How to choose a crosscut saw with a broach

The main feature of such a tool is the ability to rotate the working surface at the required angle.

In most models it is 45-55 degrees. Depending on the device features, table can be tilted either in one or both directions.

The main factor in choosing a crosscut saw is its power. It provides productivity and smooth operation of the tool:

Remember that models with high power are large in size and high in price.

In some trimming saws the speed can be adjusted, which makes them versatile and allows them to be used for processing different materials. For occasional everyday use, 3200 rpm is usually sufficient.

The depth and quality of cut is influenced by the size of the tool disc and the features of the working surface. The required indicator may vary depending on the purpose of the saw and the nature of the work. Usually the size of the working disc for domestic models does not exceed 200 mm, for professional models. 250 mm.

Let’s talk about the design features of the device. The main elements of a sliding compound mitre saw are the frame with the turntable and the cutting mechanism. It is driven by a motor. When selecting, it is worth paying attention to the number of available gears.

There are two main types: toothed and belt driven. Gearing operation eliminates the possibility of workpiece slippage. Belt transmission is quiet and vibration-free saw blade, which increases motor life.

The design and operation of the motor can also be different. The asynchronous type is distinguished by its durability in continuous use. Collector motor allows the torque mechanism to reach more revolutions per minute. However, it requires careful maintenance and is less durable with frequent use.

Rating of the best crosscut saws of 2021

Category Location Name Rating Price
Best performing low cost mitre saws 1 JET JSMS-8L 9.6 / 10 13 800
2 Hyundai M 2000-255 9.5 / 10 12 990
3 Metabo KGS 216 M 9.4 / 10 14 787
4 Bosch PCM 8 9.4 / 10 13 325
5 Zubr ZPTK-255-1800 9.1 / 10 10 225
The best sliding compound mitre saws 1 Metabo KGS 315 Plus 9.8 / 10 50 922
2 DeWALT DWS778 9.5 / 10 56 500
3 DeWALT DWS777 9.4 / 10 40 900
4 Bosch GCM 8 SJL 9.1 / 10 39 400
The best mitre saws without a broach 1 Bosch GTM 12 9.8 / 10 47 429
2 Makita LH1201FL 9.6 / 10 35 300
3 Makita LF1000 9.5 / 10 70 850
The best battery powered sliding compound mitre saws 1 DeWALT DHS780N 9.7 / 10 66 945
2 Makita DLS714Z 9.5 / 10 39 661
3 Metabo KGS 18 LTX 216 0 9.4 / 10 18 182

Additional features and safety

Manufacturers are always trying to make package crosscut saws more convenient and versatile. Some models may have these additional functions:

  • Table width adjustment. Allows you to configure the machine to work with oversized workpieces.
  • Precise angle setting. Special locking elements in the design allow you to quickly adjust the saw to the most commonly used angles.
  • speed adjustment. Speed can be slowed down or increased.
  • Additional clamping devices.
  • Supports. Make for a comfortable working environment on the floor.

The safety system of the mitre saw consists of such elements and functions:

  • Cover that completely encloses the blade when turned off;
  • Electrodynamic brake for a gentle stop of the motor when turning off;
  • Interlocked operation in case of saw blade replacement;
  • Protection against body breakdown;
  • Automatic machine stop in case of emergency.

The safety of the person working with the mitre saw should also not be forgotten. Safety goggles, gloves and heavy-duty clothing are a must.

Disc diameter. Seating hole. Grinding angle

Saw blade diameters for most crosscut saws from 165 to 355 mm. Larger blade provides greater cutting depths. The tool diameter is a direct indicator of the power and class of the power tool. When selecting a crosscut saw, the maximum disc size is related to the amount of work to be performed. This saves time and reduces tool wear. The size of the blade has a direct bearing on the dimensions of the power tool as a whole: the larger the blade, the heavier the support platform and the larger and higher the saw unit.

Disc diameter. Seating hole diameter for most saw blades is 16 to 30 mm. In some cases it is possible to solve the problem of a tool that does not fit the spindle with an adapter. Use of discs that do not fit the saw’s mounts can lead to runout during rotation and loss of tool control.

Sharpening angle. The saw blade teeth have a positive or negative rake angle. For trimming slider saws, about which we will talk below, we choose discs with teeth with negative rake angle. Saws without a broach work better with tooling that has a positive angle. Of course, any saw blade will work on every type of trimmer, but following the described nuances will ensure the cleanest and neatest cut possible.

Trimmer saws with broach


A high-quality all-purpose crosscut saw with pullback, which can be purchased at a pleasant price, and in terms of functionality it will not be worse than the expensive “competitors. Very easy to operate: laser marker, soft start, quick stop, vacuum cleaner and dust can easily be connected, of course. The package includes not only the saw itself, but also a saw blade. RYOBI RTMS1800-G has one speed, but it is enough to work with soft metal and wood. If you haven’t worked with crosscut saws before, you can start with the RYOBI RTMS1800-G.


Торцовочная пила с протяжкой

  • The design is table-top;
  • power. 1800 watts;
  • Cutting height / width. 84/130 mm;
  • disc diameter of 254 mm;
  • Rotation. 4500 rpm;
  • cord length. 250 cm.
  • nice price;
  • it is easy to use;
  • there is a soft start;
  • it is possible to connect a dust bag and a vacuum cleaner;
  • copes with both soft metal and wood;
  • long power cord;
  • large number of rpm;
  • there is a laser marker.

Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PL

Trimmer saw with high power and a pleasant price. a great option for both amateurs and professionals. Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PL perfectly copes with both soft metal and wood (as transverse, longitudinal, diagonal sawing it). This model will pay for itself quickly if used on a daily basis and is unlikely to let you down when you need it. This mitre saw is equipped with a laser guide (although, as some customers note, the guide line is not always shown accurately), the possibility of locking the motor, as well as an electronic brake.

Technical characteristics:

  • table-top design;
  • power. 1800 watts;
  • Cutting height / width. 75/305 mm;
  • disk diameter. 255 mm;
  • Rotation. 5000 rpm;
  • cord length. 200 cm.
  • compact and lightweight;
  • the model can work both with soft metals and with wood;
  • nice price;
  • laser designator;
  • It is possible to lock the motor;
  • the kit includes a clamp, socket for connecting a vacuum cleaner;
  • Reinforced gearbox.

Bosch GCM 12 GDL

a crosscut saw Bosch GCM 12 GDL is suitable for professional use. for amateurs, it may seem heavily “contrived” and quite expensive. The model is equipped with a laser guide, which provides a high-quality and always smooth cut. As it becomes clear, this is a crosscut saw with a broach, with which it is possible to make a perfectly smooth and clean cut even in metal! Of course, this saw can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner and a dust canister. Tilt angle stop can be adjusted if desired. The only disadvantage. a lot of weight.

Technical specifications:

  • The design is a tabletop;
  • power. 2000 W;
  • Cutting height/width. 104/341 mm;
  • disc diameter. 305 mm;
  • rotation. 3800 rpm;
  • cord length. 200 cm.
  • A large number of useful functions;
  • laser guide;
  • allows you to make a clean and smooth cut;
  • it works well with different materials
  • it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • Safe use thanks to the safety guard
  • cutting depth can be limited.

Makita LS1216

Quality crosscut saw with a fairly long broach. This model allows you to adjust the angle of inclination in different planes. It is possible to cut workpieces by both straight and angular or combined methods. By the way, Makita LS1216 works well with both wood and metal. it’s still one of the top models. The handle of this saw is rubber coated, which provides a comfortable and firm grip. Includes saw blade, clamp, holder, template, and assembly wrench in addition to the saw itself.


  • table-top design;
  • power. 1650 W;
  • Cutting height/width. 107/363 mm;
  • disc diameter. 305 mm;
  • rotation. 3200 rpm;
  • cord length. 200 cm.
  • soft start;
  • quickly turns off;
  • the high cutting quality;
  • works with different materials;
  • the vacuum cleaner can be connected;
  • comfortable handle;
  • long pull.


Rather “old” but still popular and quality mitre saw, loved by many professionals. Although its price is quite high, but this is due to the large number of useful features and capabilities: for example, this model is equipped with a soft start, it has the ability to lock the power, you can connect a vacuum cleaner. The DeWALT DW 717 XPS does not weigh much. The design of such a crosscut saw is pleasant, the body is strong, and it is convenient to use it. an excellent option for professionals.


  • table-top design;
  • power. 1675 W;
  • Cutting height/width 88/302 mm
  • disc diameter 254 mm;
  • rotation. 4000 rpm;
  • 200 cm cord length.
  • pleasant design;
  • model perfectly copes with different materials;
  • has a soft start;
  • the motor can be locked;
  • it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • comfortable body.

Metabo KGS 254 Plus

Tool Metabo KGS 254 Plus from the German manufacturer, with great power. Includes a variable speed function that allows you to work with parts of different materials. In addition, the saw has a function for depth of cut adjustment, for processing workpieces of complex shape. Smooth start and RPM hold function under load ensures maximum precision in cutting parts. The tool is ergonomic and easy to work with, all parameters of workpiece processing are set with simple, intuitive adjustments for the user.

  • broach
  • laser marker
  • speed adjustment
  • cutting depth adjustment
  • RPM under load
  • dust extraction function
  • worktable reamers
  • clamp to secure the workpiece
  • soft start
  • sliding stop profiles
choose, crosscut, broach

Watch a video with a brief overview of the tool’s features:

choose, crosscut, broach

A crosscut saw overview would not be complete without knowing the current best manufacturers in the industry. The following companies are especially popular among them:

  • Hammer. Czech line of professional electrical equipment. The examples feature rotational speeds of up to 5 thou. rpm., With minimum operating noise and protection against overheating. Not only wood but also metal can be sawed with their help.
  • Makita. The Japanese company with a 100 year history. Produces handy quality socket saws. Average characteristics of the models. frequency of 3-6 thousand. rpm., power 1,6 kW, disk 200 mm.
  • Bosch. A premium German brand. Saws are characterized by small size, low weight, ergonomic design, good build quality, convenient operation, durable cutting elements.
  • Zubr. Domestic manufacturer of ergonomic, reliable and cheap trimmers. Models feature high cutting power, large-diameter saw blades and versatile adjustment of the cutting angle.
  • Metabo. High-quality mitre saws with powerful motors, wear-resistant discs and lots of useful features.

Trimmer saw: guide for selection

When it comes to precisely cutting corner joints and making cross cuts in wood or aluminum and steel profiles, few tools achieve as effectively as the mitre saw.

The tool is designed for rather narrow cuts, but makes them perfectly. Typical tasks where the saw will be most in demand: assembly and installation of doors and windows, fitting various moldings and trims, laying hardwood flooring, cutting rafters for the roof.

Trimming saw, as the name implies, is suitable for end cuts of workpieces at various angles. Most mitre saws have a wide range of adjustable cutting angles. Bevel cuts are available and advanced models have the ability to perform a combination of beveling and facing. a combination cut.

Trimming saws are designed in such a way that the disc hits the workpiece strictly at a defined angle. Circular saw, a more versatile tool because it can handle massive workpieces. Trimming is useful when large quantities of angles need to be cut. Precise joints and cross cuts are vital for joining frames as well as making seamless joints.

What can be done with the mitre saw: Functional features of the models

Trimming saw is a carpentry tool with an electric motor, on the shaft of which the saw blade is mounted. Models can be stationary and manual, but both options are a valuable auxiliary device for any carpenter in the enterprise or in the home workshop. Still, what you can do with a coping saw?