How To Choose A Circular Saw For Wood

Choosing a circular saw for your home
Choosing a circular saw for your home Circular (circular) saws are used for longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood, its derivatives (plywood, fiberboard, MDF, fiberboard, etc.), various types of plastic, slate,

Metal circular saws

Versatile tools allow cutting profiles, sheets, pipes made of steel, non-ferrous metals and softer materials. Equipped with a tungsten alloyed tool steel toothed disc. Powerful circular saws for metal are able to cut steel sheets up to 12 mm thick, pipes and profiles with a wall up to 4 mm.

how to choose a circular saw for wood

Plunge-cut circular saws

Submersible circular saws are used for the manufacture of grooves, slots, grooves. The toothed disk of circular saws of this class is located below the base plate, there is no lower part of the protective cover, which allows you to cut in anywhere, at different angles. Plunge-cut circular saws are more convenient for repairing floors, roofs, working with multi-layer materials. In the latter case, cutting is done in two passes, which avoids chipping. The design of the tools makes it possible to adjust the cutting depth with an accuracy of 1 mm.

Types of circular saws

Many types of circular saws are produced, which differ in design, power and other parameters.

Dust removal system and blowing off sawdust from the marking.

Despite the fact that the blade moves up and down from the working one, the flow created by it is not enough to remove the generated sawing waste, which obscures the visibility of the drawn mowing line.
The best circular saws have an integrated chip removal system. Air drawn in by the impeller of the rotor passes through slots in the interior of the casing and increases the flow from the rotating tool.
A dust bag can be fitted on a number of models, but most have a vacuum cleaner connection.

Cordless circular saw Yato YT-82811 (without battery)

How to choose the best hand held circular saw. Service center tips.

How can you perform a seemingly simple task, carefully sawing fence boards?
Hand hacksaw very long.An angle grinder with a saw blade installed can cut fairly quickly, but this is dangerous for the user (the fibrous, uneven structure of the wood is often the reason for the sander being pulled out of the hands). And keeping a straight cut with a tool that produces 11,000 rpm is not easy.A jigsaw is the best solution for curved cuts, but for clear and fast straight cuts, which most often have to be done when processing wood, it is inconvenient.

For cutting in a straight line, it does not matter along or across the grain, parallel to the edge or at an angle to it, a hand-held circular saw for wood was created. It is used on construction sites, for standard carpentry work, when installing furniture and installing roofs. And the models, with the ability, when turning over, to install on the handle and the upper casing (inverted circular circular saws) are popular with field craftsmen and home craftsmen.

Stationary and table circular saws

Such machines will be useful to those who have a small workshop and are quite often engaged in the manufacture of various molded wooden products: planed and grooved boards, lining. Sometimes such machines, in addition to a circular saw, also have a shaft for planing wood, which makes it possible to obtain products of a sufficiently high processing purity at the output.

And making such a machine with your own hands is not so difficult. Often the cost is less than buying a factory-made hand-held circular saw.

But the functionality of the latter is higher in many cases. Optimum will be engine power indicators of 1.5. 3 kW and a disk rotation speed of 2. 4 thousand / rev.

Circular Saw from Angle Grinder and Drill

There are also industrial models of machines for an angle grinder, which turn it into a miter saw not only for wood, but also for metal.

Yes, and making such a device yourself is not at all difficult if you have the skills of a welder.

Although the same structure can be made of wood.

It is even easier to make a stationary circular saw out of an angle grinder. To do this, it is enough to securely fix it on the bed, and remove the disk through the slot in the working table.

The biggest drawback of this design is its low security in terms of safety, which, however, does not affect performance. It remains to add that for such purposes it is better to select an angle grinder with adjustable speed.

An electric drill can also function as a circular saw for wood. To do this, you will need to grind an adapter for attaching the working tool itself and securely fix it on the bed.

For manual modifications of circular saws for wood, there are special attachments for drills.

Simpler. Direct action:

And more difficult. With an angular gear:

The first one is available in our farm, so we can say that with its help it is possible to perform more than 90% of all types of work for which the most common hand-held circular saw, called the Makita, is intended.

How to choose a circular saw. Circular for wood for home and country use

And more confidently, manual electric tools are replacing their mechanical relatives in our home workshops. One of the first such replacements is the replacement of a hacksaw, a bow or two-handed circular electric saw. It is also often called circular (circular). In order not to get confused, let’s just make a reservation: circular. From the word compass, which means. Round, disc. The working tool in such saws is a disc: toothed, with different configurations of teeth, with or without victorious soldering, with diamond coating for cutting ceramics and concrete, abrasive. For cutting metals and grinding, and sometimes felt. For grinding.

When choosing a circular saw for wood, you should consider its versatility. But it is also important to keep in mind that some of its varieties are specific to use, and some other tools can successfully fulfill its role.