How To Choose A Cordless Screwdriver For Work

Cordless screwdriver Hitachi DS12DVF3

The instrument is made with a somewhat exotic appearance. This design is not accidental. Firstly, it is simply not economically feasible to forge a tool body, and, secondly, exotic linings protect the tool from falling. In addition, the pads also provide the necessary ergonomics for the screwdriver handle (the user’s hand is protected from vibrations and does not sweat during intensive work).

How To Choose A Cordless Screwdriver For Work

The delivery set of the screwdriver includes a flashlight, a charger that ensures the restoration of the product’s performance in 1 hour and a battery with a capacity of 1.4 Ah.

The screwdriver has 2 speed ranges: the first range of speeds includes the speed values ​​from 0 to 300 rpm, and the second range from 0 to 1100 rpm.

The screwdriver is equipped with a keyless chuck (10 mm) and 22 torque settings.

When choosing, pay attention to the main disadvantages of the tool:

  • An outdated, albeit very reliable drill chuck
  • Failure to attach the removable bit to the bracket (the bit often clings to clothing)
  • Small size of the reverse button, although its location is quite convenient for the user

Choosing a cordless screwdriver

How to choose the right cordless screwdriver.

Therefore, the user must keep in mind that when choosing a universal tool, he deliberately allows averaging some characteristics according to which the quality of the tool is assessed, for example, the drilling speed or the impact force. over, some characteristics of the tool become simply incompatible, for example, hammer drilling and small hole drilling. But the user enjoys all the advantages inherent in universality such as:

  • Battery powered tool provides autonomy from household power
  • The multifunctionality of the tool provides a wide range of possibilities for its application
  • Simplicity and precision of work

And this is a far from complete list of the capabilities of universal tools. Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of different models of cordless universal tools such as screwdrivers, grinders, planers, and more. In the present, there is a tendency to replace the usual network tools with battery tools, and not only in everyday life, but also in production and industry. In the article, given the relevance of the issue, the correct choice of tool, the characteristics and parameters of cordless screwdrivers are discussed in detail.

Cordless screwdriver Makita 8281DWPE

The tool is powered by a new generation Li-Ion battery with a voltage of 14.4 V, which is undoubtedly its advantage.

The instrument is supplied with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charger that restores the instrument to function in just one hour. The rotational speed of the screwdriver is divided into 2 ranges: the first range of speeds includes values ​​of the rotational speed from 0 to 400 rpm, and the second range from 0 to 1300 rpm.

The screwdriver is equipped with a keyless chuck (10 mm), equipped with 16 steps of setting the torque (maximum value 36 Nm), and the tool weight is 1.7 kg. In addition to typical operations, the tool is equipped with an impact option, and is able to perform from 0 to 18 thousand impacts per minute.

As disadvantages of the tool you can specify the following:

  • For a tool equipped with an impact function, the manufacturer has provided it with a fairly weak chuck
  • Low battery capacity (only 1.3 Ah), which is not enough for intensive work
  • There is a possibility that the hand may overlap the ventilation openings for cooling the motor during impact operation, and the ventilation openings are so poorly positioned that they will necessarily overlap in the case of wide palms of the user
  • The gearbox housing of a screwdriver equipped with an impact function is preferably made of metal.

How to choose the right cordless screwdriver

After considering the main properties of universal cordless tools, we will dwell in more detail on the choice of a cordless screwdriver, and we will consider the parameters that will allow you to use the tool not only at home, but also for commercial purposes.

We will restrict our consideration to products equipped with NiCd batteries, which are currently in great demand, since, despite all their advantages, Li-Ion batteries are not particularly popular due to their high cost. The main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a tool are:

  • Completion of the tool with 2 batteries with a voltage value of at least 12V
  • Availability of a charger capable of restoring the performance of the model in 1 hour
  • Equipping the tool with a large number of stages (tightening forces) by means of which the frequency of the torque is adjusted
  • High torque value
  • Chuck type with which the tool is equipped
  • Multiple rotation speeds

It is recommended that you carefully read the warranty card, as some manufacturers do not provide a warranty for batteries. It is desirable that additional equipment includes a set of attachments, 3 rechargeable batteries and a flashlight.

Armed with all the necessary knowledge, we will appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of the following models of famous brands:

  • Cordless screwdriver brand Makita 8281DWPE, the price of which is 5.8 thousand rubles and is equipped with a Li-Ion battery and the option of shock.
  • Cordless screwdriver brand Hitachi DS12DVF3 equipped with flashlights.
  • Cordless screwdriver brand BOSCH GSR 12-2 Professional.
  • Cordless screwdriver METABO BSZ 14.4 Impuls, cost from 7 thousand rubles and has a rather rare option “impulse”
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Unfortunately, due to the exchange rate, the cost has become irrelevant and is indicative

Of course, all the instruments selected for consideration are of high quality, reliability and durability. Although all of the above screwdrivers belong to the category of professional tools, at a cost they are quite affordable for an ordinary user, now we will understand in more detail the characteristics and decide which one to choose better.

Cordless universal tool. Advantages and disadvantages

It is quite obvious that the optimal choice of a tool is primarily determined by the tasks, the solution of which the tool must provide, and, of course, by the conditions of its future operation (operation in domestic conditions or solving professional problems). A clear understanding of future operating conditions is all the more important when you consider that the cost of multifunctional household tools does not differ much from the cost of professional cordless screwdrivers. It is quite logical that the question arises. What is the difference between a professional tool and household models. The main difference is that a professional screwdriver is able to withstand longer loads and less gentle handling.

It is these parameters that distinguish a professional model from a simple one, and therefore many manufacturers in technical data sheets indicate that their product does not lose its performance after falling from a certain height. It should also be taken into account that even under repair conditions, tools intended for domestic needs are used less intensively than in production conditions. However, such a high resource of strength and reliability is ensured by functionality. It is for this reason that a professional tool is less functional than a household one.

For a clearer understanding of the essence of the issue, it is necessary to analyze the situation by considering a specific example. Suppose that a certain furniture shop receives a batch of QUATTRO universal cordless screwdrivers, each of which is 4 screwdrivers in one Black Decker KC2002FK.

On a superficial examination, it seems that the furniture production was equipped with excellent equipment produced by a well-known brand, and at the same time saved quite a decent amount of money (the cost of a set is 6000 rubles, while a separate tool is not much cheaper). But this judgment is rather superficial. Let’s consider the question more thoroughly. In production, almost always during a working day, you have to perform the same type of operations or plan a tree, or engage in the installation of finished products, or solve issues of packaging products. It is easy to guess that to perform these functions of the same type, only one tool is required (for example, a jigsaw, a plane, a screwdriver, etc.). Everything will become clear if we compare the characteristics of the screwdriver with the Black Decker KC2002FK bits and the characteristics of the individual tool. This universal cordless screwdriver is chosen by those who do not need to use individual components so often, and this tool itself.

For greater clarity, it makes sense to consider the products of the same brand, namely the Black Decker CP12K screwdriver, the cost of which is 3.5 thousand rubles. The KC2002FK screwdriver uses a battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ampere / hour and a voltage of 14.4 V, while a non-universal model uses a battery with a capacity of 1.5 A / hour and a voltage of 12 V, but its torque is 16 Nm, and the more powerful universal screwdriver only 10.5 Nm. First significant sacrifice for instrument versatility.

The universal tool can also be used as a jigsaw, to which, of course, there is no point in making special requirements. The jigsaw of the same company KS999EK has a power of 600 W, and the adjustable blade speed varies from 0 to 3200 strokes / min.

The nozzle of the universal device demonstrates the same stroke rate (3000 strokes / min), but with its help you can cut material to a depth of 38 mm, and with a specialized jigsaw, wood is cut up to 65 mm.

Who should choose this instance? The Black Decker KC2002FK universal screwdriver with attachments is the ideal tool for home use, where it is used only when necessary, that is, quite rarely. Its use in production makes no sense, and therefore in the professional environment, specialized tools equipped with the same type of battery packs and performing strictly defined, standard functions have become widespread.

Cordless screwdriver BOSCH GSR 12-2 Professional

The tool is widely known in our country and externally is made in the style traditional for the BOSCH company. The product rotation speed range consists of 2 sub-ranges, namely:

  • First sub-range from 0 to 400 rpm
  • Second sub-range from 0 to 1200 rpm

The technical equipment of the tool includes a keyless chuck (10 mm), covering the handle of the product with a shock-absorbing pad and 25 steps of setting the torque, the maximum value of which is 27 Nm. The delivery set includes 2 batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah and a charger that restores the product’s performance in 1 hour.

The main disadvantages of a screwdriver are:

  • No overlay on the back of the tool body
  • Somewhat unsuccessful chuck positioning, which can cause inconvenience when changing the replacement tool

How to choose a screwdriver

Screwdriver power

The capacity of cordless models depends on the operating voltage of the battery. It ranges from 1.2 to 36 V.

  • For simple work, 3-6 V (Volts) is enough.
  • For screwing into wooden beams, plastic and drywall, optimal 10-15 V.
  • For drilling hard materials. 18 V minimum.
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The more power, the more functionality the screwdriver has. Powerful models are heavier than their “brothers”.

Tool performance is directly related to the work of torque (force). The more powerful it is, the more tighten the screw or drill the hole deeper.

For homework, screwdrivers of three powers are chosen.

  • powerful: torque 30-40 Nm (Newton meters) and above. Professional models are equipped with torques up to 130 Nm. In addition to screwing, they are equipped with the function of drilling hard surfaces.
  • Usual: with a force up to 20 Nm. It is easy for them to unscrew / tighten the bolts and screws on drywall and plastic.
  • If only twisted Is a cordless screwdriver. Its torque is about 10 Newton meters. Suitable for work with small fasteners: repair children’s toys or tighten loosely clamped furniture bolts.

In most screwdrivers, the maximum torque is adjusted using a limiter. A ring with digital divisions located behind the chuck. You will be able to set the optimum torque to tighten the screw. The more graduations the limiter has, the more accurately you can meter the torque element.

Sparky BUR2 10.8li-C HD: 20 torque steps drilling

A separate division is provided to determine the drilling coverage. Therefore, the rotation speed in screwdrivers is indicated in two ranges:

  • Unscrew the screws on a low one. It ranges from 400 to 800 rpm.
  • High drilled. In professional models, the rotation speed reaches 1300 rpm.

Choosing a screwdriver: for home and for work

The difference between home and work screwdrivers is power and functionality. Accordingly, their tasks are different.

  • With the help of household models, you can change the lock, hang a mirror or assemble furniture. They are designed for tightening bolts, screws and self-tapping screws. Designed for short-term operation.
  • Professional screwdrivers, in addition to screwing, are equipped with the function of drilling hard surfaces. They are tough: able to work non-stop for eight hours, five days a week.

Choose screwdrivers for two parameters.

Battery type

The battery determines how quickly the instrument is discharged. And if the question became an edge: “How to choose a cordless screwdriver?”. It is worth dealing with the types of batteries.

  • Li-Ion (lithium-ion). They have the highest power and, in comparison with other batteries, the largest number of charges. Up to three thousand times. They are lightweight, fast charging and have no memory effect. To extend the life of the battery, do not fully charge / discharge it, keep it half charged. There is only one drawback:
  • Works intermittently in the cold.
  • Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium). Resistant to voltage surges, they have good internal resistance. It works like a clock, even in freezing temperatures. 15 ° C. The number of charge cycles is up to 1500. There are not many “minuses”, but they are fat:
    • The battery discharges quickly and takes a long time to charge. Up to 7 hours. Professional tools (Sparky, Hitachi, Makita) live faster. From 30 to 60 minutes;
    • Has a charge memory effect, if you do not discharge the battery to the end, its capacity will decrease. To keep the charging service longer, keep it discharged.
    • Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hybrid). Discharges more slowly than other batteries. It is better to store such a battery charged, and after a long period of inactivity, discharge and charge it completely. The number of charge cycles. Up to five hundred.
    • What is the best battery for a screwdriver

      Since this material deals specifically with cordless screwdrivers, before proceeding with the comparison and reviews of the tool, it is necessary to clarify what types of batteries are, what positive and negative sides they have and which one is preferable.

      Which screwdriver manufacturers are considered the best

      Before you understand how to choose a cordless screwdriver, you need to determine which companies are the best and produce the most demanded products on the market. There are a lot of manufacturers of screwdrivers, the market is literally overflowing with products of various brands. We will tell you briefly about the most famous manufacturers that produce high-quality and reliable devices.

      This is a company from Germany that produces tools for both the home (featuring a green body) and for professional use. A household appliance of this brand is quite enough to assemble furniture or tighten small fasteners. But more productive and efficient devices for professionals can work for a long time in difficult conditions. Well suited for all-day workshop work.

      One of the most famous and long-standing (operating since 1915) firms that produce tools for construction work. The Japanese manufacturer carefully controls the quality of its products, constantly introducing technological innovations. The most popular among consumers are drills and screwdrivers of this brand, equipped with a battery. They are versatile and suitable for both home and construction work. The company is constantly improving the tool.

      The German manufacturer (previously called Schnizler GmbH, then. Metabowerke GmbH) with more than eighty years of experience has received well-deserved recognition during this time. And the name “Metabo” was given to the manufactured hand drill, which received a record number of sales. The power tool of this brand is reliable and of excellent quality. The wide range includes both household and professional models. With them, you can easily perform even the most complex construction and repair work.

      The German company, founded in the last century (1887), produces very reliable and versatile devices. Drill-screwdrivers of this brand are well suited both for making holes of various diameters and for connecting parts with nuts, bolts, screws. Distinctive features of the brand: high-speed chuck, quickly clamping and unclamping, as well as an excellent engine cooling system.

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      There are few models of this brand, but each of them is carefully thought out by the developers. All screwdrivers have good speed characteristics, high efficiency, small dimensions. They are collected very high quality, the marriage never comes across. So buyers love this brand and buy with pleasure.

      This American firm began with aluminum die casting. Well, and later she began to produce motors and spare parts for them. Later still, gardening tools and all kinds of electric tools. The screwdrivers produced by the company have a wide power range, which allows the consumer to always find what he needs. Devices of high quality and very reliable.

      Another serious and reliable company that is attentive to the quality of its products. Her tool is ergonomic, technological, modern, it is actively used both in domestic conditions and in production. The devices are light and quiet. It’s a pleasure to work with them.

      Dewalt DCD710S2

      The third household model. American brand, with a voltage of 10.8 volts and a lithium battery capacity of 1.5 ampere-hours. The torque (maximum) is 24 Newton meters, the rotation speed is 1500 rpm. The speed control system is electronic. Reverse and spindle locking are present. Device weight. 1.1 kilograms.

      Pros of DeWALT DCD710S2

      1. Lightness, small size (the screwdriver fits perfectly into the hand, and it does not get tired).
      2. Ergonomics (especially the handle), nice design.
      3. The presence of a convenient case.
      4. One-handed tool replacement.
      5. Solid power.
      6. The case is strong enough. It has rubber pads. This prevents slipping when the instrument is on an inclined plane.
      7. The gearbox is made of metal.
      8. The battery is lithium, it charges quickly.
      1. The low weight of the device does not allow you to hold it straight when drilling holes in the vertical direction. The center of gravity is poorly felt.
      2. Slight drill runout when chuck is rotating. A typical drawback of such models. However, the backlash here is not very large. At 80 millimeters in length, it is no more than 0.5 millimeters.
      3. Slightly overpriced.

      Basic concepts

      1. What does the battery capacity say? Capacity, the unit of measurement for which is called ampere hour (A / h), determines how long the tool can run without recharging. Accordingly, a distinction is made between household instruments (with a capacity of 1.3 to 2 A / h) and professional ones with a capacity exceeding 2 A / h.

      2. Charging speed. It is important when you need to get work done quickly. For a household, not too expensive instrument, this characteristic varies from 2 to 12 hours. But professional models can be charged in an hour or even half an hour. Typically, these tools have lithium batteries and a pulse charger.

      3. Battery voltage. The battery voltage can range from 3 to 36 volts. At the same time, the torque for the 14.4 V model and the 12 V model may be the same. In turn, the torque determines the power of the screwdriver, and one might think that buying a tool with a high voltage is not advisable. In fact, a 14.4 V battery is able to maintain the maximum power of the tool for a longer period and, as a result, is able to work for a longer time, until the moment when the drop in battery charge begins to reduce the power of the screwdriver.

      Comparison of different types of batteries:

      Li-Ion NiMh NiCd
      Memory effect Not Yes Yes
      Storage conditions Fully charged Partially discharged Fully discharged
      Charging conditions In some moment Only after a complete discharge Only after a complete discharge
      Number of charge / discharge cycles 600 300.500

      AEG BS 12G2 LI-152C

      Model with 1.5 amp-hour lithium battery. The charging time is only one hour. The torque (maximum) is 30 Newton meters, the rotation speed is 1350 rpm. The speed control system is electronic. There is a system for fixing the spindle, as well as a reverse. Device weight. 1.6 kilograms.

      Pros of AEG BS 12G2 LI-152C

      1. The tool is powerful, yet small in size.
      2. Large enough battery capacity.
      3. The cost and quality characteristics are well combined.
      4. The handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The shape is comfortable.
      5. The gears are made of metal.
      6. There is a spare battery.
      7. NO beat of the beat (absolutely).
      1. There is no indication showing how much charge is left. It is not comfortable.
      2. The case is not very ergonomic and bulky. Especially inconvenient to take with you.
      3. Backlight missing.
      4. Somewhat heavy (compared to analogues).
      5. The charger is large and bulky, it takes up a fourth of the case.

      The best screwdrivers with a 12V battery

      Such devices are most popular with home craftsmen. They are not too expensive, but quite productive and work for a long time autonomously. When deciding which cordless screwdriver is best for the home, many stop at similar models. They will come in handy for a small summer cottage or home repair, they will help to drill metal and wood.

      AEG BS 12G2 LI-152C Makita 6271DWAE
      Maximum torque, (Nm) thirty thirty
      Torque stages 24 sixteen
      Battery capacity, (Ah) 1.5 1.9
      Battery type Li-Ion Ni-Cd
      Number of batteries included 2 2
      Battery charge level indicator
      Battery charging time, (h.) 1 1
      Number of speeds 2 2
      Maximum speed, (rpm) 1350 1200
      Speed ​​control electronic mechanical
      Drilling diameter in wood, (max.Mm) thirty 25
      Drilling diameter in metal, (max.Mm) ten ten
      Chuck diameter 0.8. Ten 0.10