How to choose a cordless drill electric screwdriver drill electric screwdriver

What is a cordless electric drill?

This tool combines the properties of a drill, which drills holes of different diameters in various surfaces, and an electric screwdriver, with which screws, screws and so on are screwed in and out. The cordless electric drill is used for assembling structures. Rechargeable means that the tool is independent of the socket and is cordless.

Cordless drill-electric screwdriver. rating

Rating of cordless screwdrivers with a price of up to 75. The best budget models:

choose, cordless, drill, electric, screwdriver
  • BORT BAB-14UX2LI-FDK. Estimated price 35. Two lithium-ion batteries, 1 hour charging, 4-5 hours running. Speed ​​and direction control, engine braking for safety, 1350 rpm, 30 Nm. Disadvantage. the hum of the power supply when connected to the network.
  • VORTEX DA-18L-2K. Approximately 3800 RUB The ability to change the number of revolutions to conserve charge. Good charging indicators, useful backlighting, good equipment. 1250 rpm, 28 Nm. Heavy. 2.2 kg.
  • PATRIOT BR 201LI. Approximately 58. Excellent 2 Ah capacity and 20 V high voltage, fast charging, good backlighting and anti-start-up fuse, 1350 rpm, 29 Nm.

Rating of professional cordless drills screwdrivers:

  • Drill electric screwdriver Bosch GSR 180-LI 1.5AH X2 CASE. Average 122. Drills holes up to 35 mm in diameter in wood and up to 10 mm in metal. 54 Nm. Two speeds. Ideal as an electric screwdriver.
  • AEG BS 18G2 LI-152C. Average price 153.50 Nm. Excellent ergonomics. Keyless chuck, spot light, torque adjustment, aggressive design. Disadvantage. weight 1.8 kg.
  • DeWALT DCD791D2. Approximately 283. High-frequency 2000 rpm, 70 Nm, light. 1.5 kg. The ability to change the speed and direction of rotation. Brushless motor, extended life.

Cordless electric screwdriver device

The average electric drill electric screwdriver consists of:

  • handles;
  • clamping chuck;
  • torque limiter;
  • speed range switch;
  • reverse switch;
  • LED backlight;
  • trigger switch;
  • bit fixing racks;
  • battery.

Functions of the cordless electric screwdriver

The areas of application of the cordless electric screwdriver drill are diverse:

  • twisting and unscrewing fasteners;
  • drilling holes;
  • assembly and disassembly of furniture;
  • threading.

It is important to understand that you can do not only the actions laid down by the manufacturer with an electric screwdriver, but also those works in which its functionality would be useful, for example, mixing liquids, paints, glue, various putties, twisting things at different speeds, processing parts in the field of art, handicraft or cooking in culinary.

Cordless drill electric screwdriver. what it is, device, main characteristics and functions

Previously, all construction tools were plugged into an outlet. With the increase in the power of the produced batteries, a large layer of self-contained hand tools appeared. Convenient is the cordless electric drill, which is available on the market in the range.

How to choose a cordless electric drill?

When choosing a cordless electric drill, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Capacity. For home use. 1.2-1.5 A / h, in the case of professional use, higher parameters are needed.
  • Supply voltage. The higher, the easier it is to drill holes and tighten fasteners. A good cordless electric screwdriver for household work has 12-14 V.
  • Rotation speed and maximum number of revolutions. Determines the ability and speed of drilling and tightening fasteners of various diameters. Household 1200-1500 rpm.
  • Torque. Describes how hard materials and large diameters a cordless drill an electric screwdriver can handle.
  • Cartridge. Simple and reliable. single sleeve.
  • Additional options and details. Second handle, angle attachment, spare battery, punch function, extended tool kit.

Electric drill. characteristics

The cordless version of the electric screwdriver drill has the following characteristics:

  • Torque. For household work. 20-30 Nm, semi-professional. 50-70 Nm, professional from 80 Nm and above.
  • Spindle speed. For tightening fasteners. 400-600 rpm, drilling. from 1000 rpm.
  • Battery characteristics. Affects what kind of drill an electric screwdriver has power and how long it takes without recharging.
  • Additional functions. Reverse, backlight, shock function, pulse mode, charge indicator, spindle lock, coast brake and more.

Cordless Drill WOSAI Screwdriver

New cordless electric drill with and without Metabo Quick.

The BS 18 LTX BL I cordless drill / driver, 18 V, which is available with and without Metabo Quick for quick tool change without the need for additional tools, provides maximum performance for very demanding tasks. Thanks to the anti-kickback function, there is no kickback of the machine when the tool is locked. The unique brushless motor guarantees fast and efficient operation. Thanks to the optimized ergonomics of the handle, the cordless tool is perfectly balanced. New cordless tools include cordless impact drills.

in every application thanks to the unique brushless motor

thanks to the optimal ergonomics of the handles

Fast tool change without additional tools thanks to the Metabo Quick system

thanks to anti-kickback function

in every application thanks to the unique brushless motor

thanks to the optimal ergonomics of the handles

Quick tool change without the need for additional tools thanks to the Metabo Quick system

thanks to anti-kickback function

Intelligent details for drilling and screwdriving

Cordless drills with Quick-system are ideal for frequent changes of drilling and screwdriving processes. The drill chuck with drill can be exchanged for a tool holder with an accessory within a few seconds. Without using a tool. It couldn’t be faster. When unscrewing jammed screws or when drilling on smooth surfaces, the pulse function, which is standard on all LTX screwdrivers, will help. In very severe cases, we recommend the use of a cordless electric drill with a brushless motor, but if the speed of drilling and screwing is important, then a cordless screwdriver with a 4-pole motor should be used.

From portable to high power. Metabo drills for every application

Would you like to drill without using a cable and screw independently from the network? No problems. The Metabo cordless electric screwdriver is available with a battery voltage of 10.8 V to 18 V. The small and light 10.8 V PowerMaxx BS cordless electric screwdriver with its extremely small dimensions is best suited for drilling and screwdriving with small hole and screw diameters. For more power, our 18 V 2-speed screwdrivers are suitable. They are divided into 3 power classes: L, LT and LTX. The LTX Drill Drivers are designed for tough jobs in tough conditions. A wide range of applications is inherent in the BS 18 LTX-3 BL I and BS 18 LTX-3 BL Q I brushless 3-speed power packages with Quick-system. They have a particularly wide speed range and a high torque of 120 Nm for high power for screwdriving and various drilling in metal and wood.

Safety is important to us.

No kickback of the machine when the tool is locked

Vibiraєmo type of living

Whether a tool can be used as an electric net, a battery, or for additional pneumatics.

When robotic from an electrical grid, the tension of the annex is surrounded by only the possibility of wiring. Vibrating model with living from the hedge, to brutalize respect for the old one: do not let the new one get the maximum amount of food, garnish the insolation and strengthen the entrance to the building, but it didn’t break in the future.

Pneumatics (stisnene povitrya) zvvychay vikoristovutsya only for professional purposes: at car service stations and tire service. For a pneumatic robotic tool, an okremium compressor is required, up to which through a pneumatic hose it is possible to connect the switch at once.

Gaykokrut Zhivlennya: stuck povitrya (pneumatics) Chuck type: chotiriggered Maximum wrapping moment, H m: 345

When the battery is alive, the battery life is important;.

For the last minds, the model with the battery вmnistu is 3.0 A / year and is more practical and half as much as the model with the battery mnistu 1 / 2-1 / 5 A / year. Ale vrakhovyte, what more is the battery, Tim Vaughn is important.

Pneumatic nut-wheel Intertool PT-1101 is suitable for robots at service stations and at home, in addition to quickly opening and tightening bolts of different types of cars. The model has a spindle for the robot in importantly accessible missions, it is hard to pull, є the function of reverse, smooth regulation of turns, a set of heads of different sizes and a case in the set

Yak vibrati elektrovokrutku

The electric twist is in a small shape: straight, G-like, or at the sight of the gun with a hand handle. It is also possible to tighten the screw, screw, screw.

Elektrovikrutka Zhivennya: accumulator Chuck type: chotiriggered Maximum wrapping moment, H m: 5.

For the size of the electric screwdriver mensha for a high-speed screwdriver, and at it has a lower torque.

You can screw up the mountings at importantly accessible places, where you can’t get there with a very large overall screwdriver: if the furniture is folded, or it takes an hour to repair the electronics.

The Bosch GO 2 electric ropes are suitable for electricians, plumbers, furniture makers and cover makers. The Li-Ion model has a rechargeable battery, capacity 1.5 A / year, low noise level, controllable by one button and a hand grip in any position

Yak vibrati dril

Drill. a tool with a great body and a handle with an electric motor button.

Cordless drill practical without plugging in to the electric wire, it is also possible to drill holes in wood, metal, plastic.

The percussion drill fits into the concrete wall. In the middle of the body at the new switch to the mechanism of the shock mode, and one more handle for the cartridge, the start of the robot every hour, the robot is adjusted to the trim and mitsno.

The difference in price between the models is small, but the hammer drill is universal:

  • it is possible to install a drill and drill;
  • you can put a mixer and shut up the awesome sums;
  • it is possible to install the nozzle from the screw and twist the screws;
  • it is possible to navigate the sanding surfaces behind the auxiliary sanding circle.

Drill-mixer for additional special attachments in the form of a wine can help you to quickly fix the difference or a farb. For such drills, most often there are two handles on round handles, and they are handled with tools and handles without baking.

Drill Zhivennya: hemstitch Chuck type: key Impact mode:

Korisna is glad: do not get lost in the hammer drill with the hammer drill:

  • Dril mensh taut and signs for other robots. drill open the dowel for a picture or a chandelier.
  • A retractable hammer drill is suitable for great wake-up robots. open the anchor for installing doors or lining the duct for ventilation.

The Makita M8100 drills have an ergonomic body, є gum pads, which dampen vibration, the 710 W motor’s pulling power allows for efficient use of wood, steel and plastic. The model can be expanded up to 3200 rpm, and when drilled with a blow up to 48000 rpm

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Yak vibrati screwdriver, nutkirut and gvintokrut

Screwdriver, screwdriver and screwdriver calls are similar: a small body with a chuck, one handle in the center, often at the bottom of the battery handle.

The scheme of the robot for all three models is the same: the cartridge with the nozzle is wrapped in the debris from the nozzle, the function of the attachment changes. you can screw in screws, gvinti, self-locking or nuts.

For bazhannyam in the chuck, you can install a drill that vikoristovuvati a screwdriver yak dril. Alle, after a little effort of the yogh dvigun, to solidify the large openings in the metal, it is unlikely to chi viyde, not even talking about concrete.

Okremiy format. tricky nut-roll. In such models, there is no shock mechanism, ale with additional help, you can quickly twist the bolts, screws and nuts, easily tighten the fasteners.

Screwdriver Zhivennya: festoon Chuck type: shvidkozatisny Maximum wrapping moment, H m: 22.

The tricky nut-roll is often called pneumotiscap, it’s victorious to go there, but the classic nut-roll is not fit, for example, in the folding fittings.

A handy, compact and lightweight, twitchy nut-roll is known for robots at service stations, in private mines, at home, in garages and at summer cottages.

The Dnipro-M TD-600 screwdriver has a pressure of 600 watts. There is plenty of space to open it up in wood, concrete and steel, and also quickly twist / unscrew, be it fastening elements. The model has a chuck with a diameter of 10 mm, a maximum torque value of 22 Hm, є reverse function

Vibiraєmo type of battery

  • The battery of the NiCd type has a low price, it’s good enough for an hour of frost; ale the stench to finish the important things, to take revenge on the elements that are not safe for the environment, as well as the need for an additional discharge-charging cycle.
  • The NiMH type battery has a larger proportion of NiMH, but it may require an additional cycle of charging and discharging, and the stink is nasty to endure frost.
  • Battery type Li-Ion has a smaller battery and more power, it can be recharged at any moment, but they have a price and a weak tolerance to frost.
  • The battery type LiHD has a tendency to strain and shock resistance, a small size and a vag, it smells high, it’s practically not discharged for an hour or so, it’s even more expensive to buy.

Most popular Christmas batteries. Li-Ion (manual) and NiCd (price, frost).

Before the speech, it is not easy to install an attachment with two batteries in the kit, which can work without interruption: leave the charge of one battery, the other is charged.

DCD240N. Mouthless Drill Mixer with Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery 9 A / year. The model has an ergonomic design with two handles, 5 options for changing small materials, standard design M14

Vibrantly I work with the force of the dvigun

In the accumulators, there is a lot of working springs. Most popular models with batteries 12V and 18V, ale and a tool with a working voltage 10.8 V, 14.4 V, etc.

Chim vishche napruga. tim more pulling dvigun with the same force struma. In the Hotline catalog, all annexes are distributed into groups:

Drill Givennya: fringe Chuck type: key Maximum wrap-around moment, H m: n / a Impact mode: flare up flare

Ale not varto chase after numbers, and if there is more strain. tim more dvigun, the cooling system is more important than pristіy and vishche prіna.

For non-residential households, completely clean the tool with a 500-700 W motor. Models with a strong pull. also a professional class.

Drill Stanley SDH-700 fits into metal, wood, plasterboard, whole and other materials. The model has a keyless chuck, a tilted dvigun 700 W, a two-stage gearbox, for which it is possible to display the number of turns,

How to choose a cordless drill. electric screwdriver

The indisputable advantage of the cordless tool is its wide range of applications. Unlike a power tool, you can work with a cordless drill. an electric screwdriver where there is no way to stretch the cable. And the cordless tool is more convenient, although it weighs a little more.

Modern cordless drills have two functions; drilling and tightening-loosening of bolts and screws. How to determine what each model is “sharpened” for? It’s no secret that some models work better as screwdrivers, while others, on the contrary, are better for drilling. It all depends on two factors: the torque of the power tool and the number of revolutions.

Torque is the force that is transmitted from a drill. an electric screwdriver. to a drill or screw head. Maximum RPM is the rotational speed (revolutions per minute). For a drill, the revolutions should be about 1000, while for an electric screwdriver, no more than 500 is enough.

Another important factor when choosing a drill. electric screwdriver is the battery. There are three varieties of this power tool part: nickel metal hydride (NiMH), nickel cadmium (NiCd), and lithium ion (Li-Ion). The latter type of battery is not yet very common in power tools. From metal-hydrite and nickel-cadmium, your choice should be made in favor of the former. Nickel. cadmium is not environmentally friendly. This battery contains a strong allergen. cadmium. Plus, NiMH-labeled batteries weigh less.

If you want your tool to last longer without recharging, choose a battery with a larger capacity. For frequent and continuous operation, it is better to purchase a spare battery. While one is working, the other can be charged. Many models come with a spare battery.

In addition, there are models with recharging, without disassembling the power tool. They are charged, like charging from a mobile phone. True, the wire from such a charger is not long enough and it is possible to work with an electric screwdriver, with the charging turned on, within a range of no more than 2 meters.

You also need to know that it is better to charge the battery after it is completely discharged. This does not apply to lithium ion batteries.

For the convenience of work, most drills. screwdrivers are equipped with a chuck. It can be plastic or steel. The first is easier, the second is more reliable. The function of this part of the electric drill is to clamp the bit, drill or bit by hand without additional tools.

The control system of cordless drills. screwdrivers is presented in the form of a trigger. The force of pressing the button also regulates the speed.

In addition to the button that starts the power tool, there is a lever that changes the direction of rotation. It is also called reverse. He has three positions. The extreme position sets the rotation in one direction or another, and the middle one blocks the power button of the drill. Reverse switches only when the tool is at a complete stop.

Another important part of a power tool is the clutch or ratchet. Its purpose is to protect the electric motor from loads. In addition, thanks to the ratchet, you can adjust the force with which the self-tapping screw will be twisted. This will prevent the edges of the fastener head or the bit with which it is screwed from knocking down.

When buying a cordless power tool, I recommend using professional models. Of course, you will overpay, but the service life of such tools is much higher. Once I disassembled a cheap electric screwdriver for household needs, its gearbox was plastic. After that, I don’t recommend cheap power tools. Even if you need to drill one hole per month.

Below is a quick overview of three cordless screwdrivers. The presented companies produce the highest quality power tools. Makita 6271 DWAE Metabo BSZ 12 Impuls Bosch GSR 12 SD

Pros: All models have two speeds, which is great for both use as an electric screwdriver and as a drill. Relatively light weight (Metabo 2 kg, Bosch 1.7 kg, Makita 1.6 kg) The GSR 12 SD from Bosch is shockproof. Makita 6271 DWAE has the most reliable gearbox of the above power tools.All models come with additional batteries

Cons: Nickel-cadmium battery. Worst battery type. The largest percentage of counterfeit products is accounted for by these three firms. Bosch especially suffers from this.

The best choice in terms of price for quality is the Bosch GSR 12 SD electric screwdriver. Makita 6271 DWAE is the most convenient and compact of all of the above.

How to choose a cordless drill / screwdriver

An electric drill is a very popular tool not only for professional builders, but also for home and summer cottages. It is required in various household situations.

In order for the tool to serve for many years, it is necessary to take into account the features and technical characteristics of each model. It is for this reason that, before choosing a cordless electric drill, consider the purpose for which it will be used, and when buying, pay attention to the parameters of the technique.

How to choose a cordless drill / screwdriver for your home? If you use it irregularly, then it is not at all necessary to purchase professional expensive equipment. If you need a battery-powered drill for constant use, then take a look at powerful professional models that have a significant number of useful functions.

To choose the right drill-electric screwdriver, pay attention to the parameters and equipment of the tool, since it may be different. Quite often, it is equipped with a significant number of attachments. The most convenient technique to use is with separate attachments. As for the parameters by which the choice will be made, it is worth noting the capacity and quality of the battery, rotation speed, torque and power.

The power of any tool is, first of all, the power of its engine, therefore, when choosing a drill, you need to find out the capacity of its battery and voltage. The latter depends on the number of power supplies installed in the unit. The greater their combined stress, the more powerful the instrument. The voltage also determines the mass of the electric drill. Before buying it, you should decide whether you need massive 18 V equipment, because drills with a voltage of 12 or 14.4 V are suitable for household needs.

Pay particular attention to the capacity of the battery, since it affects the duration of the electric screwdriver’s operation on one charge. For household devices, a capacity of 1.5. 2 amperes / hour is quite enough. For professional models, this parameter should be at least 3 amperes / hour. It is worth paying attention to the maximum torque. a kind of blocking used to prevent the tool from overheating and breaking. Such a system works at 5-10 Nm, and this is quite enough to carry out the insertion of fasteners and ensure the safety of the battery.

Drilling with Electric Screwdriver. Will it work?

When choosing a drill, see how its engine works at maximum load, and also see how well the equipment maintains speed. To tighten the screws, the rotation speed of the tool should not be less than 500 rpm. Comfortable operation is ensured by a rotation speed of about 1.5 thousand revolutions per minute. Too high a speed is needed only for drilling very hard materials. Also pay attention to the presence of reverse motion.

Another important parameter is the quality of the battery. Metal hydride batteries used in many drills are environmentally friendly, which makes them different from cadmium batteries, which contain toxic substances in their composition. Cadmium batteries are capable of withstanding about a thousand charges, and metal hydride batteries. no more than 500, moreover, they almost do not hold high voltage. Lithium ion batteries are significantly more powerful than nickel batteries and have no memory effect.

When choosing an electric drill, be sure to inquire about the battery charging speed. A professional tool takes less than one hour to charge, and sometimes even 4 hours is not enough for household models. A more powerful battery will charge much faster. As for the brands most demanded on the market, they include Bosch, Makita, DeWALT, Hitachi.

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The questions of how to choose a cordless electric drill and what the market offers today are by no means idle. Take, for example, two models from the same manufacturer. There is practically no difference in price: one costs 6 thousand, the other 6.5 thousand rubles. The battery voltage is the same. 14.4 V, the difference in battery capacity is 0.3 A / h, and the difference in torque is 2 Nm. What, then, is the difference between the models and which one should you ultimately choose? Look at the battery. Nickel-cadmium, as you know, makes it possible to work at low temperatures, but it is highly discharged and has a memory effect. Lithium-ion without memory effect and without self-discharge cannot work in the cold. If you know for what work you are buying a tool and where you will be screwing fasteners or drilling, you know the answer to the question. We will devote this article to what characteristics to pay attention to and which brands to give preference to.

We choose according to technical characteristics

The operating parameters of an electric screwdriver determine the scope of its use. Tools are divided into household and professional. The latter are equipped with powerful batteries to work for a long time without recharging. They cost, of course, a lot too. Households are designed for occasional use with modest performance. Your choice depends on your needs, and our task is to tell you about what modern manufacturers offer. Let’s start with the main.

1.1. Main parameters: torque and rotation speed

The torque value starts from 5 Nm and exceeds 200 Nm. Household models are characterized by 8. 20 Nm. Professional values ​​start from 100. 130 Nm. This is a fundamental selection parameter, since it shows the moment of force that forces the spindle shaft to rotate, and determines the choice of the material to be drilled, as well as the diameter and length of the fastener. For example, a household tool with a value of 18 Nm can screw 6×70 mm self-tapping screws into dry wood, and a professional tool with a torque of 165 Nm can work with 22×125 mm fasteners. Tool torque is adjustable. With the help of a limiter. a ring on the body, the required force is set, and as a result, the connection is reliably carried out, the integrity of the fasteners and material is preserved.

But the rotation speed shows the number of revolutions of the spindle with a fixed nozzle per unit of time. If they work with fasteners, this parameter is set at 500 rpm, for example, if you install hinges on a kitchen cabinet or fix a drywall sheet on a profile. If holes are drilled, it exceeds 1000 rpm. The rotation speed in most models is also adjustable. To drill more accurately, without jumping off the drill, you can select one of several speed modes. there can be 2, 3, 4. Adjustment of the rotation speed optimizes the effort when working with equipment of different sizes and materials of different density and structure.

1.2. Battery type, capacity and voltage

How to choose a cordless drill by battery type?

Nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries are characterized by a large number of charge cycles and stable operation in different temperature conditions. However, to provide the required capacity, they are produced in rather large sizes, which is not always convenient for a mobile tool. They have a pronounced memory effect, and it is recommended to store them only in a completely discharged state, and to charge them only after a complete discharge. But they are still a valid option for a cordless instrument and make it cheaper. Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are lightweight and environmentally friendly. They are able to work for a long time without recharging, and this should be taken into account when choosing a tool. However, batteries do not like frost, and even at temperatures of 2. 5 degrees above zero, they can self-discharge, so it is problematic to store them in the trunk of a car or garage. Have no memory effect and must be kept charged. Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries can be recharged at any time without waiting for a complete discharge. They are practically not susceptible to self-discharge, but they are sensitive to cold. They are distinguished by high performance with minimal weight. their energy consumption is almost 4 times higher than that of other types of batteries. Read about the features of choosing a tool for this parameter in the article “What battery is needed for an electric screwdriver?”.

What does battery capacity mean?

The duration of the tool’s operation without recharging depends on this characteristic. If you are thinking about how to choose a cordless electric screwdriver for your home, then you probably do not need an expensive professional one with a lithium-ion battery. If you are going to drill a couple of holes at home, you always have the opportunity to recharge the battery. The capacity of household tools, as a rule, is 1.5. 2 A / h, and professional. from 2 A / h and more. In this matter, an important point is the charging speed of the battery. It can be from 3 to 12 hours. This is, as a rule, a household and quite budgetary instrument. For professional models, the charging speed indicator can be equal to 1 hour or even 0.5 hour. But they will cost much more.

What does the battery voltage affect??

It is generally accepted that the higher this characteristic, the greater the torque, i.e. power of the tool. But here it is important to take into account the following nuance. Models are presented in the range from 3 to 36 V. If we take two models with different voltages, for example, 14.4 and 18 V, we will see that they have the same torque indicator. 70 Nm. The difference between the two lies in the number of cells that make up the battery. The 18-volt model has more of them, which means more battery capacity. This ultimately leads to the fact that the tool is more expensive. It’s up to you to decide how fundamental this characteristic will be in the choice of your instrument.

1.3. What else to pay attention to?

choose, cordless, drill, electric, screwdriver
  • The punch function is only required if you plan to drill into hard materials such as concrete or brick, or forcefully unscrew fasteners with knocked down threads or a jammed head. That is, if you try a drill as a hammer drill. Otherwise, you will simply overpay for this unclaimed function.
  • The reverse, or reverse, function is designed to unscrew fasteners and pull out a drill stuck in a hole. It is important to check that the power remains the same when changing direction of travel.
  • The quick-release chuck makes it possible to quickly change accessories without using a special key. It is enough to slightly press on it, and it will lock itself with a characteristic click. The manufacturer equips his tool with it in order to save the user’s time.
  • Backlighting is a minor but often very useful feature. Agree, while working in a poorly lit place, it will make a difference.
  • The dimensions and ergonomics of the instrument are just as important as the technical characteristics. Most of the models are integral with the battery. the pistol grip and the power supply are functionally and ergonomically arranged. Before purchasing, hold the instrument in your hands and try on its dimensions and weight for your hand. It should be comfortable for you, and this quality does not depend on what you are going to do. drill a hole once a year or assemble cabinet furniture every day.
  • The complete set can play a decisive role in the question of how to choose a cordless drill-electric screwdriver. It is good when the tool comes with a second battery, a charger with fast and slow charging, a set of bits and drills. Convenient bag or case for storage and carrying.

Popular manufacturers and their solutions

Metabo’s answer to the question of what the drill of the future should look like is simple: small, flexible in terms of use, durable and multifunctional. And today they are producing powerful tools with an ergonomic design. The Metabo BS 12 NiCd cordless screwdriver is equally effective for drilling different materials and working with different types of fasteners. The capacity of 1.7 A / h and the voltage of the 12 V battery provide the required duration of operation, including with rather large equipment, for example, for tightening 5×100 screws into a bar. Adjusting the torque from 1.8 to 5.2 Nm makes it possible to select the optimal operating mode, and two-speed reverse. unscrew the screws and release the stuck drill. The set includes a case and an additional battery. This tool will be approved by both the furniture assembler and the builder dealing with profile drywall false structures.

Makita has been in business since 1915 and is today a leader in the development of construction tools. The manufacturer’s success is ensured by two simple rules. constant adaptation to the conditions of a developing market and the highest level of product quality. Take the Makita 6281DWPE cordless electric drill, for example. Ideal for domestic use. one of the most compact models in the range. With a battery capacity of 1.3 A / h and a voltage of 14.4 V, the model develops a torque of 36 Nm. At the same time, the number of torque settings reaches 16. is this not a proof of the manufacturer’s desire to create products that meet user requirements.

Ryobi has developed Ryobi ONE technology for the cordless line. Its essence lies in the fact that one battery fits a whole set of tools. If you have a cordless tool of this brand, you no longer need to puzzle over how to choose a cordless screwdriver. Choose any tool in this line. The Ryobi R18PDBL-LL99S cordless drill, for example, has a punch function. The brushless model comes with two 1.5 and 4 Ah batteries for long lasting performance. A two-speed gearbox will allow you to select the right speed for working with different materials. A quick-release chuck and a convenient niche for fixing bits are provided for quick change of bits.

Bosch screwdrivers are divided into professional (blue) and household (green). The former are distinguished by a large set of functions and serious performance characteristics. And among the household ones, you can find the most compact models. The Bosch IXO V basic is one of the smallest cordless tools in the range. It weighs only 300 g and is dimensioned to carry the tool right in your In this case, the battery capacity is 1.5 A / h, the voltage is 3.6 V, and the torque is 4.5 Nm. There is a battery indicator, built-in backlight, reverse and automatic spindle lock. In short, a high quality household tool.

Cordless drills Zubr are an excellent solution when you need to buy a good tool, but you don’t want to overpay for a brand. Among the equipment of this domestic brand, you can choose a shock and multi-speed option, while keeping within the budget from 2,000 to 7,000 rubles. Cordless drill-electric screwdriver Bison ZDA-10.8-Li-K is one of the most popular models for household work and a small workshop. Two speeds, reverse, keyless chuck make this tool a reliable assistant for the practical owner. The model provides engine brake and start key lock functions and 12 options for torque limiting, the maximum value of which reaches 32 Nm. And what is no less valuable. a complete set, which includes a charging station, a set of bits and drills, a case for storing and transporting the tool.

Examples of models for different tasks

As you can see, choosing a cordless tool is no less important task than choosing an electric drill-electric screwdriver. The cordless tool is truly versatile. Its compactness and mobility are convenient for dismantling and assembling structures in confined spaces. To make it easier for you to choose, we have collected popular models in accordance with the rating on our site and the tasks with which the tool does the best.

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Popular cordless drills

Short body for working in hard-to-reach areas.

Gentle battery charging and optimal energy use thanks to Ultra-M technology

Removable battery with XR Li-Ion technology for easy removal and installation.

Metal clip for hanging on a belt

Metal gears in the design keep the tool intact throughout its service life.

System to protect the battery against overheating, overloading and full discharge.

One-handed quick-change accessory

Which electric screwdriver to choose

After you have read all the technical characteristics, the question arises, which electric screwdriver to choose.

Another rather interesting area where screwdrivers are used is fishing.

Often, winter fishing enthusiasts use an electric screwdriver to drill holes, which will significantly speed up the ice drilling process.

But which electric screwdriver for an ice screw should you choose? Definitely, for an environment where there is no access to electrical outlets, you need to take a cordless tool.

It is also important to have a spare unit with you and that both batteries are kept warm when fishing, for example, under clothing. This will avoid excessive cooling and loss of capacity.

How to choose a cordless electric screwdriver

Let’s start with how to choose a cordless electric screwdriver for your home.

In cordless tools, the power source is a battery that is charged from an electrical outlet. A big plus of cordless tools is their mobility. You will not need to move your workplace closer to the outlet or through an electrical extension cord to “pull energy” to the desired place.

You often ask how to choose the right cordless electric screwdriver and with which battery to choose an electric screwdriver. It’s very simple, because one of the most important parameters in cordless screwdrivers is the battery capacity.

For example, the YATO YT-82788 two-speed cordless impact electric screwdriver has a battery capacity of 2 Ah (very good in its class). over, this electric screwdriver charges in just 60 minutes. It is also worth noting that such a cordless electric screwdriver performs as many as three functions: drilling, hammer drilling and, of course, screwing.

Therefore, if you are still in doubt about choosing an electric screwdriver or an impact drill, then this one tool can fulfill the functions of these two tools.

How to choose a networked electric screwdriver

Compared to cordless tools, the cordless electric screwdriver is renowned for its much higher performance, as well as the fact that it can work without interruption.

But still, before choosing a good networked electric screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with all its technical indicators.

If you are faced with a choice of which inexpensive networked electric screwdriver is better to choose, then it is recommended to purchase a tool for yourself with at least average power and ergonomics.

How to choose the right electric screwdriver

an electric screwdriver is one of the indispensable tools during any construction professional and household work. And before choosing an electric screwdriver, you need to think carefully about all the details of the purchase and weigh all the pros and cons, taking into account the key features of future tasks.

Which electric screwdriver to choose brush or brushless

The principle of operation, like the electric screwdriver itself, has not changed for many years. But, not so long ago, brushless models of screwdrivers appeared.

How to choose an electric screwdriver for the job

So, let’s start with what criteria to choose an electric screwdriver. Firstly, every craftsman wants to have a tool with which he will be comfortable working. As for screwdrivers, here one of the most important criteria that affect comfortable work is the weight of the tool. Since with a light electric screwdriver in your hand you get much less fatigue, therefore, this allows you to do a lot more work.

How to choose a good electric screwdriver and what parameters to pay attention to:

  • torque. Remember a very important thing, the higher the torque of the electric screwdriver, the more difficult work it can perform.
  • battery power. Power tools with a powerful battery are much more durable and last longer.
  • additional functions. No less important qualities of screwdrivers are the presence of additional functions that will give your screwdriver other roles. Additional functions often include: strike function, reverse function, quick-release chuck, illumination and others.
  • dimensions and ergonomics of the tool. Before choosing an electric screwdriver, you need to hold the tool in your hands and try on its dimensions and weight for your hand.
  • equipment. It is very good when a second battery, charger, bag or case for storing and carrying it is included with the tool.

Video on how to choose an electric screwdriver:

Types of screwdrivers

Firstly, all screwdrivers are divided according to the power supply method into:

It’s very simple: the rechargeable battery weighs a little, charges quickly and does not “tie” you to an outlet.

In addition to cordless screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers are no less popular. And then the question immediately arises, which network electric screwdriver is better to choose.

The mains powered tool is powered directly from the mains. Among the advantages of network tools, one can single out the fact that they will work as long as you need without recharging.

For example, customers often ask how to choose a cordless electric screwdriver for the home. We will answer this question in the next paragraph.


Several companies that are known for their good quality.

A world-famous company that is a leader in the production of industrial and household appliances. The range includes both budget and professional models.

Screwdrivers operate on a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 10.8-18 V. There is an important function. overvoltage protection. So you can see the level of available charge and recharge as needed.

It is a Japanese company that develops high quality professional power tools.

The range includes both household and professional appliances. Most models have a spare battery pack and a backlight, which is necessary for working in a dark room.

Metabo equipment is distinguished by high quality and a 3-year warranty. There are both economy options and professional equipment. Choice of models with Ni-Cd or Li-Ion batteries.

You should also pay attention to Sparky, Varo Kreator, Hammer, Dnipro-M, Hitachi and others.

Benefits of cordless drills

When choosing a battery model, you need to pay attention to three indicators. the degree of clamping, voltage and battery capacity. The higher these indicators, the more expensive the tool will cost, but it will also cope with the task better.

Cheap models are distinguished by the fact that battery charging takes from 3 to 5 hours, while expensive ones. less than an hour.

The lightest

This is an excellent model that fully justifies its price. The shockless Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic is small and versatile. Battery. lithium-ion, voltage. 10.8 V, maximum torque. 34 Nm. Weight. 800 grams.

The drill chuck is removable, so if necessary, you can use the device like an electric screwdriver. This procedure does not take long.

There is a backlight that makes it easier to work in low light. There is a loop-hook for easy fixation on the handle, so the tool can be fastened to the belt.

The warranty is 3 years. Average

  • Compactness;
  • Mobility;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • There is a flashlight;
  • Removable battery;
  • Overheating and overvoltage protection;
  • Guarantee period;
  • Quick change of attachments;
  • 20 torque limiting modes.

This device can be used for drilling, and for installation, as well as plumbing work. It is considered the most compact in its category. The model is small, so you can take it with you. Weight. 1 kg, body length. 17 cm.Due to these characteristics, it is often used in places where another model cannot cope.

Includes two batteries and a charger. They ensure uninterrupted operation. It only takes 30 minutes to fully charge.

  • Fast charging;
  • Low weight;
  • 2 speeds (max. 1300 rpm);
  • Spot illumination;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Does not heat up during active work.

Additional functions

  • Pulse. If usually the action occurs evenly, then in the impulse mode. in jerks. Why is this function needed? In order to unscrew a very tightly screwed self-tapping screw. Most often used for old furniture.
  • Hit. This function is needed for finishing work. If there is a need to drill concrete or brick.
  • Number of speeds. If there are two of them, it means that the tool can both drill and tighten the screws. Single speed instruments only perform one action.
  • Lighting. In rooms with poor lighting, in a basement, a bathhouse or other places, the “work area illumination” function greatly simplifies the work. No need to use flashlight or lamp.


There are many budget models that are suitable for homework. One of them is Hammer ACD12LE.

The tool fits well in the hand and copes with the task. The battery holds a charge for a long time. It takes about 3 hours to charge. Removable battery.

Voltage. 13 V. Number of speeds. 1.

Average This price is fully justified, so the model is popular.

  • Ease;
  • Ease of use;
  • Compactness;
  • Price;
  • Spot illumination.
  • Only one speed;
  • Only 1 battery.

Bison DShL-121 is a good budget option for a tool. Optionally, you can purchase it with or without a case. It all depends on the purpose of operation.

the electric screwdriver is comfortable to hold in the hand, because part of the case is rubberized. The tool does not slip and the hand does not sweat when working.

When working in hard-to-reach places, you can use a backlight. It is bright enough and makes work easier.

  • Nice cost;
  • Battery charge indicator;
  • Backlight;
  • Compactness;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • 2 speeds;
  • Fast battery charging.

Each house should have tools that will help you to cope with household tasks without calling the master. One of these assistants is an electric drill. It is suitable for use at home, at work or in the country, because it is lightweight and easy to use. There is a large selection of manufacturers and models on the market, so making a purchase is not so easy. There are several important points that you should definitely pay attention to. In this article you can find answers to the most popular questions that the buyer faces when choosing.

Why not choose the most budgetary option? Such models take up much more space, are harder to work with due to their weight, and they work from the network. When a person is chained to an outlet, it makes the process more difficult and does not bring pleasure.

The best option is a cordless electric drill. Such a device copes with a large number of tasks in a short period of time.

Battery types

This option is most often found in the most budget models. The designation that can be found on the packaging is Ni-Cd. An important minus is the number of charges, about 300. After that, the battery gradually begins to lose capacity, since the battery has a memory effect.

The best option to look out for is lithium-ion (Li-Ion). They are popular because they have a large number of possible charges (about 3000). Another advantage is the lack of self-discharge. That is, if the user does not take out the instrument often, then there is no need to charge it.

Of the minuses, only the sensitivity to frost. Discharges much faster at low temperatures.

Designation. Ni-MH. They are classified as industrial type, but today they are used both in instrumental technology and for home. The number of charge cycles is 500-1000. Users note good resistance to negative temperatures. This does not affect the runtime in any way.