, you need a reinforced blade with 24 cutting edges.

The knife is marked with two numbers:

  • its own diameter;
  • landing rod diameter.

It is unacceptable to use a disc with an indicator that is less than that provided by the tool. Otherwise, a space will appear between the element and the casing, into which a hand can fall.

How to sharpen a knife. It is difficult to use equipment with a dull knife. And in this case, the engine will be subjected to a greater load. Because of this, it is necessary to carry out the sharpening procedure in a timely manner.

First, the teeth must be parted with a special tool. Sharpening is first performed from the back surface of the teeth, and then they move to the front row. The beginning of the procedure is marked with a marker. Each tooth must be sharpened the same number of times and with the same force as the very first.

After completing the process, the disc must be checked, that is, a test sawing must be performed. In the case of abnormal noise or uneven bar feed, you can be sure that the teeth are not uniform in height.

This is verified by bringing the marker to the cutting surface. When the disc is turned, it is required to inspect it and determine which inhomogeneities are present in the sharpening.

How to choose an electric circular saw for wood

A circular saw for wood is called in another way circulating and is a kind of intermediate option between an electronic forehead and a chainsaw. This tool can cut through thick layers of wood. Both a professional and a home craftsman will be able to use this equipment. The cut will turn out to be more accurate, accurate and faster than using a chainsaw.

  • How the instrument works
  • Characteristics
  • Varieties depending on the functions performed
  • Components
  • Equipment types by capacity
  • Types of saw blades for wood
  • The opinion of professionals
  • Equipment from popular manufacturers
  • Auxiliary functionality of the technique
  • With this device, you can cut wood of different thicknesses in different configurations. For example, different decorative elements can be cut, but the work will take a little longer compared to the work of a jigsaw.

    How the instrument works

    An electric circular saw for wood consists of several elements. The electric motor is its main part. A saw blade is fixed on the shaft of this element. Experts say that the most commonly used is a synchronous brushed motor.

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    He has special brushes that wear out over time. If these parts are not replaced in time, the electric motor will fail. Because of this, when choosing circulation equipment, it is better to give preference to a mechanism where the motor turns off automatically.

    The efficiency of the apparatus is determined by the power of the engine. The larger it is, the thicker the boards can be. Power also affects the following parameters:

    • the diameter of the knives used in the tool;
    • device weight;
    • cost of equipment.

    All this must be considered when buying.


    The main characteristic that must be taken into account when choosing an electric circular hand saw for wood is the number of revolutions. The best option would be a device where this characteristic can be controlled. This will make it possible to perform high-quality sawing with an optimal load on the device.

    The circular saw must have protective functions of the electronics, so that in the event of an accident, both the device and the master are protected. Blocking of accidental activation must also be mandatory.

    The appearance of the product also matters. An additional handle will provide convenience when working. The product must be made of strong material to withstand stress and mechanical stress. Balancing should be comfortable, hands should not slip, so that the technique can be firmly held by a person.

    The opinion of professionals

    When the question arises: “How to choose a circular saw for wood?”, Then you can listen to the opinion of professionals. They are sure that the quality of the equipment is in direct proportion to the popularity of the manufacturer and the price of the device.

    Products that are made in China and are inexpensive reduce the quality of work and also lead to accidents. It is recommended to buy saws from well-known manufacturers (for example, Bosch), they are more expensive, but this is justified.

    Domestic equipment, the cost of which is lower than similar foreign-made devices, is produced by reliable manufacturers, for example, the Interskol company.

    Proven manufacturers guarantee the quality and reliability of their products. Unknown companies that produce cheap equipment are not able to ensure its durability. And the use of such devices can lead to injury.


    With this tool, you can perform work both on a flat plane and at an angle. For this purpose, the device is equipped with a support plate and pins. An eccentric system is attached to them.

    The pin can hold the device at an angle of 45 degrees (in some models. 60 degrees), and to the right side, since the electric motor is mainly located on the left side.

    You can set the level of immersion of the device in the wood. A mechanism located in front of the support fixes the device on an axis that does not move.

    The protective cover is the most famous element. The upper part of the guard moves, but the lower part does not. From the protection located at the bottom, sawdust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

    Durable rubber insulation protects the wire. And the battery should be used only when it is necessary, for example, when using a mini-saw.

    Skil 5740 CA series

    The power is slightly higher. 0.7 kW at 4,300 rpm. The same blades are suitable for such a saw as for “Bosch”. According to sales statistics, one of the most purchased household models.


    Saw blade selection criteria

    We will consider all the positions by which a circular saw should be judged on wood, and we will help you make the right choice of tool.

    Models of self-powered circular saws (from batteries) are also available for sale, but they have a limited scope and differ little in efficiency from a high-quality electric / jigsaw. Therefore, it is hardly worth dwelling on them.

    Technical support of the product

    Many people forget about this, although you always need to prepare for the worst. After all, everything ever fails, and a circular saw is no exception. What is necessary to clarify?

    • Location (address, contact numbers) of the nearest service center that deals, among other things, with such models. Is he an official representative of the saw blade manufacturer? Otherwise, the repair will be delayed, and its cost will be tangible. The reason is that firms that have no connection with the manufacturer buy spare parts on the market or via the Internet, which affects the final price of the part. In addition, there will be difficulties with the guarantee. On the spot, no one will diagnose and eliminate the malfunction. You will have to send the product and wait for the result, sometimes for several months.
    • Is it possible to find accessories for a circular saw of this model in this locality in order to repair it yourself (in the post-warranty period), or will there also be problems with this. That is, to assess its maintainability.

    All such nuances should be clarified immediately, even before buying. Otherwise, there is a risk of being left alone with your problem in the future.

    Platform execution

    “Stamping” is less reliable, which is why such circular saws are cheaper. Cast platforms. almost all models of professional tools and some of the household class.

    An additional plus is the presence of markings along the edge of the slab. This greatly simplifies the cutting of a tree when the utmost precision is important.


    Circular saws are equipped with asynchronous and collector types of devices. What is the difference if any of the types provides the functionality specified by the manufacturer?

    Brush motor. brushes wear out over time. If a circular saw is purchased not for intensive use, but for household work (for example, building a house), then it does not matter much which model to choose depending on this parameter. Professional use assumes constant work with the circular. Therefore, you will have to think about where to look for spare current collectors. And if they are included in the kit, then calculate how long it will be possible to do with such a stock. But the fact that this engine needs periodic maintenance is unambiguous.

    Asynchronous model. such devices do not require To, are designed for a long operational period and operate absolutely silently. But you have to pay for everything. Circular saws with such motors are more expensive than collector analogues. As a rule, it is mainly a professional tool.

    How to choose a reliable circular saw for wood for home and garden. an overview of all parameters and tips

    Anyone who constantly deals with cutting wood knows perfectly well that the choice of tool depends not least of all on the dimensions of the workpiece that has to be cut. If we are talking about massive logs, then a complete replacement for a chainsaw cannot be found. When working with slabs, panels and plywood, the jigsaw becomes an indispensable assistant. But what if in practice there are different samples of wood?

    In this regard, a circular saw for wood is truly universal, and in most cases it is able to cope with the work for which the above tools are intended. The main thing is to choose the optimal circular saw model. How to evaluate all its capabilities and what to clarify. the topic of the article.

    People who have to deal with such a tool for the first time often confuse a circular saw (the more common name in everyday life is a circular saw) and a miter saw. These are slightly different tools, although they are designed for sawing wood and a number of other materials with a relatively soft structure. Learn more about the miter saw here.

    Additional options

    This is not for everybody; it is enough just to indicate the most common “services”. Manufacturers are constantly improving something, so the availability of certain functions will have to be clarified in relation to the selected circular saw model.

    • Speed ​​control. automatic or manual. This function is extremely necessary if you have to work with different materials, differing in structure and density.
    • Smooth start. This function increases the operating life of the disks, and in terms of safety, it will not be superfluous.
    • Abrupt braking. For example, if the working tool “jams”, the engine will not overheat.
    • Laser ray. He makes the markings by tracing a cut line on the surface of the tree. This makes it possible to timely correct the direction of movement and improve the quality of cutting the workpiece.
    • Backlight. It will be needed when working with wood in dimly lit rooms or in the evening, early in the morning, when visibility is insufficient.
    • Dust removal system. If the set includes containers (bags), then where to look for them when everything will be used up? The question is far from idle. It is advisable to choose saws that can be connected to an external device through adapters. As a rule, a household vacuum cleaner is used in conjunction with a circular. Do they “fit” or not?

    The list is far from complete, but it is already clear what you should pay attention to.

    Types of protective circuits

    Each circular saw model has its own systems. The most important are:

    • protection against unintentional start;
    • automatic shutdown. For all saws. in case the disc is “clamped” while working with a tree. This often happens when cutting hard rocks, as well as workpieces with internal cracks. If the engine is collector, then with extreme wear of the brushes, the device itself will not suffer.