How To Choose A Cutting Saw For Metal

A quick overview of the popular household cut-off saws

There are preferences among professional craftsmen among this type of tool. They are based not only on personal beliefs, but also on the characteristics of a particular model. So:

How To Choose A Cutting Saw For Metal
  • Portable pruning saw 2414 nb. Cost from 11 thousand rubles. Its features are steel: low weight 16 kg, dimensions not exceeding 600 mm, a wide range of angles 15-45⁰, a set of protective measures, limited start-up, insulation of the body and cord, wide protective casing.
  • Vertical edging saw Makita 2414 nb. Can connect to a regular home network. Equipped with a system of interlocks that do not allow the machine to be turned on when involuntarily pressed, has a fixed shaft.

Thanks to the movement of the cutting unit, the tool cuts 90⁰ vertically. An important plus is the protection of the employee from sparks with a transparent screen. From 36 thousand rubles.

  • The Dewalt cutting saw is in slightly less demand. It lacks several functions, which does not make the unit worse than those described. In particular, the weight of the machine is 20 kg more than that of other models, however, the dimensions are less than 500 mm.

The tool does not have a smooth descent, which does not guarantee protection against voltage surges, therefore, work should be carried out on a separate input, in order to avoid short circuits. For example, in the garage, not in the local area. Price 12,500 rubles.

There are still disadvantages:

A metal cutting saw purchased for household needs will make the work safe, unlike an angle grinder or a grinder. The latter option is not suitable for cutting an impressive section of reinforcement or thick-walled iron, in contrast to models specially designed for such purposes.

By neglecting the rules of one’s own safety, in particular, using the tool for other purposes, the home craftsman runs the risk of injury or even risk to his own life. If the purchase is not rational for the purposes, then you can always rent a tool from construction companies or teams.

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Metal cut-off saws are equipment for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Their design is based on safety and ease of use. Most DIYers are accustomed to using grinders for this, which are also called angle grinders. However, there can be no question of personal safety in this matter. If you are often faced with the need to carry out such work, then it is better to purchase a machine that does not take up much space, but will provide speed of work, high efficiency, and accuracy.

It cannot be argued that a grinder will allow you to cut a small pipe and fittings, but you cannot compare this equipment with a tool for cutting metals. The rotational speed of the angle grinder is much higher. If the operator’s hand trembles or he is distracted for a moment, then the disc will skew, and it can simply burst. Shrapnel injure a person and other people.

Crafting Guidelines: Preparing Tools and Materials

Metal cut-off saws are often made by home craftsmen. They have undeniable advantages, expressed in simplicity of design and availability of components. Among the materials and tools that need to be prepared for work, it is necessary to highlight:

  • Corner number 24;
  • Shaft;
  • Welder;
  • Electric drive;
  • Start toggle switch;
  • Winding;
  • Tenth channel;
  • Pipes;
  • Rolling bearings;
  • Capacity for mounting electrical circuits;
  • Starting circuit;
  • Drill.
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Trimming saw Dewalt D 28715

A good option for professional cutting is offered by Dewalt. This version has a power potential already at 2200 W, which makes it possible to easily cut square, rectangular and round metal products. In addition to standard straight cuts, 90 degree cuts are also allowed. The device also provides protection for the engine and the user, modern electronic filling for power control and ergonomic design mechanisms for online disc replacement. The features that the assembly saw in the D 28715 modification possesses include a soft start, protection against abrasive particles and keyless disc position correction. As the owners of the tool note, the working gears are made of high-strength material, which significantly extends the operational life of the model.

Feedback on technical characteristics

The power of the equipment is 2400 W. It is important to know before purchasing a device, according to buyers, also about the cutting depth, it is 120 mm. It should be noted that the design does not provide a useful option for the type of soft start. However, there are many other benefits as well. In this case, we are talking about low weight, the weight of the device is only 14.5 kg.

In a minute, the number of revolutions can reach 4000. If you are interested in this cutting saw for metal, then, according to buyers, you should also ask about the cutting width, it is 53 mm. If you need the option to maintain constant RPM under load, then you may have to consider another model, since this functionality is not available. It is also important to consider a not too long cable, this parameter is 2 m.

Chainsaw on a construction site: application and selection basics

Professional teams carry out construction processes quickly and efficiently, thanks to the presence of special tools in the arsenal. Large volumes and industrial scales oblige to have convenient models for work, equipped with numerous functions. These include cutting saws. What they have and what their use is described below.


Using a specialized tool for working with specific materials does not always pay off. For example, in solving simple serial operations, a multifunctional device is still more effective, since it saves time on the selection of equipment. In turn, the metal cutting saw has a significant advantage over universal tools. The cut-off machine performs high-quality cuts, requiring minimal effort from the user. over, in some versions, these saws can handle hard plastics, leaving the same clean edges. True, such a tool is not suitable for high-quality processing of lumber, this is just the case when it is more profitable to use multifunctional circular models.

What are?

A large number of metal cut-off saws are presented on the modern market, thanks to which each person can choose the best option for himself. One of the most popular is the cutting saw, which boasts ease of use. To carry out metal processing, you just need to expose the workpiece on the work surface and apply pressure to the handle. In addition, the blade itself can affect the depth of cut, so you need to pay close attention to its selection.

The second most popular is a circular saw with a cutter, which is characterized by a smooth start, which greatly simplifies the operation process. An ordinary disc acts as a cutting tool here. In addition, such a saw boasts excellent cutting accuracy, which positively affects the working speed. Another feature of the circular saw is that it is reliably protected from overloads, so it does not fail even with active use.

Rating of the best manufacturers

There are many manufacturers on the market today who offer high quality saws. One of the companies is Makita, which has managed to recommend its products as one of the highest quality. It should be noted that most of the models presented by the manufacturer are designed for medium loads.

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A feature of the brand’s devices is that it provides the ability to mount the shaft, so you can quickly change the tool. In addition, most Makita metal cut-off saws are small and lightweight. And the reinforced saw protection is guaranteed by the presence of double insulation.

Saws from the company are also very popular. Metabo, which are intended for professionals. Most of the company’s models are equipped with power drives that boast a power of 2000 watts. This is enough to ensure high cut quality while guaranteeing excellent cutting depths.

Considering the fact that the company’s equipment is superior to most of its competitors, it is actively used to perform most of the tasks.

Another well-known manufacturer is Elitech. He produces both amateur and professional models that are of high quality and reliability. In the production process, exclusively high-quality materials are used, thanks to which the company’s chain saws fully perform their functions even after active use.

Which one to choose?

Among the main characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing the optimal metal cut-off saw are the following.

  • Cutting depth. If the machine will be used exclusively at home, then you can limit yourself to a depth of 70 mm. As for professional models, this indicator can reach a couple of hundred millimeters. First of all, you need to take into account the type of material used and then select the optimal machine depth.
  • Control automation. Of course, if the saw was originally designed to handle plastic or PVC pipes, then it will not cope with metal materials. Machine tools are considered ideal if they boast an electronic control system. Their main task is to prevent a decrease in rotational speed and at the same time ensure the highest possible processing quality.
  • Smooth start. Not all devices are equipped with such a function, however, its presence allows you to guarantee equipment protection from power surges and other problems that can lead to saw damage. In addition, soft start makes it possible to protect household appliances from overvoltage.
  • Reboot control system. If a similar element exists in the metal cut-off saw, then the equipment will not overheat. In case of problems, it will immediately restart, which is a reliable protection of the power plant from combustion.
  • Cutting disc type an extremely important indicator on which the reliability and durability of the cut-off saw depends.

When choosing a cut-off saw, attention should be focused on technical characteristics. The weight of the device is important. There are light models on the market, the weight of which does not exceed 20 kg, as well as saws over 50 kg. The latest options boast a belt drive to protect the power plant from overload.

During the purchase process, it is better to make sure that the purchased model will be equipped with a soft start function in order to ensure the minimum load on the electrical network. If you plan to use the saw often, then you may need to replace the carbon brushes, so it is best to choose saws where manual replacement is provided. This will greatly simplify the maintenance process and save time.

The last thing you should pay attention to is the equipment of the saw. For example, if you often need to cut at an angle, then it will not hurt to have a special vice.


In the process of processing metal materials, it is very often necessary to cut various workpieces to the desired size. Among the most popular materials are profile pipes, steel corners, etc. Of course, you can use an angle grinder for these purposes, however, an assembly saw is considered a more optimal solution, since it allows you to achieve a better result.

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Among the features of such a saw are its safety and ease of use. The main advantage of the metal cut-off saw is that it has been specially designed for cutting metal blades. The rotation speed is selected in such a way as to ensure maximum safety during operation.

Replacing discs is also much easier than with grinders, using a socket wrench.

Machines that can provide a size of 50-65 mm are very popular today. Due to their small mass, such tools do not require physical effort.

That is why you should be extremely careful when choosing a particular cut-off saw so that it can fully cope with its tasks.

Features of cutting saws for metal

  1. Features:
  2. What are?
  3. Rating of the best manufacturers
  4. Which one to choose?
  5. Operating rules
  6. Possible malfunctions

Modern saws are of high quality and functionality, making them suitable for a wide range of building materials. The use of cut-off saws ensures a neat and even cut.

Saws can be both universal and special. For example, today options designed for metal processing are very popular. These tools are designed to work with metal workpieces. That is why they are considered the optimal hand tools in the field of metal fabric processing.

Operating rules

Despite the fact that modern saws are characterized by a high degree of safety, in the process of using them you need to be extremely careful. Otherwise, there may be problems with device performance or operator safety.

Among the basic safety standards that should be adhered to when operating a metal cut-off saw, the following can be noted.

  • Before starting to use, it is imperative to read the instructions and safe work techniques. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines could result in serious injury.
  • If you do not have the skills to work with the tool, then we recommend getting the advice of a specialist or master.
  • Before starting work, you should definitely check the workplace for unnecessary items. In addition, you do not need to work alone: ​​it is best to get an assistant who can provide first aid if necessary.
  • Visual inspection. Before each use of the saw, an external inspection should be carried out to ensure that there is no major damage. In this case, close attention must be paid to the reliability of the fastening of the disk and other assemblies, as well as the fastening handle. A defective tool should never be used, as this could cause injury.
  • Electrical safety. Do not use such equipment outdoors or touch the tool with wet hands. If an electric saw is used, make sure that it is double insulated. It is worth remembering, however, that such isolation is not a reason not to follow the usual precautions. That is why you need to be extremely careful when adjusting the speed of the collector motor.
  • Integrity of the design. In order for the device to fully perform its functions and be safe for use, its configuration or design must not be changed. If some part is out of order, then you do not need to make changes yourself using homemade tables and other elements.